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         Scheme Programming:     more books (88)
  1. A compact inverse scheme applied to multicommodity network with resource constraints by Steven Frederick Maier, 1971
  2. Schemes : a high level data structuring concept (CSL-77-1) by James G Mitchell, 1977
  3. Error bounds for strongly convex programs and (super)linearly convergent iterative schemes for the least 2-norm solution of linear programs (Computer sciences ... Wisconsin--Madison. Computer Sciences Dept) by Olvi L Mangasarian, 1986
  4. An all-at-once reduced Hessian SQP scheme for aerodynamic design optimization (RIACS technical report) by Dan Feng, 1995
  5. A decompostition scheme for the analysis of fault trees and other combinatorial circuits (Tech report) by Paul Helman, 1989
  6. Evaluation of second order schemes and defect correction for the multigrid computation of airfoil flows with the steady Euler equations (Report. Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica) by Barry Koren, 1986
  7. A parallel execution scheme for exploiting AND-parallelism of logic programs ([Report] / University of Texas at Austin. Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) by Yow-Jian Lin, 1986
  8. The equivalence of r. e. programs and data flow schemes (MIT/LCS/TM-121) by Jeffrey Martin Jaffe, 1979
  9. Address-swapping scheme for on-demand assignment of global addresses in a TCP/IP network (HP Laboratories technical report) by Reuven Cohen, 1995
  10. A balanced tree scheme for meldable heaps with updates (GIT-ICS) by Gary L Peterson, 1987
  11. REFLOS;: A code for the refined evaluation of fuel loading schemes, (EUR) by W Böttcher, 1969
  12. Concurrent program schemes (BUCS tech report) by A. J Kfoury, 1986
  13. A data-dependency based intelligent back tracking scheme for Prolog (Technical report. University of Texas at Austin. Dept. of Computer Sciences) by Vipin Kumar, 1987
  14. Defining Web-scheme Transformers By-example (Disdbis) by Stephan Lechner, 2005-05-31

81. Tools And Techniques For Use Of The Scheme Programming Language In Undergraduate
Tools and Techniques for Use of the scheme programming Language in Undergraduate Education. Type Award NSF Org CDA Latest Amendment Date August 26,
Tools and Techniques for Use of the Scheme Programming Language in Undergraduate Education
Type : Award
Latest Amendment Date : August 26, 1994
File : a9312614
Award Number: 9312614 Award Instr.: Standard Grant
Prgm Manager: Caroline Wardle
Start Date : August 1, 1993
Expires : January 31, 1997
Expected Total Amt. : $411,910
Christopher T Haynes LoriLee Sadler R. Kent Dybvig Daniel P Friedman George Springer
Sponsor :
Indiana U Bloomington P O Box 1847 Bloomington, IN 47402
Fld Applictn: 0000099 Other Applications NEC Abstract : This award is for the development of software and curricular materials to support the use of a dialect of the Scheme programming language in undergraduate computer science courses. The simplicity and power of Scheme that account for its widespread use in computer science research also explain its increasing use in education. This project, complementary to the one at Oberlin College, stresses the development of the programming environment and tools. The programming environment will be portable to a wide range of implementations and window systems and will support graphical user interface development, hypertext authoring and delivery, object- oriented programming, and static type analysis, among other modes of programming and courseware development. Indiana University will investigate the use of Scheme in a variety of courses, including but not limited to introductory programming, programming languages, mathematical methods, data structures, and artificial intelligence. Teaching materials to be developed include computer assisted instruction courseware, outlines and visual aids for a variety of curricular options, laboratory manuals, and exercise sets including software support and solutions. Curricular knowledge, materials, and software will be disseminated through summer workshops, Internet, professional meetings, and publications. Evaluation instruments will assess the effectiveness of Scheme as a first programming language and the utility of the curricular materials developed by this project.

