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         Scientists Biographies Specific:     more books (83)
  1. Year of the Comets: A Journey from Sadness to the Stars by Jan DeBlieu, 2006-11-01
  2. In the Arms of Africa: The Life of Colin Turnbull by Roy Richard Grinker, 2001-11-01
  3. Another Way Home: A Family's Journey Through Mental Illness by John Thorndike, 1997-05-01
  4. Music to Move the Stars: A Life with Stephen Hawking by Jane Hawking, 1999-11
  5. The Wright Brothers Legacy: Orville and Wilbur Wright and Their Aeroplanes in Pictures by Walt Burton, Owen Findsen, 2003-06-01
  6. A Beautiful Mind : A Biography of John Forbes Nash, Jr. by Sylvia Nasar, 1998-06-12
  7. A Prophet from Amongst You: The Life of Yigael Yadin : Soldier, Scholar, and Mythmaker of Modern Israel by Neil Asher Silberman, 1994-01
  8. Modern View of Theodore Theodorsen
  9. Los Hermanos Wright / To Conquer the Air: La Conquista De Los Cielos/ The conquest of the skies by James Tobin, 2003-01-31
  10. Time Lord : Sir Sandford Fleming and the Creation of Standard Time by Clark Blaise, 2001-04-10
  11. Arrhenius: From Ionic Theory to the Greenhouse Effect (Uppsala Studies in History of Science, 23) by Elisabeth T. Crawford, 1996-08
  12. The Transit of Venus: The Brief, Brilliant Life of Jeremiah Horrocks, Father of British Astronomy by Peter Aughton, 2005-05-01
  13. Art Smith: Pioneer Aviator by Rachel Sherwood Roberts, 2003-07
  14. Spirit Alive: A Woman's Healing from Cult Ritual Abuse by Jadelinn, 1998

21. Additional Resources - Library And Media Databases
Library science specific databases that may be used to identify articles and other biographies of important scientists and background information on
Additional Resources
Library and Media Databases
Introduction Online databases present information organized in a way that makes it easy to retrieve needed information. By using databases that focus on specific subject areas, such as library science, searches will already be limited to resources associated with that subject. Library science specific databases that may be used to identify articles and other materials about library science and media specialist related topics include:
  • ERIC (Education) Gale Children's Databases Library Literature and Information Science Full Text Media Review Digest NewsBank Children's Databases ProQuest
You should familiar with
  • the purpose of each database how to access the database how to search for articles managing search results tips for improving searches
Each database has it's own strengths and weaknesses - make sure that you are familiar with each database when you are searching for library science related information. Library science and media specialist specific databases are generally the best place to begin looking for articles on library science related topics, but sometimes topics may be of an interdisciplinary nature and may require that you also use non-library science specific databases.
Library Literature And Information Science Full Text
Introduction Accessing
  • NSU students, faculty and staff

22. Scientific Biography, UM Libraries
Has biographies of scientists from antiquity to present in dictionary format . more than one scientist; Use the index to locate a specific scientist.
Guides to Info. Resources Biographical Information
Scope: The following sources are useful for finding biographical information on scientists. For more information email the subject specialist at or call (301)405-9285.
Table of Contents
Books, Encyclopedias and Internet Resources Locating References Using the Catalog
Books, Encyclopedias, and Internet Resources
UM only Because of licensing agreements, most of these databases can be used only by current faculty, staff, and students of the University of Maryland, College Park. These users can access them through Research Port AccessScience Biographies UM only
These biographical profiles can be browsed by name, field, Nobel prizes and other medals. American Men and Women of Science
21st ed. New Providence, NJ: Bowker, 2003.
Biographical directory of 129, 769 active American scientists and engineers who have made significant contributions in their fields. Entries include personal data, education, current position, professional experience, memberships, research statement and mailing . Fax numbers and E-mail addresses are included when provided. Volume 8 organizes biographees by field of activity. Elliot, Clark A.

