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         Sea Lions:     more books (100)
  1. Sea Lion Roars(Micro Book (Smithsonian Oceanic Collection) by C. Drew Lamm, 1997-03
  2. Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses (Animals of the Oceans) by Judith Walker-Hodge, Judith Hodge, 1999-08
  3. Sea Lions (Early Bird Nature) by Frank J. Staub, 2000-03
  4. Sea Lion Swims with Toy (Let's Go to the Zoo) Smithsonian Institution (Let's Go to the Zoo)
  5. South Sea tales (Lion) by Jack London, 1952
  6. Invasion!: Operation Sea Lion, 1940 by Martin Marix Evans, 2004-11-06
  7. Seals, Sea Lions, and Walruses : Pinnipeds From Pole to Pole by Jody Byrum, 2000
  8. Uncle Max and the sea lion by Carolyn Lane, 1970
  9. The training of Kojak, a Steller's sea lion by Kenneth P Sherwood, 1984
  10. Groundfish Industry Hard Hit by Fishing Ground Closures.(protecting the Steller sea lion population): An article from: Alaska Business Monthly by Sue Jeffrey, 2001-06-01
  11. Cassell Military Classics: Operation Sea Lion: The German Plan To Invade Britain, 1940 by Egbert Kieser, 2000-06-30
  12. Your pet sea lion (Far-fetched pets) by Bobbie Hamsa, 1982
  13. Seals and Sea Lions (Monterey Bay Aquarium Natural History Series) by David G. Gordon, 1995-02-01
  14. Lions of the Sea by Jessi Thind, 2006-07-06

21. Marine Species Conservation - Seals And Sea Lions
This page contains information about seals and sealions.
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Seals and Sea-Lions
Seals, sea-lions and walruses belong to the order Pinnipedia. There are 33 species of pinnipeds, divided into three families. The family Otariidae contains 14 species, including the fur seals and sea-lions. Otariid species are typically more upright when on land, and can move with reasonable agility. The family Phocidae is made up of the 'true seals' and contains 18 species. Unable to 'walk' on land like the otariids, they move in a lunging caterpillar-like motion. The third family, Odobenidae, contains only the walrus.
Seals in Australian Waters
There are ten pinniped species regularly recorded in Australian waters.

22. Nature Guides
Spending much of the day sleeping on islands, the California Sea Lion California sea lions mate three to four weeks after the females have given birth.

23. Sea Lion Cam On PIER 39 In San Francisco
the Golden Gate Bridge, and the World Famous California sea lions on K Dock at PIER 39. (The image above is a sample of the current view.
PIER 39 View Cam! Click here to view our current web cam image!
Go to our webcam site to see our Fabulous View of San Francisco Bay,
the Golden Gate Bridge, and the World Famous California Sea Lions
on K Dock at PIER 39.

(The image above is a sample of the current view. More sample images appear below.) Get Sunset Times Sunbathing at it's Best! Even Rainy Days Are Beautiful On PIER 39! Even Rainy Days Are Beautiful On PIER 39!

24. Sea Lion Cafe On PIER 39 In San Francisco Menus
Seafood Restaurants on Pier 39 in Fishermen s Wharf in San Francisco with web cam of sea lions.
"Dine Above the Sea Lions"
Neptune's Sea Lion Cafe
offers PIER 39's best view -
The World Famous California
Sea Lions bark and cavort
right outside your window! This comfortable and cozy
cafe has a full menu including
salads and pastas. Sea Lion Cafe - Sample Menus
HTML Format Panorama View from the Sea Lion Cafe Deck

25. Oceanlink | Marine Sciences Education And Fun
Stellar sea lions live in the Pacific northwest and can be found from San Adult Stellar sea lions are lighter tan or reddish brown in colour versus the
Eumetopias jubatus - Stellar Sea Lion
Photo credit: Billy Lasby Physical Appearance

