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         Sea Otters:     more books (100)
  1. What Is a California Sea Otter? by Jack A. Graves, 1977-06
  2. Threat to the Sea Otters (The Ecology Kidds) by Elaine Pageler, 1995-06
  3. Saving Sea Otters, Stories of Survival by Elin Kelsey, Doc White, 1999-11-15
  4. Nature of Sea Otters by Stephanie Paine, 1994-06
  5. Sea Otters (Jane Goodall's Animal World) by Ruth Ashby, 1990-03
  6. Creatures of the Sea - Sea Otters (Creatures of the Sea) by Kris Hirschmann, 2005-06-10
  7. A day in the life of a sea otter by Kay McDearmon, 1973
  8. Sea Otter Pup by Victoria Miles, 1993-12
  9. Animal Safari - Sea Otters (Animal Safari) by National Geographic Society, 1999-10-01
  10. Sea Otters, River Otters (The Wonder Series) by Sandra C. Robinson, Anne Douden, 1993-06
  11. Sea Otters: Little Clowns of the Sea by Margaret Davidson, Meryl Meisler, 1984-06
  12. Sea Otters (Animal Safari) by National Geographic Society, 1999
  13. Selected Publications on the Sea Otter (Special Scientific Report-Wildlife) by Ethel I. Todd and Karl W. Kenyon, 1972
  14. BB-Natures Endangered Journal: Sea Otter by Markings, 1991-05

41. Sea Otter Resources For Students
sea otters are the smallest marine mammals; they are furry creatures that spend Although they resemble small seals, sea otters are not related to seals.
Gander Academy
Sea Otters
General Resources

General Resources
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Sea Otters
Sea Otters

Where do sea otters live? How many sea otters are there? Have there always been sea otters in British Columbia? Are all sea otters endangered?
Introduction to Sea Otters

Sea otters are the smallest marine mammals; they are furry creatures that spend almost all of their lives in the ocean. Although they resemble small seals, sea otters are not related to seals. They are actually related to weasels, badgers, and minks.
Sea Otters

Sea Otters are playful animals that spend almost all their time in the sea. They eat, sleep, and even have their babies in the water. In the daytime sea otters float on their backs eating Abalone, their favorite food.
Sea Otters
The sea otter (Enhydra lutris) lives in shallow water areas along the shores of the North Pacific. Its range once extended from southern California north then west through the Aleutian Islands, to the Kamchatka Peninsula, and south to the northern islands of Japan. Sea Otters: Primitive Tool Users Sea otters are very well adapted to life in the ocean. They have webbed toes on their hind feet to aid in swimming. They also have very thick fur which offers protection from the cold. The fur also traps in air bubbles which help keep the otters afloat.

42. CNN - California Sea Otters Dropping In Number - August 22, 1999

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California sea otters dropping in number
Aquariums like the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific are studying injured and orphaned otters like this one August 22, 1999

Web posted at: 10:13 p.m. EDT (0213 GMT)
From Correspondent Mark Bernheimer LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) Intelligent and playful, the California sea otter is a curiosity to scientists as well as the general public. But the elusive animal is becoming more difficult to find in the wild. While their cousins in Washington, Alaska and Canada are thriving, the number of California sea otters has declined 12 percent since 1995, with just over 2,000 remaining. The rapid drop has prompted scientists to scramble for solutions, but they can't fix the problem until they understand exactly what is causing it. All they have so far are possibilities. "Disease, contaminants, starvation and entanglement or entrapment in coastal fishing gear," offers Carl Benz of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

