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         Sea Horses:     more books (100)
  1. The Sea Horse and Its Relatives by Gilbert & Allan, Joyce Whitley, 1958
  2. The Little Sea Horse by Mischa Damjan, 1983-01
  3. The White Sea Horse
  4. Sea Horses by Karen Mulhallen, 2007-09-15
  5. Keeping Sea Horses by Robert Straughan, 0000
  6. The White Sea Horse by Helen Cresswell, 1971-06
  7. Keeping Sea Horses by Robert P.L. Straughan, 1961
  8. Skelly, the sea horse by Marilyn Brokamp, 1973
  9. Sea Horse: A Shetland Pony Comes to Monhegan by Harold Clifford, 1987-07
  10. The Sea Horse and the Wanderer: Ben Boyd in Australia by Marion Diamond, 1989-03
  11. JOHNSON 1958 SEA HORSE ACCESSORIES by No Author, 1958
  12. Sea-Horse in the Sky by Edmund Cooper, 1978
  13. Star, the sea horse, by Patsey Gray, 1968

121. Seahorses
Index seahorses seadragons seahorse ©ChrisTime Webdesign sea Horse, any of a number of small fishes of the same family as the pipefish.
Index Shades Index Seahorses From the E.M. Dragons Index ... Guestbook
Sea Horse
Sea Horse, any of a number of small fishes of the same family as the pipefish. The name is derived from the resemblance of the head to that of a horse. It has long, tubular jaws much like a snout. The body is compressed, with an elongated tail, and the integument (external covering) is a series of large, rectangular bony plates, with a series of spines and projections along the lines of juncture. These spines, together with the divided, streamerlike fins of some species, give them a strong resemblance to the seaweeds among which they live. About 30 species are found in various warm and temperate seas. All keep near the shore, often developing in brackish water. Like the pipefishes, the males take charge of the eggs, which are placed in an abdominal pouch and remain there until they hatch.

122. Horses Of The Heartland
Promoting the Morgan horse in Kansas, United States. breed history, photographs, events, classifieds, and forum.
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Search: Lycos Tripod Dukes of Hazzard Share This Page Report Abuse Edit your Site ... Next Horses of the Heartland Home Newsletter Horses Morgan History ... Horse Rescues Horses of the Heartland is dedicated to promote the intelligence and beauty of the Morgan horse. Please feel free to browse through the history of the Morgan horse, our events calendar, the classified ads, and the message forum. Even though this site is dedicated to the Morgan, all horse breeds are welcome here. Classified ads, the events calendar, and the message forum are meant for all horse breeds.
Taken By Heidi Resco HORSE PHOTO CONTEST! N.C.K. Riding Center is holding a horse photo contest. Any age may enter. Photos must be of horses. Entry fees are $2.00 per picture, winner will receive 40% of the total amount of the entry fees received. Contest will run from April 1, 2005 to October 1, 2005. Entries must be received by October 1. All photos entered become the property of N.C.K. Riding Center and will not be returned. Photos will be displayed at the N.C.K. Riding Center Facilities. Please send photos and entry fees to: N.C.K. Riding Center, 1379 Bismark Road, Haddam, KS 66944.

123. Card 8
Above On the lookout for food, a yellow sea horse uses both its eyes A sea horse can use each eye independently from the other, which allows it to
Everything you can do with a story! Sea Horse ORDER: Gasterosteiformes FAMILY: Syngnathidae GENUS: Hippocampus HABITAT Sea horses are usually found in warm, shallow water among seagrass beds. They situate themselves near deep, fast-running channels that provide them with plankton, the microscopic marine life on which they feed. To avoid being swept away by the current, they wrap their long tails around nearby vegetation. Their tails are prehensile specially adapted for grasping. Above: The babies are born as perfect miniatures of their parents. By the time they are two months old, they have grown to two inches. Above: On the lookout for food, a yellow sea horse uses both its eyes separately to spot its prey. The sea horse is a member of the pipefish family. Swimming upright-and looking a little like a chesspiece it is a graceful inhabitant of the warmer seas. BREEDING Sea horses are an unusual species in that the male be- comes pregnant. The female releases her eggs into a pouch on the male's abdomen. As the eggs attach themselves to the spongy pouch wall, he fertilizes them and nourishes them with a special fluid secretion. After gestation, about fifty young are released from his pouch. Above: Th e female releases her eggs into a pouch on the male's abdomen.