23. Finding Biographical Information
Many sources of brief biographies are dedicated to specific subjects, such aswriters, scientists, politicians, etc. When Did the Person Live?
Locating information from full-length books to brief Internet resources. Download printable version
How Much Do Information Do You Need?
The first step
when searching for information about a person is to decide how much information you want. This will have a major effect on where to look, because there are sources with brief factual information all the way up to full-length books with deep analysis. If you need a full-length biography, read the section in the box to the right. The sources listed below have briefer information, anywhere from a paragraph to several pages. These are a mix of print and online resources. If you have questions about how to access any of these, contact a library The second step in looking for biographical information is to focus your search. Many biography sources specialize in their coverage. Think about the following factors. Why Is the Person Famous? Many sources of brief biographies are dedicated to specific subjects, such as writers, scientists, politicians, etc. When Did the Person Live?

24. Biographical Sources
Specialized Biographical Sources include information for a specific population biographies Biography links organized by fields such as scientists,
Biographical Sources
An Internet Hotlist on Biographies created by Linda Dougherty
Northwest High School Introduction General Biographical Sources Specialized Biographical Sources Biography Indexes
Remember to use the NHS library catalog to search for print information for your famous person. Look in Reference to find the Encyclopedia of World Biography for detailed biographical reports. Try the Gale Discovering Collection and Ebsco magazine database available in the library or check with the librarians for home access.
In addition to using books and magazines to find biographical information, why not also use the power of the Internet? The links below will get you started.
General Biographical Sources include information on all types of famous people from all fields. Several of these general sites are included below. Specialized Biographical Sources include information for a specific population such as women, or a specific field, such as musicians or scientists. Look under the Specialized Biographical Sources for connections to women, authors, and other famous people. Many libraries organize their websites to include lists of the specialized biographical sources. Look under the Biography Indexes for these lists.
The Internet Resources
  • Discovering Collection - Gale group reference database includes biographies for science, social studies, and language arts. See librarian for assistance for home use.

25. CSU Libraries: Sciences--Biographical Information
American scientists; specific Areas/Prize Winners. Collective biographies inthe Sciences Prominent scientists An Index to Collective biographies.
Catalog (Sage) Databases E-Journals MetaLib ... Web Search
Sciences Biographical Information
The first part of this Web page has sources that can be used to identify resources with biographical information about scientists. The later parts list resources which contain biographical information. Collective Biographies in the Sciences Some books contain biographies of more than one person, with several pages or a whole chapter devoted to each individual. These works are called collective biographies or biographical collections. There are several ways to find collective biographies; some collected works may have been retrieved when searching SAGE for individual biographies. Here are several other methods. The following three books index many of the important collective biographies in the sciences. In the front or back of each volume is a listing of the sources that are covered. Individuals are listed alphabetically by last name, with references indicating the biographical source(s).
  • Ireland, Norma Olin.

26. Careers In The Biological Sciences
and online links to many other discipline- and occupation-specific resources . This site includes a database of minority scientists, biographies of
General information about science
and science-related careers
People resources:

  • Start with your faculty advisor. Share your goals, aspirations, doubts and dreams. Get the perspective of someone who has "been there, done that" and who has already helped scores of other undergraduates find their way.
  • Talk with our academic advisor in the Division of Biological Sciences Advising office and Linda Blockus in the Life Sciences Undergraduate Programs office. Like our faculty, they have helped scores of undergraduates.
Web resources:
  • Visit Careers in Science and Engineering: A Student Planning Guide ). This is a terrific resource for everyone, not just those interested in graduate school. This guide will help you answer questions like, What are my career goals? What survival skills and personal attributes do I need to succeed? How can I get the job that is right for me? This site profiles lots of occupations and includes an electronic career planning center for scientists and engineers.
  • The Career Planning Center for Beginning Scientists and Engineers

