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         Science Earth & Space Activities General:     more detail
  1. Science Giants: Earth & Space by Alan Ticotsky, 2006-07-24
  2. Building Confidence in Outer Space Activities: Csbms and Earth-To-Space Monitoring (UNIDIR)
  3. Contemporary Activities in Astronomy: A Process Approach by Darrel B. Hoff, Jeffrey A. Wilkerson, 2006-11-30
  4. The Earth (Starting with Space) by Cynthia Nicolson, 1996-02-15
  5. Space: Songs That Teach About Gravity, Space Travel and Famous Astronauts (The Science Series) by Twin Sisters Production, 1999-09
  6. The Sun (Starting with Space) by Paulette Bourgeois, 1995-07-12
  7. Our Planet: Ask Me a Question: A Picture Flip Quiz for 5-7 Year Olds (Ask Me a Question series) by Brenda Williams, 2003-05-01

1. Volcano World - The Web's Premier Source Of Volcano Info
Volcano World is proud to add Google Earth functionality to our 'Current Eruptions' page. Google Earth is a terrific (and free) PC GIS

2. Destination Earth
NASA's Earth Science Enterprise is an initiative to advance Earth science.

3. Center For International Earth Science Information Network
Center for International Earth Science Information Network, Columbia University

4. This Dynamic EarthContents [USGS]
in high resolution from the USGS Media for Science page. You can download a Portable Document Format version of This Dynamic Earth 3.73 MB

5. American Geological Institute - Serving The Geosciences Since 1948
For more images like the one above, visit the Earth Science World ImageBank! LATEST HAPPENINGS AT AGI

6. NOAA Central Library WindandSea Internet Guide
Earth Sciences Glossaries. EcologicalRelated Sciences Glossaries. Oceanic-Related Sciences Glossaries History of Fisheries and Fisheries

7. Welcome To USGS Learning Web
Learn how Biology, Geology, Hydrology, and Geography can help us understand our changing world.

8. Science Project Ideas, Information And Support For Science Fair
Senior Projects (Biology, Engineering, Physical Science, Earth Science / Meteorology, Environmental Science, Computer Science, Chemistry)

9. BBC NEWS Science/Nature Earth's Species Feel The Squeeze
Earth's species feel the squeeze By Jonathan Amos BBC News science reporter "Unprecedented" effort is required to slow biodiversity loss

10. One Minute Answer - What Is Earth System Science?
Earth System Science (ESS) The study of Earth's various spheresatmosphere, biosphere, geosphere, oceans (hydrosphere)-and the interactions

11. Elementary Education Resources: Science--Earth & Space
Back to El. Ed. science index. general earth space Resources science Power2002 (Astronomy Lesson Plans and activities)
List of Contents

12. Secondary Education Resources-Science-Earth & Space
general earth space Resources A Multimedia tour of the Solar System NASA Instructional Materials for space Sciencea boatload of activities you can
List of Contents (click on topic name for more links)

13. Science Resources To Use In An Elementary Classroom
Elementary science Topics Animals Plants earth space Weather SimpleMachines general. activities from the Exploratorium are featured in two

Daily Dose of the Web
Links for K-12 Teachers On-Line Practice Modules Elementary Science Topics
Animals Plants Earth Space ...
Tennessee standards for Elementary Science

Links Verified 9/5/05 Animals
  • Amazing Animal Senses - Here are some examples of how some animals sense the outside world and the anatomical structures that allow them to do so. Animal Adaptation - What is animal adaptation and how are animals adapted to where they live? Let's find out! Animal Houses - a series from Dragonfly magazine Animal Links from the National Aquarium in Baltimore provides links to six separate areas. Be sure to check out the Species section and the Venom Striking Beauties. AOL@school presents science topics for primary school, including and Dinosaurs Bats
  • Bat Conservation International - Welcome to the amazing world of bats. Bat Links - a very long list of bat links Bat Page Game Room - 12 fun games to play while learning more about bats Bats - A Thematic Resource for Teachers and Students Bats - Take a Quiz or follow links to find out more about these mammals. This site is posted by the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkley.
  • 14. Earth & Sky : Browse Science Links
    Athena earth and space science for K12 science activities that teach basicsof astronomy and math measure the height of a rocket s flight,

    15. NASA - Space Research - General Articles On OBPR Activities
    general Articles on OBPR activities Biomedical science for space TravelersRadio Documentary Series earth Benefits of space Research
    writeCSS('/common/css/iestyles_general_info.css'); Please Note: This site is no longer being updated and is provided for historical purposes. The Office of Biological and Physical Research is now part of the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate and all appropriate content from this site has been moved to What is the OBPR?
    Strategic Vision

    Select from The List of Subject Areas Technical Research Articles Living and Working In Space Food Safety Life Support The Body in Space Exploration Fundamental Research Fluids Plants Biology Physics Combustion Biotechnology Technology Instruments Materials Nanotechnology Earth Benefits Outreach/Education General Subjects General Articles on OBPR Activities
    Technical Research Articles
    For additional articles of a more technical nature, please see Research Updates
    Living and Working in Space
    Title Dateline Description Raiding the Cosmic Pantry December 2002 Among the most common questions people have about spaceflight are what kinds of foods do astronauts eat, and how do they eat them in orbit. Safety
    Title Dateline Description Can People Go to Mars?

