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         Scandinavian Literature:     more books (100)
  1. Wounded Knee 1973: A Personal Account (Modern Scandinavian Literature in Transl) by Stanley David Lyman, 1993-09-01
  2. A History of Icelandic Literature (Histories of Scandinavian Literature)
  3. A History of Danish Literature (Histories of Scandinavian Literature)
  4. Sara Videbeck: The chapel (The Library of Scandinavian literature) by C. J. L Almqvist, 1972
  5. Historical Dictionary of Scandinavian Literature and Theater (Historical Dictionaries of Literature and the Arts) by Jan Sjavik, 2006-04-28
  6. Centering on the Peripheries: Studies in Scandinavian, Scottish, Gaelic and Greenlandic Literature (Series A: Scandinavian Literary History and Criticism)
  7. Under the Sun (Series B: English Translations of Works of Scandinavian Literature)
  8. A History of Norwegian Literature (Histories of Scandinavian Literature)
  9. A History of Scandinavian Theatre.: An article from: World Literature Today by George C. Schoolfield, 1997-09-22
  10. A History of Swedish Literature (Histories of Scandinavian Literature)
  11. Njal's Saga (Library of Scandinavian Literature Vol 3) by Carl F. Beyerschmidt, Lee M. Hollander, 1955-06
  12. Peddling My Wares (Studies in Scandinavian Literature and Culture) by Ivar Lo-Johansson, Rochelle Wright, 1995-04-06
  13. Ideas and Ideologies: In Scandinavian Literature Since the First World War
  14. The Legend of the Nibelungenlied (Scandinavian Saga Literature Series No. 2) by Heilan Yvette Grimes, 1990-06

1. Nordica - The Department Of Scandinavian Languages And Literature (University Of
The studies in scandinavian literature concentrate mainly on Swedish and FinlandSwedish literature, but it is also possible to focus on literature written



Welcome to NORDICA
The Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature
The Department of Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the University of Helsinki is the only one in Finland combining teaching and research of Scandinavian languages and literature in the same unit. The Department offers a wide selection of undergraduate courses, trains researchers and produces new research findings to answer the needs of the Finland-Swedish and Finnish society as well as international linguistics.
The Department has two degree programmes: Scandinavian Languages and Scandinavian Literature . The former programme caters both for students studying Swedish as their mother tongue and students studying Swedish as a second language. In addition, there is a programme designed for students focusing on the other three Nordic languages, Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic. The studies in Scandinavian Literature concentrate mainly on Swedish and Finland-Swedish literature, but it is also possible to focus on literature written in the other Nordic languages - Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic - or on other kinds of European literature.

2. Scandinavian Literature
scandinavian literature links

3. Nordica - Studies
Scandinavian Languages scandinavian literature General information Nordica s department of scandinavian literature is a section engaging in art research



Scandinavian Languages
Scandinavian Literature

General information
Scandinavian Languages
Nordica is divided into two sub-departments, Scandinavian Languages and Scandinavian Literature. In the languages department teaching is mainly focused on the Swedish language, but courses are also given in the other Scandinavian languages: Norwegian, Danish, Icelandic and, on a less regular basis, Faroese. The languages department offers three study programmes. The two main undergraduate programmes (for a master's degree) are Swedish for Native Speakers and Swedish for Non-Native Speakers . A third programme is Scandinavian languages , which offers courses in Norwegian, Danish and Icelandic as a minor subject. It is open to all students enrolled at the University of Helsinki or other university colleges in Finland. International students should note that there are no courses taught in English . The language of instruction at Nordica is Swedish or, if you choose to study a Scandinavian language, either Norwegian, Danish or Icelandic.
Scandinavian Literature
Nordica's department of Scandinavian literature is a section engaging in art research . Teaching is mainly focused on Swedish and Finland-Swedish literature, but the study programme also includes courses exploring the Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish and European literatures, as well as literary theory and poetics. Special courses (in e.g. literary pedagogy, literary criticism and children's literature) and guest lectures by authors and cultural workers add to the range of the studies.

4. Masterpieces Of Scandinavian Literature
Scandinavian Studies 374/Literature in Translation 274 Masterpieces of scandinavian literature The Twentieth Century.

5. Encyclopedia: Scandinavian Literature
Encyclopeadia articles concerning scandinavian literature.
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 25, 2005

6. The Department Of Scandinavian Studies
Literature. Philology. Area Studies WITS and NCCP. H. C. Andersen 19th Century. Scand Life and Civ. Icelandic Online. Danish.

