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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (83)
  1. African American Achievers in Science, Medicine, and Technology: A Resource Book for Young Learners, Parents, Teachers, and Librarians by Wina March?, 2003-09-18
  2. BERNT BALCHEN (Smithsonian History of Aviation & Spaceflight) by GLINES CARROL V, 1999-10-17
  3. Creators of Mathematics: The Irish Connection
  4. A Working Stiff's Manifesto: Confessions of a Wage Slave by Iain Levison, 2002-04-01
  5. Wilbur Wright's Flights in France : Leon Bollee's Photographic Record 1908-1909 by Stanley W. Kandebo, Dawne Dewey, 2003-08-15
  6. Lytton Strachey and the Search for Modern Sexual Identity: The Last Eminent Victorian (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) by George H. Snyder, Benjamin Wolf, 2002-07-18
  7. From Aircraft to Automobiles and Automotive Electronics: Remembrances of an Internal Combustion Engine Engineer (S P (Society of Automotive Engineers)) by Ryoichi Nakagawa, 1990-12
  8. Edison: Inventing the Century by Neil Baldwin, 1996-01
  9. Alexanderson: Pioneer in American Electrical Engineering (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology) by James E. Brittain, 1992-06-01
  10. The Bone Lady: Life As a Forensic Anthropologist by Mary H. Manhein, 1999-04
  11. Wernher Von Braun: Crusader for Space : An Illustrated Memoir by Ernst Stuhlinger, Frederick I., III Ordway, 1993-12
  12. Listen First: Focused Listening Tasks for Beginners Teacher's Book by Ann Creighton, Jayme Adelson-Goldstein, 1991-05-30
  13. Pioneers in Medicine andTheir Impact on Tuberculosis by Thomas M. Daniel, 2000-12-21
  14. Angles of Reflection: A Memoir of Logic and a Mother's Love by Joan L. Richards, 2001-05-01

41. Homework Links: Biography
Biography, see also Homework Links for specific subjects such as Art, Inventors, Scientific Biography Short to medium-length articles on scientists,
South Plainfield Public Library Homework Links Biography see also Homework Links for specific subjects such as Art, History, Inventors, Science, etc. African-Americans in History - Short biographies of famous African- Americans, most with pictures. Arranged by date of birth. (University of Georgia) See also Vignettes , short descriptions of individuals who have contributed to the shaping of African American history. (University of Washington) African American Profiles - Biographical profiles of important African- Americans from Crispus Attucks to Malcolm X, with pictures. ( African-Americans in the Sciences - Profiles of African-American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering. Alphabetical name index as well as lists of scientists by scientific field, women scientists, and first African-Americans to earn Ph.D.s in science. (Princeton University) American History Biographies - Detailed biographies of historical figures from John Adams to Robert Yates. (University of Groningen, Netherlands) American Presidency: Profiles - Articles from four Grolier encyclopedias about the lives of the Presidents, Vice-Presidents, First Ladies, and presidential candidates. (Grolier/Scholastic Library Publishing)

42. Using History And Biographies In Science
Scientist biographies and classic research papers can become material for a Your students can follow our links to read about specific noteworthy

43. Biographies On The Internet
Subject specific biographies. Actors/Actresses 4000 Years of Women in Science,over 100 biographies from a few sentences to a page in length.
Biographies on the Internet
General Biographies
Subject Specific Biographies

44. Physical Science Bookmarks-Biographies
Web Links to sites with Scientist Biography information. Websites specificto scientist biographies biographies, The scientists A List.
Physical Science Biography Bookmarks
8th Grade Schofield Middle School
Websites specific to scientist biographies...
Biographies, The Scientists A List.

Scientist Biographies

Famous Physicists and Astronomers

Alphabetical Listing from Eric Weisstein's World of Scientific Biography
Biographies and Bibliographies
Additional Search Engines for additional research...
My Excite



Ask Jeeves -
... EBSCO Publishing Service Selection Page
To use this site you may need to enter the following information User Name: nvschools ... Password: password Click on the link that takes you  to Magazines and Encyclopedias for Middle / Jr High
To use this site you may need to enter the following information login: nevada ... Password: silver To use this site you may need to enter the following information User Name: ccsd ... Password: science Once at the site click on the Science Online Link at the top of the page You will see the Biographies link
InfoTrac Student Edition- Subject Guide Search
To use this site you may need to enter the following information Library ID: nv2002
Yahooligans! - Science and Nature:Scientists

45. Documents For An Access Point
+Copy specific Information Series, (Cambridge Science biographies series).ISBN,Price, 0521-56671-1. Classification, 9252GALILEO. Keyword(s), 1.

