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         Scuba Diving Recreational:     more books (16)
  1. The recreational dive charter fishery in the San Juan Islands, 1979 to 1985 (Technical report / State of Washington, Dept. of Fisheries) by Wayne A Palsson, 1991
  2. Hawaii's recreational dive industry and use of nearshore dive sites (Studies on marine economics) by Raymond S Tabata, 1992

21. UK.REC.SCUBA : Home Page
We are a group of UK based divers interested in anything and everything to do with recreational scuba diving in the UK and other places visited by UK divers
About FAQ Training UK Diver ... Links Welcome to our uk.rec.scuba (known as UKRS) web pages. We are a group of UK based divers interested in anything and everything to do with recreational scuba diving in the UK and other places visited by UK divers. Have look around our site, find out all about us, then come and join us on the newsgroup - all UK divers (and others) are welcome.
All about the newsgroup behind this web site.
The Frequently Asked Questions list, look here before asking a question on the group.
Our section dedicated to learning and improving diving skills.
Some information about topics that frequently crop up on UKRS.
Join in! Some information about diving trips we've organised for ourselves. Corrections to Alasdair Allan
UK and World-wide Trip Reports as written by group participants.
Hosted by Jason Poynting the UKRS Who's Who database is a non-canonical list of the people on the uk.rec.scuba group.
Over 700 UK related dive links - clubs, schools, personal pages and a whole lot more. Maintained by

22. Ahhome
Training center for both recreational and technical diving. Sales and service of equipment as well as rebreathers.
AIRHEADS CALENDAR CLASSES OFFERED EQUIPMENT ... WHO'S WHO? AIRHEADS SCUBA WHERE EDUCATION REIGNS Tel. 502-296-1088 Your headquarters for both recreational and technical diving Why Dive? APPOINTMENT HOURS - Mon thru Sat - 0800 - 1700 As of 31 Oct 2004 cash or check only. Last update to the site -22 Feb 2005 AIRHEADS SCUBA, INC 3259 Coral Ridge Rd Brooks, Ky 40109 Email: Airheads Directions from Louisville Take I65 south to Exit 121 (Brooks Rd). Turn right at top of the ramp. Go 1/2 mile to R/R crossing (4 way stop) Turn left and we are in the Marathon Station building. (We are 10 minutes from Louisville International.)

23. NISD-Homepage
recreational to technical instruction and diving. Includes a picture gallery and information about various types of diving.
Welcome to NISD The National Institute For Scuba Diving in Lebanon Adina Ochert sets the new World record for Women’s deepest wreck diver after descending to 144 Meters on HMS. Victoria, in Tripoli, Lebanon on September 12, 2005. For more details: On September 17, 2005 the Diving Lebanon NISD team conducted the annual Coastal Cleanup Day 2005 removing more than 1.7 tons of trash from popular dive sites in Lebanon. Full Story NISD sets a diving station in the North of Lebanon. More information Technical Instructors and Divers conducted spectacular dives on the HMS Victoria, a battleship of the Royal Navy resting at a depth of 145 m. Full Story Last Updated on 19/09/2005 Lebanon Diving News Quick Links 120 Volunteers and more than 93 divers participated in the September Coastal Cleanup Day 2005 Our weekly Dive Schedule NISD Technical Diving section Online Dive Site Maps More details here ... NISD Diving FAQs NAUI Award 2002 About Us Contact Us Sign Up

24. Medical Problems Of Recreational Scuba Diving - June 1, 2001 - American Family P
recreational scuba diving is defined as pleasure diving to a depth of up to 130 recreational scuba diving has become very popular in the past 20 years.

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AAFP Home Page
Journals Vol. 63/No. 11 (June 1, 2001)
Please note: This information was as current as we could make it on the date given above. But medical information is always changing, and some information given here may be out of date. For regularly updated information on a variety of health topics, please visit , the AAFP patient education Web site. An article on this topic is available in this issue of AFP
Medical Problems of Recreational Scuba Diving
What is recreational scuba diving? Recreational scuba diving is defined as pleasure diving to a depth of up to 130 feet without decompression stops. Recreational scuba diving has become very popular in the past 20 years. There are almost 9 million certified divers in the United States alone. Several scuba certifying agencies offer training for divers, from beginners to experts. Three of these agencies are the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI) and Scuba Schools International (SSI). Basic classes involve classroom instruction and training in a pool and in open water settings. The most popular courses last from 4 to 8 weeks. What are the common medical problems of scuba diving?

