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         Science Technology & Math Libraries:     more books (79)
  1. Bears Odd, Bears Even (Puffin Math Easy-To-Read Level 2) by Harriet Ziefert, 1999-10
  2. More for Me (Hello Math Reader-Level 2) by Sydnie Meltzer Kleinhenz, 1999-10
  3. Everybody Wins! (Math Matters (Sagebrush)) by Sheila Bruce, 2002-02
  4. Three Pigs, One Wolf, and Seven Magic Shapes (Hello Reader! Math Level 3) by Grace MacCarone, 1999-10
  5. The Fly on the Ceiling: A Math Myth (Step Into Reading + Math: A Step 3 Book) by Julie Glass, 1999-10
  6. Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (Step Into Reading + Math: A Step 3 Book) by Frank Murphy, 2001-10
  7. Case of the Backyard Treasure (Hello Reader! Math Level 4) by Joanne Rocklin, 1999-10
  8. The Dragon's Scales (Step Into Reading + Math: A Step 2 Book) by Sarah Albee, 1999-10
  9. Bart's Amazing Charts (Hello Reader! Math-Level 3) by Dianne Ochiltree, 2001-03
  10. Not Enough Room (Hello Math Reader, Level 2) by Joanne Rocklin, 1999-10
  11. The Case of the Shrunken Allowance (Hello Reader! Math Level 4) by Joanne Rocklin, 1999-10
  12. Fattest, Tallest, Biggest Snowman Ever (Hello Reader! Math Level 3) by Bettina Ling, Michael Rex, et all 1999-10
  13. One Hungry Cat (Hello Math Reader Level 3) by Joanne Rocklin, Marilyn Burns, 1999-10
  14. More or Less a Mess (Hello Reader! Math Level 2) by Sheila Keenan, Marilyn Burns, 1999-10

81. Science Technology
The collections have been donated to the National Library of Medicine and Scientific Computing Automation source for science and technology news and
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  • 19th Century Scientific American Online
  • ABAG Earthquake Maps and Information
  • Abacus, The - Instructions on how to use a real abacus, and a chance to play with the online Java model.
  • ASEE Clearinghouse for Engineering Education
  • African American Faces of Science - biographical information on African American men and women who have contributed to the advancement of science and engineering.
  • American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Online
  • American Physical Society -Info on membership, journals, meetings and international affairs for physicists.
  • American Scientist Magazine
  • Anthropology in the News - contains links to recent articles from various sources about topics of interest to anthropologists and archaeologists.
  • Artificial Life Online
  • Ask Dr. Science
  • B-Eye
  • Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology ...
  • Becoming Human - Site is designed to teach a general audience about human evolution and the search for early hominid life in the field. Journey through the story of human evolution.
  • Biology Guide
  • Brooklyn Botanical Garden
  • Bureau of Atomic Tourism
  • CASE Tool Index ...
  • The Virtual Gramaphone: Canadian Historical Sound Recordings - National Library of Canada
  • Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
  • Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
  • Canada Space Agency
  • Cells Alive!
  • 82. Selected Web Resources In The History Of Science [Internet Resources]
    WWW Virtual Library for the History of science, technology Medicine. URLhttp// Author Currently maintained by
    Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Winter 1999 URLs in this document have been updated. Links enclosed in have been changed. If a replacement link was located, the new URL was added and the link is active; if a new site could not be identified, the broken link was removed.
    Science and Technology Resources on the Internet
    Selected Web Resources in the History of Science
    Marianne Stowell Bracke
    Life Sciences Librarian
    University of Houston Paul J. Bracke
    Reference and Educational Services Librarian
    University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston
    I. Introduction
    History is the record of human existence, the record of events and ideas. Among the most important ideas have been the ideas of science, ideas that have contributed to the intellectual and material enrichment of human civilization. Understanding of, at minimum, the rudiments of the history of science is essential to understanding the world we live in, and is essential to full understanding of science itself. The explosion of the World Wide Web has led to an explosion in the amount of scholarly (and not so scholarly) information widely available in an electronic format. Not only are materials increasingly available in an electronic medium, the nature of the medium allows for new means of presenting information. No longer are authors or curators limited to the format of a book or traditional museum exhibit. Information may now be presented in a manner that is interactive, dynamic, of multiple source formats, and easily updatable. While this medium is still in its infancy, there are a ever increasing number of sites taking advantage of its possibilities to present information on the history of science.