Stellar vs California Sea Lions

Predators and Diet

Physical Appearance
The pictures seen here are Stellar sea lion pups, but when they reach their adult size these animal are the largest of all the eared seals. The average length of an adult male is 300 cm, whereas a female is 250 cm. The big difference between males and females are their weights. A full grown male can weigh up to 1000 kg and a female is only 270 kg! Adult fur is light to reddish brown in colour and adult males develop thick neck muscles that are covered by long coarse hair, that looks like a mane, hence the name "sea lion". Distribution
Stellar sea lions live in the Pacific northwest and can be found from San Miguel Island in southern California, to Alaska, to the Sea of Okhotsk, near Japan. Along the California coast north to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, there lives a another species of sea lion, the California sea lion ( Zalophus californianus ). The California sea lion is often mistaken by an untrained eye for the Stellar sea lion.

26. Oceanlink | Marine Sciences Education And Fun
The average lifespan of all pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses) is about Seals, sea lions fur seals and walruses are all grouped together in the
ASK A SCIENTIST ANSWERS TO Seals, Sea Lions, Sea Otters,Walrus,
QUESTIONS Index to Questions Seal appetites
Seal information

Frequencies Heard by Seals

Harbour Seals and Fisheries
Freshwater Harbour Seals

Sea Lion Vocalizations
Sea Lion Breeding Grounds
Seal cells
Harbour Seal Seasons

Whales vs. Seals
SEA OTTERS Sea Otter Distribution in B.C.
Sea Otter Diet
Sea Otter Feeding Habits
Sea Otter Drink Declining Sea Otter Populations Sea Otter Reproduction Sea Otter Life Expectancy ... Migrating Manatees WALRUS Walrus evolution Seal Appetites Q: How much do seals eat a day, and how long do they live? A: There are so many different seal species in the world that its difficult to say what they can eat in a day. The harbour seals at the Vancouver aquarium eat an average of 8.1 percent of their body weight each day. That's a lot of food! If a 100 pound human had to eat eight percent of his weight each day it would mean consuming about eight pounds of food. The average lifespan of all pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses) is about 15-25 years.

27. Steller And California Sea Lions
Species descriptions of Steller sea lion and California sea lion.
Last modified: Thursday September 24th, 1999
Sea lions
Northern or Steller sea lion
Eumetopias jubatus (Schreber, 1776)
Occasionally this species is referred to as Eumetopias jubata . The Northern Sea Lion is also commonly named the Steller Sea Lion.
The Northern sea lion is the largest of the sea lions. Males may be upto 310 cm in length and weigh around 900 kg. Females are much smaller, 200 cm (291 according to Loughlin and Nelson, 1987) and they can weigh upto 300 kg. The Northern sea lion is usually yellowish brown in color. The males have distinctive manes. Pups are dark brown during the first year.
The diet consists of mainly non-commercial fish species and cephalopods. Also the commercially exploited pollock can be part of the diet (Loughlin and Nelson, 1987).
Population dynamics and life history
The age at maturity is for females 4-5 years, for males 7-9 years (9-13 years according to Loughlin and Nelson, 1987). The pregnancy rate is 85-86%. Gestation lasts one year, including a delay of implantation of about 3 months. Longevity is estimated to be about 23 years.Pup mortality ranges, depending on the situation in the rookery, from 10 to 100%. York (1994) estimated the survival rates for animals of age 3-4 at 0.93, with slowly declining survival rates at increased age (0.841 at age 12-13). York estimated the fecundity (average number of female offspring produced by each female) of animal of 6 years and older at 0.315 for the Alaskan population.