46. BUBL LINK: History Of Science
Subjects history of science DeweyClass 509 Resource type biography about scientists, including individuals and those in specific subject areas or
BUBL LINK Catalogue of Internet Resources Home Search Subject Menus Countries ... Z
History of science
Titles Descriptions
  • As We May Think Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries Charles Darwin: Origin of Species Chemical Heritage Foundation ... Tesla: Master of Lightning
  • Comments:
    As We May Think
    Influential 1945 article published in Atlantic Monthly which urged that scientists should attempt to make more accessible their 'bewildering store of knowledge', to give them 'access to and command over the inherited knowledge of the ages', including a proposal for what is now known as hypertext.
    Author: Bush, Vannevar
    Subjects: database systems, history of science, library and information science research, scientists
    Resource type: article, journal
    Catalog of the Scientific Community in the 16th and 17th Centuries
    Database containing histories of over 600 individuals who made significant contributions to Western science. Searchable by detailed categories including nationality, scientific disciplines, religion and patronage.
    Author: Westfall, Richard S.

    47. Science Links
    You may use the links below to jump to a specific section of links, and a linkat the end of Classroom Links, biographies, Science Fair, Search Engines

    48. Popular Topics: Science
    homework topics science biographies. Latest science update In New If youwant a biography of a specific person, the library catalogue will give you
    popular science shelf help magazines online mags videos ... science biographies Latest science update: In New Scientist online: Pandemic-causing 'Asian flu' accidentally released by US laboratory
    Pterostylis sp. Current Topic: New Zealand Orchids
    New Zealand has about 120 species of orchids, and while some are epiphytes (live on trees or logs) most are ground dwelling. Our orchids are not spectacular in the large brightly coloured tropical sense, but they are just as interesting and beautiful. Orchids are found all over New Zealand,in forests , grassland, swamps, clay banks and alpine areas but as the flowers are small, often white or green, they are easily missed. The really special thing about our orchids is that they are largely self pollinated. Another unusual feature is that they grow under introduced trees, for example under Pinus nigra near Taupo, there are a large number of orchid species growing - so many that a special reserve has been created.
    Recent science books
    (for the latest science books each month, click here British Isles : a natural history by Alan Titchmarsh. (2004)

    49. ASU Libraries: Noble Library - Scientific Biography
    index which allows one to determine scientists that were associated with aspecific idea, scientists since 1660 a bibliography of biographies .

    50. PhosphoSolutions Meet Our Scientists - 1(888)442-7100
    All of the scientists at PhosphoSolutions share a common goal to be the bestproviders of custommade phospho-specific antibodies in the world.
    foreign distributors custom antibodies our scientists about us ... customer service Product Search:

    Purified Protein Kinases
    Custom Products:
    Custom Antibody Services

    Meet our Scientists about our company news meet our scientists
    a common goal
    All of the scientists at PhosphoSolutions share a common goal: to be the best providers of custom-made phospho-specific antibodies in the world. To be the best at producing these antibodies, it is necessary to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and we have two important advantages: First, the quality of the phospho-specific antibodies produced at PhosphoSolutions is unmatched by any other company in the world. Second, none of the competition has the scientific expertise in protein phosphorylation to match PhosphoSolutons. After learning more about our team of world-renowned scientists in their biographies below, we think that you'll agree that our team of scientists are experts in protein phosphorylation and the production and use of phospho-specific antibodies.
    our scientists
    Dr. Andrew Czernik:

    51. SLCL Reference - Selected Internet Sites - Science
    Science Sites. Astronomy biographies Biology Chemistry Environment bodies and bright stars for specific dates and locations around the world.
    Title Author Subject Periodical Keyword Enter your e-mail address
    Reference Department Information Return to Selected Internet Sites
    Science Sites Astronomy Biographies Biology Chemistry ...
    A free, publicly available web portal allowing access to numerous scientific journals and public science databases." Among the 53 databases searched are, Scirus, E-Print Network, American Chemical Society, Annual Reviews, Highwire Press
    Also, check out the Science Databases (Discovering Collection, Oxford Reference Online: Sciences, Science Online, Today's Science, and World Book Online) on our Science Databases page. Valid SLCL library card required for remote access.
    ASTRONOMY Astronomical Data - U.S. Naval Observatory
    Use these databases to determine sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, twilight, moon illumination, eclipses, positions of the sun and moon, data for major solar system bodies and bright stars for specific dates and locations around the world. Hubble Telescope - Space Telescope Science Institute
    Includes very technical information as well as a 'Down-to-Earth Astronomy' section for the rest of us.

