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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (83)
  1. Portraits of Pioneers in Psychology: Volume V
  2. Travelling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen by Jane Hawking, 2007-07-25
  3. MAGNIFICENT FAILURE by Craig Ryan, 2003-10-17
  4. TEX JOHNSTONPB by Johnston Am, 2000-07-17
  5. The Computer-My Life by Konrad Zuse, 1993-08
  6. Dr. Space: The Life of Wernher von Braun by Bob Ward, 2005-05-15
  7. Educational Psychology: A Century of Contributions: A Project of Division 15 (educational Psychology) of the American Psychological Society
  8. The Pequegnat Story: The Family and the Clocks by Jane Varkaris, Costas Varkaris, 1981-01-01
  9. The Difference Engine: Charles Babbage and the Quest to Build the First Computer by Doron Swade, 2001-09
  10. Introducing Newton, Third Edition (Introducing...) by William Rankin, 2007-10-25
  11. Stephen Hawking A Life in Science by Michael White and John Gribbin, 2002-11-01
  12. Lying: A Metaphorical Memoir by Lauren Slater, 2001-10-01
  13. Feynman's Rainbow: A Search for Beauty in Physics and in Life by Leonard Mlodinow, 2003-05-01
  14. 747: Creating the World's First Jumbo Jet and Other Adventures from a Life in Aviation by Joe Sutter, Jay Spenser, 2006-06-01

61. Science And Math Internet Resources
History of Science and biographies of scientists. Eric Weisstein s World ofScience biographies of scientists. (See annotation under General Science Sites,
Science and Math Resources
This site is arranged in the following order: General Science Chemistry Geology Animals ... Science and Math Societies The histories of the various topics and the biographies of the well-known scientists in each field are included within their appropriate topic.
General Science Eric Weisstein's World of Science All told, this is an outstanding site. Math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and biographies of great scientists are included. The site is loaded with theorems, graphs, equations, and analyses of science and math problems, and contains a built-in dictionary to define terms. Also has lots of links. Excellent! EurekAlert This intricate site of sites takes the user to many scientific home pages including Agriculture, Archeology, Biology, Chemistry, Space Sciences, etc. A vast array of scientific information is found here. The Exploratorium All kinds of scientific information is available with graphic images from this site, from science experiments, to the human body, to the solar system. Very colorful and interesting.

62. Famous Scientists
created by Ms. Abert WMS. Introduction Groups of Famous scientists Specificscientists This page has a variety of scientists and biographies.
Famous Scientists
An Internet Hotlist on Famous Scientists created by Ms. Abert
Introduction Groups of Famous Scientists Specific Scientists
Looking for information about famous scientists? Use these links to find out who invented the diesel engine, telephone, the Celsius scale, and much, much more! The websites are a good place for you to learn a brief history of many famous scientists.
The Internet Resources
Groups of Famous Scientists

63. Johnson County Community College Library
There are many sources that focus on biography of leaders in particular occupationsor disciplines, specific 4000 Years of Women in Science biographies
Biographical Research Guide REFERENCE COLLECTION: Use the Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI), an electronic database that can be accessed from the JCCC campus only This electronic index will lead you to more than 700 sources of biographical material on current and historical figures. Use biographical resources from the JCCC Library reference area. Below is a selected list of general sources: American National Biography [REF] CT213 .A68 The ANB is a 24-volume collection of approximately 17,500 biographies of significant individuals in American history. Note: The material in American National Biography is indexed in BGMI described above. Current Biography [REF] CT 100 .C8 This is a monthly periodical which cumulates into an annual yearbook offering biographical essays about international personalities in all areas of accomplishment. Volumes from 1940-present. Note: The material in Current Biography is indexed in BGMI described above. Dictionary of American Biography [REF] E176.D562

64. Political Science\heb
This guide includes specific reference materials, like writing tools, It alsohas links to political scientists personal home pages.
Subject Guides Organisations and Associations

Organisations and Associations
Political Science Resources - Reference Sources Online library of reference tools, includes: acronyms, almanacs, biographies, citation guides, dictionaries, encyclopedias and other resource tools.
Guide To Internet Resources For Political Science
This guide includes specific reference materials, like writing tools, information aboutpeople,businesses, almanacs, legal resources, maps, etc.
Internet Resources for Political Science
Enables access to web sites like: teaching, research, publications , American politics, comparative politics, judicial politics, international and public politics.

