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1. MeadCo's ScriptX Printing Programming Manual
ScriptX printing technical manual. April 2005 (Version 6.2 and later)

2. MeadCo's ScriptX Scripting Programming Manual
ScriptX scripting technical manual. October 2003

3. ScriptX 1.0 Technical Questions And Answers
The scriptx programming Language is a dynamic, objectoriented programming language Several hundred code sample files illustrate scriptx programming,
Technical Questions and Answers
December 18, 1994

4. MeadCo ScriptX 5.0 Programming Manual
How to put ScriptX on an HTML page

5. MeadCo's ScriptX Printing Programming Manual
Basic functionality

6. ScriptX Meadroid
ScriptX Meadroid Viewing Dev Shed Forums Web Design HTML Programming ScriptX Meadroid T1

7. : Programming : SCRIPTX
Programming SCRIPTX . ScriptX Evaluation (there are over 70 programminglanguages here) C C++ LISP Perl HTML MUCH more ..
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  • 8. ScriptX Meadroid
    Read ENTIRE Discussion Join The Dev Shed Community, Free! Visit Dev Shed HTML Programming Thread ScriptX Meadroid hypersound

    9. ScriptX 1.0 Technical Questions And Answers
    Programming Tools in ScriptX

    10. The Second Life Herald: Interview With Don Hopkins
    visited Kaleida to learn about Kaleida’s scriptx programming language. I metwith him, showed him some of my ScriptX demos (multimedia simulations with
    The Second Life Herald
    Always Fairly Unbalanced. (Formerly the Alphaville Herald) Main
    February 12, 2004
    Interview with Don Hopkins
    In this interview, Don Hopkins describes his early days on the Sims development team with Will Wright (back when the project was called Dollhouse) and the difficulties the team had fighting EA's attempts to terminate the project, and then preventing EA from gutting it of interesting content (like architecture tools). Even now, he claims that EA fails to respect Will Wright and his vision by not developing custom content for TSO, and that it has shown no interest in a tool that he (Hopkins) created that would allow users to safely create custom objects that won't crash the game. Overview of the Interview some headline quotes "I recall that one of our most difficult accomplishments was convincing EA not to cancel the project, because some of the EA old guard didn’t trust nor respect Will’s vision, didn’t “get” the idea of Dollhouse, didn’t think it would sell, wanted to inject it full of their old tried and trusted formula, and wanted to gut out the most interesting parts of the game (like the architecture tools). I think it’s a lucky fluke that The Sims ever shipped, and I hope EA has learned enough from their experience to trust the projects that Will is directly involved in, listen to what he’s been saying eloquently and consistently for years, and let something like The Sims happen again." " I don’t think the lack of user created content is the only reason The Sims Online is a failure, but I think it’s an extremely important one that EA went out on a limb and promised, but never executed on. EA still hasn’t officially announced that they’re not going to let Maxis support user created content, but as far as I have been able to tell, they’ve whitewashed the original discussion groups where they made and discussed the promise. I realize that there are some difficult technical issues that have to be solved, in order to support user created content in an online game like The Sims Online. That’s why I wrote this proposal for SafeTMog, a tool that would enable users to safely create objects for The Sims Online that could not possibly crash the game:

    11. MEDIAWEEK Kaleida Writes New ScriptX. (Kaleida Labs To Announce
    Access the article, 'Kaleida writes new ScriptX. (Kaleida Labs to announce developers for its new multimedia programming language)' from MEDIAWEEK, a

    12. ScriptX And The World Wide Web
    We have developed an experimental framework of classes for generating HTML from ScriptX objects, and programming interactive Web services with

    13. The Second Life Herald » Interview With Don Hopkins
    visited Kaleida to learn about Kaleida?s scriptx programming language.I met with him, showed him some of my ScriptX demos (multimedia simulations with

    14. Macworld Apple, IBM Offer Multimedia Tools. (Kaleida Labs
    3352098)a jointly sponsored companyhas shown its ScriptX multimedia authoring tools and programming environment. ScriptX lets developers

