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         Science Technology & Math Libraries:     more books (79)
  1. Deena's Lucky Penny (Math Matters (Sagebrush)) by Barbara Derubertis, 1999-10
  2. Eric the Math Bear by Caroline Glicksman, 2003-08-12
  3. Mastering Math For The Building Trades by James Gerhart, 2000-06
  4. Pigs Go to Market: Fun With Math and Shopping (Pigs Will Be Pigs) by Amy Axelrod, 2001-03
  5. Math Fair Blues (Math Matters (Sagebrush)) by Sue Kassirer, 2001-10
  6. Monster Math Picnic (Hello Reader! Math Level 1) by Grace MacCarone, 1999-10
  7. Lizzy's Dizzy Day (Hello Reader! Math Level 2) by Sheila Keenan, 2002-08
  8. Monster Math by Anne Miranda, 2002-03
  9. No Fair! (Hello Reader! Math Level 2) by Caren Holtzman, 1999-10
  10. Pigs on the Ball: Fun With Math and Sports (Pigs Will Be Pigs) by Amy Axelrod, 2001-03
  11. Graphs (All Aboard Math Reader: Level 2) by Bonnie Bader, 2003-12
  12. Pigs at Odds: Fun With Math and Games by Amy Axelrod, 2003-12
  13. Pigs Will Be Pigs: Fun With Math and Money (Fun with Math & Money) by Amy Axelrod, 1999-10
  14. Rocket to the Moon (Math Adventures) by David Clemson, Wendy Clemson, 2007-01-12

41. ThinkQuest : Library : Science & Technology
Library. Index science technology Our site includes information on science,Health, The Arts, math, PE/Sports, Social Studies and sites to help

42. Mathematics Education Resources On The Internet
science and technology Sources on the Internet. mathematics Education Resourceson the math Forum Internet mathematics Library http//
Previous Contents Next Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship Summer 2003 URLs in this document have been updated. Links enclosed in have been changed. If a replacement link was located, the new URL was added and the link is active; if a new site could not be identified, the broken link was removed.
Science and Technology Sources on the Internet
Mathematics Education Resources on the Internet
Mary DeCarlo
Mathematics Librarian
Syracuse University Mathematics Library
Scope Starting Points Online Bibliographic Databases ... References
This guide is designed primarily for the mathematics educator, whether in the role of teacher or as the student in a college education program. The majority of resources included here focus on primary and secondary education, but many may easily apply to college level. Librarians will also find the databases, reference tools, and the biographic sites helpful. Because the number of Internet sites covering mathematics education is so vast, a guide to the most essential ones is useful. To illustrate this, a search on the Google search engine under "mathematics education" found 218,000 hits and over 2 million sites when searched without the quotes. Sections in this guide describe the principal Internet sites in each category that provide high quality information. These resources have been chosen based on currency and depth and breadth of coverage. All selected sites provide their resources freely and, with only two exceptions, are hosted by educational institutions, government offices, or non-profit organizations.

43. Science, Technology & Math (4)
science, technology math (4) mathematics Library Located in HayesHealyCenter, math serves the College of science and the Dept. of mathematics

ND Home
University Libraries Virtual Reference Desk
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Electronic Resources Gateway
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Chemistry-Physics Library
Engineering Library
Life Science Library
Located in Galvin has materials relating to Biology and Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Medicine and Health Mathematics Library
Located in Hayes-Healy Center, Math serves the College of Science and the Dept. of Mathematics
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44. Science And Mathematics Publishers : The AcqWeb Directory
Inc. science and technology publications for both the professional and the editions of leading science journals from Stanford University libraries
Directory of Publishers and Vendors
Science and Mathematics Publishers
Home Publishers Subject Directory : Science
The Medical and Science portions of the AcqWeb Publisher directory are maintained by Carol Watwood of Western Kentucky University. See also:
Biomedical Publishers
Computer Publishers Engineering Publishers General Publishers ... University Presses
For links to book reviews see:
AcqWeb's Directory of Science Book Reviews on the Web
Contacting the Editors Return to:
AcqWeb's Directory of Publishers and Vendors
Last updated:
December 8, 2001

