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         Sea Horses:     more books (100)
  1. Sea Horse by Frans Van Anrooy, 1967
  2. The Mystery of the Sea Horse by Lee Falk, 1973
  3. The Sea-Horse and Its Relatives
  4. Sea Horse: A Fish in Armor by William M., Stephens, 1972-09
  5. Sea Horses (Underwater World) by Deborah Coldiron, 2007-07
  6. Sea horses by Francis Brett Young, 1925
  7. White Sea Horse by Helen Cresswell, 1964
  8. The green sea horse by Rosa (Zagnoni) Marinoni, 1963
  9. Sea Horses in Magic and Myth by M. Oldfield Howey, 2005-12-30
  10. SEA HORSE IN THE SKY by Edmund Cooper, 1971
  11. Isle of The Sea Horse by H. F. Brinsmead, 1969
  12. Sea Horses by Libo Hess, 1966-06
  13. Keeping the dwarf sea-horse by Robert P. L Straughan, 1956
  14. Sea-Horse in the Sky by Edmund Cooper, 1978

81. Slash W Barrel Horses
Barrel racing training by Ed and Martha Wright. Located in Dublin, Texas.

82. The Environmental Literacy Council - Seahorses
seahorses have long been mysterious creatures of the sea. seahorses are so elusive that Dr. Amanda Vincent of McGill University (possibly the world s
Home About ELC Site Map Contact Us ... Food
In ancient Greek and Roman myth and art, Poseidon and Neptune were often depicted as riding seahorses. Seahorses have long been mysterious creatures of the sea. Seahorses are so elusive that Dr. Amanda Vincent of McGill University (possibly the world's leading authority on seahorses), notes that when she first went into the water to study the fish up close, she could not even find them. Biologists are studying seahorses to learn more about their life expectancy, diet, reproduction rates, and predators. What is known about seahorses, however, is fascinating. Seahorses are found in both tropical and temperate waters (from about 45° North to 45° South), but mostly are located in the IndoPacific and West Atlantic regions. They may not look like it, but they are bony fishes, belonging to the Syngnathidae family, which also includes pipefishes, pipehorses, and sea dragons. Seahorses have eyes that can move independently, and what look like ears are really fins used for stabilization and steering. Their bodies are bony plated, their heads look like horse heads, and they can use their long curled tail to grip. Though male seahorses produce sperm and females produce eggs, it is the male that becomes pregnant. Before the male can become pregnant, he and his mateseahorses are basically monogamouscarry out a mating ritual over three consecutive mornings. During the ritual both male and female become a much brighter color than usual and they appear to dance with one another.

83. Appaloosa Horses
Information on the Appaloosa history and physical appearance. Also includes breeder listings, associations and webrings.
Appaloosa Horses
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Got Pets Online
- Lots of Appaloosa Horse pictures, pet eCards, websites, classifieds, and more.
Appaloosa Horses - History
Hidden Waters Appaloosas In Europe, the spotted Appaloosa Horses appear periodically throughout history. The Lippizzander Horse exhibited the mottled skin of the Appaloosa in the 16th-18th centuries. These spots still crop up to this day. To North America Appaloosa Horses were introduced by the Spanish explorers. Their Andalusians often had spotted coats. Indians stole and traded them, and the spotted horses quickly spread northward. The Nez Perce Indian tribe of Oregon became sophisticated horsemen and selected the spotted breed. These horses were of an elegant race, lofty and durable. The spots helped to camouflage the horse and the rider, for the splashy patterns helped to break up the horses' outline and made it difficult to see from the distance. Appaloosas with flashy or unusual markings are valued the best. Indians used the Appaloosa Horse in buffalo hunting and in war. The horses had to possess strength, speed, courage and intelligence. The white settlers called the horses "a Palouse horse" after Palose country where Indians lived. Finally it became "Appalosa." During the war Appaloosa Horses were the reason the U.S. Calvary was deprived of victory for many months, because the Nez Perce fled over 1300 miles of rugged, almost impassible terrain. Afterwards nothing was done about these strong, intelligent Appaloosa Horses, and they were almost diminished to nothing.

84. Anirealm - Pet Supplies
Selection of items for dogs, cats, birds, and horses. Products include coats, collars, and grooming aids.