82. CTO : Scheme
The scheme programming Language, 2nd edition is online in hypertext format. Envision scheme with pictures an extension of Scheme to program computer
CTO CLiki for the TUNES project Home Recent Changes About CLiki Text Formatting ... Create New Page
Scheme is a functional programming language , dialect of Lisp with two distinguishing features: it is small and tries to be clean. Its language definition (latest being R5RS), including formal semantics, is about 50 pages long. This is good and bad. A good thing is that it is easy to implement, which makes it good for experimentation and learning in general, or as a core language to extend in a domain-specific way. It is also relatively easy to learn and master or to metaprogram (the Tube is a case in point). A bad thing is that it there the language definition has so few features that every implementation has to add its own to provide a useful programming environment, and that there are zillions of implementations that each does things in its own different, incompatible way. There now exist a process to harmonize such extensions, SRFIs. However, no such thing as a module system or a namespace management system has been standardized, which makes all these extensions a big mess. It tries to be clean in the sense that it is not constrained much by backwards compatibility as is Common Lisp , but instead attemps to provide simple semantics. (It has been said that Scheme is a

83. Ansidocstore: Product: 'IEEE Standard For The Scheme Programming Language'
Title, IEEE Standard for the scheme programming Language. Abstract, NONE. Normative References, No normative references available. File Size, 300 kB

84. Help-Site: Scheme Programming Computer Help
Links to scheme programming related documention, manuals, FAQs etc.

[Main Index] -> [Programming] -> [Programming Languages] [Directory] [Forums] Scheme Programming
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85. Scheme Programming
Summary; Introduction Background; Acknowledgements. 1. Overview of Scheme 1.1 Semantics; 4.2.5 Delayed evaluation; 4.2.6 Quasiquotation. 5. Program
Signal 42 - Information Technology News
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Scheme Programming
Revised(4) Scheme - Table of Contents
Summary; Introduction: Background; Acknowledgements. 1. Overview of Scheme: 1.1 Semantics; 4.2.5 Delayed evaluation; 4.2.6 Quasiquotation. 5. Program structure:
Scheme Programming

An archive of Scheme code Scheme Hash. XML and Scheme. Consistent or conformant Scheme implementations of W3C Recommendations: XML working examples of HTML, XML, FORM, HTTP and CGI programming in Scheme
The Scheme Programming Language, 2nd Edition

Color Scheme, Interior Color Scheme, Color Scheme For Decorating, Paint Color Scheme, Color Scheme

Color Scheme, Interior Color Scheme, Color Scheme For Decorating, Paint Color Scheme, Color Scheme Bedroom
ITA Seeks Top Programmers

A googol ways to fly SFO to BOS? Code airfare combinatorics at ITA.
The Scheme Programming Language Second Edition. R. Kent Dybvig. The Scheme Programming Language has been thorougly revised and updated for the second edition.
The Scheme Programming Language. Dybvig, Kent R. (1987). The Scheme Programming Language. Prentice Hall. Eisenberg (1988). Programming in Scheme. MIT Press.

86. Welcome To!
A collection of resources for the scheme language. The place to go to get comprehensive, upto-date information on all aspects of scheme implementations, papers, and code. Maintained by the Rice programming Languages Team, the folks behind Mzscheme and Drscheme.
'(schemers . org):
an improper list of Scheme resources
welcome '(schemers . org)) I intend this but for a Scheme of a larger Design.
Woodward, Nat. Hist. Earth News Items and Announcements There is two upcoming Scheme workshops in Europe this year: one in July and another in September . Please submit! The new Scheme standard process is under way. Check out the Scheme Meetup site . Sign up for Scheme Weekly News . Ask Scheme-related questions on the #scheme The Regular Fare case what-would-you-like-to-do? learn choose-from FAQ textbooks standards tutorials ... education program choose-from implementations libraries environments SRFIs socialize choose-from Scheme Boston and bothton - Boston, MA, USA Denver Lispers - Denver, CO, USA Scheme UK - London, UK Montreal Scheme/Lisp User Group CRACL - Los Angeles, CA, USA Metro Schemers (no current URL) - Washington, DC, USA)) (( work choose-from jobs stay-informed choose-from events else choose-from other resources the lighter side We're compiling a list of Scheme ``success stories'', such as DSSSL and GIMP. If you have suggestions, please send them to the FAQ 's maintaner.

87. Functional Programming In The Real World
Lists functional programs written primarily to perform to realworld tasks. Has pure programs (no side effects) and impure (some use of side effects). Languages Caml, Clean, Erlang, Haskell, Miranda, scheme, Standard ML.