    52. Biographies
    specific biographical materials, however, may cataloged in their assigned subject Current Biography Yearbook; also see biographies Plus Illustrated
    You are here: Home Find it Subject Guides Keyword Author Title Periodical Title Subject LC Call Number GovDocs Number Local Call Number ISSN/ISBN
    General Guides Basic research Biography Find articles Library jargon Off-campus access Plagiarism Style manuals Statistics Biographies
    Biography is defined as "an account of a person's life written, composed, or produced by another." This short guide lists representative print sources in the area of biography, including databases and Web sites that will guide you to biographical and related sources. For starters, general biography is classified in the CT section of the Reference area and the second floor of the Library. Specific biographical materials, however, may cataloged in their assigned subject areas. For example, Notable Native Americans is shelved in the E 89 area, the

    53. MRC Library Internet Subject Guide - Biographies
    red bullet Subject specific biographies Arts *Sciences *Politics and Governmentred bullet Other Lists of Good Links red bullet Other MRC Library Internet
    Biography General Biographies *Canadians *Women
    Subject Specific Biographies:
    ... Reference
    General Biographies

    Academy of Achievement

    Blupete's Biographies

    Biographical Dictionary

    Biography Center: Indexes 25,495 Biographies!
    Who's Alive and Who's Dead
    Alberta GenWeb: Famous and Infamous Albertans


    Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online
    Canadian Portraits ... Well Known People Who Happen to Be Canadian Women 4000 Years of Women in Science A Celebration of Women Writers Biographies of Women Mathematicians Canadian Women in History ... Women's International Center Biography Index Subject Specific Biographies Arts and Humanities Artists' Biographies (20th century and contemporary artists) Author Guide of Louisiana State University Libraries Blupete's Biographies (Historical biographies by Peter Landry) ... Vasari: Lives of the Artists Sciences Anthropology Biography Web Blupete's Biographies: Scientists Psychology Biographies Dead Sociologists Index ... Who's Who Online Politics and Government Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments F.B.I. Famous Persons Listing

    54. The MacTutor History Of Mathematics
    Mathematics in specific Culture, Periods, or Places http// biographies
    Mrs. Martin's Math and Science Links
    Click on one of the following subject headings.
    History of Math

    Super Scientists
    T he MacTutor History of Mathematics The History of Mathematics—Trinity College The History of Mathematics—Clark University The History of Mathematics—Simon Fraser University Math Archives—History of Mathematics BW History of Mathematics Websites DMOZ Science/Mathematics History Mathematical Journey Through Time Mathematicians of the 17 th and 18 th Centuries Famous Mathematicians—UCV Biographies of Women Mathematicians Mathematics in Specific Culture, Periods, or Places

    55. AccessScience @ McGraw-Hill
    search to a specific type of entry (encyclopedia, research update, biography, AccessScience includes biographies of famous men and women of science,
    Access Science
    Ordering Information
    Free Trial

    Did You Know?

    Contact Us

    has undergone a transformation. With the remarkable capabilities the Internet provides, it is now possible to bring a highly integrated source of authoritative information to users seeking in-depth knowledge on topics in all areas of science and technology. Access Science Quick Links: What's in a name?
    We are pleased to introduce Access Science @McGraw-Hill AccessScience will give you:
    • Access to the most authoritative science and technology reference source available Access to the most comprehensive scientist biographies available, linked directly with related encyclopedia content Access , quick and easy, to the best places on the Web for further study Access to late-breaking science and technology developments, with links to background articles and biographies to aid the reader's understanding Access ible by more libraries than ever before, by more people than ever before possible

    56. Homework Help With Science: From Anatomy To Weather, Including Biographies, Expe
    4000 years of women in science! gives very brief biographies. specific Thingies.Electric Cars. Everything you ever wanted to know about pencils.