Trainer offering tips, lessons and advice for Barrel racers. Boarding, training and lessons at the facility in Stockdale, Texas.
You are being sent to G Force Barrel Horses no longer resides on this server.

125. Nobile Horses
This facility in Bowie, Texas offers boarding and sales of Appaloosas and Quarter horses. Achievements and awards are listed.
HOME OF 2001 ApHC World Champion
Watch Me Skip
1998 ApHC Gelding Click Here To Enter Our Site Website Created and Maintained by

126. Shell Horizons - Starfish,Seahorses, Shark Jaws
sea Horse Click For Larger View sea Horse. Click Here to Order sea Horse, C0-19, (Under1 ), $12.00 Hun. Click Here to Order sea Horse, C2-19, (2½ -3 )

127. Pet, Supplies, Products, Pet Supplies, Dogs, Cats, Grooming, Collars-leads, Anim
Offers collars, leads, dishes, toys, grooming, and training supplies for dogs, cats and horses.
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var headerImage = "/members/1317178/uploaded/perdy_in_squirel_house.jpg"; var headerName = "Amazing%20Pet%20Place"; var headerText = "For%20the%20Pet%20Lover%20In%20You.%20We%20spoil%20our%20pets%20like%20we%20spoil%20our%20kids%20and%20now%20you%20can%20too!"; var headerByline = "The%20Competitively%20Priced%20Online%20Pet%20Supply%20Store"; var headerLayout = "5"; var headerLayoutID = 3; var headerLogoID = 9;
document.write('') IF YOU LOVE 'EM, YOU GOTTA SPOIL 'EM! At Amazing Pet Place you will find a line of quality pet supplies for your pet's needs. Selection includes collars in leather, nylon, solids and prints. If you like to show off your pet, there's a wonderful selection of fancy collars and matching leads. For dogs, training collars and leads, decorative studded collars and spikes. You will find a variety of toys from vinyl to rope toys for dogs and catnip toys to feather teasers for cats. For horses, nylon halters in a variety of colors are available. Visit the newest additions "Oxyfresh" pet supplements and "Amazing Designs by Michael Park" the Dog Lovers Gift Gallery. If it's not here, let me know what you're looking for and I'll do my best to find it for you and add it to the site.

128. George Moore Racing Warwick Lodge Stables Middleham North Yorkshire
Racehorse trainer and horses in training in Middleham, North Yorkshire, England.
George Moore Racing
George Moore ~ Warwick Lodge Stables ~ Middleham ~ North Yorkshire ~ DL8 4PB Welcome To the Website of George Moore..
Successful trainer of racehorses for National Hunt and the Flat..... Over 700 winners to date! Home Page About George Moore The Team Horses in Training ... Training Fees l News l Links
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Home Page About George Moore The Team ... Training Fees l News l Links

129. Seahorse Posters At
A young lined sea horse in a clump of red seaweed on a piling Poster By A young blue crab and a sea horse Prints By George Grall/National Geographic
Movies Fine Art Music Sports College Vintage Photography

Browse Seahorses: Seahorse Photography
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Home The Seahorse category contains items click on an image for enlargement and order information
Seafriends - Seahorse
Art Print
12 x 12 in
Paul Brent

