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         Sea Horses:     more books (100)
  1. Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea by Chris Butterworth, 2006-04-11
  2. Seahorses (Sea Creatures) by Elizabeth Laskey, 2003-04
  3. One Lonely Sea Horse by Joost Elffers, Saxton Freymann, 2000-04-01
  4. Sea Horses (True Books) by Elaine Landau, 1999-09
  5. Taming a Sea-Horse by Robert Parker, 1986-05-01
  6. Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island #6: Sea Shadow (Phantom Stallion: Wild Horse Island) by Terri Farley, 2008-05-01
  7. Seahorses And Sea Dragons (Undersea Encounters) by Mary Jo Rhodes, 2006-03
  8. The Horse from the Sea by Victoria Holmes, 2005-05-01
  9. Sea Horses (Nature Watch) by Sally M. Walker, 1998-11
  10. Clinging Sea Horses (Pull Ahead Books) by Judith Jango-Cohen, 2000-06
  11. Caballitos de mar / Sea Horses (Bajo Las Olas/Under the Sea series) (Bajo Las Olas/Under the Sea) by Carol K. Lindeen, 2007-01-01
  12. Sea Horse (Living Things) by Rebecca Stefoff, 1997-01
  13. Runaway Horses (The Sea of Fertility) by Yukio Mishima, 1999-03-11
  14. Sea Horses by Louise Cooper, 2005-01-27

161. CW Rocky Mountain Horse Farm, Rocky, Kentucky & United Mountain Horses, Sales, B
Sales, training and breeding facility standing Don Mar Duke, Diamond Reo, Del Rio, and Conley. Stallion, mare and foal information, photos, and contact details. Located in Brooksville, Florida.
Kentucky Mountain Horses Rocky Mountain Horses Mountain Pleasure Horses
Brooksville, Florida Naturally Gaited Mountain Horses
Quality Horses Always Available For Sale

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses
Rocky Mountain Horses
Mountain Pleasure Horses
Spotted Mountain Horses

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162. World Class Paint Quarter Horses Double L Paint Horses
Standing bay quarter horse at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in Cedar Rapids.

Welcome to Double L Paint Horses Welcome to Double L Paint Horses and thank you for your interest in our stallion, breeding program, and show prospects. We are very interested in hearing from you, and encourage you to either email or call us at (319) 364 5020.
Please check out our Horses For Sale page, we have added some very nice show prospects by Will Spot Ya and Mr Good And Plenty. Standing for 2006
2003 APHA Black Overo Stallion
Sire: Always The Choice
AQHA World Show Top Ten Western Pleasure
AQHA Congress Top Five Western Pleasure
AQHA Honor Roll Top 10
Over 200 AQHA Western Pleasure Points
Photos and more information coming soon!! Double L Paint Horses 1881 E. Berry Road Cedar Rapids, IA 52403-9092 319-364-5883 fax Make us a favorite! This site is designed and hosted by RockinB.Com Web Innovations

163. ... Horses Of The World ... Turf, Harness Races, Jumping, Arabian Horses, Iberia
On y parle de horsebusiness, dans les courses de galop, de trot, le show-jumping pour les sauteurs.
Rainbow Limousine Transferts by limousine from Geneva-airport M. Jacky Quintero
New worldrecord : TOM RIDGE wins World Trotting Derby in 1'50"2 !! News
Unique business opportunity only offered to new investors !!! On the occasion of the Prix d'Amerique and other great trotting events at Vincennes (Paris), free consultation with our experts is offered to people who have already invested in the horse-racing business or who intend to do so shortly.
Take advantage also to invest in a very profitable market as numerous owners from all Europ e have already done. C all now Inside, you can find new articles, such as:
  • P rix d ’A mérique
    Do you know the joke: “are you the last of the Mohicans ?” Answer: “No, I am the last but one, the last one died yesterday !”. In the
    Arabian Horses World Championship 2004

    There is no doubt that the whole of Europe attends this event every year at the “Porte de Versailles” and

Caution: fill our form - Horses of the world - all right reserved

164. Hahn Ranch Cutting Horses - Home
Standing Docs Hollywood Storm. Lessons and boarding available. Located in El Dorado County, California.
Photo by Forrest
Hahn Ranch is an equestrian facility nestled in the oak studded foothills of El Dorado County, California. Focusing primarily on the cutting horse, we provide a full range of professional services for the serious rider. Photo Gallery of foals
Today is
var site="sm5hahnranch"

165. K-12 MIT Sea Grant: Behind The Fish -- True Tales/Tails Of Nemo And Friends
Seahorses are found all over the world. They swim upright with their tails Seahorses eat small crustaceans, using a sitand-wait strategy basically
While his father Marlin and friend Dory look for little Nemo, our lost hero is transported from Australia's Great Barrier Reef to the aquarium of Dr. Phillip Sherman, dentist. Along the way, Nemo and Marlin meet all sorts of different sea creatures in the coral reef. Here are a few of the fish featured in the movie, along with information and a picture of a real-life counterpart.
Nemo and Marlin
Dory Tad Sheldon ... Chum
D Movie character D Real-life fish D Description Nemo (and dad Marlin)