88. DDJ>Jan01: Table Of Contents
Take the pure object orientation of Smalltalk, remove the quirky syntax and reliance on a workspace. Add the convenience and power of Perl, but without the special cases and magic conversions. Give it a clean syntax based partly on Eiffel, add a few concepts from scheme, CLU, Sather, Common Lisp. You end up with Ruby. Dr. Dobb's Journal
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Dr. Dobb's Articles Dr. Dobb's Journal, 2001 > Jan01: Table of Contents
DDJ, January 2001
Scripting Languages + 25th Anniversary Issue
Additional resources (listings and source code) for the articles below can be found here
Eugene Eric Kim
Twenty-five years ago, computer programming was big-iron heavy — then the personal computer came along and everything changed. In this special anniversary retrospective, Eugene Kim looks back at what computing was like then, and DDJ's role in that revolution Programming in Ruby
Dave Thomas Andy Hunt
Ruby is a freely available pure, untyped, object-oriented language. Dave and Andy show how to use the language, while Yukihiro Matsumoto (Ruby's creator) adds a note on why he developed it.
Ahmad Abualsamid PHP 4 is a server-side scripting language that runs on almost any OS used for web hosting. It also supports numerous web servers including Microsoft's Internet Information Server (IIS), Apache, and AOL Server, and it has native support for multiple database engines Making C Extensions More Pythonic Michael de Champlain Andrew presents PyDaylight, an object-oriented wrapper for Python that provides the low-level interface to the underlying C libraries.

89. Nathan Wiger's Homepage - No Means Maybe, Microbrews, UNIX, Perl
Journal, and links to car, resume of experience with programming languages, rock music, and microbrewed beer. Selectable color scheme.
Sun Sep 25 13:22:02 2005
Nate's Homepage
Style Surprise Me! Easy Reading Postmodern Death Metal Wonder Llama Agent Orange Bankroll Surf or Die UC Feegents Tomato Soup No Means Maybe my band Sun Server Design my book (really!) my obsession with microbrews CGI::FormBuilder my Perl form generation module Paris New Years our recent trip to Europe Resume my career experience crap /*********************************************** * NOTE: Can't have blank lines or parser will destroy * Tool URL: * **********************************************/ var emailarray7350=new Array(110,97,116,101,64,119,105,103,101,114,46,111,114,103) var postemail7350='' for (i=0;i my email address
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A study in Nate by Sarah
Dancing like fools like always The Extensive Bio I'm a guitar-playing, microbrew-swilling computer donk who lives in San Diego, CA.

90. David Jeffrey Ljung Madison - Verification Engineer Resume - Verification Resume
Madison, David Jeffrey Ljung San Francisco, CA USA Verification Engineer / Software Writer. CPU Verification and Debug (Transmeta, MIPs) verilog, Unix, programming, (perl, scheme, C++, Lisp, Basic, Fortran, Ruby, Python, sed, yacc, sh, ksh, zsh, csh, tcsh) Shareware programming, (album, WizPort, SpeedWaller) VLSI (DEStiny), DNRC.
David Jeffrey Ljung Madison
To find contracting work in hardware verification or software development.
I'm mostly interested in telecommuting or contracts in the Bay Area.
I'm not interested in full-time work.
I'm not interested in relocating, except for very short term.
(See for more information.)
I generally have availability within a month of contact, though this is flexible in some cases. I've done CPU verification and tool writing since 1995.
My educational background is in hardware design and computer science. I have my resume in a few formats: More management-friendly formats: I'm not really interested in full-time positions, so please don't contact me unless it's for a contract job.
Resume 'version control'

91. Clp(Q,R) ( 5-Oct-2000)
Implementation of general Constraint Logic programming scheme introduced by Jaffar, Michaylov 1987. As full as other CLP(R)s solves linear equations over rational or real valued variables, and covers lazy treatment of nonlinear equations.
The implementation is at least as complete as other existing clp(R) implementations: It solves linear equations over rational or real valued variables, covers the lazy treatment of nonlinear equations, features a decision algorithm for linear inequalities that detects implied equations, removes redundancies, performs projections (quantifier elimination), allows for linear dis-equations, and provides for linear optimization. The software has been developed at
Earlier versions of the solver were distributed in the form of a clone of SICStus Prolog that provided extensible unification via attributed variables.
To date, attributed variables and solvers on top of it have been integrated into the general distribution of following Prolog systems:
  • SICStus Prolog 3
  • ECLiPSe Prolog at ECRC
  • ECLiPSe Prolog at IC-PARC
  • CIAO Prolog ...
  • Yap Prolog Please follow these links for ordering information and licensing issues.
    When referring to this implementation of clp(Q,R) in publications, you should use the following reference to the
  • 92. Moock>> Web>> Flash
    Colin Moock, author of O'Reilly's 'ActionScript The Definitive Guide' posts news, tutorials, experiments, and source files for Flash designers and developers. Highlights include articles on programming fundamentals, motion code, multiuser applications, server connectivity, interface widgets, and a Flash detection scheme. Moock also posts his games and cartoons here.
    Flash 8 Now Shipping! Full review here...

