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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (83)
  1. The Man Who Changed How Boys and Toys Were Made: The Life and Times of A. C. Gilbert, the Man Who Saved Christmas by Bruce Watson, 2003-10-28
  2. The Theory of the Growth of the Firm by Edith T. Penrose, 1995-11-09
  3. Secret Places:My Life in New York and New Guinea (Living Out: Gay and Lesbian Autobiographies) by Tobias Schneebaum, 2000-09
  4. Good Chemistry: The Life and Legacy of Valium Inventor Leo Sternbach by Alex Baenninger, Alex Baenninger , 2003-10-15
  5. A Journal for Christa: Christa McAuliffe, Teacher in Space by Grace George Corrigan, 1993-09-11
  6. Chemical Achievers: The Human Face of the Chemical Sciences by Mary Ellen Bowden, 1997-10-01
  7. Goethe (Life & Times) by Peter Boerner, 2006-05-01
  8. Memoirs of a Computer Pioneer (History of Computing) by Maurice V. Wilkes, 1985-09-04
  9. The Ricardo Story: The Autobiography of Sir Harry Ricardo, Pioneer of Engine Research (Sae Historical Series) by Harry Ralph Ricardo, 1992-03
  10. A Rendezvous with Clouds by Tim,M.D. Fleming, 1999-10-01
  11. Interesting Times: An Encounter With the 20th Century 1924- by George Mandler, 2001-09-01
  12. Undertaker of the Mind: John Monro and Mad-Doctoring in Eighteenth-Century England (Medicine and Society) by Jonathan Andrews, Andrew Scull, 2001-11-05
  13. Faces of Science: Portraits
  14. I Think I Scared Her by Brooke Katz, 2004-04-02

81. History Of Astronomy: Persons
A document containing information on astronomers and related scientists is hyperlinked For a large number of short biographies see the hyperlinks in the
History of Astronomy
History of Astronomy: Persons
Deutsche Fassung
Short biographies and links
The following pages include not only astronomers, but also persons with relation to astronomy: Scholars from other fields who did investigations in astronomy, makers of astronomical instruments, etc. In some cases the only relation to astronomy is that a feature on the Moon or on other planets was named after that specific person. Astronauts are included only when there was some relation of their work to astronomy. A document containing information on astronomers and related scientists is hyperlinked here only in case it provides more or less extended biographical data or it is devoted exclusively to a single person. For a large number of short biographies see the hyperlinks in the document More biographies Currently, the following pages contain more than 4600 different links to external documents for more than 1750 persons or on general items.
A B C D ...
A Finding List of Obituary Notes of Astronomers (1900 - 1997)
Compiled by Hilmar W. Duerbeck and Beatrix Ott, with contributions by Wolfgang R. Dick
Contains more than 9000 bibliographical entries for obituaries and short obituary notes.

82. Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Summer 1997 Fellow Biographies
His career goal is to work in science and technology policy. research andteach with a specific focus on the use of science in public decisionmaking
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Summer 1997 Fellow Biographies Alka Agrawal i s a PhD Candidate at Yale University studying site-specific recombination in the immune system. In addition, she has a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Michigan. She is considering several career options including the traditional path of a postdoctoral fellowship and nontraditional paths such as scientific journalism and science policy. Her two main areas of interest are science education and public understanding of science. Alka spent her fellowship working with Mike Stoto, Director of the Board on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention , and Clyde Behney, Director of the Board on Health Care Services , in the Institute of Medicine . She can be reached at: Zachary Alinder (CGER) recently received his master's degree in environmental engineering from Stanford University and will be entering law school in the fall. His B.S., also from Stanford University, is in science, technology, and society. His goal is to become and environmental attorney focusing on environmental justice issues such as representing low-income and minority communities, and working to establish new policies to better protect these communities and their environments. Zachary spent his fellowship working for the

83. Christine Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Summer 2003 Fellow Biographies
Christine Mirzayan Science Technology Policy. Summer 2003 Fellow biographies She feels that science policy could offer her the opportunity to
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Summer 2003 Fellow Biographies Liz Alter (PGA/Intl Programs) Angela Armendariz (IOM/FNB) Kristen Averyt (DELS/PRB) is a PhD candidate in Geological and Environmental Science at Stanford University. She earned an MS in chemistry from the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand while on a Fulbright Fellowship, and received her BS in chemistry and marine science from the University of Miami. Her current work involves elucidating the relationship among ocean chemistry, the global carbon cycle, and climate change from 65 million years ago to the present. Her objectives are to further develop skills for the purpose of educating others about science and the broader implications for society; and to gain insight into how issues related to management and sustainability of the Earth system can be resolved while accommodating scientific, economic, and social interests. She can be reached at