Clownfish hide in sea anemones thanks to a protective mucous substance
( Clownfish
family Amphiprionidae
Clownfish are small, curious fish. They are often bright orange or black, with white bands. This fish is also known as an anemonefish because if its close relationship with anemones. The clownfish is able to live safely among the stinging tentacles of sea anemones by coating itself with a protective mucous (slimy) coating similar to that of anemones . This allows the clownfish and the sea anemone to enjoy a mutually beneficial arrangement: the clownfish gives scraps of food to the sea anemone, and the sea anemone protects the clownfish from predators with its mass of stinging tentacles.. back to top
(from "Crest: Coral Reef Education for Students and teachers)

166. Paradise Paso Fino Horses Information And Sale, Paradise Paso Fino Horses Inform
Youngstock and mature horses for sale. Standing 5 stallions at stud. Site provides information about the Paso Fino breed, links to Paso association, newsletter, evaluation of horse and rider criteria, and photos. Located in Powder Springs, GA.
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167. Seahorses: Fishes
Docslaw seaworld seahorses and Pipefish - Text and Images. Soft Coral Pygmy sea Horse (Hippocampus sp.) - Text and Images.
Deutsch Links Libraries Publishers Database producers Database hosts ... Organisations Search this website: Website Index Subject Index Impressum
Chemistry, Biology and related disciplines in the WWW
Seahorses: Fishes
Home Links Zoology Metazoa ...

168. The Horse In Human History
Explains how horses helped build civilizations from ancient times, through the Middle Ages, up to modern times.
en français Horses and History Anichkov Bridge St. Petersburg, Russia (bronze by P. Klodt)
The Dog May Be Man's Best Friend,
but It Was the Horse that Built Civilization!
by Melinda Maidens "History was written on the back of the horse," according to an inscription at The Horse Park in Kentucky. Horse lovers do not need to be reminded how much human beings owe to equus caballus , but to the general population, civilization's debt is perhaps not immediately apparent. A comparison of civilizations that had horses with civilizations that did not soon makes it clear that human history, at least in Eurasia, would have been profoundly different were it not for the horse. A prime example is the entire Western Hemisphere, which was horse-free as of 30-40,000 years ago for reasons as yet unknown. One of the consequences was that its native populations remained scattered, sparse and overwhelmingly in the hunter-gatherer stage of development. The most culturally and socially complex civilizations were those of the Incas, Mayans, and Aztecs. Although successful as warriors, they could not spread their knowledge terribly far, since they lacked swift, agile animals like horses to carry them and their ideas to the rest of the Americas. As accomplished as they were, they ultimately were no match for the mounted conquistadores Other horseless parts of the world, such as Australia and sub-Saharan Africa, provide similar examples of restricted human mobility and development.

169. Nadara Egyptian Arabian Sport Horses
Breeders and trainers of Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd, Al Khamsa, sport horses. Babson bloodlines for endurance, dressage and combined training. In Pasadena.
htmlAdWH('93212824', '728', '90'); Main Equestrian
Nadara Egyptian Arabians: Breeders and trainers of straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa, Sheykh Obeyd sport horses which are Blue List, Asil, and Pyramid Society eligible.
Emphasizing Babson, *Ansata Ibn Halima and Sirecho bloodlines, including straight Babson, for endurance, dressage and combined training.
Jeroen and Dragon, Twin Oaks. 2002 Ride Results
Ride Name Date Location Miles Completed Silver State Dec. 1 Nevada Death Valley December 28 California 20 Mule Team February 16 California Bar H Boogie March 1 California Cuyama Oaks XP March 22-24 California April 6 Nevada Hog Wild April 19-20 California Mt. Carmel XP May 10-12 Utah Cincuenta Anos May 31 California Cold Springs XP June 9-13 Nevada Tevis July 12 California Swanton Pacific (?) August 9 California Bryce Canyon XP Aug 28-Sept 1 Utah Va. City 100 Sept 20 Nevada Grand Canyon XP Oct 11-15 Arizona Silver State Nov 27-29 Nevada Total Miles 2003
Dr. Tracey K. Tromp 390 Ninita Parkway Pasadena, CA 91106 phone: (626) 584-1884 e-mail:
We are supporters of:
Al Khamsa The Sheykh Obeyd Foundation American Endurance Ride Conference IAHA
Web Design by Venture Web Designs Site last updated July 22, 2003