65. EWU Biographical Information WWW Sites
specific titles include. International Who’s Who REF CT120 I5 ProminentScientists An Index to Collective biographies REF Q141 P398

66. BiosofScientists
Science biographies click on the letter of the person’s last name and scroll Click on a specific branch of science first, and then the letter of the
Websites for Biographies of Scientists Scientific Biographies: Simply type in the scientist’s name at the top. Biography megasites Science Biographies: click on the letter of the person’s last name and scroll through the list. Click on a specific branch of science first, and then the letter of the scientist’s last name.

67. Library General Science And Technology Resources
biographies of Renaissance and Early Modern scientists in a variety of A K12 site that features scientists biographies, reachable by clicking
GALILEO GIL admissions distance learning ... student life General Science and Technology Resources Simon Schwob Memorial Library If you are interested in Roman technology, want to find out about Black or female inventors, or if you want to curl up with the virtual edition of a good science magazine designed for the lay reader, this is the site for you. General science and the history of technology cover: inventors, science in other times and cultures, periodicals, lives of scientists, and much more. A few pages require Adobe Acrobat to read PDF files. If you have any questions or would like to report broken links, email me. Eileen H. Kramer
Table of Contents General History and Philosophy of Science History of Technology History of Chemistry and Physics History of the Life Sciences ... Weights and Measures Other Places to Go Subject Guides Ask a Librarian GALILEO Databases GIL ... Columbus State University
General History and Philosophy of Science
Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries
Biographies of Renaissance and Early Modern scientists in a variety of disciplines and from a variety of countries. You can search the database for biographies by a whole range of fields or find a scientist by browsing the "Timeline." The link to the timeline is at the bottom of the page. This site has not been updated in more than a year. Echo Science and Technology Virtual Center
A mixed and meta site devoted to history of science links sorted by subject and subdiscipline. Many links lead to scholarly societies and papers. Subjects covered include everything from genetics to the development and engineering of assorted consumer technologies. The language and sophistication of the linked sources varies widely.

68. Stevenson High School Library Science And Health Resources
4000 years of Women in Science biographies, images and reference links to famous HealthWeb Subjects Alphabetical List HealthWebs links to specific,
Adlai E. Stevenson High School Library
Serving the information and research needs of approximately 4600 students and 500 staff.
Science and Health
Last updated Sep. 16, 2005
General Science
Astronomy Earth Science Biology ... Nutrition
General Science:
  • Gateway to a wide range of educational resources for science and math disciplines for 9-12 grades from Cornell University's Dept. of Education.
    Interactive exhibits and activities from the Exploratorium science museum of San Francisco. An excellent and fun site.
    Extreme Science
    Information on time, space, weather, earth science, science and technology news, science reference, maps, atlases and much more.
    Measure 4 Measure
    An excellent collection of measurement, estimation, conversion and translation tools.
    Science Learning Network
    Funded by the National Science Foundation and Unisys, this site is a collaboration between six of the premier science museums in the United States, providing links to existing museum programs, and many links to great science resources.
    Echo Center Search
    A searchable collection of over 5000 sites for the history of science, technology, medicine and industry resource links from ECHO, Exploring and Collecting History Online.

69. PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway Search/Browse Results
It includes links to other biographies of other scientists and With thisspecific resource students use current satellite images to determine sea floor