85. DC Quarter Horses
Trainer David Clyde trains and races performance quarter horses out of Oneonta, AL.
For the DC Quarter Horses website click here. dc quarter horses, David Clyde, David Clyde quarter horses, Biduino, quarter horses, Jessies Luck Charm, Zanalyst, Racing Horses, Cow bred Horses, Performance Horses, racehorse studs, Barrel Horse, Clyde farm, Blout County Farmers DC Quarter Horses DC Quarter Horses DC Quarter Horses DC Quarter Horses ... DC Quarter Horses

86. Andalusian Horses
Information on the breed including description, photos, breeders listings from around the world and related links.
Andalusian Horses
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Picture source:
Cambalong Andalusian
Andalusian Horses - Outline
Andalusian horses are one of the greatest ancient breeds. They originated in the Iberian Peninsula in the region of Andalusia. Though Andalusian horses were well spread in other regions as well, the breed was named after this very province. The history of the Andalusian horse can be traced with the help of drawings and other documented evidence. The Romans and Greek valued this breed greatly. The Andalusian Horse was used as a warhorse, which is confirmed by ancient carvings and other sources. In fact, some paintings depicting the Andalusian horse are dated as being 20,000 years old. Even today, one cannot but admire the breed's beauty, intelligence, and courage.
Andalusian Horses - Description
Picture source:
Hipica Santa Barbara Andalusian horses are strong, and elegant. An adult Andalusian horse stands about 15.2-16.2 hands. A rectangular head of medium size characterizes the breed. The forehead is broad and the ears are well placed. The Andalusian horse has oval eyes that add much to the beauty of the horse. They carry a lively expression and go well with the straight or slightly convex face.

87. Shedd Aquarium
Sample screen from Conservation Investigation Seahorses Developed by the Shedd You can travel to the Philippines and see seahorses and their habitat,

88. Hudson Valley Horses: Equine Classifieds And News
Equine hub of the Hudson Valley. Featuring horse events, equine information, and a wide selection of classifieds.
Hudson Valley Horses
Thanks for visiting the Hudson Valley's Horse Hub
the only place on the Web where the horse community of the Hudson Valley can come together. document.write(code); Main Menu
About Our Classifieds
In the News
Coming Events ...
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Hudson Valley Horses: Equine Classifieds and News
Welcome to the new Hudson Valley Horses, your source for horse news, horse events and horse classifieds.
Thanks to all who took our Hudson Valley Horses poll about how we could improve our services to you. And thanks to all of you for making Hudson Valley Horses a success.

89. Sea Horse Scuba Club
Home of the Seahorses dive club. Provides news, calendar of events, special diving activities and a comprehensive training program.
Scavenger Hunt
Thursday, September 22nd, 6:00 PM
Alki Picnic Shelter
It's finally here... The Annual Seahorses Scavnger Hunt Dive. This eagerly awaited event has Seahorse members and guests dive for a list of items that must be found underwater. Some items are quite common while others can be extremely rare. Prizes will be awarded to the top scavengers. This year's list of items remains a closely guarded secret until the start of the event. Dinner Snacks will be prepared for divers and non-diving participants. a $5 donation per buddy-team is requested to help offset the club's costs. Non-members and families are always welcome to attend. For non-members this is a great way to find out who the Seahorses are and what we are all about and to hook up with some new dive buddies. See you there!
Randy Glenn Remembrance
For those of you who would like to do something to remember Randy Glenn, the family has suggested that you make a donation to the Seattle Aquarium "Sixgill Shark Research Program" in his name. This was a favorite program of Randy's and he was always in search of sixgills while diving! The Aquarium web site has more info on this program.

90. Star
Standing sorrel overo at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Offers Miniature and Toy Austrailian Shepards for sale. Located in Benton City.
@import url(;
Please click on the Welcome sign to enter - Enjoy your visit and come back soon.
This page was last updated on: January 31, 2005 To
Leading Star Performance Horses

91. Horses Today
Companion site to a Cable television program in Arizona. Offers calendar of local events, online news magazine and information about the program.
Home TV Show Classified Ads General Store ... Join The Herd The Television Show for Everyone Who Loves Horses!
Many equestrians are already regular viewers and now the show will be available to NEW areas across the United States.
It is a fast paced program where you can meet riders and experts that have developed the relationships essential to competing on the edge. We will explore the special characteristics and personalities of the many diverse breeds. Experts share their riding techniques and proper equine care for Horses Today. However, you don't need to own a horse or even know how to ride one to enjoy the show. read more View a Promo Video of Horses Today - Click Here
McCann and Alfano Prepare for 59th Annual Buffalo International Horse Show

Buffalo, NY- August 30- It has been a busy and very successful year for junior rider Kacey McCann and professional Jennifer Alfano. Both ride for SBS Farms Inc. with trainer Susie Schoellkopf and have trekked up and down the East Coast to compete at some of the top horse shows in the country. This September 14-18, however, they will be competing at their home base in the 59th Annual Buffalo International Horse Show. MORE..
Greetings From July Goodnight Sept 2005

As the summer winds down, I am gearing up for the busy fall season. It’s been a great summer and I’ve enjoyed many adventures and still found time to stop and smell the flowers in my own garden. But now it’s time to hit the road running for the fall season of horse fairs, conferences and clinics.