25. DiveRite | Dive It All | Dive It All | DiveRite
Manufacturer of full line technical and recreational scuba diving equipment such as gear, dive computers and software, lighting systems, hardware and accessories. Florida, USA.
New Products
Sightings Warranty Members Buy Apparel Expeditions ... About Us Find a product

26. Nitrox Scuba Diving
However, recreational scuba diving is “no decompression diving”, so it is important to dive within limits where the amount of dissolved nitrogen will not be
Nitrox Scuba Diving
by Burks Oakley II
COM 333 , Spring 2000 Semester
University of Illinois at Springfield
30 April 2000
Background Slightly more than one year ago, I became interested in scuba diving (actually, my younger daughter, Amy, became interested, and I did not want to miss out on all the fun). However, before I could scuba dive, I needed to receive certification from the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) [ The PADI certification process includes six hours of classroom instruction, six lessons in an indoor pool, and finally four “open water” dives, during which a student has to demonstrate a number of competencies. After being certified as a PADI “Open Water Diver”, an individual can purchase scuba equipment and have air tanks refilled. [As an aside, this is one of the few areas where the government has not gotten involved in licensure; PADI and one other similar organization, NAUI, are self-regulating.] I was fortunate to be able to receive my classroom instruction and make my pool dives under the supervision of Mr. Brad Knopp, at Midwest Scuba in Champaign, Illinois, and then he referred me to the Red Sail Sports dive shop on Grand Cayman Island [ ], where I completed my PADI certification in March 1999. I subsequently had two more dives in the Cayman Islands, six dives this past summer on the Kona coast of the big island of Hawaii, two more dives in December 1999 off the coast of Oahu [

27. Home
The unofficial governing body for underwater and scuba diving and exploration as recreational activities. Lists history, events, members' services, commercial services and related links.
Ontario Underwater Council Welcome to the Ontario Underwater Council. The Voice of Ontario Divers! To Contact the Ontario Underwater Council Click HERE
Welcome and safe diving ! This Years Annual OUC Treasure Hunt June was a great success! Thank you to the organizers Coming Soon OUC Members on line survey starting June 25th go online to build an even brighter future for divers.
Our Mission
THE ONTARIO UNDERWATER COUNCIL OBJECTIVES The Council's objectives are to promote safe scuba diving practices, enhance sport self governance, encourage environmental awareness, promote continuing education and youth participation. The many programs and events provided by the OUC rely on a small paid staff and a large volunteer base of committed members. Programs such as Underwater Canada allow divers to upgrade their skills and knowledge through workshops hosted by the Council, certifying agencies and manufacturers. OUC representation is also called upon by government agencies and the Coroners Office when scuba diving issues are raised. The Air Inspection Program and VIP Program are the 2 major programs run by the OUC which help to keep the sport self governing. Please note that you will need Adobe Reader to view this file it is a free program just click on the link to download it.

28. Scuba Diving Thailand Recreational Dive Sites
recreational scuba diving in Thailand, Mermaids Dive Center offers scuba diving vacations and overnight liveaboard divng trips.
Recreational Diving
Scuba Diving Courses in Thailand Call Us: Tel. +66 38 232-219
Fax. +66 38 232-218
Mobile: +66 1 865-2117 E-mail: BROWSE Home Prices Enquiries Wreck Diving ... Links PADI DeepTec Diver/Instructor Training now available at Mermaid's - 50 meter decompression diving!
The main scuba diving areas around Pattaya are located in what we call the "Far Islands". These are the second ring of islands about 20-30 kilometers from Pattaya. The islands are controlled by The Navy, and no permanent structures are built there (boat traffic is also a minimum). These islands include Koh Rin, Koh Man Wichai, Koh Keung Badaan, Koh Hu Chang and Koh Phi. Altogether we have up to 20 different dive sites with visibility ranging from 5 - 15 meters. There are many different types of soft and hard corals, and large schools of Jacks, Barracuda and Tuna. Blue spotted Stingrays, Porcupine Pufferfish and Moray Eels can be spotted on virtually every dive. The newly sunk HTMS Khram shipwreck is located just south of Koh Phi and has fast become a favorite among local divers.