43. Those Naughty Sea Otters
But do sea otters exhibit such responsibility? I think not. Needing to eat about 25% of their body weight per day, sea otters, perhaps better labelled Sea
I'm not overly fond of sea otters. Despite this outpouring of emotion, I still think otters are overrated. Now, I don't want a flood of anguished letters calling me bad names and casting aspersions upon my character. For one thing there's not that much to cast aspersions upon. So, save yourself some time. Don't hobble over to your writing desk, pull out that hideous monogrammed stationary, put quill to paper and pen some quasi-coherent complaint. I'm not suggesting we turn otters into hats. I just think the hoopla is overblown. And why don't I slobber all over these furry little creatures, these cuddly little denizens that look like they come straight out of some aquatic Lord of the Rings? Well, my friends, it comes down to a simple thing called Values. That's right, it all comes down to Values and, more particularly, to the obvious lack of values displayed by sea otters. Let's just look at a few of the more egregious examples. No Self Control Hey, what can I say? This is supposed to be the Age of Self Control. From governments to individuals, the cry rings out "Live within your means. Show some restraint". But do sea otters exhibit such responsibility? I think not.

44. AquaFacts
The only sea otters near Vancouver live at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, Have there always been sea otters in British Columbia?
Select an Aquafact Why do we have Aquariums? Who works at the Aquarium? How many animals do we have? Where do we get all that water? What do we feed the animals? Where do we get the animals? The Amazon The Arctic Behind-the-Scenes Belugas B.C.'s Killer Whales Career as a Marine Biologist Career as a Marine Mammal Trainer Career as a Whale Biologist Crocodilians Dolphins and Porpoises Frogs Gray Whales Green Anacondas Harbour Seals History of the Aquarium Jellyfish Leatherback Turtles Marine Invertebrates Octopuses and Squids Pacific Salmon Rescue and Rehabilitation Research and Conservation Sea Otters Sea Turtles Sharks Steller Sea Lions Subsea Technology Training Marine Mammals
A Sea Otter at the Vancouver Aquarium enjoys a meal
AquaFacts: Sea Otters (Enhydra lutris) Where do sea otters live? Small sea otter populations inhabit kelp forests, bays and coastal waters near islands, reefs, and fjords in the North Pacific Ocean. In British Columbia, they are found along the windswept west coast of northern Vancouver Island and the central coast, near Bella Bella. The only sea otters near Vancouver live at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, where there are four. How many sea otters are there?

45. Killer Whales Put Alaska Sea Otters At Risk - October 19, 1998

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Killer whales put Alaska sea otters at risk
The researchers calculated that a killer whale on a steady diet of sea otters could consume as many as 1,825 otters in a year
October 19, 1998
Web posted at: 2:50 PM EDT By Environmental News Network staff Killer whales have been eating an unprecedented amount of sea otters in the absence of their traditional food source of Stellar sea lions and harbor seals in western Alaskan waters, researchers report in today's issue of the journal Science. "We estimate that between 40,000 and 45,000 sea otters have died since 1990 from killer whale predation in roughly 3,300 kilometers of shoreline," said Jim Estes, a biologist at the Western Ecological Research Center. "This unusual behavior of killer whales toward sea otters ultimately raises questions about the health of our oceans." Due to a complex web of events, possibly initiated by overfishing, some killer whales have shifted from ocean feeding to coastal, said Estes.

46. >>amy's Sea Otter Page<<
Information on a number of lutrine species. Includes pictures as well as habitat and behavior information concerning sea otters, Enhydra lutris.

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  • 47. Sea Otter Research Website
    ADW Enhydra lutris Informationsea otters are the largest member of the family Mustelidae. The population of California sea otters (Enhydra lutris nereis) is listed as threatened;;;;