45. Science And Math - FirstGov For Kids
Item Kids science Page National Agricultural Library - Hey kids! Item GirlsGo Tech - Girls in science, technology and math - During your lifetime

Arts Careers Computers ... Transportation Science and Math Learn about rockets, weather, the human body, outer space, science fair projects ideas and much more through these great links. Government Sites
(these sites are not maintained by *)
Agricultural Ideas for Science Fair Projects - Here, we've put together a few basic ideas of agricultural science projects you can do. Use these ideas as a jumping-off place for coming up with your own project. Agriculture and Math Fun - Fun agriculture and math site with quizzes, games, and links to other sites. Agriculture in the Classroom Kid's Corner - Learn about the role and importance of agriculture in the economy and society. Air Force Crossroads - This page has tons to offer both kids and teenagers alike. From sports to arts to video games, you will find information and entertainment that will keep you coming back for more. Air Quality Index - Learn how air pollution is measured, about the Air Quality Index (AQI), and how the index can be a quick way to tell people how good or bad something is. The AQI uses colors, and numbers, and words to tell you about the air. Ask-A-Scientist - Submit Ask A Scientist Question! This is a great information service for K-12 teachers and their students. You can e-mail a question or find your answer in their vast archives.

46. Mathematics WWW Virtual Library [FSU Math]
o, Computing technology for math Excellence K12 math and calculus resources Helpful for teaching and learning many different math and science concepts.

47. Science, Math, Technology Links
science.gif (1104 bytes) science, math, technology Links National scienceDigital Library. Educational resource for science, technology, engineering,
Lee County Library System Science, Math, Technology Links Computers Science The Animal Diversity Web Information on animals including the classification, geographic range, physical characteristics, food habits, reproduction, behavior, habitat, economic importance for humans, and conservation issues. Hurricane Information Local hurricane information provided by The News-Press. Invention Dimension Search for inventors and inventions. See the Lemelson-MIT Program's Handbook for Inventors. Links to others sites of interest to inventors. National Science Digital Library Educational resource for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Funded by the National Science Foundation. New Book of Popular Science (Click here to search from outside a library.) Published by Scholastic Library Publishing, Inc. Contains feature articles on science, science projects, scientist biographies, a science question and answer column, math problems, science puzzles and games.

48. NOBLE Web: Science, Math And Technology
science, math and technology links from NOBLE the North of Boston Library Exchange . National science Digital Library This comprehensive source for
Science and Technology
Arts Books Business Careers/Jobs ... What's New
General Resources
  • Scientific American The online version of this journal includes articles from current and past issues, an Ask-the-Expert sections with archives of past questions and answers, and selected links to science sources
  • The Why Files: Science Behind the News Articles on the scientific aspects of recent news stories on cloning, bioterrorism, warfare, and other current issues
Astronomy and Space Travel

49. General Science & Technology: Selected Internet Resources (Science Reference Ser
Information related to science, math and Environmental Studies. The VirtualLibrary of Energy science and technology hosted by the Department of Energy
The Library of Congress Especially for Researchers Research Centers Home ... Selected Internet Resources Find in Science Reference Pages Researchers Web Pages All Library of Congress Pages
Unless otherwise noted, the sites listed in this directory are provided by organizations other than the Library of Congress. These links are being offered as a convenience and for informational purposes only; they do not constitute an endorsement or an approval by the Library of Congress of any of the products, services, or opinions of the corporation, organization or individual. The Library of Congress bears no responsibility for the accuracy, legality, or content of the external site or for that of subsequent links. Contact the external site for answers to questions regarding its content. Ask a Scientist - Office of Department of Energy Science Education
Experts answer questions from K-12 students and teachers that are not commonly found in libraries, reference books or text books. There is a large archive since the service has been operational since 1991.