Usually ships in: 24 hours
Seahorse Lagoon
Art Print 26 x 18 in Paul Brent Usually ships in: 24 hours A young lined sea horse in a clump of red seaweed on a piling Giclee Print 18 x 24 in George Grall Usually ships in: 5-7 days Warhol Seahorses Poster 24 x 34 in Usually ships in: 24 hours Male sea horse with young sitting on its snout after birth Giclee Print 18 x 24 in George Grall Usually ships in: 5-7 days Seaside Boat Art Print 8 x 10 in Running Rhino Usually ships in: 24 hours Seashell Island Art Print 8 x 20 in Lisa Danielle Usually ships in: 24 hours Seashore Discovery Art Print 8 x 20 in Lisa Danielle Usually ships in: 24 hours Seahorsecoral Art Print 5 x 15 in Paul Brent Usually ships in: 24 hours Ocean Friends II Art Print 12 x 14 in Heather Ramsey Usually ships in: 24 hours Caribbean Seahorse Art Print 14 x 14 in Gretchen Shannon Usually ships in: 5-7 days Caribbean Seahorse Art Print 12 x 12 in Gretchen Shannon Usually ships in: 24 hours

130. Bienvenido A
Stud located in Seville, south of Spain. Details of breed selection and training.
veces desde Mayo-1998.
© 1997-1998, Trivimar, S. L. Todos los Derechos Reservados.

131. Exceptionally Cute & Soft Stuffed Plush Sea Horse
Absolutely Adorable Stuffed sea Horse You Will Fall In Love With.
Stuffed Plush Sea Horse Stuffed Plush Sea Horse Absolutely Adorable Stuffed Plush Sea Horse You Will Fall In Love With Stuffed Plush Sea Horse with babies of the finest quality. When You give a Plush Sea Horse to someone you Care about..... You won't be able to stop touching him Get your very own Stuffed Plush Sea Horse by selecting the Stuffed Ark banner immediately below Stuffed Sea Horse Toy Animal Online Above We have many more stuffed horses for you to choose from
Awesome Dog Breed Gift Items for All Dog Breeds
Charming Gift Items Exclusively for Cats Email Us Site Map

132. Arizona Horse Pages
Regional horse industry webhosting site includes training, boarding, breeding, and lessons; arizona only horse classifieds; ask an expert; vets, shoers, and other horserelated businesses.
Arizona Horse pages ...
connect with the Arizona horse industry
for Sale
Trainers ...
Find horses for sale in Arizona, locate a quality stud at one of our member ranches, see listings of Arizona veterinarians and farriers, or locate an Arizona based boarding stable, horse trainer, or certified riding instructor . You can also order horse books and magainzes or learn about horse care from online informative articles by visiting the Library Member Businesses Roger Archibald Studio
Western pencil artist; limited edition prints Become a Member
Do you have a horse-related business based in Arizona? You can have a unique website created for your business and become a Member Business or Member Ranch on the Arizona Horse Pages, which receives 200,000+ visitors each year. Click here or call 623-203-3252 for details.
Member Ranches Phoenix Area:
Beals Paints

Paint Horses -
breeding - sales
Lewis Paints

Paint Horses -
breeding* - sales Macdonald's White Tank Appaloosas
Appaloosa Horses -
breeding - sales Oren Hutchinson Paints
Paint Horses -
breeding* - sales - boarding
Quarter Horses sales - boarding - breeding - training - lessons Utz Quarter Horses Quarter Horses - breeding - sales Westfield Farm Boarding - full service - customized care Prescott Area: The Gentle Equine Arabians, Quarter Horses, crosses

Standing sorrel overo and bay overo at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in Eatonville.

134. A World Of Horses
Information about the 1/2 hour magazine format TV show for the equestrian enthusiast on KSBI Oklahoma.
A World Of Horses
"A World of Horses" is a half hour informational magazine format television program for the equestrian enthusiast. Host Steveanne Dee of "A World of Horses" will cover all breeds in a wide variety of activities in all regions of our country. "A World of Horses" will center its stories around the horse, its accomplishments, needs, and the means in which it acheived success. "A World of Horses" will combine rural activities of horse breeding, training, maintaining, and riding, with urban activities like racetrack operations, horse shows, and public equestrian horse sales. In addition, "A World of Horses" will produce segments on horse tack, feed, trailers, towing vehicles, equestrian health care, and horse insurance to name a few. The mission of "A World of Horses" is first and foremost to educate and inform the equestrian enthusiast in the areas of the horse industry in which they are most interested. Television segments unique to our show will be "viewer selected". With approximately 7.1 million Americans involved in the horse industry we believe there are a number of questions and concerns to cover on "A World of Horses". Did you know the horse industry produces goods and services of $425.3 billion and has a total impact of $112.1 billion dollars on the U.S. gross domestic product. More than 1.4 million full time jobs are provided by the horse industry. Total taxes paid equal more than $1.9 billion dollars. These numbers indicate a significant number of horse owning households with above average incomes needing information on horse related products, facilities, and organizations relating to their horse needs.