    48. Sea Otters Of Alaska
    Prince William Sound, Alaska— sea otters play an important role in the Despite three decades of research on sea otters, marine biologists have been
    News Room Educational Resources Order an Expedition Guide Contact Us
    Sea Otters of Alaska
    Research Mission:
    Modern technology in the aid of a declining species
    2006 Dates: Team I:
    Jun 4-13, 2006
    Team II: Jun 18-27, 2006
    Team III: Jul 2-11, 2006
    Team IV: Jul 16-25, 2006
    Team V: Jul 30-Aug 8, 2006 Team VI: Aug 13-22, 2006 Team VII: Aug 27-Sep 5, 2006 SHARE OF COSTS: US MEMBERS: Join and Save! EUROPE: contact us contact us AUSTRALIA: $A contact us JAPAN: contact us LAST UPDATE: 22-Sep-2005 Situation Report Prince William Sound, Alaska Dr. Randall Davis is conducting the first photo-ID survey of sea otters to track otter population changes over time, and he is planning the first use of modern satellite telemetry to follow their movements. You can help his trial study in spectacular Prince William Sound, where otters still appear abundant and healthy. On the Expedition As weather permits, you'll take to the sheltered waters of Simpson Bay in skiffs to locate and digitally image sea otters at the water's surface with Davis' experienced field leaders. You will use binoculars to determine what otters are eating, map and survey different nearshore habitats, and note any otter victims of sharks or killer whales. Back at base, you will assist in entering data and identifying otter mug shots, using scars, facial features, and body proportions as distinguishing characteristics. In your spare time you can explore the shores of Prince William Sound, one of North America's most stirring and beautiful northern wildernesses. Co-principal investigator Fred Weltz is a commercial fisherman who has lived in this region for 25 years and knows it well.

    49. Oregon Zoo Animals: Sea Otter
    All about the Sea Otter. The Oregon Zoo has Southern sea otters • historically Oregon was probably where the Northern and Southern subspecies came

    Oregon Zoo - Portland, OR -
    Visit Us About Our Zoo Conservation ... our exhibits
    Sea Otters
    scientific name Enhydra lutris size Length: max 6 ft. long, usually 40 - 60 in.
    Tail: 22 -33 in.
    characteristics Color: black to dark brown except grayish or creamy head, throat and chest.
    Body: does not have subcutaneous layer of fat but rely on air trapped in fur for warmth.
    Fur: dense
    Teeth: only carnivore with four incisor teeth in lower jaw. behavior diurnal • males territorial especially during breeding season (return year after year) • females social with no strict hierarchy • not migratory but may take "long trips" of 20 - 150 miles any time of year • spend night in kelp beds anchored by wrapping kelp around body to keep from drifting • use rock (or other hard object) to pry or break open urchins, abalone or other hard food. reproduction/life span
    males mate with female in his territory (harem)
    Gestation. 4 - 8.5 mos. (6.5 average) - implantation may be delayed.

    50. Sea Otters
    sea otters are cute and a very popular attraction. Here are some interesting facts about sea otters. sea otters have a nickname which is Old men of the
    Sea Otters
    Sea Otters are cute and a very popular attraction. Here are some interesting facts about Sea Otters. Sea Otters have a nickname which is "Old men of the Sea" because of the white whiskers they sometimes have on their faces. The scientific name for the otters is Enhydra Lutris which means otter in the water. Groups of otters are called rafts. Enhydra Lutris eats abalone, kelp, clams, and sea urchins. Sea Otters have big appetites. Mature male otters can consume 5,000 pounds of food each year. Although otters will eat any kind of marine animal, they tend to favor slow moving prey over speedier fish. Sea Otters are among the smallest of all mammals. Big lower teeth are used to scoop meat out of shells. Male otters grow to just over 4 feet long including their tails. Sea otters babies are almost as big as their mother. Their webbed feet act like flippers. Sea Otters are really interesting, but they were becoming extinct because they were hunted for their pelts (fur). We must try to save them. Sea Otters are cute and cool. I just hope they don't become extinct!
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    51. SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project: Southern Sea Otter
    Southern sea otters live off the coastal waters of the west coast. There are about 220 Southern sea otters left in the wild. They started to die out in
    A SchoolWorld Internet Education Project
    Endangered/Threatened Species Report

    Submitted by Charlean Mientkiewicz
    Grade 6 - Cuba-Rushford Central School
    Cuba, NY, USA
    Southern Sea Otter
    Southern Sea Otter