    83. UW Libraries - Mathematics Research Library Home Page
    Scholarly Communications in math Sciences. math/Stat Cancellations at UW 1997; 1999; math Research Library pages only, All Web pages on this server
    @import url(/css/top.css); Off-Campus Access
    Mathematics Research Library
    How do I...
    Search UW Library Catalog Get a book Get an article Find course reserves Get help more... Library Catalog Summit Math/Stat Scholarly Communications
    New Books
    ... Other
    Internet Resources in Mathematics and Statistics
    Electronic Do's and Don'ts
    = UW Restricted
    Research Databases

    84. Futures Channel Digital Video Resource Library – DVD Micro-Documentaries Of Exc
    Use the Library to. Establish contexts for lessons that develop higher orderthinking Make math and science relevant to student s lives, increase their
    • Now playing:
      Movie of the Week
    • Last Weeks Movie ...
      Real World Professionals
      "There are over 3 million teachers in America who face the challenge of relating what they are teaching to the real world. They are expected to be able to effectively answer the questions: 'When will I ever use this?' The Futures Channel is going to help them answer that question." Dr. Milton Chen, instructional media pioneer and
      Executive Director, The George Lucas Educational Foundation "We used "The Art Director" movie to explore the concept of areas and perimeters. I almost fell over when one of my girls raised her hand and said that her father, who is a building contractor, should build houses with square rooms to allow more options for furniture placement. Wow!! It put a smile on my face." Mike Rooney
      Broward County Schools, Florida Real math. Real science. Real careers. Use the Library to:
      • Establish contexts for lessons that develop higher order thinking skills
      • Make math and science relevant to student's lives, increase their involvement and depth of understanding

    85. Campus Buildings
    HBK, Hornbake Library (Undergraduate), 147. HOW, Howard Hall (Dorm), 028. IPT,Institute for Physical science and technology, 085
    Abbrebiated Building Index
    University of Maryland, College Park
    NOTE: This index contains only the buildings that have three letter abreviations. View the complete list now.
    name number AVW A.V. Williams Building SSU Adele H. Stamp Student Union Building AGY Allegany Hall (Dorm) ANS Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building ANA Anne Arundel Hall (Dorm) ARC Architecture Building ASY Art-Sociology Building BAL Baltimore Hall (Dorm) BEL Bel Air Hall EDU Benjamin Building BPS Biology-Psychology Building BRD Byrd Stadium Building (Upper Deck) BRD Byrd Stadium Complex BRD Byrd Stadium Concession BRD Byrd Stadium Ticket Booth CAL Calvert Hall (Dorm) CCC Cambridge Community Center CAM Cambridge Hall (Dorm) CRC Campus Recreation Center CAR Caroline Hall (Dorm) CRL Caroll Hall (Dorm) CEC Cecil Hall (Dorm) CEN Centreville Hall (Dorm) CHL Charles Hall (Dorm) CHE Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building CHM Chemistry Building CHS Chestertown Hall (Dorm) PAC Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center COL Cole Student Activities Building CSI Computer Science Instructional Center CSS Computer and Space Sciences Building CBD Cumberland Hall (Dorm) DEN Denton Hall (Dorm) DOR Dorchester Hall (Dorm) EAS Easton Hall (Dorm) EDA Education Annex, West

    86. GSDL - About GSDL
    Member login and registration Gender and science Digital Library home page for science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education.,4085,,00.shtm
    Return to the GSDL home page. Member log-in and registration Gender and Science Digital Library home page About the Gender and Science Digital Library ... See the most recently added resources YOU ARE HERE > GSDL Home Accessible Version
    About GSDL
  • Our Mission