70. Reference Sources - Biography Research Guide - STCC Library
General Works Women s Lives Multicultural biographies specific Fields By specific Field. Art Literature Science and Technology Politics and
Research Guide to Biography Library Home Research Guides Biography Introduction ...
Reference Sources The following lists many of the biographical works in the STCC Library's reference collection. These are collective biographies, which contain entries for many different people. Biographies about individuals can be located through the library's online catalog General Works Women's Lives Multicultural Biographies ... Specific Fields General Works Title Call Number Current Biography CT 100 .C8 Ref Encyclopedia of World Biography CT 103 .E56 1997 Ref (17 vols.) The Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives CT 213 .S37 1998 Ref (5 vols.) Newsmakers CT 120 .C663 1991- Ref Dictionary of American Biography E 176 .D563 1996 Ref They Made History: A Biographical Dictionary CT 103 .W54 1993 Ref Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography E 176 .A666 1900 Ref (7 vols.) Who's Who in America E 663 .W5612 1999 Ref (3 vols.) Who Was Who in America E 663 .W54 Ref (6 vols.) Who's Who in American History E 663 .W54 Ref

71. Student Biographies
Student biographies. Pauline Amos Mphil/PhD (Visual Performance) PhD (Arts/Science). Particularly interested in site specific work, includinghistorical
You are here: KW_breadcrumbs("Home",">",0,1,"index.asp",3,4) Home About the College Subject Fields Choreography ... DCA Webmail Research
Student Biographies Pauline Amos
Mphil/PhD (Visual Performance) Self, self, self that's all you think about..: self as research subject, embodiment of self. The creative process of 'being'. Documenting the performance of being me (a female). Performance art, video, installation. Angus Balbernie
MPhil/PhD (Theatre) Is it possible to consider a "unified theory" of physical composition?....through the...Multi-levelled intelligences and systems of the body, as generators, explorers and organisers of compositional material. The bridging of kinetics and behaviour. How core, dialogue and extended "information" is considered in relation to personal, exchanged and social contexts. How this informs the making of both dance and theatre "languages". James Barber
Mphil/PhD (Interdisciplinary) Visual Artist working with installation and new media. Research Interests: I am interested in the relationship between perception and conception as an interface with consciousness. The 'accuracy/inaccuracy' of experience, the various ways of 'mapping' experience within the framework of installation.

72. People: Biographies
Eric s Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography The Faces of Science African FOR MUCH MORE, RETURN TO MY Table of Contents SELECT A specific TOPIC OR
Updated July 19, 2003
Biographical Dictionary
Who2 Homepage

Famous Birthdays

Past TIME Men of the Year
American Biographies Menu

Zarate's Political Collections (ZPC)

Political Leaders, 1945-Present


Women Leaders of the World
... The Political Graveyard For more, please visit my Country Information and General World History pages. FAMOUS PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY Famous Historical Americans Who's Who in American History USA: index to biographies-area American Biographies Menu ... AMERICAN NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY: BIOGRAPHY OF THE DAY For more, please visit my General U.S.A. History 50 states From Colonies to Revolution 19th Century America ... Presidents , and TEXAS pages. BIOGRAPHIES BY ETHNICITY Migration of Ancestrial Ethnic Groups in the United States in 1990 The Indigenous Circle: Famous Native Americans Famous Austrians, Germans, Swiss African-American Achievers ... German American Corner: German-American Biographies For much more, please visit my Non-Western Cultures African Americans Native Americans , and Meso and Latin America pages.

73. Strategies To Engage Diverse Communities In Polar Science | Bridging The Poles W
to be a part of the science research experience. specific Proposals These biographies should be provided to teachers, parents and students.
Bridging the Poles: Education Linked with Research HOME INTRO OBJECTIVES STRATEGIES ... ACRONYMS Strategies to Engage Diverse Communities in Polar Science
developing a new generation of researchers from the Arctic who actively investigate and communicate northern issues to global populations and decision makers. This theme of building capacity within communities, together with providing opportunities for personal contact and field experiences, making polar issues relevant at the community level, and developing mentoring and support systems, was articulated for each target group. Whale Boat. Photo credit: Alaska Native Science Commission.
Arctic Natives and Residents In order to engage Arctic Natives and residents, workshop participants recommended gaining their active involvement in future working group meetings, and working to develop the respect and confidence of the native community and its residents. Mutual respect is essential for the science community to work with them. Science capacity within indigenous communities must be expanded so that native persons design and conduct research projects for native populations. Specific Proposals: Icefish. Photo credit: Tommy Onktooguk. Courtesy of