92. MailSite Express
Authorized dealer for model horses and aircraft.
MailSite Express Login User Name: Password: Language: English Bulgarian Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Danish Dutch Finnish French German Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Norwegian Portuguese Russian Spanish Swedish Turkish Save login information on this computer MailSite Express
version 5.3.4

93. Horse Race Handicapping - Desert Sea Publishing
Publishers and distributors of Software, Books, and Videos for Horse Race Handicapping.

A New Dimension in Speed! Version 5.0 is here!
2005 Pars Plus Available Now! Our used bookshelf is back online. Click here! Free Sample of Daily Southern California Horses to Watch
Sea Publishing Company
Offering a fine selection of professional software books , and videos for horse race handicappers. Read what our customers are saying about us.
Speed Handicapper

A new Dimension of Speed! by Charles Carroll Rated "9+" Twice! by Phillips Racing Newsletter Current v4.5 Owners! If you purchased after July 1, 2005 email us for your free v5.0 upgrade Click Here! Still working, still winning, Click Here for information.

94. 3D Paint Horse Is A Small Breeding Farm Located In The Central California Valley
Standing bay tobiano at stud. Includes sales list, photos, and profiles of horses. Located in Lodi.
3D Paint Horses is a small breeding farm located in the Central California Valley. Located in Lodi, among vineyards and orchards, we specialize in Working Reined Cowhorse and Cutting prospects. Our broodmares include own daughters of AQHA World Champion Sr Cutting, Genuine Doc, 1997 APHA World Champion Color Me Smart and APHA All-around World Champion, A Master Plan. In 2005 we have foals arriving from our stallion APHA " Painted Solano ", APHA "Color Me Smart" and APHA "Sting & Color" Prospects Always Available STANDING AT STUD APHA " PAINTED SOLANO " 2006 Fee $500.00 Includes $100.00 Booking Fee Live Cover Only 1st Place - Novice - West Coast Reined Horse Association - September 2001 2nd Place - Novice - West Coast Reined Horse Association -September 2001 2 Official 1st Places ( Under 2 Judges ) - Senior Horse Reining Class - Paint-O-Rama- Rancho Murieta- October 2001 Producing black and whites and all 3 color patterns. Check Out

Tom Cobley's unique range of personally designed Rocking horses, hand carved in every detail.
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96. Inspired By Seahorses And Sea Dragons (Seahorse And Sea Dragon Central)
Comprehensive seahorse and sea dragon guide, image resource and web directory. sea horse poem/song by Erin Leonhard and Missy Ruppel.
Seahorse Info Seahorse Topics Seahorse Species Kids (K-6) Images Photographs, Drawings and Videos Seahorse Thumbnail Gallery Sea Dragons Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons Sea Dragon Images and Thumbnail Gallery Special Treats Top 5% Home Aquaria and Seahorse Care Merchandise Inspired by Seahorses and Sea Dragons ... About This Site My sites: Dragons Komodo Dragons Flying Squirrels Giraffes ... email this page
Inspired by Seahorses and Sea Dragons
Art Poetry Music Public art thumbnails ... Other media
"Seahorse, Seahorse" by Meghan Lumsde (grade 1-3 winner of the Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse poetry competition). I'd be very proud of her. In a way, this is the best of the lot. At least it doesn't bend sentences around just to make rhymes fit. "Deep Down Under" by Caitlin A. Mackey (grade 4-6 winner of the Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse poetry competition). Conservation-centered. "A Tiny Seahorse" by Kalyn Noe (grade 10-12 winner of the Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse poetry competition). "The Secrets of the Seahorse" by Scott Carpenter (non-education winner of the Birch Aquarium, Secrets of the Seahorse

97. International League For The Protection Of Horses (NZ) Inc
The charity's worldwide activities include rescue and rehabilitation, education and training, scientific research, and lobbying for the improvement of legislation and Codes of Practice in respect of equine welfare.
  • NZ News update (Feb 05)
    How you can help ILPH