    15. Partners - IIS/MuVireX
    IIS/MuVireX will bring to the project its expertise in Kaleida ScriptX and the development of Multimedia titles with scriptx programming language.
    72-74 Salaminos Street
    176 75 Athens
    Greece Tel: +301 957 6695
    Fax: + 301 957 0889
    About IIS/MuVireX MuVireX is a Greek company which has specialised in the production of multi-media works, and in giving training in the development of multi-media works. They have considerable experience in using multi-media authoring systems,. and in particular have developed a couple of products using the ScriptX system from Kaleida.
    Role of IIS/MuVireX in the project IIS/MuVireX will bring to the project its expertise in Kaleida ScriptX (authoring language) in particular and in multimedia development and training in general by working with the other partners concerned with usable authoring and development tools to identify suitable authoring procedures. With their expertise in multimedia training IIS will also advise and assist in the preparation for, and evaluation of, the prototypes.
    Key Personnel at IIS/MuVireX Yannis Cobopoulos
    Nick Kladias

    Nick Kladias is a Mechanical Engineer who as been at IIS since 1992. He works on Software Development, computational modeling and scientific visualisation and the development of Multimedia titles with ScriptX programming language. He as previously at Xerox Corporation, Webster Research Center, New York. Nick Kladias will provide technical support to Yannis and Maria Cobopoulos and will contribute in particular to the work of the project on authoring and creation tools for multimedia.

    16. NEWSLTR> Nano-connect! 12.0 - For Distribution (fwd)
    demonstrate Version 1.0 of its new Kaleida Media Player and scriptx programminglanguage at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco. (Mike Braun, 415/3352001)
    Forwarded message
    Date: Fri, 30 Dec 1994 14:56:10 -0500
    Subject: nano-connect! 12.0 - for distribution
    a newsletter for Internauts
    Edition 12.0: December 30, 1994
    Published and Edited by J.W. Smith
    nano-connect! is a subset of the connect! newsletter. For a back issue of
    connect! plus and order form, please send e-mail to with the
    word CONNECT in the subject line. The body of the note will be ignored.
    Industry News (contact information if available appears in brackets at the end of each item) - Power Computing Corporation has become the first computer vendor to license the MacOS from Apple Computer, paving the way for Power to deliver a series of "Macintosh clones." More such agreements are expected in the next three to four months. - Internauts all over the world are planning New Year's celebrations involving the 'net, according to the Associated Press. Some will go out to affairs with computers present, while others plan to stay right at home for their on-line partying. - New York City Comptroller Alan Hevesi has pledged that he will put financial information about the city on an Internet gopher site. Look for

    17. MeadCo's ScriptX: Printing Programming Manual
    MeadCo Ltd is a software development company based in Cambridge UK, specializingin ActiveX controls and Web application development.
    window.expAllowStatic = true;
    ScriptX printing: technical manual
    April 2005 (Version 6.2 and later)
    Overview Introduction Summary of examples Advanced Control of HTML Printing with ScriptX ... Reference
    MeadCo's ScriptX is a suite of ActiveX technology components designed to provide absolute control over document printing operations from client and server computers running Microsoft Windows Web Browsing Platform. ScriptX became well know for its HTML printing capabilties following publication of our article Scripting Support for Web Page Printing on the MSDN website. Part of its purpose is to ensure the consistent formatting and appearance of printed output from any local or networked printer, regardless of the printing attributes already set in that computer's Internet Explorer (IE) browser. ScriptX applies a document author's desired attributes at the time of printing browser window or framed content, but thereafter automatically restores all default settings and makes no other permanent changes. ScriptX 1.0 was introduced by MeadCo in 1998 as a freely distributable utility offering a limited set of print formatting functionality - the scripted control of the printing of HTML frame or window content (with or without a prompt), and the specification by script of printing parameters such as page

