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1. - /patches/Hardware/Intel/Server /patches/Hardware/Intel/Server Boards/SE7501HG2/Adaptec SCSI U320/

2. Hardware Central Forums - Dual Process BX Boards Without SCSI Chip
Hardware Central Forums Hardware Forums Motherboards Dual Process BX Boards without SCSI Chip. Last Thread Next Thread Author

3. L V Computer Boards Drucker Hardware Komple
VERKAUF REPARATUR - BERATUNG Boards Co. Peripherie Laufwerke CD-ROM Grafik

4. Compaq 272827001 1 To 2 Ports IO Boards Computer Hardware PC
Home Electronics Computer Hardware PC IO Boards 1 to 2 Ports no image available. Compaq 272827001. SINGLE SCSI I/O BOARD F/PROLIANT

5. Initio SCSI Boards
a drive or drives, cables, mounting hardware, screws, and stir. Instant Ultra SCSI performance can be yours for much less than competing boards.

6. Nonags Hardware Forum
I want to move USB hardware Ed Everest 234806 9/17/2004 (4) Will pay for help w/ SCSI Problem!!! - Ed Burns 113445 5/19/2004 (6)

7. Re Differential SCSI Boards On Linux? Alpha?
Re Differential SCSI boards on Linux? Alpha? From QuantX Alpha Linux Support stefan sime com To axp-list redhat com

8. RE Differential SCSI Boards On Linux? Alpha?
RE Differential SCSI boards on Linux? Alpha? From Iain Grant Iain Grant Digital Com To axplist redhat com

9. 8 To 15 Ports IO Boards Computer Hardware PC Electronics -
Home Electronics Computer Hardware PC IO Boards 8 to 15 Ports SCSI 1 vendor has this product for sale for $8711.60

10. American Megatrends - Boards Hardware
Home Software Hardware Services Misc. Search **PCI SCSI RAID** MegaRAID 3 Fast Wide SCSI Channels Up to 20MB/s each

11. HotHardware - The Hottest PC Hardware Tested And Burned In
Fujitsu Lifebook NS3511, scsi Hard Drive Basics, and more! The current crop of nForce 4 SLI boards have a pair or x8 electrical connections.
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12. OpenBSD: Hardware Wanted
Adaptec 7xxxbased PCI scsi boards SS20 VSIMM. Floppy drive. Any supported Sparc hardware. A Sun-compatible scsi CD-Rom drive for an Ultra 1.
Hardware wanted
Why do we want your old hardware?
The following list outlines hardware that the OpenBSD project could use. Some of this is being requested so that developers can improve or add driver support for devices which are rare; other requests are for hardware that will improve our development environment. In either case, we think we are being reasonable at asking for these devices. If you do not own these devices, but want to help us, we recommend you search on eBay for the devices. If you do the bidding and then get the device shipped to us, it really helps us. It's much better if our developers do not need to spend the time going through the bidding process, since any time saved can be spent on improving OpenBSD instead. Some regions of the world have a specific want list for that area. If you are in one of these regions, first check to see what developers close to you are in need of or want to work on support for.
Additional Notes
  • In each case, please contact Theo de Raadt before simply shipping hardware around. (So that we can decide where the hardware needs to be shipped to).

13. OpenBSD/mvme88k
Supported VME boards. MVME328 High Performance scsi Controller (vs) As VME hardware is quite uncommon in the average retail place, and Motorola
OpenBSD/mvme88k is an effort to port OpenBSD to the systems built upon Motorola's 881x0-based VME motherboard family. The current port maintainer is Miod Vallat ( ), with the help of Steve Murphree. Others are definitely welcome to contribute!
Table of contents
The Motorola 88k processor is said to be the best RISC processor ever devised. Its simplicity and elegance combine to make the mvme88k a hearty, robust platform. Nivas Madhur started the initial mvme88k port for the MVME187 card, but has since moved on to another employer. The port was brought in the OpenBSD tree by Dale Rahn, but he did not have enough time to work on it. Steve Murphree, Jr. eventually completed the port to the MVME187 in November 1998. Unfortunately, at the same time, a compiler upgrade from gcc 2.8.1 to egcs revealed a lot of problems in the mvme88k support in gcc, which could not be fixed in time for mvme88k to be a supported OpenBSD 2.5 release. The lack of an in-tree toolchain did not prevent further work on the port, and a lot of changes were made to the codebase, such as revamped autoconf and on-board SCSI driver, greatly expanded VME bus support, working install process that correctly creates a Motorola VID block on the disks, and support for MVME188 as well as improving support for MVME197.