7. Encyclopedia: Scandinavian Literature: Biographies
Encyclopeadia articles concerning scandinavian literature Biographies.
in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
Daily Almanac for
Sep 25, 2005

8. Scandinavian Studies
Offers beginning and intermediate Finnish, Finnish literature, and culture, as well as courses in Scandinavian and Balticarea languages and culture.

9. CDL Browse Topic
scandinavian literature, Electronic Journals available to UC Santa Barbara American Scandinavian Foundation via Literature Online Journal&

10. Jay Smith Associates Pre-Owned Scandinavian Philatelic
Jay Smith and Associates PreOwned Scandinavian Philatelic Literature, Books, and Catalogs

11. CDL Browse Topic
American Scandinavian Foundation via Literature Online The Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study via Literature Online

12. Jay Smith Associates Scandinavian Literature Price Lists
Jay Smith and Associates scandinavian literature Price Lists

13. Scandinavian Literature And Drama
School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies at UEA.
Scandinavian Literature and Drama
People Sites Year abroad ... Traditions
We have several units in the areas of Scandinavian Literature and Drama - both in LLT and EAS. The units can be taken at level 1, level 2 or at level 3.
Level 1
Introduction to Scandinavian Literature
Level 2 - Year 2-4
From Free Love to Decadence
Modern Scandinavian Literature
Level 3 - Year 4 Scandinavian Dissertation You can find detailed information on LLT units on the LLT Intranet website . (Since the intranet is restriced to UEA only, people outside UEA should used this link instead.)
School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies University of East Anglia Norwich NR4 7TJ England Telephone: Fax: This site is designed and maintained by Web Manager , School of Language, Linguistics and Translation Studies, UEA, UK. Last updated Wednesday, 18-Sep-2002 15:46:53 BST

14. Hum.fak. - Fakultetet
S k Valget 2005 Tavla Hum.fak. Jur.fak. Mat.nat.fak. Med.fak. NFH SV-fak. Sentre TMU UB Adm.

15. Amalie Skram: Lucie. Scandinavian Literature
Amalie Skram was maturing as a writer during the time of ferment in Scandinavian culture known as the Modern Breakthrough, and with her first novel in 1885,
Amalie Skram:
Translated by Katherine Hanson and Judith Messick
Amalie Skram was maturing as a writer during the time of ferment in Scandinavian culture known as the Modern Breakthrough, and with her first novel in 1885, Constance Ring , she joined the furious debate about sexual morality and the double standard which was being fought out at the time. She returns in her novels again and again to studies of contemporary life, especially of the narrow choices open to women. Lucie , her novel from 1888, is unusual in her writings in being a study of a "fallen woman", a dancing girl from Tivoli who is the mistress of the respectable bourgeois Theodor. Theodor is so captivated by her charms that he marries her, and tries to turn her into a respectable married woman; but she is not like other women and cannot become so. Her lower-class origins and her sexual experience create an unbridgeable gulf between her and the wives with whom she must now associate, and Theodor's increasingly brutal attempts to quell her independent spirit push her into actions which lead by inevitable steps towards tragedy. Lucie's fate is depicted against the backdrop of the late nineteenth-century Norwegian capital city of Kristiania; the author has an acute eye for detail, and the realistic descriptions of degrading poverty call to kind the writings of her contemporary Emile Zola. Through Lucie's eyes we observe as well the hypocrisy and artifice of the bourgeois life which is built on a denial of double standards, and the occasional refreshing honesty of women like fru Reinertson who are bold enough to think for themselves.

16. Aarhus Universitet Institut For Nordisk Sprog Og Litteratur
Om instituttes forskning, studier og organisation.

17. Great Scandinavian Literature
A Very Incomplete List of of Wonderful scandinavian literature If it s a Scandinavian book and can be gotten, she ll get it for you. glada grisen
web hosting domain names photo sharing
A Very Incomplete List of of Wonderful Scandinavian Literature
The following are primarily Swedish novels that I have read in Swedish or in English as well as a few other Scandinavian novels I think worthy of recommending to the general public.
Frans G. Bengtsson The Longships (out of print) Karin Blixen (Isak Dinesen) yes, this is the Danish author played by Meryl Streep in Out of Africa. Her voice is hauntingly unique. Her tales, influenced by German Romanticism and its dreamy, melancholic quality and extremes of emotion and idealism. Her characters are haunted by ghosts of their past or trapped by their own personal habits or cultural norms to fully profit from or enjoy life fully. These collections of short tales or novellas contain incredibly memorable characters and entertaining situations, like fairy tales for grown-ups. My favorite tales are "Babette's Feast" (great movie, too!!) about a French chef who prepares a sumptuous feast for an ascetic pietistic community in remote Denmark and another about a gentlewoman and her servant who take turns trading places on holiday, because neither can appear in public without the other. Out of Africa and Shadows on the Grass ISBN: 0679724753 Seven Gothic Tales ISBN: 0679736417 Karin Boye is best known for her poetry, but her futuristic novel