74. School Science And Mathematics: Lessons From Experts: Improving College Science
The specific goals of this article are (a) to introduce college science The case entitled, A Recipe for Invention Scientist biographies is an example
@import url(/css/us/style1.css); @import url(/css/us/searchResult1.css); @import url(/css/us/articles.css); @import url(/css/us/artHome1.css); Home
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IN free articles only all articles this publication Automotive Sports FindArticles School Science and Mathematics Oct 2004
Content provided in partnership with
10,000,000 articles Not found on any other search engine. Featured Titles for
ASA News
ASEE Prism Academe African American Review ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Lessons From Experts: Improving College Science Instruction Through Case Teaching School Science and Mathematics Oct 2004 by Bilica, Kim
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. Much of the support for case teaching practices comes from anecdote. Individuals who employ case teaching techniques in their science and engineering courses can personally attest to the increase in student engagement and, in many instances, student achievement. Unfortunately, empirical and quantitative research in the effectiveness of case teaching across teaching contexts is practically nonexistent. In a recent guest editorial, Clyde Herreid (2004), co-director of the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science made a plea to college science and engineering professors to conduct more research into case teaching. Unquestionably, such research would contribute to the global understanding of college-level science teaching and learning, but on a more local level, the practice of reflecting upon cases gives individual college faculty members the unique opportunity to be reflective of their own professional teaching goals.

75. National Agricultural Library Kids' Science Page
Kids Science Page; site main page and menu. careers and biographies ofleading scientists, and learn by doing 4H youth projects.
Learn About NAL
Kids' Science Page
National Agricultural Library
Explore Subjects...


General Science


Find Info On... 4-H Projects Basics of Scientific Research Beginning A Science Project Biographies of Scientists ... Videocassettes
Hey kids! Do you like to eat ? What's your nutrition IQ? Do you really enjoy animals Insects too? Do you like veterinary medicine ? Is engineering what you want to do? Interested in plants or ecology ? Does chemistry excite you? These are all part of the food and agricultural sciences . If you have a special interest in any of these, maybe you are headed for a career in agriculture . Welcome aboard! Agriculture Kids, parents and teachers often contact us to ask about kids' books on agricultural topics or science fair projects. So, we created this Kids' Science Page containing lists of children's books and articles on specific agricultural subjects, science fair projects and supplies, careers and biographies of leading scientists, and "learn by doing" 4-H youth projects. Discover more ideas at these U.S. Department of Agriculture sites:

76. NYPL, Mathematics Research Guide
Mathematics research guide of the Science, Industry and Business Library. biographies Biographical works specific to mathematicians can be found in
@import "/styles/markup-nonNS4.css"; Skip to Left Navigation Skip to Main Content get a library card? find a book? renew a book? reserve a book? research a topic? find a job at NYPL? volunteer for NYPL? support NYPL? rent space? order/license images? learn to read? learn English? find events? find exhibitions? find classes? connect with wireless? Science, Industry and Business Library (SIBL) Science and Technology Information
Use your browser's print controls to print a copy of this research guide.
The field of mathematics encompasses areas such as algebra, geometry, calculus, probability, statistics, vector analysis, logic, and trigonometry.  The following selected mathematics related resources can be found at the lower level of the Science Industry and Business Library (SIBL). These sources provide explanations, definitions, descriptions, overviews, background information on a wide range of key terms and people involved with mathematics. Handbooks Generally compendiums of in-depth essays written by various authors on specific topics in mathematics; formulas, tables, functions may be included. Directories Sources for contact information for societies, associations, government agencies, academic institutions, and research centers.