    Collections Policy

  • Our Mission
      The collection will offer exceptional resources and services that help educators in promoting and implementing gender-equitable science education in both formal and informal settings, to both male and female students, and assisting in increasing female involvement in the sciences. In addition, it will provide resources to researchers and others working to understand the link between gender and science, including how gender influences the development of science and the role of women within science.
      Back to Top

      Back to Top
      Today's technology-based, global economy places an increasingly high premium on STEM education. Yet, international studies show that male and female students in the United States routinely rank below world standards in math and science achievement. Educators and researchers committed to increasing science interest and achievement in students struggle in their efforts to find materials that will enable them to understand issues surrounding male-female dynamics and roles in relation to science education and practice, increase male acceptance and support of women as scientists, and male and female students in the study of science.
      As a global and cross-disciplinary resource, the GSDL is a leader in this unique and ground-breaking digital library initiative. The primary objective of the GSDL is to create a high-quality, interactive library of gender and STEM resources for K-12, higher education (community college and university), women's studies, teacher preparation programs, and informal learning environments.

    87. Library Webpage - Useful Links
    Bronx High School of science Library Useful Links science, TECHNOLOGYAND math SITES. • Primary Source science Articles (4) About inventions

    88. Computer Science & Mathematics : Databases & E-Resources (Library Of Congress)
    Wilson s Applied science technology Index provides abstracts and indexing for the NCSTRL Networked Computer science Technical Reference Library

    89. - North-Holland Mathematical Library
    NORTHHOLLAND MATHEMATICAL LIBRARY Buy online with a credit card in theElsevier science technology Bookstore External link
    Home Site map Regional Sites Advanced Product Search ... North-Holland Mathematical Library Book series information Product description Editorial board Volumes in series About Elsevier ... Select your view NORTH-HOLLAND MATHEMATICAL LIBRARY
    Honorary Editors:
    M. Artin
    H. Bass
    J. Eells
    W. Feit
    P.J. Freyd
    F.W. Gehring
    H. Halberstam
    J.H.B. Kemperman
    W.A.J. Luxemburg F.P. Peterson I.M. Singer A.C. Zaanen Editorial Board: A. Dimca A.S. Dow R.H. Dijkgraaf J.J. Duistermaat E. Looijenga J.P. May I. Moerdijk S.M. Mori J.P. Palis A. Schrijver J.H.M. Steenbrink F. Takens J. van Mill Description
    Reference works in both pure and applied mathematics are published in this book series, providing comprehensive accounts of the state of the art of selected topics. Volumes in series Elliptic Boundary Value Problems of Second Order in Piecewise Smooth Domains, 69 To order this title, and for more information, go to By Michail Borsuk, Vladimir Kondratiev ISBN: 0-444-52109-7, Year: 2006, EUR 160, USD 176

    90. Guide To Computer Science Internet Resources [Internet Resources]
    Issues in science and technology Librarianship, Summer 1997 {Networked Computerscience Technical Reports Library} NCSTRL is a searchable,
    Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Summer 1997 URLs in this document have been updated. Links enclosed in have been changed. If a replacement link was located, the new URL was added and the link is active; if a new site could not be identified, the broken link was removed.
    Science and Technology Sources
    on the Internet
    Guide to Computer Science Internet Resources
    Michael Knee
    University Library
    University at Albany, SUNY

    [Associations] [Bibliographies/Technical Reports] ... [Starting Points] This guide contains links to significant computer science resources on the Internet. It is based on the computer science resource listing available as a subject guide on the University at Albany, University Libraries home page. There are, however, four differences:
    • 1. Duplicate links have been removed. That is, links to sites that may belong in more than one subject category will appear in only one subject category in this guide.
    • 2. Links to sites, such as electronic journals and bibliographic databases, that require a subscription and/or a license have been removed.
    • 3. Links to several popular computing sites have been removed.