    Order below to support (or you could support another site Buy Flash 8 (Asia/Pacific) Buy Flash 8 (Australia) Buy Flash 8 (France) ... Buy Flash 8 (US)
    technotes buildContentTable(getFormattedTechnoteData(technotes, 3)); more technotes...
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    93. Scsh - The Scheme Shell
    A broadspectrum systems-programming environment for Unix-like operating systems. Based on R5RS scheme.
    scsh .net all about scsh Scsh is an open-source Unix shell embedded within Scheme , running on all major Unix platforms including AIX, Cygwin, Linux, FreeBSD, GNU Hurd, HP-UX, Irix, Mac OS X, Solaris, and some others. Scsh is a variant of Scheme 48 (an R RS Scsh has two main components: a process notation for running programs and setting up pipelines and redirections, and a complete syscall library for low-level access to the operating system, i.e. to POSIX , the least common denominator of more or less all Unices, plus widely supported extensions such as symbolic links and BSD sockets. Moreover, scsh provides an awk facility for pattern-directed computation over streams of records, a rich facility for matching regular-expression patterns in strings, event-based interrupt handling, user-level threads, a futuristic module system, and an interactive environment. Scsh comes with extensive documentation describing these and other features. The latest version of scsh is 0.6.6, released March 29, 2004. You may

    94. Gimp-Python
    A package that allows users to write plugins for the Gimp in the Python programming language rather than ScriptFu (scheme), Perl, Tcl or C.

    95. (Yet Another) Scheme Home Page
    Specifications for the programming language scheme.
    Current Version Released Terms February 20, 1998 Terms Scheme is a computer programming language. It works well for a wide spectrum of tasks. Read about some interesting uses in Engineering with SCM A scheme program, rrrs2txi.scm , translated the LaTeX , and to texinfo format ( r3rs.txi r4rs.txi , and r5rs.txi ), from which the online HTML versions were derived. Dai Inukai , who translated the Report into Japanese, has created the Scheme program JFILTER which converts text among the JIS, EUC, and Shift-JIS Japanese character sets.
    Quick Start
    Related Sites
    Reports on the Algorithmic Language Scheme

    96. PLI 2002: ICFP
    The 2002 International Conference on Functional programming covers the entire spectrum of functional programming, from practice to theory, and from established functional programming languages (scheme, ML, Haskell) to novel language designs and to the functional aspects of objectoriented or concurrent languages. October 4-6, 2002 Pittsburgh, PA, USA.
    October 4-6, 2002
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA

    Affiliated with PLI 2002 The ICFP conference provides a forum for researchers and developers to hear about the latest work on the design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. The conference covers the entire spectrum of functional programming, from practice to theory, and from established functional programming languages (Scheme, ML, Haskell) to novel language designs and to the functional aspects of object-oriented or concurrent languages. Related Events PPDP GPCE (GCSE/SAIG) Workshops What are the Accepted Papers? Please see the separate page What about Hotel and Registration Information? You will find that on the PLI home page Was There a Programming Contest? Yes! The contest ran from 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard Time on Friday August 30, 2002, until 12:00 Noon Monday September 2, 2002. The contest has its own Web page What Kind of Material Appears in ICFP? The call for papers provides information on the kinds of papers sought by the conference.
    Contact Us!

    97. - Successful Scheme
    Thought up any great programming schemes lately? The attendees at the Workshop on scheme and Functional programming 2000 held in Montreal on Sept.
    Special: Prepare your infrastructure for high-density computing Go to network sites Search
    Successful Scheme
    Unix Insider 10/13/00
    Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz, Unix Insider Thought up any great programming schemes lately? The attendees at the Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming 2000 held in Montreal on Sept. 17 have. The recent conference means the time is ripe to introduce the Scheme programming language and mention a bit of what's new in the Scheme world.