84. Internet Reference Resources -- Scientific And Engineering Biographical Resource
Science and Medicine Biographical Resources Use the search term biography (withor without specific other qualifiers) to locate information.
Science and Medicine: Biographical Resources
See also the General Biography Page
  • 100 Distinguished European Chemists from the Chemical Revolution to the 21st Century
    The Federation of European Chemical Societies initiated, as a Millennium Project, the celebration of Distinguished European Chemists spanning a period of over two hundred years. Member societies and individuals were invited to submit their nominations of distinguished European chemists from the end of the 18th century until the present day. In addition to Nobel Prize winners, there were nominations of many others from Europe who have, over more than two centuries, transformed the science and influenced science, industry or society worldwide.
  • Science Biography: Guide to Reference Sources
    A large annotated list of printed reference sources arranged by discipline. Gives LC call numbers which may or may not correspond to ones here at UVA. Check VIRGO to see if the library owns the book. No links to other Web resources.
  • African-American Inventors Series
    This set of interconnected Web pages provides access to information for several different starting points. One page provides a chart of inventions by African Americans, while other pages focus on contributions by women inventors, railway inventions, the p eanut products developed by George Washington Carver, and a special tribute to those having five or more inventions.
  • 85. RCCD LAMP - Electronic Resources
    science biographies, and selected news stories from Science News. Click frombiographies to article abstracts, book review excerpts, pages images
    Electronic Resources
    Use the following links to find articles from magazines, scholarly journals and newspapers, and information from electronic dictionaries and encyclopedias including biographies and literary criticism: PERIODICAL INDEXES: A B C E ... Book Review Digest Plus Provides summaries of book reviews from 1983 to the present. Business Source Elite
    Regional Business News
    Business Source Elite provides full text for 1,130 scholarly business journals, including full text for more than 450 peer-reviewed business publications, with information dating back to 1985.
    Regional Business News provides comprehensive full text coverage for regional business publications, and incorporates coverage of 75 business journals, newspapers and newswires from all metropolitan and rural areas within the U.S.
    Both databases are updated on a daily basis.

    86. Application Process: Science And Engineering, Medical Research And Liberal Arts
    Details on the Foundation s application process for the Science and a statementof the specific amount being requested from the WM Keck Foundation
    The W.M. Keck Foundation employs a formal, two-phase application process consisting of a written inquiry and a formal proposal. Applicants are urged to study the process carefully. We award grants twice annually, in June and December. Only applications that reflect institutional priorities as identified by the applicant's CEO will be considered.
    Initial Contact
    We strongly urge applicants to consider an initial phone conference or office visit with the program staff before submitting an inquiry. Attendees should include the institution's designated liaison with the Foundation as well as administrative officers. Initial contact from a multi-unit organization (such as a college or university) must be coordinated through a central office.
    Phase I: Inquiry
    For the December grant cycle: May 1, 4:30 p.m. For June grant cycle: November 1, 4:30 p.m. (If either date falls on a weekend, the deadline is extended to 4:30 p.m. on the following Monday. We appreciate early submissions. Phase I inquiries received after the deadlines will be assigned to the next grant cycle.
    General rules
    Applicants may submit one Phase I inquiry per 12-month period to each of the program areas of Science and Engineering, Medical Research, and the Liberal Arts. (Please note that institutions located in Southern California may also be eligible to apply to the Southern California Program.) Predominantly undergraduate institutions are eligible to apply to the Foundation's Science and Engineering and Liberal Arts programs.

    87. McKillop Library - Databases By Subject
    The online encyclopedia of science and technology from McGrawHillis is the firstplace to Wilson biographies Plus Illustrated contains more than 111000

    88. Biography Pathfinder
    M27 1999 Notable scientists from 1999 to the Present Q141 . More specificBiography books (circulating and additional reference books)
    Biography Reference Resource s
    Reference section- non-circulating books , find according to LC# - check for the red dot on the spine
    To locate books at Quinn Library in ALICE
    General Biography Reference books (non-circulating):
    • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner do a SUBJECT search of biography dictionaries (it will break down to a list of LC Subjects - just choose Biography Dictionaries)
    More specific Biography books (circulating and additional reference books):
    • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner do a SUBJECT search on Biography this will bring up list of LC Subjects note that a lot of these books are in the LC# (Library of Congress call number) CT. You can also browse that section in the stacks.
    To find a biography on a specific person
    • choose "Chillicothe" from the "Search by Campus" list in the bottom right corner
    • do a SUBJECT search on the person, entering the name "Lastname, Firstname" (eg.

    89. Biography
    Biography Careers English General Reference Internet Science SocialStudies Browse careers alphabetically or look for specific ones.
    email Home FAQ Library Terms ...
    Guide to Writing Research Papers

    This is the authorized site for MLA rules for all schools in the Antelope Valley High School District.
    I know where I'm going. I'll just click on one of these icons. Let me out of here.