29. Diver's Network - Philippines Diving Tours And Courses
We specialize in scuba diving, recreational and technical diving. We offer PADI and SDI / TDI scuba diving courses and organize scuba trips all over the Philippines. Experience the rush today.
SKIP INTRO Learn to scuba dive with diver's network, We can make your scuba diving vacation happen. If you are looking for some scuba diving adventure, maybe you will like to take some diving specialties, from nitrox to trimix diving. You will experience great depth under the supervision of our instructors. Scuba dive travel is throughout the wonderful Philippine Archipelago , with 7,010 island full of marine life. Our learn to scuba dive experience is done at only 2 and a half hours from the city on land travel at anilao batangas. We have different scuba diving lessons to fit your schedules. Also you can availed of our discount dive travel, email us for more information. If like adventure travel coron will be the place for you, where you can find the best wrecks in the Philippine a hole Japanese fleet sink on WII. We organize scuba diving trips all over the PHILIPPINES all year around, and let us prepare the best scuba diving vacation package.

30. Alp-Maritimes Sports - Technical And Recreational Scuba Diving Training And Trip
AlpMaritimes Sports - recreational and technical scuba diving training and trips.
Technical and Recreational Scuba Diving Training and Trips
Letter of Introduction Letter of Introduction Letter of Introduction
Scuba, diving, nitrox, trimix, helitrox, heliox, heliair, oxygen, deep, wreck FORTITUDINE VINCIMUS
(By endurance we conquer)
We chose as our motto that of Antarctic explorer
Sir Ernest Shackleton. Despite many great accomplishments, we consider his greatest to be that of his successful 1916 rescue of his entire crew. In that winter, starving and exhausted from twenty months of exploration, Shackleton and five men sailed 1300 kilometers across the Antarctic Ocean. For seventeen days they navigated the fifty-foot gale driven waves of the most treacherous seas on earth in a 23-foot lifeboat to get help for the balance of his expedition. When faced with death or doing the impossible, some choose to live. International Experienced Staff at your Service Authorized distributors of superior diving equipment by: Dealer inquiries welcome GAP Gas Absorbtion Program JOIN DAN

This The Scuba Ring site owned by Alp-Maritimes Sports -

Offers training and class information for multiple levels of recreational and technical diving certifications. Also has a photo gallery, information on Yonaguni Island, contact, commentaries and Torii scuba Locker information.
Welcome to the Torii Training Web Site. Torii Training began as a web site devoted to the advancement of dive instruction on the island of Okinawa. Over the last few years our free time for diving has immersed us in the study of the underwater ruins located off the coast of Yonaguni. This has subsequently refueled our passion for underwater photography and videography. So not only do we desire to share with you the guide to finding good instruction, but we also wish to share through photos and video the world that awaits you...underwater. Contact Information Gary Hagland Phone: 81-98-958-5771
E-Mail print_mail_to_link('haglandg','','Gary Hagland') "C" Hagland Phone: 81-98-958-5771
E-Mail print_mail_to_link('haglandc','','"C" Hagland') "C" Hagland Productions Phone: 090-8291-4284 Website: Home Torii Scuba Training Yonaguni Commentary ... Weather