28. Pinniped Review
family Otariidae, sea lions and fur seals. Oorrobben. Ohrenrobben. Øreseler. Merileijonat 1 The walrus, sea lions, fur seals and sea otter, 235 pp.
Last modified: Tuesday October 31st, 2000
order Carnivora - superfamily Pinnipedia
family Otariidae Sea lions and fur seals Oorrobben Ohrenrobben Merileijonat Otaries Otarie, Leoni marini Lobos marinos family Phocidae True seals Zeehonden Seehunde Ekte seler Hylkeet Phoques Foche Focas family Odobenidae Walruses Walrussen Hvalross Mursut Valrossar Morses Morsas
Main characteristics
Otariidae: Eared seals Phocidae: True seals Odobenidae: Walruses External ears No external ears No external ears
Large tusks Distinct small tail Distinct small tail No distinct tail Hind limbs can be folded forward and can be used for walking on land.
Front flippers can support the body when walking on land. Their hind limbs cannot be folded forward.
On land they move by hopping on their belly, without the support of their limbs. Hind limbs can be folded forward and can be used for walking on land.
Front flippers can support the body when walking on land. The front flippers are the main source of propulsion when swimming. In the water, they propel themselves by moving their hind flippers left and right. The hind flippers are the main source of propulsion when swimming.

29. PIER 39 San Francisco Entertainment Attractions And Events - Bay Cruises To Stre
The sea lions camped out in PIER 39 s West Marina have been endearingly coined These California sea lions hauled out on PIER 39 s KDock shortly after




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Site Map
The sea lions camped out in PIER 39's West Marina have been endearingly coined, "Sea Lebrities." These California sea lions "hauled out" on PIER 39's K-Dock shortly after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The boisterous barking pinnipeds started arriving in droves, taking over the docks in January 1990. At first they numbered from 10-50, but due to a plentiful supply of herring, the available dock space and a protected environment, the population grew to more than 300 within a couple of months. Each winter the population grows as high as 900. During the summer months the sea lions tend to migrate to the Channel Islands, but now a small group chooses to stay at PIER 39's K-Dock. Year-round, weather permitting, free educational talks, provided by Marine Mammal Center volunteers, are available on weekends from 11 am to 5 pm. For information about the sea lions at PIER 39: 415.705.5500. For information about the Marine Mammal Center: 415.289.7325.
Aquarium of the Bay

City Kayak

Frequent Flyers

PIER 39 Marina
... Site Map

30. Error - SeaWorld/Busch Gardens ANIMALS
Information on both the differences and similarities of seals and sea lions.
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31. Sealions .
California sea lions are coloured in various shades of chocolate brown. California sea lions in the wild may live up to 18 years.

32. Home
Full service dive shop. Training, SCUBA equipment sales and repair, trips, maps, and contact information. Located in Hanover Park, a suburb of Chicago.
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New Photos
Norris Center

Norris Center

Norris Center

... Home
Welcome to Sea Lions Dive Center
We have been meeting the needs of the local diving community since 1994. Our training staff is comprised of some of the best instructors in the midwest with over 100 years of combined experience to meet the needs of the diving community from entry level through technical / specialized diving. Sea Lions is known for its flexible scheduling, relaxed atmosphere and friendly courteous service. Once you have completed your Open Water instruction, or if you already have a C Card, join us on one of the many trips sponsored by Sea Lions. Sea Lions is proud to work with Dive Heart an organization that shares the joy of diving with the physically impaired. Home Instruction Equipment Contact Us ... Photos Site Designed and Maintained by Millenia Web Development Services

33. Monterey Bay Seals
Barking California sea lions are a constant in fall and winter in Monterey, sea lions are easily identified by their external ears (seals show no ears)
MONTEREY BAY PINNIPEDS and OTTER Barking California Sea Lions are a constant in fall and winter in Monterey, and I hear them from my backyard hot tub when conditions are right. Harbor seals are common attractions along the rocky shore and in Elkhorn Slough. The other pinnipeds, though, require either trips to breeding colonies just north or south of Monterey County (Northern Elephant Seal and Steller's Sea Lion) or luck on offshore boat trips. I've never seen a Northern Fur Seal from shore. Short photo introductions to the various species follow.
All photos are from Monterey Bay or nearby Sea Otter Enhydra lutris nearly went extinct due to hunting for their fur in former centuries, but today they are a star attraction along the shores of Monterey Bay. They are easily seen in Elkhorn Slough, around the Monterey Peninsula, and down the Big Sur coast. They are popular attractions at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Local populations have been studied intensively, and much information is available on line. There is a local Sea Otter society with a gift shop on Cannery Row. Photo above California Sea Lion Zalophus californianus is a common visitor in fall and winter from Channel Island breeding populations, and in some years a few remain through spring and summer. Sea lions are easily identified by their external ears (seals show no ears) and by their raucous barking. When present, they commandeer unused boats in the harbor, buoys, and the Coast Guard jetty. They can be very aggressive off Fisherman's Wharf. Our visiting population is almost entirely composed of males; females don't venture this far north.

34. BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Pacific Sea Lion Collapse Probed
Scientists investigate why Steller sea lions are eating a fish diet that cannot sustain them in the cold north Pacific.


... Newswatch Last Updated: Friday, 13 February, 2004, 02:20 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Pacific sea lion collapse probed
By Jonathan Amos
BBC News Online science staff
The sea lions used to number hundreds of thousands Scientists believe they are closer to understanding why the populations of Steller sea lions and other mammals have collapsed in the north Pacific.
The sea lions have seen their numbers fall by more than 80% since the 1970s. The North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Consortium says the animals appear to have switched to eating fish with a very much lower fat content. This means the sea lions cannot build up sufficient blubber to survive and breed in their cold environment. "In 1977, there was knife-edge change - it cut right through the ecosystem," the consortium's director Dr Andrew Trites told the BBC. "It not only affected the seals and sea lions, it also affected the shrimps, the crabs, the salmon - a whole suite of species flipped overnight in their abundances." Steller sea lions are found from Japan through Russia, Alaska, British Columbia and down to California.

35. BBC NEWS | Middle East | Let Slip The Sea Lions Of War
The US Navy deploys its crack team of mine detecting sea lions to the Gulf to protect the US and British warships stationed there.


World Service
... Newswatch LANGUAGES
Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 March, 2003, 14:46 GMT Email this to a friend Printable version Let slip the sea lions of war

By Verity Murphy
BBC News Online
With the military build-up in the Persian Gulf showing no sign of abating the US Navy has unveiled its secret weapon - a crack troupe of sea lions. The sea lions can carry out repeated dives to great depths without tiring The specially trained mammals have been deployed to the region to protect US and British warships against attacks from underwater saboteurs and mines. These whiskered warriors are even capable of clamping a floating marker to the legs of an intruder, alerting troops to his position, who can then move in and haul the attacker out of the water. The British naval commander in the Gulf, Rear Admiral David Snelson, warned on Monday that possible al-Qaeda attacks on warships in the region was the biggest security threat facing his forces as they prepare for a possible war with Iraq. Three years ago 17 US servicemen were killed when the USS Cole was attacked in the Yemeni port of Aden by al-Qaeda operatives using an inflatable boat packed with explosives.

36. Seals And Sea Lion Exhibit - National Zoo| FONZ
There are two species of pinnipeds at the National Zoo California sea lions and grey seals. Brought to you by the National Zoo FONZ.

Animals, etc. Ocean Living Exhibits ... Octopus Cam Related Resources North America
Aquatic Ecosystems

a California sea lion or giant Pacific octopus. Visit the Smithsonian's Marine Science Network. Into the Deep . Come see this 3-D IMAX movie about the world under the sea. Johnson IMAX Theater Seals and Sea Lion Exhibit There are two species of pinnipeds at the National Zoo: a California sea lion and gray seals. You can see them in their pools in the outdoor Seals and Sea Lion Exhibit or on the rocks in their ocean-like habitat. The Sea Lion Exhibit is also home to brown pelicans. Many other North American animals live in Beaver Valley and can be seen in outdoor exhibits. Zoo Map Our seals and sea lions are fed three times a day and participate in daily training sessions at 11:30 a.m. Gray Seals The National Zoo has two gray seals: Gunnar, a male, and Selkie, a female. Gunnar
Gunnar was wild-born in Iceland in November 1973, and donated to the Zoo by the Naval Ocean Systems Center (NOSC) on January 18, 1979. He is fed about 20 pounds of fish a day, although this can vary during the year. He is occasionally separated from Selkie during breeding season if he is being aggressive.