    91. WU Libraries Mathematics
    University libraries Washington University in St. Louis. Applied Scienceand technology Full Text (1983 - ) More Info. CiteSeer.
    Skip navigation Catalog Find it! Articles,
    Databases, Full-Text
    ... About the Libraries
    University Libraries
    Search Library Pages
    Other Search Options
    Help! ERes ILLiad ... WU Home
    Subject librarian:
    Barbara Luszczynska
    Office hours: 8:30am - 5:00pm or make an appointment
    Phone: 314/935-6177
    Full-text Sources
    Reference Sources

    Related Mathematics
    ... Article Information - Mathematics
    Digital archive of the most important mathematical publications 1868-1942. MathSciNet
    Mathematical Reviews searchable online. Mathematics Abstracts - Zentralblatt (STN-MATH)(1972- ) Zentralblatt fur Mathematik online. Covers worldwide literature in pure and applied mathematics. Mathematical Didactics Database (STN-MATHDI)(1976- ) Covers mathematical education and related fields. All relevant journals published worldwide are included. INSPEC (1968 - ) Scientific and technical journals and conference proceedings in physics, electrical engineering and electronics, computing and control, and information technology. January 1968 to the present. In this section you will also be able to cross-search other databases in the Web of Science (Citation Indexes). Applied Science and Technology Full Text (1983 - ) More Info.

    92. Math And Science Education Center - Appalachian State University
    math and science Education Center Banner math LIBRARY. BOOKS. AIMS (ActivitiesIntegrating math science) 98,99100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!
    Appalachian Home Page
    Contact MSEC

    Math and Science Education Center NC Locations

    MSEC Calendar
    NC Math and Science Education Network

    Web Sites Workshops ... Walker Hall , Room 220
    98,99,100! Ready or Not, Here I Come!
    Apples, Bubble, and Crystals-Your Science ABCs
    Applying Algebra Connected Mathematics (click for units and topics) Cricket in Times Square, The
    Elementary Math Teachers Book of Lists Environmental Chemistry Junie B. Jones Has a Peepin Her Pocket (Scholastic) How Do Bats See in the Dark? Questions and Answers About Night Creatures (Scholastic Question and Answer Series) Island Scrapbook, An Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, The (Scholastic) National Science Resource Center (teacher/student guides-20 different topics) Overcoming Math Anxiety Rockpool, The Salamandar Room, The Science Fair Projects (A Guide for Grown-ups) Booklets Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi, A Math Adventure (Scholastic)

    93. Science & Technology: Mathematics - Subject Guides - Enoch Pratt Free Library, B
    General Information Ready Reference/Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore, Maryland . science technology Mathematics Subject Guide maintained by

    94. PKAL: Useful Links For Science, Technology, Engineering, And Mathematics (STEM)
    Useful Links for science, technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Networks Digital Library for Earth science Education (DLESE)

    95. Natural Sciences And Mathematics - Canadian Information By Subject
    Library and Archives Canada / Bibliothèque et archives Canada science and technology for Canadians (Government of Canada)

    Search Alphabetical Order Subject Order ... About
    5 Natural sciences and mathematics
    Natural sciences and mathematics

    Astronomy and allied sciences

    Natural sciences and mathematics
    Natural sciences and mathematics

    96. Olivet Nazarene University - Benner Library Mathematics Department Guide
    Cornell Theory Center math and science Gateway mathematics Offers links toresources Library Materials. Great Jobs for math Majors (R 510.23 L175g) *
    var alternate=true;
    Matthew 10:30
    "And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered." Genesis 6:15-16a "This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Make a roof for it and finish the ark to within 18 inches of the top. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks. "
    Mathematics Library Guide
    Complied by Jasmine Vaughan , Instructional Services Librarian . Last updated April 26, 2005. To recommend a link or request a page for your class, please contact Prof. Vaughan Math Department
    PLUS! Career Information
    This page contains links, instructions and suggested resources to assist the mathematic researcher. This guide contains a careful selection of the best print and online resources available to members of the Olivet Nazarene University Community. It is intended to help the researcher get started and as an access point for the research tools you need. Local call numbers refer to the Benner Library collection. If you have suggestions for additional resources or find incorrect information, please contact the