    Source Point Lobos State Reserve
    Photographer Unknown
    The Southern Sea Otter is a very amazing creature. He's had a hard time trying to stay alive, but he's making progress slowly. The Southern Sea Otter is part of the otter family. The Southern Sea Otter's scientific name is Enhydra Lutris Nereis. The otters are mammals. Males can weigh up to 29.5 kgs, females are 19.5 kgs, and pups can weigh anywhere from 1.4 kgs to 2.3 kgs. They are different shades of brown through their bodies. They have large tails to help them swim. Sea Otters wrap a piece of kelp around their bodies and float on their backs. They take a mussel and then crack it open with a rock. They eat near shore macroinverterbrates, fish, and mussels.
    Southern Sea Otters live off the coastal waters of the west coast. They spend most of their time in kelp beds eating and sleeping.
    There are about 220 Southern Sea Otters left in the wild. They started to die out in the 1700's because of the fur trade. People loved the fur so much that they almost hunted them to extinction.

    52. Otter Bay Gifts, Marine Mammal Merchandise, Including Sea Otters, River Otters,
    Specializes in items related to marine mammals, specifically sea otters, whales, and dolphins.
    Welcome to Otter Bay Gifts
    We have some great gift ideas for lovers of the sea and you. Our main focus is on marine mammals, including sea otters whales dolphins sea lions ... penguins, and polar bears . But we carry other items, including reef life (seahorses, rays, crabs, octopus), sea birds pelicans puffins ... mermaids and lighthouses. Otter Bay Gifts carries calendars jewelry T-shirts and socks mousepads plush toys puppets ... windchimes and suncatchers . W e are proud to carry products from Country Artists, Blonder Home Accents Whispering Winds The Mountain Browntrout Publishers and many other fine manufacturers. Sale Items Listing
    New Items:
    2006 Wildlife Calendars are now available 2005 Syrens of the Sea Figurines by Munro Collectibles Jumbo 30" plush Orcas Dolphin River Otters or Sea Otters Cuddlekins from Wild Republic Ceramic Lighthouse Platters, Plates, Pitchers, Mugs and more. Manatee, Dolphin or Lighthouse Cheese/Butter Spreaders Wooden 3D Puzzles, featuring Sharks, Humpbacks, Dolphins, and more Sterling Enameled charms and charm bracelets and anklets ... Mermaid Table Fountain Free UPS ground shipping on orders over $100 Check out our "NEW & COMING SOON" page

    53. Sea Otter - Species At Risk - Lewis And Clark - Sierra Club
    species at risk Sea Otter. click here to find another animal. Sea Otter. Anticipating sea otters, Clark thought he saw them in the Columbia,
    About the Expedition
    Links We Like

    Wilderness Notebooks

    Special Places
    ... Act Now! Anticipating sea otters, Clark thought he saw them in the Columbia, but they turned out to be seals. When the explorers reached the coast, however, they found plenty, and Lewis and Clark traded the Native Americans blue beads, a vest, and a knife, among other items, for the lustrous furs. This same lively fur trade would eventually eliminate the otter between Alaska and California. Reintroduction efforts brought otters back to the Washington coast, where they once again live in kelp forests and eat sea urchins Federally threatened.

    54. Sea Otters
    This sea otter was photographed in Icy Straits, Alaska. sea otters are very at home in the water are very shy and seldom venture far from shore.
    Enhydra lutris
    Nature Photography by Barbara Jordan
    River Otter coming soon
    This sea otter was photographed in Icy Straits, Alaska. I am captivated by their faces and behavior. Sea otters are very at home in the water are very shy and seldom venture far from shore.
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    55. Care2's Race For The Oceans
    Each free click generates a donation to save the oceans and protect sea life such as dolphins, whales, sea otters, and turtles.