    Back to home page
    HELPful student sites: Student Loans Student Loan Consolidation GO TO the index for this page
    General Science Resources
    Bill Nye the Science Guy makes science fun. Really! Dr. Matrix Science Web World: Junior Scientists is one of the best overall sites you will find. Groovy graphics, too. Explore Science is a virtual science lab devoted to scientific theory. Shockwave needed. Mad Scientist Network connects you to the experts. Questions submitted must be science related and are usually answered within seven days. There is a searchable archive that dates back to 1995. Science Friday Kids' Connection is one of the coolest science sites. Hosted by National Public Radio, here you can perform online experiments to learn about everything from gravity to plastic, read about emerging diseases, insects, and just about anything else you can think of. The Science Learning Network "explores how telecomputing can support inquiry-based science education." Sounds boring, right? It isn't, though. I wonder who's eye they're about to cut open there? Scientific American: Ask the Experts will answer your questions by email. The site also contains archives of information about astronomy, biology, chemistry, computer science, environmental science, geology, math, medicine, and physics.

    57. Welcome To AdjunctNation -
    Explore biographies of women who have made significant achievements in Featured people include leaders, entertainers, builders, scientists and heroes.

    58. Biography Subject Guide For History 1302
    General Works including biographies of people from a variety of disciplines. College and Universities Faculty Information - Find a specific college or
    Kingwood College Library
    This brief site has really terrific links to people dead and alive!
    Don't forget the library is still the best place to find information about people.
    FINDING PEOPLE IN REFERENCE BOOKS In Kingwood College Library which uses Library of Congress cataloguing, biographies are generally shelved in the area in which the subject does his/her work, i.e., John Steinbeck in Literature, Cezanne in Art. Use the NHMCCD Library Catalog to locate these books by SUBJECT KEYWORD , using the person's name in the subject field, or by combining the occupation with the term biography, for example, BIOGRAPHY MATHEMATICIANS. The following are examples of Reference books you may find helpful in your search for information about a famous person. General Works including biographies of people from a variety of disciplines. Using the indexes in the multivolume sets will help locate the biography you need.
    • Current Biography - REF CT100 .C8 - Noteworthy people from the current year. Indexed by 5 year groupings as well as each volume independently.

    59. Carnegie Mellon Libraries: Search: Databases By Subject: Biography
    Access Science biographies Also known as the McGrawHill Encyclopedia of Science Technology Seach for a specific name or browse fields of interest.
    Search Tips for Biography Databases Databases that are primarily biographical in nature

    • BGMI is a "first stop index tool for learning where to look for biographical material on people from all time periods, geographical locations and fields of endeavor."
    • Biography Index
      This resource "indexes articles, books, and autobiographies for biographical subjects from antiquity to the present." It covers all fields and nationalities.
    • Contemporary Authors
      CA covers 110,000+ writers, and is "the primary resource for information on modern authors, including those who were active prior to 1960 and whose works continue to influence contemporary literature." It features authors of fiction, poetry, drama, journalism, cartoons, screenwriting and other media, and literary greats of the early 20th century.
    • Wilson Biographies
      This resource includes "biographies from more than 100 print volumes of biographical reference books" such as all of the articles from all volumes of

    60. Biographies
    scientists are chosen if they hold a high level position of responsibility This searchable site has over 10000 biographies in English (more than 5000),
    Main Subject Guides Biographies A wide variety of print and electronic resources for finding the biographies of engineers, inventors, Nobel Prize winners, nurses, physicians, psychologists, scientists, and other notable pioneers and personalities.
    4000 Years of Women in Science
    This list emphasizes women of the past, mainly pre- 20th century. Format: Website
    American Men and Women of Science
    American Men and Women of Science: a biographical directory of current leaders in physical, biological and related sciences. This is a multi-volume set of reference books profiling thousands of living scientists and engineers. Scientists are chosen if they hold a high level position of responsibility in science or engineering, have distinguished achievement, or have achieved high quality research. Format: Book Ref.16 Q145 Am35 Provider: Bowker
    American Nursing: A Biographical Dictionary
    Entries include 175 women and 2 men. References and a list of publications are included for each entry. Volume 2 was published in 1992. Format: Book Ref.15 WZ112.5N8 D56

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