    Picture: ILPH News The International League for the Protection of Horses was founded in 1927 to prevent the ill treatment of horses exported to Europe for slaughter. It has grown to become one of the world's leading international equine welfare charities. ILPH (UK) website The International League for the Protection of Horses (NZ) Inc, formerly the Horse Protection Society of New Zealand, is based in Hamilton next to the Waikato Equestrian Centre. ILPH was established in New Zealand in 1990 to act as an equine lobby group and and equine welfare watchdog. Since its inception the league has:
    • Investigated numerous complaints
    • Set up an adoption scheme to home-place rescued equines
    • Set up a monitoring and approval scheme for riding, trekking, and equestrian centres throughout New Zealand
    • Campaigned to prevent the extermination of the Kaimanawa Wild Horses and monitored the progress of those in captivity
    • Lobbied to improve legislation and codes of practice in respect of many aspects of equine welfare
    • Provided professional advice and practical assistance on all aspects of equine welfare.
  • 98. Seahorse Info (Seahorse And Sea Dragon Central)
    Comprehensive seahorse and sea dragon guide, image resource and web directory. What do seahorses eat? and How do seahorses reproduce?
    Seahorse Info Seahorse Topics Seahorse Species Kids (K-6) Images Photographs, Drawings and Videos Seahorse Thumbnail Gallery Sea Dragons Weedy and Leafy Sea Dragons Sea Dragon Images and Thumbnail Gallery Special Treats Top 5% Home Aquaria and Seahorse Care Merchandise Inspired by Seahorses and Sea Dragons ... About This Site My sites: Dragons Komodo Dragons Flying Squirrels Giraffes ... email this page
    Seahorse Info
    Portals and megasites Encyclopedias Seahorse Info Aquarium Fact Sheets and Info
    Portals and megasites
    Project Seahorse , a collaborative center for seahorse research. Highlights include a press release "Smallest seahorse discovered", on Project Seahorse researcher Sara Lourie's discovery of the tiny Hippocampus denise . See also their position statement on seahorses in Traditional Medicine Secrets of the Seahorse, from the Birch Aquarium . Wondrous omnigatherum of seahorse biology, history, conservation and so froth. The biology section has a Flash gizmo that allows you to move your mouse over the different parts of the sea horse anatomy to display a description. You can listen to sounds of sea horses eating, play games, know about the conservation initiative taken by the aquarium and also a video of their sea horse exhibit. Amazon.

    99. Quarter Horses For Sale Breeders Reining Horses Cutting Horses
    Online store with horse books, supplies, software and other products. Also includes articles on horse care, training, and product reviews on the main site.
    Quality Reining and Cutting Quarter Horses For Sale Top quality performance quarter horse s for sale at our farm outside Louisville,Kentucky. We specialize in performance pedigrees for reining, cutting and great all around riding horses. We are breeders who care about quality, integrity and service in dealing with our clients. It is our intention to become one of the premier quarter horse breeders in Kentucky and indeed, the country. Home of stallion Hotrod Doc Olena. In addition, in our online shop , we offer tack, supplies and equine related books at some of the best prices on the web. Free classified ads . We also offer free horse training tips care tips and review products that we use around our farm. New articles are posted regularly. In addition, we design and host websites at very competitive prices. Please look around our site and add it to your bookmarks/favorites as we frequently add new items and update our pages. And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter so that we can let you know when we post new horse training articles, horses for sale or super specials from our online shop. We welcome your comments and questions so please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call if we may be of assistance. HOME ABOUT US HORSES STALLION MARES FOALS SALE BARN SHOPPING ONLINE SHOP FREE RESOURCES TRAINING TIPS CARE TIPS FREE CLASSIFIEDS SURVEY/VOTE ... MESSAGE BOARDS Be among the first to recieve new tips and specials.

    100. Brown Ranch Reining Horses For Sale
    Breeding, sales and training of reining horses. Standing Dolls Union Jac. Site includes video, photos and pedigrees of horses for sale.
    Brown Ranch Reining Horses
    Dean and Renee / Brian and Elaine Brown
    RR#1 Redditt Rd, Kenora ON. P9N-3W7 PH 1-807-548-7642 / 1-807-548-5500 e-mail Congratulations to Dean Brown and Hickory Smoked Chex 2004 CRBC Derby Res Champions. Score 226.5 Reining Horses for Sale Training Breeding Contact ...
    Reining Video Series With Dean Brown First Reining Video Free "Click Here "
    Free Question Answer Reining Horse Training Forum with Dean Brown Click Here
    Dolls Union Jac Bueno Chexinic Tejons Lena Nic, Our mares include Congress Champion producing mares, NRHA Derby and Superstakes champion, Futurity finalists and world Champion producing mares. Videos and Photos of almost all reining horses for sale on site
    British Columbia Reining Association Reining Alberta Reining Canada ... Reiners world

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