27. SFCC - Links To Information On Specific Career Fields
Career Planning Center for beginning scientists and engineers Eric WeisstenPhysics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Astronomy, biographies of noted scientists
Career Resource Cente r
Try Our
Links To:




Career and
Text file of career links

CRC Annual Reports
Links to Information on Specific Career Fields
These links represent research done in the Career Resource Center to find answers to the questions brought in by individual students, thus the irregular coverage of topics.
Please Help Us Improve!
If fields of interest to you are not covered, click here to send us a note and we will attempt to find relevant links. And if you know of good links you think we should have, send them to us! Quick Links - Jump to: 01 Artistic 02 Scientific 03 Plants/Animals 04 Protective ... 12 Physical Perfroming 01 Artistic 01.01 Literary Arts The Modern Language Association of America Writer's Digest Academic Communication Sites Around the World - UF College of Communications 01.02 Visual Arts Association of Medical Illustrators Digital Arts and Sciences - UF - Possible career options 01.03 Performing Arts: Drama Sign Language Interpreter Sign Language Interpreter training via distance learning - letter of 5/12/03 01.04 Performing Arts: Music

28. Biographies  Ohioans  Ohioana Library Database
Menu of biographies in specific categories. Actors and Actresses; Artists;Astronauts; Athletes Muslim scientists NASA Astronaut biographies (NASA) FRAME/WEBLINKS/Biography/bio.htm
( database of short biographies Biography Collections - index of sites offering biography collections Dead People Server - lists dead celebrities of all kinds - some pictures included
World Biographical Index
Menu of biographies in specific categories:: Return to YA HOMEWORK HELP
Return to WEBLINKS
Actors and Actresses
- Lycos Entertainment Site American Masters - (PBS Series) mini biographies including timelines of people in performing arts (includes actors, actresses, playwrights) MENU
American Masters - (PBS Series) mini biographies including timelines of people in visual arts, performing arts, music, literature, and others Norman Rockwell
Ohio Artists-Ohio Online Visual Artist Registry
Athletes Top North American athletes of the century (ESPN) in progress....the top one hundred MENU Authors, Poets American Masters - (PBS Series) mini biographies including timelines of people in visual arts, performing arts (includes playwrights), literature, and others Author Guides - Louisiana State University Guige READ IN - Welcome to The Read In!

29. UAF Rasmuson Library -- Subject Guide -- Art
To find indepth biographies for specific persons, try a KEYWORD search the biographies of anthropologists and scientists that have had an influence on



Subject Guides

Subject Guides: Biography Resources
Articles Books Additional Resources Web Resources FINDING ARTICLES Start with an index to locate articles in journals, newspapers or magazines. An index allows you to search by subject, author, or keywords that describe your topic. Biography Index (CT100 .B56 INDEXES - covers 1946-91) Databases for Alaskans: Academic Search Premier
MasterFILE Premier OCLC FirstSearch: Biography Index - (1984 - present)
Periodical Abstracts (PerAbs)
Readers Guide
FINDING BOOKS Listed below are selected biographical resources which are available in most libraries. Some of these are available in the UAf Rasmuson Library. General Current Biography (CT100 C8 REF), a biographical dictionary Authors African American Writers PS153 N5 A344 1990 REF American Writers PS129 A55 REF British Writers PR85 B688 REF Contemporary Authors Z1010 C65 REF The Critical Perspective - a brief portraits of crucial British and American Authors PR85 C76 1985 REF Dictionary of Literary Biography PN451 D53 REF Modern American Women Writers PS151 M54 1991 REF Latin American Writers PQ7081 A1 L37 1989 REF Scientists The biographical dictionary of scientists Q141.B528 2000 REF