50. NIST Virtual Library (NVL) - National Institute Of Standards And Technology
The National Institute of Standards and technology Virtual Library is the online math, Statistics, and Computational science NIST Digital Library of

51. Carrollton Public Library-Kids Science & Math Internet Links
US government science and technology web sites arranged alphabetically. Carrollton Public Library science Fair Project Pathfinder
Visit the city's home page Catalog Log in to
your account
... Weather ANIMALS
Animal Diversity Web
Search for information on a specific animal or browse through Kingdom Animalia. Some images are available and have Conditions of Use. CalPhotos: Animals
A collection of over 19,000 images of animals which can be browsed or searched and that can be used for non-commercial purposes. After a search, clicking on the more information link provides information about the photograph and additional links to find out more about the animal. Return to top of page Return to Kids Links ASTRONOMY
Solar System Exploration Home Page
NASA information about the planets and missions to explore them. History includes a timeline of solar system exploration. Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Information on the solar system and universe, at two levels, for grade-schoolers. Space Stuff includes Who's Who in Space. Windows to the Universe

52. SBC Knowledge Network Explorer: Blue Web'n Homepage
Our mission is to help schools and libraries acquire and effectively use Internetand technology (Applied science) technology (Applied science)
Quick Links: Blue Web'n Filamentality Lessons Videoconferencing ... KNEws
Search for educational web sites using:
Content Areas

Subject Area

Grade Level

Blue Web'n is an online library of 1983 outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, grade level, and format (tools, references, lessons, hotlists, resources, tutorials, activities, projects). You can also browse by broad subject area ( Content Areas ) or specific sub-categories ( Subject Area ). See " About this Site " for a scoring rubric and answers to other burning questions! Each month 5-10 new sites are added. You can get a description of these additions sent to you by signing up below for free updates ! To receive email updates, send an email message to To stop receiving updates, send a message to using the same address that you used when you subscribed. Select from at least one of the options below, then click the "Search" button. More selections will yield fewer matches. Grade Level: All Early Childhood (K-2) Elementary Middle School High School College Adult/Professional Application Type: All Tools References Lesson Plans Hotlists Information Resources Tutorials Activities Projects Content Area: ARTS Architecture Crafts General/Other Literature Money, Numismatics

53. SBC Knowledge Network Explorer: Blue Web'n Subject Areas
Our mission is to help schools and libraries acquire and effectively use Internetand Videoconferencing technology. technology (Applied science) ( 600)
Quick Links: Blue Web'n Filamentality Lessons Videoconferencing ... KNEws Search Filamentality Search Blue Web'n
Find Out More!
Arts Business Community Interest ... Vocational Education Click a category to find sites within that category. Dewey Decimal numbers are in parentheses.

First posted 1995.
Last modified August 5, 2005
Staff Development Discounts/Funding KNEws ... Search

54. 21st Century's Science & Technology Directory
21st Century science technology Website Directory The math Forum Internetmathematics Library Database sorted by topic, type of media,

55. Liverpool Library: Science, Technology & Computers/Math
Library Events About Liverpool Public Library Home science, technology Computers math. the entire directory only this category More search
Home What's New What's Cool Random Link ... Home : Math the entire directory only this category More search options
Mathematical Atlas: A Gatewary to Mathematics - Collection of articles provides an introduction and history to many areas of modern mathematics.
MathWorld - A "comprehensive and interactive mathematics encyclopedia" that includes explanations and illustrative examples of algebra, calculus, geometry, and probabiliity and statistics.