32. Bahamas Diving - Andros Bahamas Scuba Diving
Small Hope Bay Lodge in Andros, Bahamas is for scuba divers, snorkelers, and ecominded dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers.
want to try diving? our diving diversity advanced diving nitrox ... getting to Andros
Scuba Diving with Small Hope Bay Lodge
Andros Island, Bahamas
Click on any of these pictures to enlarge the image. T he Bahamas Andros Barrier Reef is the third longest and one of the most unexplored reef systems in the world and Small Hope Bay Lodge has been exploring it for over forty years . No one knows Andros Scuba Diving better!
What makes the Andros reef so unique is not just its size but its variety of formations. Small Hope Bay Lodge has over 60 different dive sites in its dive schedule. We've been taking divers to the best sites along this incredible barrier reef since 1960, when double-hose regulators were state-of-the-art and before BCs were invented. Our dive center is now state of the art, and we are still almost always the only boat out on the reef! Our Diving Philosophy: The Andros Barrier Reef is the second largest and most unexplored in the Atlantic. As a small family run dive resort we have the ability to speak with each of our guests and determine how best for you to experience our Bahamas diving diversity. We continue to enjoy teaching and sharing our underwater world. Scuba Instruction Dive Facilities Scheduled Dives Custom-Tailored Dives ... Specialty Diving Page The Scuba Diving Facility
S mall Hope, with just twenty-one beachfront cottage rooms, has four dive boats, six instructors and one assistant on staff. Average boat time is

Operates PADI 5 Star scuba training and recreational diving in the marine park at Stintino, Sardinia. Includes details of courses, photos and contact information. English, German and Italian
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34. L.A. Scuba
training and information to the recreational scuba diving community. scuba Air Snorkeling (SAS) classes as well as Basic scuba Diver, Advanced Diver,
Over 50 Years of Training Divers to be Safe through Education
From Generation to Generation
Los Angeles County has continued to provide the highest quality training and information to the recreational scuba diving community. Scuba Air Snorkeling (SAS) classes as well as Basic Scuba Diver, Advanced Diver, and Underwater Instructor certification courses are available. We emphasize diving safety and respect for the environment. Remembering Paul Meister:
(click here for details)

Coming soon:
ADP : Los Angeles County Advanced Diver Program 2005 is going strong! (click here for details)
3R's : The 3R's for 2005 ongoing! (click here for details)
Other upcoming events:
UICC : 53 UICC is coming soon! (click here for details)
Associate members (click here for details)
Other events: 50 Year Reunion held! (click here for details) Remembering Al Tillman: We mourn the loss of the man that started it all, Al Tillman. (click here for details) Why learn with us? Experience! Our history began in 1954. Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation created the first recreational scuba diving certification course in this country. Quality!

35. Scuba Clubs' Association Of NSW - SCAN - Shark Protection - Diver Related Issues
Association of independent NSW dive clubs aiming to further recreational scuba diving within New South Wales.
Welcome to the SCAN Web Page Press Here to Enter

36. Scuba Diving For Beginners - Who, What, Where, When, And Why
scuba diving can be broken down into four groups recreational, commercial, scientific, and military. recreational This is the largest group of divers
var zLb=14; var zIoa1 = new Array('Related Resources','Learning to Scuba Dive',' ','Scuba Diving FAQs',''); var zIoa2 = new Array('Elsewhere on the Web','PADI Diving FAQ','','DAN Diving Medicine FAQ',''); zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Sports Scuba Diving Scuba for Beginners Scuba Diving for Beginners - Who, What, Where, When, and Why Sports Scuba Diving Essentials Scuba Diving for Beginners ... Help
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Suggested Reading Learning to Scuba Dive Scuba Diving FAQs Elsewhere on the Web PADI Diving FAQ DAN Diving Medicine FAQ Recent Discussions Hello, Everyone! how to prevent an inflammation the ear? diving exclusions? Most Popular Twenty Shark Facts Dive Watches for Men Scuba Diving for Beginners Sculptured Wall Hangings ... Scuba Diving History What's Hot Buy A Dive Light Hawaii Marine Life Identifi...