170. Noblevision
Hanoverian, Oldenburg, and American Warmblood horses for sale. Breeding for disposition, movement, conformation, and athletic performance in dressage. Young dressage prospects available. Located near Southern Pines in Spring Lake, NC.
For more information on this beautiful gelding click on horses for sale Valerie J. Gritz-Semones, DVM Scott E. Semones 1221 Tisdale Rd. Louisa, VA 23093 The goal with a winning dressage combination is the image of a harmonious silhouette between horse and rider.
Our breeding program targets this goal by producing superior young atheletes with outstanding dispositions. We started by breeding our carefully selected mares to elite stallions known for their excellence in dressage performance and splendid dispositions. A beautiful athletic horse will not progress fully without the mental ability to accept training.
Please feel free to browse our site and look at our horses. If you have any questions or are interested in some of our young stock we will be happy to answer any questions. Videos of horses are available for prospective buyers. Visitors are welcome, please call first. Thank You for your interest. Please visit us again. Valerie J. Gritz-Semones, DVM Scott E. Semones

171. BBC - Comedy - Only Fools And Horses
Official site, including show history and synopses, competitions, downloads, quizzes, interviews, behind the scenes and message board.
@import url('/includes/tbenh.css') ;



A-Z Index

25th September 2005
Text only

BBC Homepage

Comedy ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Britain's Best Sitcom It's official. You voted Only Fools the best sitcom of all time. Cushty! A-Z of OFAH Sections Competitions Ghosts Of Christmas Past Games Head 2 Head Hooky Street Interviews Lingo Peckham Uncovered Quiz Quotes Series Seven Series Six Trotters Ethnic Tours Wallpaper We've got a guide for every episode from series one to seven. Get the whole story here All the major characters from all seven series. Get the lowdown here Put your memory skills to the test by playing Delboy's Dodgy Doubles game. Explore the real and fictional world of OFAH with Trotters Ethnic Tours. Delboy's nice little earners compiled by OFAH super-fan Zane Clements Watch OFAH creator John Sullivan answering your tough and funny questions. OFAH has become an Christmas tradition , take a look at where it all began. Why have Del and Rodney stuck together for so long?

Association dedicated to preserving legendary quarter horse bloodlines through breeding, showing, competing, and just plain riding of these legends decedants.
Enter Here
This site is maintained entirely for the promotion and preservation of Foundation Bred Paint and Quarter Horses!
It is home to the Hancock Horse Breeders Association, the Foundation Quarter Horse Breeders Association, the Foundation Horse Registry, The Foundation Horse Market and the Foundation Stallion Barn.
The Foundation bred quarter horse is a distinct part of our American heritage, which can only be maintained by the careful selection and linebreeding of the legendary lines. Some of those lines are Joe Hancock, King P-234, Skipper W, Driftwood, Joe Reed II, Oklahoma star, Old Sorrel, Wimpy, Poco Bueno, and the legendary Three Bars.
These lines are irreplaceable and are being carefully maintained and promoted by our members.
You have all helped this site evolve as the central resource for Foundation quarter horse breeders, owners, buyers, sellers and everyone else interested in breeding and promoting these storied bloodlines.
We have assembled articles, topics and features for horses lovers of all persuasions as well as some just for Foundation Horsemen and women. provides the most popular address on the internet to those involved in the preservation and promotion of the Foundation bred horse, where you can see and be seen, and advertise by simply being a member.

173. Cedar Lane Farm Haflinger Horses
Farm with available horses, about the farm, screensaver, and description of the breed. Located in Eaton, Ohio.
Allison born February 20th
born March 16th
born April 11th
born April 21st
born May 2nd Click here for quick navigation of this site Thanks for visiting us! Cedar Lane Farm is a horse farm offering Haflinger horses, as well as boarding, training, and riding lessons. Haflingers are one of the most calm, friendly, and easy to train breeds of horse. These horses are very strong and capable of handling large adults, yet shorter and not as intimidating as larger breeds. Cedar Lane Farm is only 1 mile off interstate 70, near the Ohio - Indiana border. If you're traveling, feel free to stop in and see our horses! If you're not in the area, we do have videos available if you are seriously interested in a horse. We can also help with transportation arrangements nationally for your new horse through a variety of equine transport services. We are now offering full care boarding, as well as overnight or short term boarding for traveling horses. We have a 72' x 120' indoor riding arena, two outdoor arenas, lots of turnout for your horse, and miles of trails available.
Click here for boarding information
We are now offering Riding Lessons in beginner English and Dressage up to 2nd level as well as jumping lessons on our well schooled horses.