30. Library Journal - Energy
Encyclopedias and sciencespecific print titles are good jumping-off places to begin Kid s tips, discussions of energy safety, scientists biographies,
Reed Business Information Browse Topics A/V Associations Automation/ILS AwardsIndustry AwardsLiterary AwardsLJ Best Books Book News Budgets/Funding Buildings/Facilities Careers/Salaries Collection Building Crimes/Disasters Digital Libraries First Novelists Genre Fiction Graphic Novels Hot Titles/Authors Intellectual Freedom Internet Interviews Legislation Library Education Literacy Managing Libraries Marketing/Outreach New Librarians Open Access People Prepub Products/Vendors Programming Publishing News Reader's Advisory Reference Resource Sharing Scholarly Publishing Special Collections Special Libraries Technical Services Web Extras Browse Sections A/V Annual Backtalk Behind the Book Blatant Berry Book Brief Buyer's Guide Collection Development Dear LJ Digital Libraries Editorial Features Feedback Front Desk How Do You Manage InfoTech InfoTech Feature LJ Talks To netConnect News NextGen Online Databases People Prepub Alert Reader's Shelf Reference Issue Log In Subscribe/Sign Up Subscribers Register Here Search Reviews Site Printer Friendly Version Email A Colleague Energy
Energy is the ability to do work. As simple as that statement is, the resources needed by students to explain the hows and whys of all the different types of energy sources can become complicated. There is a wealth of web-based material, but most of it is on an adult level. That may work for high school students, but it is difficult to find age-appropriate material for middle and elementary students.

31. Research Resources For SOC330 - Fall 2002
Includes short biographies of notable women scientists like astronomer If you have specific items in mind, look them up using an author or title search.
Wellesley College Library NOTE: This is an archived copy of the page; it is not being updated and the links and information may no longer be current, but the page may give you ideas about where to look for information on your topic. Fall 2002 Leslie Lapham , Clapp Library, x3372
Irene Laursen
, Science Library, x3082 Finding background information Finding statistics and government documents Finding books on your topic Searching the web ... For more help Finding background information Access Science , the online version of the McGraw Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology The American Annual Cyclopedia 1861-1902. A register of important ideas, from scientific and other areas. Clapp Reference AE 5 .A7. Biography:
  • American National Biography WC American Women in Science: 1950 to the present: a biographical dictionary . Clapp Reference Q141 .B254 1998. Biography Index WC via FirstSearch Current Biography Illustrated WC Handbook of American Women's History . Clapp Reference HQ1410 .H36. Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women . Clapp Reference HQ1115 .R69 2000. Women in the Third World.

32. Biographies Homework
specific Sites Authors. top Celebrities. A+E’s scientists Inventors. Astronaut biographies Benjamin Franklin Glimpses of the Man
South Dakota State Library part of SD Department of Education Sitemap South Dakota Preschoolers ... Search Engines Homework
English History Math ... Homework search engines, subject guides, and resources Click here to find homework help sites and electronic encyclopedias and dictionaries. General Authors Celebrities Discoverers/Explorers ... Women General Sites:
FT=full text of articles is available online
(if asked to login, type in your library card number and password) top
Specific Sites
Authors top
Celebrities: top
Discoverers/Explorers top

33. Biographies And Background
It is not specific to science. Other useful sites include These and otherbooks, including many short biographies of scientists for young readers,
Humanity in School Science
A resource site
and discussion forum
arranged by members of the
British Society for
the History of Science
Biographies and background
Where to get information about particular scientists
and episodes in science
  • Web sources as below
  • Key reference books
  • The SHiPS network homepage in Minneapolis. This is a site specifically designed for teachers who want to draw on History Philosophy and Sociology of Science. Find regular new discussions, or go directly to
  • The Galileo Project at Rice University has notes on 600 seventeenth century scientists.
  • Biographical WWWVL-HSTM The Virtual Library for the History of Science Technology and Medicine started in Melbourne, Australia, is a long-established site - now moved elsewhere, so follow directions when messages to that effect appear and you will eventually get there. The site is divided into many sections, so you can search in different ways for the information you want.
  • St Andrews University History of Maths archive This very popular site has a lot of lively information about scientists from the more mathematical sciences.
  • Biographies search page This will often give you a person's dates and some basic information, but without references for further study. It is not specific to science.