    97. TeacherSource . Science And Technology | PBS
    Read the PBS TeacherSource definitions for the science curriculum topics. science Reports Developments in Research and technology
    search options
    Purchase NOVA: America's Stone Age Explorers and investigate the origins of the first "Americans."
    Sunday, September 25, 2005
    To view lesson plans and activities, select a grade range and topic below:
    High School (9-12) Middle School (6-8) Grades 3-5 Grades K-2 Preschool And Select a Topic - Agriculture - Animals: Birds - Animals: Fish - Animals: Invertebrates - Animals: Mammals - Atomic - Botany - Chemistry - Classification - Ecology - Energy - Engineering - Ethics in Science - Evolution - Genetics - Human Biology - Meteorology - Microbiology - Navigation - Oceanography - Paleontology - Scientific Inquiry - Simple Machines - Sound - Transportation Read the PBS TeacherSource definitions for the Science curriculum topics. Recommended Books Recommended Links
    Extreme Oil: Exploring the History of Oil

    Examine the repercussions of oil use on society and the environment.
    Our Apple Tree
    Birdsong: A Natural History
    Teens and Technology
    Shuttle Return to Flight ... Activity Ideas
    Save time! Get quick access to your most relevant content for subject, grade level, and location

    98. Internet History Of Science Sourcebook
    science, technology and the Transformation in the Means of Production MEGA WWWVirtual Library History of science, technology Medicine
    Halsall Home Ancient History Sourcebook Medieval Sourcebook Modern History Sourcebook
    Other History Sourcebooks: African East Asian Indian Islamic ... Global Internet
    History of Science
    Sourcebook This page is a subset of texts derived from the three major online Sourcebooks listed below. For more contextual information, for instance about the Islamic world, check out these web sites. For help in research, homework, and so forth see Notes: In addition to direct links to documents, links are made to a number of other web resources.
    Link to a secondary article, review or discussion on a given topic. MEGA
    Link to one of the megasites which track web resources. WEB
    Link to a website focused on a specific issue.. These are not links to every site on a given topic, but to sites of serious educational value. hits since July 31, 1998

    99. Mathematical Sciences Research Institute - Home Page
    The Mathematical sciences Research Institute (MSRI) exists to further mathematicalresearch it is stimulated by problems in science and technology.

    Calendar Programs Workshops ... SEARCH SHORTCUT:
    Choose a Destination... Calendar Programs Workshops Summer Grad Workshops Seminars Events/Announcements Residence Program Application Materials Visa Information Propose a Program Propose a Workshop Policy on Diversity MSRI Alumni Archimedes Society Why Give to MSRI Ways to Give to MSRI Donate to MSRI Planned Gifts FAQ Staff Member Directory Contact Us Directions For Visitors Pictures Library Computing SGP Video Lectures MSRI in the Media Emissary Newsletter Outlook Newsletter Subscribe to Newsletters Books, Preprints, etc. Federal Support Corporate Affiliates Sponsoring Publishers Foundation Support Academic Sponsors
    Upcoming Workshops September 26,2005 to September 28,2005 October 10,2005 to October 14,2005 October 31,2005 to November 04,2005 November 05,2005 to November 06,2005 November 14,2005 to November 18,2005 Events Sunday, October 16 Announcements
    MSRI Launches a New Web Site
    MSRI Has Temporarily Moved Mailing Information and Driving Directions MSRI's Capital Campaign Please Support Chern Hall and MSRI's Capital Campaign for Building Expansion and Renovation The Right Spin Live Construction Web Cam Banff International Station Support MSRI Give Now to the Annual Fund and Join the Archimedes Society

    100. Library System/Howard University
    The journals HighWire supports focus on science, technology, andmedicine (STM) and Networked Computer science Reference Library (NCSTRL)......

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