174. Index
Shire horse Stud with a premium stallion at stud. Located in Keynsham, Bristol, UK.

175. Chywoon Stud - American Miniature Horses
Specializing in silver dapple and broken colour, Arab type AMHA registered miniature horses. Details of stallions, bloodlines and stock for sale. Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria, England.
Site best viewed at or above At Chywoon Stud we pride ourselves in being able to offer our herd as 100% American with no Shetlands and no part-breeds. All horse sold on our site are sold with our complete guarantee, their descriptions are the best of our knowledge accurate, we do not dress them up to be something their not. Our prices may not be the cheapest but are horses are the best available and only the best come recommended by us. (References available) So, If you're looking for the best money can buy look no further. About Us Stallions Mares Foals ... E-mail updated 10th Aug updated 8th Aug updated 6th Aug updated 9th Aug Products to care for and beautify your horse Latest News: Our senior herd stallion first time offered for sale. NXS Duffys Rusty Nail click HERE to see Rusty Nail and the rest of our Stallions Advertising Feature Chywoon Stud

176. Black Iron Horses
Custom horsedrawn carriage and wagon services. Andover, Connecticut.

177. 3 Lazy S Quarter Horses
Ranch and arena broke Quarter Horse geldings.
Quality Quarter Horse geldings offered annually at the
WYO Quarter Horse Sales.
Our horses are guaranteed to be as represented!
September 10th WYO Quarter Horse Sale is Cancelled, due to several cases of vesicular stomatitis in Hot Springs County, Thermopolis, Wyoming. We are pricing the horses that we had cataloged in THAT sale for sale privately. Contact us if you are interested or have any further questions. Thanks
Thanks for visiting our site.
Contact Information:
Box 272 Kinnear, WY 82516

178. - Home
A center of information about Morgan horses of unusual color. Colour specific gene articles and photo galleries, events, and forum.
Home Newsflash We are currently in a testing phase of ColorMorgan.
On the FREE TEXT classifieds, you CANNOT upload a picture. It will give you the option, but it won't allow an upload. Also, when it says HP, it means home page!
Second, we are testing out different photo gallery programs to see which one works or our readers prefer. Please understand this is why it says TEST next to the gallery name. We are working to try and finalize an easy program.
Main Menu Home Newest Info Free TEXT Classifieds Forum ... Contact Us Photos Photo Albums Test Photo Albums Test 2 Who's Online We have 1 guest online Login Form Username
Remember me
Forgotten your password?
No account yet? Create one Testing Phase of ColorMorgan Written by Color Morgan Friday, 16 September 2005 We are currently in a testing phase of ColorMorgan.
On the FREE TEXT classifieds, you CANNOT upload a picture. It will give you the option, but it won't allow an upload. Also, when it says HP, it means home page!
Second, we are testing out different photo gallery programs to see which one works or our readers prefer. Please understand this is why it says TEST next to the gallery name. We are working to try and finalize an easy program.

179. Westernreiten - About Us - Carola Vey Quarter Horses
Das Gest¼t bietet Verkaufspferde an, die mit Fotos und Preisangaben beschrieben sind, sowie einen OnlineShop.
Gestütsanschrift: Carola Vey Horses
Bockhorner Weg 60 · D-28779 Bremen-Blumenthal
5 min. vom Western Horse Outfitter in Schwanewede
Telefon: 0421-6098255 · Telefax: 0421-6099280 Sie lieben Ihre Freiheit und das Westernreiten. Sie mögen keine Kompromisse. Sie schätzen Charakter und Größe. Und Sie brauchen ein Pferd, das zu Ihnen passt. Wie das Quarter Horse. Es ist sanft, nervenstark, intelligent, lernfähig und willig. Entdecken Sie alle Freiräume, die das Leben Ihnen bietet - vereinbaren Sie mit mir einen Termin für Ihren Proberitt. Webmaster: @work

180. SummersShowHorses
Training, showing, and giving lessons in western pleasure, hunter under saddle and trail. Godley, TX.
htmlAdWH('93212816', '728', '90'); Main My First Home Page SUMMERS SHOW HORSES HAS MOVED TO: HTTP://SUMMERSSH.TRIPOD.COM language=javascript src=";y=summersph;u=10095558">
cellspacing=0 border=2 bordercolor=red> cellpadding=2 cellspacing=0 border=0> align=center> size=-1>This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit href="http://ss.webring.
SOLD Congratulations Ashton and Bill Bellville on their 2003 Appaloosa World Show winnings!!
Ashton won seventh in the Limited Two Year Old Western Pleasure class!! Under the guidance of Mike Summers. Bill won Reserve Champion in the Novice Western Pleasure class!! Way to Go!! Contact Mike Summers for information at width="400" height="0" bordercolorlight="#00FF00" bordercolordark="#009933"> bordercolor="#FF0000" align="center"> width="85" height="85" alt="webring,ringlink,cattle,web,ring,livestock,ranch,farm,cow,agriculture"> height="0" style="background-color: #FFFF99" ALIGN="center" VALIGN="middle" bordercoloe="#FF0000"> size="2"> < Prev Click target=_top>Here to Join the Ring!

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