Introduction to Biomes scroll down for information on specific biomes scientists from the 16th and 17th centuries - detailed by biographies
Subject Sites
Astronomy Chemistry Genetic Diseases Biology ... Weather Astronomy
Constellations and their Stars
- explains the constellations and stars and includes star charts and brief explanations of star myths behind the names of constellations
Comet Hale-Bopp

Mars Global Surveyor

Nine Planets

Virtual Solar Systems
- at this National Geographic site, you can get a 3-D view of the solar system
Welcome to the Planets
- images of the planets from NASA
Solar Eclipse
- locations, history, and live eclipses

Stephen Hawking's Universe
Includes information on the television programs, and a teacher's guide which can be downloaded. Star Journey - this popular National Geographic site allows you to view the night sky using their star chart; look at the Hubble telescope Solar System Live - view the solar system and see the actual position of all the planets around the sun. The Virtual Sun - take a virtual tour through the sun Top of Page Biology Cells Anatomy Animals Health Cells Blueprint of the Body - this is an excellent for information on the Human Genome Project Gene Almanac - this is "a multimedia primer on the basic of DNA and heredity"

35. ENC Online: Math Facts & Figures: Biographies Of Important Mathematicians
biographies of Women Mathematicians is an ongoing project of the students in and scientists, including many specific sites on women mathematicians.

36. Research Workshop Series Speaker Biographies For The 1999 Women In Bioscience Co
Her specific research interest is how to promote meaningful learning in collegescience, Lora heads a team of 9 individuals comprised of scientists,
Speaker Biographies for Education/Research Workshops
Academia: Sandra Schmidt, Ph.D. The Scripps Research Institute Sandra Schmidt received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from Stanford University in 1985. Following a post-doctoral fellowship in Ira Mellman’s laboratory at Yale University, Sandra joined The Scripps Research Institute as an Assistant Member of the Department of Cell Biology in 1988. Currently, she is a tenured Associate Member of that Department. Her research interests include:
  • The molecular mechanism of clathrin coated vesicle-mediated endocytosis. Structure, function and enzymology of the GTPase, dynamin Endocytosis of receptor tyrosine kinases and signal transduction
Sheri Cole, Ph.D. University of California, San Diego Sheri P. Cole received her bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Texas, Austin, and her Ph.D. in the Deptartment of Medicinal Chemistry at Purdue University. She did her post-doctoral work at the John Innes Institute in Norwich, England, then joined Abbott Labs in Chicago as a senior research scientist. She is currently an assistant project scientist in the Deptartment of Medicine at UCSD, researching the pathogenesis of Helicobacter pylori Kathy McGuire, Ph.D.

37. The Mars Society - MDRS: Crew 29 Biographies
These are the scientists and engineers who live and work on site within the I plan to use the speech data collected at MDRS to explore role specific and
Reports from the MDRS
2003-2004 Field Season
MDRS Crew 29
April 25 - May 8, 2004
The crew of the Mars Desert Research Station rotates every 2 weeks. These are the scientists and engineers who live and work on site within the MDRS. They explore all of the facets of human exploration in a simulated Mars environment. The MDRS will be active for a 7 month period.
Name Speciality Bill Clancey NASA-Ames, CDR, Mobile Agents Principal Investigator Maarten Sierhuis Ames-RIACS, Computer Scientist; Mobile Agents Project Leader Brent Garry Geologist, SUNY-Buffalo Abby Semple Rick Alena NASA-Ames, Systems Engineer John Dowding Ames-RIACS, Computer Scientist, Voice Commanding Specialist
Bill Clancey Crew 29 Mission Commander Bill Clancey
Maarten Sierhuis Maarten Sierhuis is a computer scientist, with a Ph.D. in social science and informatics from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Early on in his career he specialized in designing expert systems, with a particular focus on the role of such systems in the larger context of the total work process. Today he believes that technology designers need a deep understanding of how people work in practice, before they even attempt to develop technology for people.
His research in the last ten years has focused on computational modeling and simulation techniques for understanding how people work in practice. In technical terms we call this work practice modeling and simulation. He beliefs that through modeling the practice and context in which work occurs, software designers will have a better understanding of people and software systems might become better equipped in assisting people, while enhancing people's work life. Our field test in this mission is applying some of this research and testing it in the harsh reality, of yet ill-defined practices, of planetary EVAs.