    16. Science Web Sites For Teachers
    science Education Menu general science Resources Astronomy and space Exploration earth and Sky activities to accompany the daily radio program,
    Resources for Teachers and Parents
    Go Back: Virtual Middle School Library Home Resources for Teachers and Parents Menu / Science
    Science Education Menu: General Science Resources Astronomy and Space Exploration Biology Chemistry, Physics and Technology ... Oceanography General Science Resources for Teachers
    • The National Science Education Standards - Prepared by the National Research Council. The text includes standards for teaching, content, assessment, and professional development. Benchmarks for Science Literacy - What students should know about science, math, and technology by the time they graduate from high school. This guide to instruction and the writing of a curriculum has been developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for the improvement of Math and Science Teaching - Lesson plans, links to science web sites, and professional development. SciCentral - A directory of over 50,000 science sites on the internet, and a special section for K-12 sites. This is a good place to keep up with science in the news. The Science Spot - This site is written by a middle school science teacher and contains lots of science lesson plans, links to science web sites, and projects for a science club or class.

    17. S2N2 | Resource Finder | By Topic | General Space Science
    Sunearth Connection general space science , The following is space Kidsprovides activities, news, and links regarding space science for kids.
    General Space Science Including Links for Kids
    The following is collection of General Space Science related links as well as links to Space Science sites geared towards children. General Space Science Sites
    Space Science Education Resource Directory
    The Space Science Education Resource Directory is a convenient way to find NASA space science products for use in classrooms, science museums, planetariums, and other settings.
    AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet
    AstroWeb links to resources on space observation and research, as well as publications, organizations, images, software, and more.
    Central Operations of Resources for Educators (CORE)
    NASA CORE is a worldwide distribution center for NASA's multimedia educational materials including videocassettes, slides, and CD-ROM programs. For a nominal fee, CORE will provide educators with materials through its mail order service.
    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence: Space Science
    Federal Resources for Educational Excellence links to an array of educational resources on space science.

    18. Online Resources On Educational Subjects
    Athena earth science, astronomy and space, oceans, weather activities. general Math science. Nye Labs Online - Bill Nye the science Guy!
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    Advanced Search

    Welcome to the Educational Links page! The following websites feature online educational activities and classroom resources for teachers and students. If you have any suggestions for new links, please e-mail . For general information links, please see the general links pages.
    Updated June 21, 2001
    National Air and Space Museum Educational Web Pages:

    19. Virtual Science Center
    Cosmic games and activities! Hubble space Telescope Photo Archive http// A fun Web site about the earth and space sciences. Astronomy

    20. General Science Education Resources
    To further that goal they have uploaded 40 physical science activities in AstroImage My collection of astronomy, earth, and space science sites with
    General Science Education Resources
    What's New
    Helping Your Children Learn Science
    This on-line book provides examples of a few simple activities we can do with our children. It is an introduction to the wealth of material in many other books available in libraries and bookstores. It might also inspire us to make up our own experiments to see why and how things turn out the way they do.
    Rare and well done tidbits from the Annals of Improbable Research. Recommended!!
    "MicroWorld Resources and News is an innovative WWW site dedicated to >providing on-line microscopy and microanalysis resources"
    MICSCAPE - the On-line Microscopy Magazine
    Includes images, general articles, popular articles, book reviews, and microscope reviews. Recommended!
    About Temperature
    This document was prepared for the middle school math teachers who are taking part in Project Skymath . I do a a few questions about the science but these are personal quibbles. To be commented on later.
    Bad Science
    Bad Science abounds and comes in many guises. This page sets out to attack only one brand: well understood phenomena which are persistently presented incorrectly by teachers and writers, presumably because they either do not know any better or because they don't really care enough to get it correct.
    The Internet Museum of Holography
    Holography is the process of creating three dimensional images using lasers. This site has a visitors center, reference library, reading room, on-line intro to holography lesson, educators/students can submit questions, places to see holograms in the U.S. and Canada, information on doing holograms as a hobby, diagrams of lasers, dictionary of terms, and a gallery exhibit.

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