77. CM Magazine: Great Maritime Achievers In Science And Technology
scientistsMaritime Provinces-Biography. offer neither sufficient detail tofuel a high-school project nor any specific suggestions for further reading.
CM . . . . Volume XI Number 14 . . . . March 18, 2005 Great Maritime Achievers in Science and Technology. George MacBeath.
Fredericton, NB: Goose Lane Editions, 2004.
127 pp., pbk., $14.95.
ISBN 0-86492-380-5. Subject Headings:
Scientists-Maritime Provinces-Biography.
Inventors-Maritime Provinces-Biography. Grades 9 and up / Ages 14 and up. Review by Greg Bak. excerpt: Although the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries were notable for continual faceoffs between established religion and investigations into the natural sciences, Dr. David Honeyman (1817-1889), a Presbyterian clergyman and geologist, suffered no such difficulty. He believed that the Deity was consistent and that humans should investigate his works as fully as his revelations. On page seventy-four of Great Maritime Achievers Great Maritime Achievers in Science and Technology is an expanded catalogue from an exhibition that is currently running at Science East in Fredericton. The book features brief (one to five page) biographies of twenty-nine individuals and one research team. The table of contents rounds up the usual suspects: dead white men such as Alexander Graham Bell, Abraham Gesner and George Mercer Dawson. A more careful examination reveals that there are four dead white women in the list: Bell's wife, who financed the great man's work; the first woman in the British Empire to earn a degree in undergraduate sciences; and a pair of battlefield nurses.

78. Science Sizzlers
The second set of sites includes a number of specific science subject resources The special area is science biographies. Frank Potter s Science Gems
Science Sizzlers
A number of "hot" science sites are outstanding resources. The first set of weblinks features both comprehensive sources that will provide a path to subject links and also lists outstanding sites that are well-established. The second set of sites includes a number of specific science subject resources that will be of interest.
Sizzlin' Classics
Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education
Community Learning Network
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) Established in 1992, and funded through the U.S. Department of Education, the ENC is housed at the Ohio State University. The website features numerous links and curriculum resources for science and math educators. An exceptional site with a wealth of information.
Eisenhower Clearinghouse: Digital Dozen Keep abreast of some of the best educational science and math websites by tuning in to this site on the first of each month which highlights 13 terrific sites.
Eric's Treasure Trove of Scientific Biography

79. ALPSP Events (biographies And Abstracts) - International Learned Journals Semina
Biography With a PhD in History of Science, JeanClaude Guédon teaches in As consumers, their reading of the scientific literature may be specific to a
International Learned Journals Seminar Scholarship-Friendly Publishing Speaker biographies and abstracts 26 March 2004 Stella Dutton Professor Kenneth Crews John Cox Professor Julia Buckingham ... Peter Gregory Stella Dutton (chair) Biography
Stella Dutton is Executive Director for the BMJ Publishing Group, based in London. Stella has a Chemistry degree from London University. She worked for a number of years with Butterworth Scientific as Publishing Director for their Science Division. After leaving Butterworths in 1990, she worked as a Marketing Director in the NHS and as Director of Publications at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society before her current post. Stella Dutton is married with 2 daughters. Biography
Surfaces , in 1991 and has been involved with various issues in electronic scholarly publishing since. A member of the Canadian National Site Licensing Project and Chair of its Advisory Board, he also sits on the boards of eIFL, NDLTD and the Information Sub-Board of the Open Society Institute. He is one of the initial signatories of the Budapest Open Access Initiative, and the Bethesda and Berlin Declarations.

80. Women Specific Links: Women In Science And Technology
Women specific Links Women in Science and Technology. MISCELLANEOUS Women scientists and Engineers Employed in Industry Why So Few?
Women Specific Links:
Women in Science and Technology
MISCELLANEOUS 'Gender and Science Reader' a source book for addressing issues related to women, gender, and the sciences
The Gender and Science Reader, co-edited by Muriel Lederman of Virginia Tech and Ingrid Bartsch of the University of South Florida, provides a comprehensive feminist analysis of the nature and practice of science. Feminism brings useful innovations to science
In her new book, "Has Feminism Changed Science?" (Harvard University Press), Schiebinger explores the history of women in science and the effects of feminism on the cultures and content of medicine, anthropology, archaeology, biology, physics and mathematics. Women-related Web Sites in Science / Technology
From Scarcity to Visibility: Gender Differences in the Careers of Doctoral Scientists and Engineers
- read this online book for free. Published in 2001.
Women Scientists and Engineers Employed in Industry: Why So Few?
- read this online book for free. Published in 1994.
No Belles - Part I
- article about the Nobel prize in relation to women from Ms. Magazine

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