38. Biographies Of Archaeologists And Related Scientists
These are minibiographies of some of the archaeologists throughout history whohave contributed Archaeologists and Related scientists biographies
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Homework Help Archaeology Archaeologists Biographies Homework Help Archaeology Essentials Ancient Daily Life ... Help w(' ');zau(256,140,140,'el','','');w(xb+xb+' ');zau(256,140,140,'von','','');w(xb+xb);
FREE Newsletter
Sign Up Now for the Archaeology newsletter!
See Online Courses
Search Archaeology
Biographies of Archaeologists and Related Scientists
Archaeologists come from all walks of life and make all kinds of career choices. These are mini-biographies of some of the archaeologists throughout history who have contributed significantly to the profession.
Recent Anthropology Biography Web From the University of Minnesota at Mankato, an ever-growing student-assembled group of biographies including many archaeologists. The biographical sketches are of varying quality, some of which are fabulous. Breaking Ground: Women in Old World Archaeology From Martha Sharp Joukowsky and Barbara Lesko, Brown University, a project of new biographies of women archaeologists working in the old world. Celebrating Women Anthropologists The University of South Florida has collected 31 biographies of prominent women anthropologists, including some archaeologists, one for each day of Women's History Month (March).

39. Biographical Resources On The Internet
General Biography Resources / specific biographies Thematic biographies Thematic biographies Art / History / Language Arts / Science
General Biography Resources
Specific Biographies
Thematic Biographies
General Biography Resources
25,000 biographies are available through a search engine. Popular personalities as well as historical figures are featured. Biography Center
Links to over biographies of over 5,000 people. Biographical Dictionary
This dictionary covers more than 28,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day. The dictionary can be searched by birth years, death years, positions held, professions, literary and artistic works, achievements, and other keywords. Distinguished Women of Past and Present
This site has biographies of women who contributed to our culture in many different ways. There are writers, educators, scientists, heads of state, politicians, civil rights crusaders, artists, entertainers, and others. Lives - The Biography Resource
This site claims to be the largest guide to biography sites on the Web. Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives, oral histories and more.

40. A Recipe For Invention: Scientist Biographies - Sample Student Handout - Case St
A Recipe for Invention Scientist biographies, Sample Student Handout, what specific scientific contribution they made and any other specific tidbits
Recipe for Invention: Scientist Biography
October 3 rd th
On or before October 3 rd
Each group will pick one of the following molecular biologist or biochemists or choose another scientist and have it approved by the instructor. Only one group per scientist so if you have a particular one you want, let me know early and I'll save it for you. [CHOSEN LIST Of SCIENTISTS GOES HERE] Then your group will research this person to find out their educational background, when and where they did their research, what specific scientific contribution they made and any other specific tidbits about them. I suggest that you split up the tasks within your group and come back with the information for everyone to share. You can check your textbook, Who's Who in Science and information online, but there are also a couple of more historical books on reserve in the library that might be useful. You can also try to get a copy of one of their research articles.
On October 17 th
Each person should bring back to the discussion class the information they have found out about the group's scientist. It would be easiest to have this written or typed out and copied for each person in the group. For the first half hour, the groups should compare these notes and exchange information. Then all the groups will come together and share with the whole discussion class what they found out about their scientist for about 5-7 minutes each. You will likely not be able to tell everything you found out, but maybe just some interesting highlights or particularly unusual fact that you found about them.

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