    18. MeadCo's ScriptX: Printing Programming Manual
    This document applies to scriptx Printing v6.1.429.14 or later. scriptx canbe used with Microsoft s Internet Information Server» (IIS) and Active
    window.expAllowStatic = true;
    ScriptX Printing - Server side deployment
    October 2003 This document applies to ScriptX Printing v6.1.429.14 or later. If you are using an earlier version, please contact MeadCo for an upgrade. Last updated: 16th September 2003
    • Added information on deployment with ASP.NET Added zip archives for test files.
    ScriptX can be used with Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS) and Active Server Pages/ASP.NET to print HTML documents on the server side. An Active Server Page (ASP or ASP.NET) may handle an HTTP GET or POST request and print a report (a different HTML page) as part of some server-side application logic. In this case, the print-out will take place on the server side and will go to a printer which is physically attached or networked to the server. The browsing user who originated the HTTP request may not ever see the printed output nor know that printing has taken place. We strongly recommend that the following articles are studied before server side deployment of ScriptX Printing: The Internet Explorer components are utilised to perform the printing - ScriptX Printing does not contain any actual printing code.

    19. ScriptX And The World Wide Web
    We have developed an experimental framework of classes for generating HTML fromScriptX objects, and programming interactive Web services with forms,
    ScriptX and the World Wide Web
    "Link Globally, Interact Locally"
    by Don Hopkins , Kaleida Labs
    Benefit of ScriptX to Web Browsers
    The World Wide Web is an excellent way to distribute cross-platform interactive multimedia ScriptX objects. The Kaleida Media Player, running on net-surfing Mac and Windows platforms, can dynamically load in and plug together objects from "title containers" transferred over the web.
    ScriptX title containers are portable files containing ScriptX objects, code and media: text, images, animation, sound, MIDI, music, movies, and modular object-oriented programs that plug together dynamically to orchestrate open-ended interactive multimedia experiences.
    You can publish self-contained multimedia ScriptX titles (i.e. applications, tools, games, catalogs, presentations, documents), as well as reusable ScriptX objects (i.e. modular components, accessories, characters, places, clip-art, plug-ins, SimProducts), so people can download the ones they want, and compose and interact with them locally, on their own computers.
    ScriptX Pizza Demo
    The ScriptX Pizza Demo, at "", lets you construct a pizza by plugging together ScriptX objects from several title containers delivered via the World Wide Web. First you select a pizza crust in one title container, then you can select any number of pizza toppings in separate title containers. They're dynamically loaded into the KMP and locally composed in a window, that you can interact with by dragging the toppings around on the crust. There's even a "big brother" spinning eyeball topping, that animates as you move your cursor around the screen!

    20. Web Programming
    scriptx, a multimedia objectoriented programming language, was the principaltechnology produced by Kaleida Labs, a joint venture of IBM and Apple started

    Web Programming Languages
    Table of Contents
    Introduction Characteristics of Web Programming Languages Languages and Interfaces
    This document surveys current and planned languages and interfaces for developing World Wide Web based applications prefaced by a discussion of the characteristics of such languages. The principal goal of creating this document was to identify the various languages currently in use and to provide some insight into the context in which each language is used. Secondarily, the authors sought some insight into the directions that Web programming was going, especially in the context of the intense publicity surrounding Sun's Java. This document does not attempt to provide in-depth tutorials on these languages and systems. It attempts to be complete in its listing of alternatives. References are provided to more information about each. Our intent is to keep this document current if it proves useful. General purpose programming languages (e.g. C, C++, Objective-C, Pascal, COBOL, FORTRAN) have not been included in this survey unless there are specific uses of those languages for web programming other than conventional development of clients and servers. In most cases, only variants of such languages specialized for web programming are included here, and, in such cases, are generally listed by the variants' names. Almost as soon as this effort was started, other similar efforts were encountered. The list that follows is a partial listing of the efforts encountered and used to compile this document.

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