56. Yale University Library - Education - Selected Internet Resources
in science, math, and technology, and motivate young people to explore.Connecticut Academy for Education in mathematics, science, technology Inc.
Orbis Library Catalog StatCat Social Science Databases Subject Guides ... General Reference Resources Education - Selected Internet Resources:
Resources for Teachers of Mathematics and Science Mathematics Resources
Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway The Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway for secondary school students and educators provides an easy starting point for locating science and mathematics resources on the web. It is tailored to the needs of students in grades 9 through 12, with links to resources in subject areas such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, computing, the environment, health, mathematics, and physics. The Geometry Center The Geometry Center is a mathematics research and education center at the University of Minnesota. It is funded by the National Science Foundation as part of the Science and Technology Center program. The Center has a unified mathematics computing environment supporting math and computer science research, mathematical visualization, software development, application development, video animation production, and K-16 math education. INTEC INTEC (International Netcourse Teacher Enhancement Coalition) is an online professional development course that introduces inquiry-based teaching and learning to mathematics and science classrooms. The goal of the course is to support teachers directly in implementing the use of student investigations in mathematics and science at the middle and high school levels by offering a set of network-based high quality netcourses linking participants with exemplary National Science Foundation curriculum development efforts.

57. National Institute On Out-of-School Time
Links science, technology, Engineering, and math (STEM) The Internet PublicLibrary (IPL) is an online library at the University of Michigan School of
Links: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
< Back to Links

Center for Science Education (CSE)
is a project of the Education Development Center, Inc, has a website full of information on science education. EDC's award-winning programs and products build bridges between research, policy, and practice.
The Center for Science Education @ Space Sciences Laboratory

Engaging web-based and hands-on science activities developed by educators and scientists in partnership with elementary school teachers. Programs include coordination and support of NASA Sun-Earth Connection; education and outreach from satellite missions and programs; web-based curriculum; and Eye on the Sky.
DESIGN-IT!: Engineering in After School Programs
is a nationally implemented and tested afterschool curriculum project supported by science museums and centers. Activities help children develop basic engineering skills including trouble-shooting, design and re-design based on trials, testing, record keeping, problem solving, and creativity.
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE) Science
features a vase directory of resources in a variety of scientific fields, including astronomy, biology, earth science, ecology, geology, and paleontology.

58. @LA Science And Technology In Southern California: Los Angeles County, Orange Co
Cerritos College Division of science, Engineering, math, Norwalk USC science Engineering Library, Downtown. Organizations
Science and Technology
Understanding Our Universe
+ Lego Mindstorms, Battlebots Pro Series and much MORE! whole words only All Counties Los Angeles County Orange County Riverside County San Bernardino County Ventura County www. .la
Aeronautical Engineering Agriculture Anthropology Archaeology ...
General Departments Fairs Laboratories Libraries ... GLATSA Conference , February
Measurement Science Conference
, Anaheim - January
California Lutheran University's Enriched Science (CLUES)
, Thousand Oaks - for high schools
Southern California Regional Junior Sceince and Humanities Symposium
, Irvine, March - UCI
UCI Camp Med
, Irvine - health profession, for economically disadvantaged high school students Departments/Schools
Science Education

Azusa Pacific University Dept. of Biology and Chemistry

California Lutheran University Science Program
, Thousand Oaks Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Cal State Long Beach (CSULB) College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Cal State L.A. College of Natural and Social Sciences , East LA Cal State Northridge (CSUN) College of Science and Mathematics Cal Poly Pomona College of Science Cal Poly Pomona Integrated Science General Education Program Cal State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) College of Natural Sciences ... Cerritos College Division of Science, Engineering, Math

59. WU Libraries Engineering & Technology Subject Guides
University libraries Washington University in St. Louis. WashU libraries;InfoMine Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing math - University of
Skip navigation Catalog Find it! Articles,
Databases, Full-Text
... About the Libraries
University Libraries
Search Library Pages
Other Search Options
Help! ERes ILLiad ... Mechanical Engineering
General Engineering Websites
Biomedical Engineering Websites
Chemical Engineering Websites
Civil Engineering Websites

60. Educational Technology, Federal Resources For Educational Excellence (FREE)
Ecybermission is a webbased math, science, and technology competition for The Library of Congress Catalogs maintains a searchable database of about 12

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