    Scripted wrappers for legacy applications Unix Insider: Better living through scripting Scripting systems unite The Role of Linux in the Future of EDA ... Data Management Strategies. Sign up Now! Scheme goes to school
    Scheme, for the most part, is a simplified Lisp: one with extremely regular syntax, lexical interpretation, and semantics. That means it's easy to teach computers how to interpret Scheme, and to teach humans how to program in it. That duality has made Scheme an academic language in two senses. Its regularity renders it a good construction material for research into new language structures and verification mechanisms; its powerful simplicity invites its use as a language for instruction.

    98. The Schememonster's Friends
    A group of computer science students at the Helsinki University of Technology united by the interest in scheme and the insight that we should keep the fun in programming.
    The Schememonster's Friends
    Front Page Our purpose Projects The Schememonster ... SÃ¥ngboken
    The Schememonster's Friends is a group of computer science students at the Helsinki University of Technology united by the interest in Scheme - and the insight that we should keep the fun in programming. The reason for choosing Scheme lies in its beauty , clear syntax, expressive power, functionality and usability. It's just extremely enjoyable to use and very suitable for our quite crazy projects. We also serve the Schememonster with prayers in form of procedures and sacrifice small Pascal-users to him. In return he makes our parenthesis come alive - and makes our definitions make sense.
    Front Page
    Our purpose Projects The Schememonster ...
    The Obfuscated Scheme Contest 2000

    99. Meet Other Lisp & Scheme Programmers In Your Area! -
    Meetup with other local programmers interested in Lisp, scheme and other functional programming languages.
    @import url(; @import url(; s.pageName="TOPIC:HOME" s.server="""lisp" s.eVar1="" s.eVar2="" s.eVar3="alien" s.eVar4="" s.eVar5="" Find
    • Home Sign In ... Help groups worldwide 226 members 226 who are waiting Welcome Meetup Groups ... site Meet other local programmers interested in Lisp, Scheme, and other functional programming languages.
      Start the first
      See Country USA Canada Great Britain Australia Afghanistan Albania Algeria American Samoa Andorra Angola Anguilla Antarctica Argentina Armenia Aruba Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahamas Bahrain Bangladesh Barbados Belarus Belgium Belize Benin Bermuda Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia-Herzegovina Botswana Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Burkina Faso Burundi Cambodia Cameroon Canada Cape Verde Cayman Islands Central Africa Chad Chile China Colombia Comoros Congo Congo (Dem. Rep.) Cook Islands Costa Rica Croatia Cuba Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Djibouti Dominica Dominican Republic East Timor Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Equatorial Guinea Eritrea Estonia Ethiopia Falkland Islands Faroe Islands Fiji Finland France French Guiana French Polynesia Gabon Gambia Georgia Germany Ghana Gibraltar Greece Greenland Grenada Guadeloupe Guam Guatemala Guinea Guinea Bissau Guyana Haiti Honduras Hungary Iceland India Indonesia Iran Iraq Ireland Israel Italy Ivory Coast Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan Kenya Kiribati Korea (North) Korea (South) Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia Lebanon Lesotho Liberia Libya Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia

    100. SIOD: Scheme In One Defun
    Very small, portable implementation, has some database, Unix programming, CGI scripting extensions. Runs on DOS, Linux, Unix, Windows. Free source downloads.
    SIOD: Scheme in One Defun
    SIOD is a small-footprint implementation of the Scheme programming language that is provided with some database, unix programming and cgi scripting extensions. George J. Carrette The most recent release is available from this web page , and also from
    Click here for a list of SIOD users File Format Description siod.tgz gzip tar Source code, all versions INFO-ZIP archive Source code, all versions winsiod.html document Windows 95 binaries and unpacking instructions. $Id: siod.html,v 1.2 2002/05/10 13:08:01 gjc Exp $
    Table of Contents
  • Apology, discussion and motivation
  • Building from Sources
  • Release Notes
  • What is Scheme ...
  • Porting , to tiny machines.
  • Writing extensions in the C programming language
  • LIBSIOD use as an extension language for C programs
  • Implementation of EVAL and environment representation
  • Windows NT and Windows 95 configuration ...
  • Acknowledgements
    Apology, discussion and motivation
    The genesis of this interpreter is a question posed by students of a LISP and Artificial Intelligence Programming Techniques course that I had developed and was teaching at Boston University in the late 1980's: How can we possibly hope to make use of any of this stuff in work we are doing in other courses or in our jobs?
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