    New-Find great Websites
    in the Book Catalog! These online programs are available through Antelope Valley Union HS District Library Fund.

    Students must pick up passwords for home access from their Library Media Technician.
    Can't get to the program? Use your password !
    Biography Resource Center
    More than 1.4 million biographies taken from reliable sources. People are included from throughout history, around the world, and many are in the news today.
    Don't be knocked out of a job. Plan for a career.
    Career Cruising
    Answer a series of 39 questions. Teen friendly for all students. Features Career Matchmaker, Career Selector, a database of 2 and 4 year colleges, detailed information on specific careers, and over 900 multimedia interviews with people in the career.
    Cybrarian's Cyberworld
    What, the school paid for these sites on the internet? Yep, these lists are

    90. History Of Astronomy
    If you are looking for a source on biographies of astronomers and other Astronomy can be found under Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing Math .
    the Internet Public Library
    Pathfinder: History of Astronomy
    This guide is designed to help you find information about the history of astronomy using the Internet and/or print resources. Given the wealth of materials, it is by no means intended to be an exhaustive list; rather, it tries to provide a useful starting point for those wishing to find quality information about the topic, either for serious research or just looking up a quick fact.
    General search strategies
    Here we suggest some subjects and keywords that can be used in library databases and on the Internet to start your research on the history of astronomy.
  • Search keywords
    • Subjects, e.g. , archaeoastronomy, cosmology
    • Specific astronomical models, e.g. , heliocentrism, geocentricism
    • Astronomers by name, e.g. , Nicolaus Copernicus, Isaac Newton
    • Places, e.g. , China, England
    • Time periods, e.g. , Renaissance, 19th century
  • Call numbers
  • Library of Congress (LC) . The Library of Congress Classification System (LC System) is used to organize books in many academic and university libraries throughout the United States and the world. Books on this topic can be found under "Astronomy", QB
    • Astronomy (QB1-QB39)
    • AstronomyHistory (QB15-QB34)
    • AstronomyBiography (QB35-QB36)
  • Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) . Under the Dewey Decimal Classification, favored by most public libraries, books about the history of astronomy are classified under "Astronomy", the assigned Dewey number being 520. Also check for related topics; for example "ScienceHistory" (509).
  • 91. Online Reference
    The Biography Resource Centercombines awardwinning biographies from respected Encyclopedia of Life Sciences Online combines ease of accessibility with
    General Reference
    Biography Business ... Social Science
    General Reference Back to top The AccuNet/AP Photo Archive is a database of approximately 500,000 current and archived photos from the library of the Associated Press. The Archive is updated daily, with an average 800 contemporary photos added each day. The best 200 or so from each day’s additions are retained permanently in the database, while the rest are removed after 12 months. In addition, the Photo Archive’s historical collection features notable historical figures as well as images from significant events of the 20th century and, occasionally, the 19th (there’s an 1844 photograph of Abraham Lincoln here). DialogWeb provides easy access to the full content (over 600 databases), power, and precision of classic Dialog through a Web browser. Special features include: A flexible and easy to use Guided Search mode that does not require knowledge of the Dialog command language A robust Command Search mode that uses the powerful Dialog command language experienced searchers can easily use Database selection tools to help pinpoint the right database for your search Integrated database descriptions, pricing information, and other search assistance Easy to use forms to create and modify Alerts (current awareness updates) Search results available in HTML or text formats A choice of displaying records or sending search results via email, fax, or postal delivery EBSCO Host offers a range of advanced searching features. Results can be limited or refined by various criteria including subject, author, journal, date, peer-reviewed status and full text availability. Many products on EBSCOhost support an enhanced subject search allowing in-depth searching of people, companies, reviews or specific subject headings. Navigate subdivisions or related terms, explore subjects that contain periodicals, reviews, newspapers, pamphlets or reference books.

    92. Bates College: Ladd Library Subject Guides: History Of Science
    The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science presents an This catalogis a collection of 631 detailed biographies on members fo the scientific
    History of Science
    Journal Indexes Internet Guides E-Journals Reference Titles ... Liaison
    Electronic Journal Indexes
    Historical Abstracts ABOUT America:History and Life ABOUT ... ABOUT
    Selected Internet Guides and Resources
    Dictionary of Scientists
    Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science

    The Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science presents an unparalleled history of the field invaluable to anyone with an interest in the technology, ideas, discoveries, and learned institutions that have shaped our world over the past five centuries. Focusing on the period from the Renaissance to the early twenty-first century, the articles cover all disciplines, historical periods, concepts, and methodologies and philosophies.
    Internet history of science sourcebook

    Provides links organized into chronological categories from ancient times to about 1900.
    AIP Center for the History of Physics

    Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries

    History of Biomedicine

    Karolinska Institute guide to internet resources on the history of medicine including, Islamic, Chinese, Ancient Egyptian and Western medicine.
    A collection of 631 detailed biographies on members of the scientific community during the 16th and 17th centuries with vital facts about each individual and their contributions to science.