37. Monterey Bay Aquarium: Online Field Guide
California sea lion. Zalophus californianus. You often see sea lions resting quietly on the surface of the water in rafts of several animals,

38. Fort Wayne Children's Zoo - Sea Lion
Reproduction, Female sea lions give birth to one pup at a time. Most sea lions are born in June or July. They weigh between 1320 pounds at birth.
Hours Open 9 AM to 5 PM
7 days a week
Looking for the
perfect gift?
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(October 21) Today's Weather Concessions Rides Lodging Info ... Great Zoo Halloween Rated one of the Top Ten Zoos in the Country by Child Magazine Search
California Sea Lion Scientific Name: Zalophus californianus Range: The sea lions are found from Vancouver Island, British Columbia to Baja California in Mexico. Habitat: They spend most of their time in the water and come ashore to breed Natural Diet: Squid, fish, and shellfish Zoo Diet: Fish and squid Physical
Male California sea lions are usually a chocolate brown color, while the females are a lighter brown. Most males weigh around 500 pounds and are 7 feet in length. Females grow to 220 pounds and are approximately 6 feet in length. The hind flippers point forward and can be used on land. Their ears are external. Sea lions are air breathing mammals. Behavior: Sea lions are known for their intelligence. It is approximately equal to that of a dog. They also have a loud and noisy barking.

39. Steller Sea Lions: Marine Mammal Research Consortium
Research on the relation between fisheries and Marine Mammals in the North Pacific Ocean and Eastern Bering Sea. Primary focus is the decline of the Steller
Get Updates
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Privacy policy

The North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium conducts
research on the relationship between fisheries and marine mammals in the
North Pacific Ocean and the Eastern Bering Sea.
WHAT'S NEW! Steller Sea Lion Research
A six part series
Part 1: A Relationship of Trust Obtaining research data from an Steller sea lion that outweighs a human by hundreds of pounds is no small feat. But for sea lion trainer Billy Lasby, it's a simple recipe of patience, trust and hard work. The first episode in a six-part series examining the Steller Sea Lion Research Project at the Vancouver Aquarium. See full story
9 September 2005
From The Field:

Steller Watch- A Year in the Life of a Sea Lion

A small but intrepid group of scientists is spending a year observing Steller sea lions on a small remote Island in Alaska. This update on their study and experiences is just in. See 16 August 2005 If you think choosing a healthy diet for yourself is difficult, imagine how challenging it is for scientists to figure out what kind of fish are best for Steller sea lions. Scientists are trying to determine whether a change in fish stocks in Western Alaska may have put the entire Steller sea lion population in jeopardy. A recent study on Steller sea lions at the Vancouver Aquarium explored the physiological effects of high-lipid (fatty) and low-lipid (lean) diets on sea lion health, reproduction, and survival.

40. Open Water Research Station For Research Of Steller Sea Lions At Sea - Marine Ma
The first trained sea lion trial is designed to evaluate one of the key Before any research can be carried out, the sea lions have to be relaxed in

Steller sea lion research
Open water project
Steller sea lions dive into new research The Open Water Project is conducted in collaboration with the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre , and aims to provide information on the energetic cost of foraging by Steller sea lions. This is integral to assessing the impact of change in prey types or distributions on wild sea lions, and ultimately discovering what might be done to help the declining wild populations recover.
The first trained sea lion trial is designed to evaluate one of the key costs of foraging; the cost of diving to depth. Each day, the sea lions accompany researchers to a trial area, where they carry out training and diving experiments. On arrival, the sea lions spend an initial period breathing in a respirometry dome at the water surface. They then dive to an underwater target light at a pre-specified depth and remain focused there until researchers turn the light off, their cue to return to the respiratory dome. The levels of oxygen that the sea lions breathe in the chamber are then measured to estimate the energetic cost of diving.

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