    56. BBC - Science & Nature - Animals - Children's Zone - Amazing Animals - Sea Otter
    Amazing facts about the sea otter. Sea otter with shellfish sea otters feed on clams and sea urchins from the sea bed. To crack open the tough shells,
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    25th September 2005
    Text only
    Animals Prehistoric Life Space ...
    BBC Homepage

    In Animals Birds Mammals UK wildlife ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! You are here: BBC Animals Children's Zone Sea otter Sea otters have long, flexible bodies and often swim with three 'humps' showing out of the water. It's thought that many sightings of sea monsters can be put down to these animals. The sea otter is the smallest marine mammal, and the only one to use tools. They inhabit the food rich waters of the north Pacific, where they swim and fish in the iciest of seas. Sea otters have the warmest fur of any animal, with 126,000 hairs per square centimetre. They spend up to three hours a day grooming and blowing into their coats to fill them with insulating air. This acts like a wetsuit, and helps to keep the otter warm underwater. The sea otter's reliance on its fur makes it very susceptible to oil spills, and the 1989 Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska killed several thousand animals. Sea otters feed on clams and sea urchins from the sea bed. To crack open the tough shells, the sea otter pounds them against a stone which it balances on its chest. An otter keeps a favourite stone in a 'waistcoat pocket', which is a fold of skin under its armpit. They have to eat about 25 to 30 per cent of their body weight every day in order to survive the harsh conditions.

    57. ENN Environmental News Network [[Today S News Full Story ]]
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Southwest Alaska s sea otters, which came back from the About 100 sea otters a year are taken by subsistence hunters in Alaska,

    58. California Sea Otters In Big Sur California
    The California Sea Otter has been preserved in part by the Environmental Defense Fund and by the efforts of Margaret Owings, author, environmentalist,

    Camping Calendar Restaurants ... Art Galleries
    Big Sur Chamber of Commerce
    Real Estate Weddings Site Map
    Big Sur Information Guide Accommodations/Lodging Beaches Businesses Calendar of events Campfire Program Camping Chamber of Commerce Church Services Community Page Construction Companies Contact Us Directions/Map to Big Sur Emergency Telephone # Esselen Indians Hiking Hiking Trails History of Big Sur Hot Springs in Big Sur In The News Point Sur Lighthouse Real Estate Rules of the Road Weddings SITE MAP
    Contact Us
    CALIFORNIA SEA OTTERS IN BIG SUR Where to find them: Sea otters can be found throughout Big Sur. You'll see them swimming in and around the kelp forests. When the sea otters are eating, you'll see them lying on their back, like the otter on the right who is happily munching an Abalone, a Sea Otters favorite food. California Sea Otters Make a Dramatic Recovery
    The California, or southern, sea otter survived a close brush with extinction early in this century, but today, under the protection of the Endangered Species Act, it is expanding its range and increasing its numbers. By the 1930's, most people believed that this subspecies of sea otter had vanished, wiped out by fur traders who coveted its rich pelt. In 1938, however, a small group of otters was discovered living near the mouth of Bixby Creek along California's Big Sur coast. From those few survivors, the otter has increased its numbers to more than 2,000 today. Growth has been particularly impressive during the past decade, when otter numbers increased by nearly 50%.

    59. CeasarsRock
    Features, characteristics, and local habitat of fish, octopus, squid, seals, sea otters, and whales of the Monterey Bay region in California.
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    Click here to enter the site.

    60. Marine Wildlife Bronze Sculptures By Jerry F. Glover
    Bronze sculptures by Jerry F. Glover including whales, dolphins, sharks, sea turtles, and sea otters.
    Home Gallery Bio of Sculptor Glover Arts Today
    Marine Wildlife Sculptures In Bronze
    Whales - Dolphins - Sharks - Sea Turtles - Penguins -Seals - Otters - and more
    Jerry Glover's sculpture subjects revolve around themes of marine wildlife, particularly the great whales. His commissioned series, Whales and Dolphins, has been internationally recognized as being the finest and most scientifically accurate group of cetacean minatures ever produced. It is with a great deal of pride and pleasure that we continue to be able to make limited editions of these and his other bronzes available.
    Jerry F Glover - Master Marine Sculptor
    Home Gallery Bio of Sculptor Glover Arts Today

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