14. Windows SCSI Tips
and select Scan for hardware Changes for Refresh, or there is a toolbar icon too. Some scanner scsi boards do not use an IRQ with some software.
A few scanning tips
the complete
Book version
Windows SCSI Tips
My SCSI scanner was not powered on at boot time If your SCSI scanner was not powered on when you booted Windows, then Window's Plug and Play cannot see it. But you can power the scanner on later, then go to the Control Panel - System - Device Manager. First expand the SCSI CONTROLLERS item and highlight the scanner's SCSI board there. Then click the big REFRESH button, and the scanner should then work after a few seconds. This requirement is not the scanner's fault at all, it is instead due to Windows counting all its hardware when it boots. Refresh will look again after the scanner is on. The scanner itself may or may not appear in the Device Manager list then, some do, some dont, it doesnt affect how they work. In Win98 or ME, you can go directly to the Device Manager with a Right Mouse Button click on the My Computer icon, then Properties. Guy Daugherty points out that a short cut to access the Device Manager is to hold down the "Windows" key and then hit the "Pause/Break" key. At the Win XP Start menu, right click on the My Computer link, then Properties, then the Hardware Tab. Then in the Device Manager, right click on the device, and select "Scan for Hardware Changes" for Refresh, or there is a toolbar icon too.

15. SCSI-64: SCSI Controller For The C64 And Other 6502
The different hardware projects using the generic scsi interface are described in In this schematics I have molded the Gecko and the scsi boards more
SCSI-64: SCSI controller for the C64 and other 6502 Homepage
This is the description of several SCSI controllers for the Commodore C64 computer. Some of them may be used with a VIC20 or C128 as well. All of the controllers are based on one hardware interface that is built into different setups.
After going a bit into the SCSI standard first I present the generic interface. (You can download a slightly older page and all schematics in one archive in scsi64-1.tar.gz . The link to the SCSI standard below is missing). The driver code is made in a modular way. It consist of the hardware driver and the partition handler. Both are separated by a well-formed programming interface, as well as the partition handler presents a nice interface to the filesystem code. This architecture is presented in the second part. The different hardware projects using the generic SCSI interface are described in the third chapter. Those include a SCSI interface directly for the C64, as well as disk-drive-like small computers that can be used via the C64s serial IEC bus.
Before you go on, you should know that all this stuff comes with

16. - A+ Certification: Computer Hardware, System Boards, And Storage
A+ Certification Computer hardware, System boards, and Storage Devices scsi (Small Computer Systems Interface) is another standard for hard drive

17. A+ Hardware Service Technician: Computer Hardware, System Boards,
A+ hardware Service Technician Computer hardware, System boards, scsi (Small Computer Systems Interface) is another standard for hard drive connection.
Home Online Courses Computer Courses A+ Hardware : Computer H/W, System Boards, Storage Devices Home
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A+ Hardware Service Technician: Computer Hardware, System Boards, and Storage Devices Previous Page Next Page SCSI 3 Cable (Click picture for larger version in a new window) SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) is another standard for hard drive connection. SCSI also has a variety of other peripherals and storage devices which can take advantage of it. SCSI comes in three varieties: SCSI 1, SCSI 2, and SCSI 3. SCSI 1 supports up to 8 devices, 1 of which is required to be the controller card (so you can add 7 additional devices to the controller). Unlike normal IDE or EIDE systems, most SCSI devices come in internal or external varieties and most cards can support both. SCSI 2 (also known as Ultra-2), which is more popular than SCSI 1, supports up to 16 devices (one of which has to be the adapter card or controller) and supports a higher transfer speed. SCSI 3 is sometimes referred to as Ultra-3 SCSI. Ultra-3 SCSI increases the throughput rate of the interface from 80 Mbps to 160 Mbps. The new standard for this transfer rate is referred to as Ultra160/M. SCSI Type Max Cable
Length (meters) Max
MBps Max
Number of

18. SCSI Board Acting Crazy... - PowerEdge Server - Upgrade Hardware - Dell Communit
PowerEdge Server Upgrade hardware. Jump To a Message Board, Home and Home Office Systems Message boards Re scsi Board acting crazy Edited

19. Tom's Hardware Guide Motherboards & RAM: Review Of Slot One Boards With 440FX Ch
Review of Slot One boards with 440FX Chipset Get the latest on four Slot One Due to the fact that my NT test system comes on a scsi HDD (Seagate
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20. Initio SCSI Boards
Initio scsi boards define ease of use on the Macintosh. Again, if you are intimidated by hardware, MacGurus strongly advises that you contract with a
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