    93. :: NASA Quest > Biographies And Journals ::
    NASA Quest is dedicated to bringing NASA people and science to classrooms throughthe internet. Astronaut Image biographies and Journals Boy Image
    Live From Mars ended in December 1997. Please see Mars Team Online for a more recent project about Mars.
    Meet: Bridget Landry
    Deputy Uplink Systems Engineer
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California
    My journals What I Do
    My Career Journey
    I've always wanted to work in the space program, ever since I was a little girl watching the moon landings. In school, I studied chemistry and planetary science, did research experiments into the reactions of gases caused by exposure to sparks, and analyzed pictures (from the Mariner 9 mission) of Mars' south pole to study its polar cap. I sort of fell into working on missions when I got a job working on the Hubble Space Telescope for one of my old teachers. I worked on an oceanographic satellite called Topex, which is collecting buckets of data about ocean currents that will help make weather forecasting more accurate. On Topex, I built the sequences; on Pathfinder, I've moved up the line, working on building the sorts of tools that I used on Topex. Likes/Dislikes About Career
    The best thing about my job is the excitement of seeing and working on something that will be going to another planet, and of being on the spot, or know the folks who are, when new discoveries are made. The worst thing is that people who aren't trained as scientists or engineers (or haven't done that sort of work in years) oversee many aspects of the mission that require that sort of knowledge and training, and how unsettling that is to everyone who works here.

    94. Political Science-Research Tools-The Library-University Of California, Berkeley
    Article Databases and Indexes for Political Science General and subjectspecific dictionaries in any language, dual language dictionaries, thesauri,
    Related Subjects

    Government Information

    Law Library

    Doe/Moffitt Subjects

    Library Liaison
    Beth Sibley
    218 Doe Library
    Research Tools for Political Science
    Use these research tools to find information related to Political Science from sources such as scholarly articles, books and encyclopedias. Archival Collections and Primary Sources
    Article Databases and Indexes
    Biographical Sources Dictionaries, Thesauri and Quotations ... Web Gateways and Search Engines
    Archival Collections and Primary Sources
    Resources that list, or provide access to, materials typically found in archives and used for primary source research. Examples include manuscripts, diaries, letters, first-hand accounts or documentary sources on a subject, person, event or issue. Return to top of page
    Article Databases and Indexes for Political Science
    Listings of articles in journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. Many include abstracts (article summaries). Some include or link to the full text of articles. Return to top of page
    Biographical Sources
    Information about people, including biographical dictionaries, profiles of people or "Who's Whos", personal narratives, and other resources with significant biographical information.

    95. Library Of Congress, Collections Policy Statements, Sci/Tech, Chpt B, Science, G
    Q127, Science policy, 4. Q130, Women in science, 4. Q141, Biography, 4. Q160,Textbooks, general science, 4. Q164, Science experiments, 3
    SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, CHAPTER B: SCIENCE, GENERAL (Subclass Q and selected portions of Z)
    I. Scope
    II. Research strengths
    III. General policy and collecting intensity levels I. Scope
    This section of the Collections Policy Statement on Science and Technology covers the subclass Q (Science, General) and applicable subclasses of Class Z . The Library's collections in this class encompass nearly 44,000 titles. In addition, some of the numerous abstracting and indexing services, catalogs of other scientific libraries, specialized bibliographies, and finding aids for general science are classed in Z, those relating to the role of science in the developments of civilization are classed in CB, and those relating to the telecommunication aspect of information theory are classed in TK5101+ II. Research Strengths
    The Library's collections in general science are particularly strong in the history of science, scientific exploration, the lives and contributions of scientists, and the role of science in society. For a discussion on collecting guidelines in the history of science, please consult Chapter A, History of Science and History of Technology Another area of distinction in the Library's general science collections is its holdings of materials summarizing the contributions of scientists to the community of knowledge. This multi-faceted/multi-formatted collection of biographical materials recording the scientific accomplishments, achievements, and the personal and public lives of scientists is vast and covers all periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times. While book-length biographies, autobiographies, and membership directories are usually classed by subject, collected biographies, those appearing in the publications of scientific societies, institutions, and organizations, and biographical memoirs are generally classed in Q. Also classed in Q are the chronologies, milestones and landmarks of science, most of which are directly tied to the triumphs, conquests, and achievements of a single scientist or groups of scientists.

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