135. Gentry's Model Horses
Breyer, Peter Stone, and HagenRenaker model horses.
Gentry's Model Horses
Click to subscribe to Gentrys Model Horses Newsletter Search this site powered by FreeFind

Home of American Paint Horse Champion Mr Tramp. Standing black tobianos at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Offers Jack Russell Terrier puppies for sale. Located in Fallbrook.
htmlAdWH('93212818', '728', '90'); Main Business Park Animal Breeding Welcome To Paint Horses Home of APHA Superior All Around Champion Stallion...................... MR TRAMP and California State Reserve Halter Champion Stallion.................. IMA TONKA TOY Featured Stallions Mr Tramp Ima Tonka Toy OUR NEW SITE IS UP AND RUNNING THE ADDRESS IS:
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137. Location Sea Horse And Friendly Acres
Since 1988, Shipley has owned sea Horse Ranch and another horserental sea Horse Ranch does have rules, many of them scrawled on the ranch buildings

138. Rocking Horse Gallery
Traditional hand crafted wooden rocking horses made to order from Mansfield. Photo gallery, price list and contact details.

139. Rescue Network
News, links, requests for assistance from rescue groups, immediate need horses, a listing of rescue groups available by region, forum, and chat.
Search Home HURRICANE INFORMATION News Rescue Links


Hurricane Info!

Hurricane News

News Archive
Slaughter Info

Check This Out!
Welcome to Rescue Network!

Welcome and Please excuse the mess! We are trying to move to a new server. Please do not bookmark anything on the site, but the main page. We will be back to
Please email us at if you have any suggestions or see any horse related news we have missed. We are also looking for dedicated moderators to help keep up to date and informative! Please email us if you are interested.
Support Rescue Network Causes! Check out our logo-wear at Cafe Press Profits will currently go to Hurricane Katrina and Rita relief efforts! Visit the Hurricane Information page to see how you can help horses in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama! Visit the News
Rita : USEF Hurricane Equine Relief Fund Will Assist Rita Victims All donations made to the USEF Equine Relief Fund from Sept. 23, 2005, forward will be used to assist victims of any 2005 hurricane, including Katrina, Rita, or any others that could occur. The Fund will assist those agencies working directly with the equine victims and refugees from hurricanes. Every dollar of the money donated to the fund will be used to support efforts to deliver food, veterinary services, and shelter for horses and ponies in the stricken areas. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be made online at

140. Tribe Equus
Introduction and information on natural hoofcare. Learn how to have a lifetime of soundness by barefooting your horses. Clinic and seminar schedules.
American Association
of Natural Hoof Care
Proud. Strong. Free!
Words to the wise for hoof care professionals:
"The trick is not in knowing what to do, rather in knowing when to do it. Everythings works sometimes, but nothing works everytime, so if something fails on even ONE horse, then it must be considered a tool , not a rule
- Cindy Sullivan, 2005
"Never sacrifice truth to authority, rather make truth your authority" author unknown Editorial Page
This site promotes and supports only natural hoofcare . That means that if a practice or method is not based on the wild horse model, the only NATURAL model for healthy barefootedness, then it will not be supported by Tribe Equus.
Featured Hoof Boot: Easy Boot Epic New Publications for Practitioners Barefoot Enthusiasts!! Show your passion!!! T-Shirts now available!! The information contained in this web site is intended for information purposes. The owner of this site as well as all persons and/or businesses represented on this site are not responsible for any misuse of information contained on this site that results in harm to a person, animal or property. Tribe Equus as they were born to be...

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