37. Home Of The Runawaylobster
scuba classes and expeditions in South Florida. Dive reports describe dive sites and activities for both recreational and technical diving.
Home of the Runawaylobster
Classes Available
Instructor Experience SCUBA Diver
Advanced SCUBA Diver
Rescue Diver
Nitrox Diver

Advanced Nitrox

Master Diver
Decompression Techniques

Trimix Gas Blender/O2 Service Tech DPV What's Going on? Calendar What does it cost? Marine Biology Degree 25 Years of Diving Experience Florida , Caribbean, France, Scotland and Portugal Decompression Diver, Trimix Diver. Cave Diver NAUI Instructor #38018 For More information Contact Lesley or NEWS!!! If you are a Cave Diver you will LOVE these new MiniSpools . Designed and hand made by my favorite cave diver I am expanding my teaching area, as always classes will be available in Miami, but I am now also teaching classes in Ft. Lauderdale, for those people who don't want to drive down for classroom. In addition I am now offering classes at home, if somebody would like to have the instructor go to their house for classroom sessions. Mike Barnette's new Book Shipwrecks of the Sunshine State If you are local, I have autographed copies for sale at $34.95, just drop me a note. If you aren't local then simply click on the book and it will take you to Barney's Ordering info.

38. Recreational Deep Scuba Diving
Many exciting dive sites lay in deeper water. Deep scuba diving presents speical concerns and problems for the diver. Here is a brief introduction to deep

About SDHQ

HOTx ...
Trimix Training
Schedule Library
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Diver Forum Links
Dive Centers
Information ...
Shop Online (C) R. D. Decker, 2000 Deep Trimix Diver Forum Shop Online
Introduction to Recreational Deep Diving
For recreaational level sport divers deep diving is defined as any dive between 60 and 130 feet of depth. Many of the best locations for scuba diving are in this depth range, such as shipwrecks and more pristine reef, deep diving is a popular sport diving activity. As the diver goes deeper the ease of making an emergency ascent is reduced. Additionally, due to the increasing pressure, inert gas is forced into the body's tissues quicker, reducing the allowable no-stop dive time. Another problem deep scuba divers face is nitrogen narcosis, "the rapture of the deep." As the nitrogen in the air the diver breathes becomes narcotic with depth, divers may experience intoxication greatly increasing their risk exposure. For divers desiring to explore deep dive sites specialized training is highly recommended. PADI, NAUI and other mainstream recreational scuba certification agencies offer courses in deep diving. You can find detailed course descriptions in the NAUI and PADI sections of this website.

39. AKS Diving Services
North Wales recreational and technical scuba diving training and equipment hire. Nitrox/Trimix blender and rebreather courses arranged. IANTD/PADI approved.
AKS Diving Services, located in North Wales, was established by Adam Stubbings in January 2000 to train recreational scuba, technical scuba and rebreather divers
to the highest standards.
All diving certifications are through either PADI or IANTD Website design by cghughes web services

40. Stage Decompression And Recreational Scuba Diving
Early in their training most sport divers are taught to avoid stage decompression scuba dives. However, with experience, specialized training and the right

About SDHQ

HOTx ...
Trimix Training
Schedule Library
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Diver Forum Links
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Shop Online (C) R. D. Decker, 2000 Deep Trimix Diver Forum Shop Online
An Introduction to Stage Decompression
Many divers are familiar with the term "no-decompression diving." In all reality there is no such thing. All dive tables set maximum ascent rates for divers which is actually a decompression procedure. When discussing dives that do not require mandatory decompression stops to avoid Decompression Sickness (DCS) a better term to use is no-stop diving. Conversely, when discussing dives requiring decompression stops a more accurate term is "stage-decompression." "Stage" refers to the fact that the divers stop at various levels or "stages" during ascent to reduce the risk of DCS. As you recall from your entry-level scuba course, as divers expose themselves to the increased pressures of depth, inert gases such as nitrogen and helium are absorbed into the tissues and blood. No-stop divers make realitively short stays at depth in order to reduce the amount of inert gas absorbed into the body. This allows them to make a direct, controled ascent to the surface without substantial risk of DCS. Technical divers, on the other hand, frequently stay at depth well beyond the no-stop limits, forcing them to execute a series of stops to reduce the inert gas tissue loading on their way to the surface (stage -decompression).

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