18. Scandinavian Literature
Bibliography of modern scandinavian literature studies, arranged by general topics and Dictionary of scandinavian literature , edited by Virpi Zuck.
Gateway Scandinavian Literature Modern Languages and Linguistics Library Back to Scandinavian Studies
Scandinavian Literature Danish Literature Icelandic Literature ... Swedish Literature
Scandinavian Literature
016.4395 St94 (Modern Languages Reference)
Schröder, Stephan Michael, ed. Studienbibliographie zur Neuskandinavistik . Berlin: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, 1997. Bibliography of modern Scandinavian literature studies, arranged by general topics and then by the various national literatures (including Finnish). Also includes sections on general reference works and bibliographies. Particularly good for sources in German in addition to those in Scandinavian languages. Some resources on the World Wide Web are included. 839.509 M921n (Modern Languages Reference)
Munch-Peterson, Erland. Nordisk litteraturvidenskab: håndbog till informationsøgning . Esbo: Nordinfo, 1993. Bibliographies of reference works for Scandinavian literary research (including Finland), plus three essays on how and where to look for information.

19. Literature By Country
World literature directory scandinavian literature, Swiss literature, RUSSIAN LITERATURE See Russian Literature. scandinavian literature.
Film Music Literature Philosophy ... E-Texts
See: Russian Literature
Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish Literature.
Icelandic, Norwegian, Finnish. Iceland. Icelandic Sagas, Eddas.

Nordic literature and culture links.
Project Runeberg Nordic authors: a searchable database and alphabetical index. ... Swedish literature website links.
Scandinavian Writers Blixen, Karen (Isak Dinesen). Dinesen biography, texts, commentary, Africana, Blixen websites.
Hamsun, Knut. Knut Hamsun internet links.
Knut Hamsun Online Ibsen, Henrick. Henrick Ibsen. The Ibsen centre. ... Strindberg, August. Strindberg Homepage.
SCOTTISH LITERATURE Association of Scottish literary Studies (ASLS). New Scottish writers, Scottish language.
Authors. Scottish authors, a web index from The Open Directory Project.
Glasgow University, Department of Scottish Literature Libraries in Scotland ... Word Power. Scotland's radical bookshop, based in Edinburgh. Scottish Writers Directory of Scottish writers from the Open Directory Project. Banks, Ian Burns, Robert. Official Homepage. Crumey, Andrew. Contemporary writer. ... Stephenson, Robert Louis SERBIAN LITERATURE Medieval Serbian Literature, a History.

20. Scandinavian Literature
scandinavian literature links. scandinavian literature bibliography of print sources. Scandinavian Studies - On-line Resources - list maintained at

Icelandic Norwegian Swedish
(Wherever possible, sites listed are ones which use English text, or have an English version available.)
Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators
Geometry.Net 's list of links.
Scandinavian Literature - bibliography of print sources.
Scandinavian Studies - On-line Resources - list maintained at Edinburgh University's website.
World Language Pages - Norwegian, Danish and Swedish
Danish Icelandic Norwegian ... Swedish
Danish literature - including profiles of Danish authors (in Danish only).
Danish Culture - site available in English and Danish.
Hans Christian Andersen: fairy tales and stories
Karen Blixen - Isak Dinesen Information Site
Karl Adolph Gjellerup
Johannes Jensen ... Swedish
Jonas Hallgrimsson
Sagas Danish Icelandic ... Swedish
Norwegian Writers' Web
Knut Hamsun
Henrik Ibsen
Sigrid Undset
Danish ... Swedish
Project Runeberg
Carl Jonas Love Almqvist
Carl Michael Bellman
Victoria Benedictsson ...
Carl Gustaf Verner von Heidenstam
Eyvind Johnson
Eric Axel Karlfeldt

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