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         Scandinavia Greenland Archaeology:     more detail
  1. The Far Traveler: Voyages of a Viking Woman by Nancy Marie Brown, 2007-10-09

1. Scandinavia Scandinavian Greenland Archaeology
scandinavia archaeology. includes greenland. Home To European archaeologyAlbania through Ireland - - To European archaeology Isle of Man through Wales
Scandinavia Archaeology includes Greenland Home To European Archaeology Albania through Ireland To European Archaeology Isle of Man through Wales Albania Archaeology ... Scotland Archaeology To archaeology pages index Archaeoastronomy in Denmark "Danish historians do not yet accept astronomical explanations to prehistoric findings; instead, they prefer other interpretations. In other countries the subject is more accepted . In England the subject was taken seriously after the interpretation of Stonehenge as a Sun-Moon observatory (Hawkins, 1963). Since then several stonemonuments have been explained in a similar way." Learn about what is taking place in Denmark in archaeoastronomy in this brief overview. - From Erling Poulsen - Eva Koch Collection of essays and papers about ancient Denmark - photos and other illustrations - Swedish , English - http:// Frojel Discovery Newsletter About jewelry and metal casting as practiced by the Vikings - illustrated - From Gotland University College - http://

2. Europe Archaeology Digs Projects Research
European archaeology Page 2 Isle of Man through Wales scandinavia/greenland.Archaeoastronomy in Denmark Danish historians do not yet accept isle of man_ wales.htm
European Archaeology Page 2 - Isle of Man through Wales To European Archaeology Page 1 Home British Archaeology now has its own page Main Headings Africa Archaeology Archaeoastronomy Asia Archaeology Australia / Oceania Archaeology ... Archaeology Lesson Plans To archaeology pages index On this page - Isle of Man Italy Low Countries: Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg Malta ... Wales Isle of Man Billown Neolithic Landscape Project - About archaeology on the Isle of Man in general and the Billown landscape project in particular - photos - From Bournemouth University - http:// Isle of Man Archaeology [Manx Archaeology] "This personal home page deals with archaeology on the Isle of Man." - photos - http:// Top of Page Italy Anglo- American Project in Pompeii Ongoing archaeology site on Pompeii. - photos - Read about a major new archaeological project in the center of ancient Rome. A find near the Coliseum triggered this international effort. You will also learn some of the rather sad state of Italian archaeology. You will find links to related material. - illustrated - From BBC -

3. Welcome To The Maine Archaeological Society
Six chapters explore the archaeology and history of Norse greenland. The backgroundof Iron Age Norse life in homeland areas of scandinavia is presented in
by Arthur Spiess This Booknote is on Vikings : The North Atlantic Saga , which was edited by William Fitzhugh and Elizabeth Ward. the book was published by Smithsonian Institution Press, 2000, $34.95 paperback, 750 Ninth St. NW, Washington, DC 20560-0950, or 202-275-2300, or Six chapters explore the archaeology and history of Norse Greenland. The background of Iron Age Norse life in homeland areas of Scandinavia is presented in enough detail so that the reader feels completely educated in the causes of Norse migration, and the social and economic patterns involved. Norse colonization of parts of Scotland, England and Ireland are discussed.There is plenty of information on Norse ships of various sizes and designs, Viking artifacts, old Norse religion and conversion to Christianity, and even the involvement of the non-Scandinavian Finns in Norse trade and economic patterns that extended into what is now Russia. The Norse coin from the Goddard site in Blue Hill is mentioned and figured. Even if you are not an archaeologist by training, this book will be fascinating and a reference text for decades to come. The book closes with chapters on Norse hoaxes in North America,of which there are an incredible number; the fascination of Norse mythology today, including poking fun at the Minnesota Vikings football team with their winged helmets; and a chapter on tourism and sites that one can visit in Newfiundland, Greenland and England in particular, where you can gain a first-hand experience of Norse and Viking archaeology.

4. Academic Faculty - Department Of Anthropology - University Of Alberta
Prehistoric archaeology, lithic and bone technology; Alberta archeology, arctic, Alaska, Yukon, western North America, scandinavia, greenland.
@import url(; Home Contact Us Site Map Search ... Faculty and Staff > Academic Faculty Academic Faculty
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For more detailed information on staff, please click here.
Nancy Lovell, Professor and Department Chair
PhD Cornell U 1987
Physical anthropology, human osteology, palaeopathology, palaeonutrition; South Asia, Egypt.
Office: 13-15 Tory Bldg.
Office phone: 492-0186
Owen B Beattie, Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Programs)
PhD Simon Fraser U 1981
Physical anthropology, forensic anthropology, human osteology; North America. Office: 13-28 Tory Bldg. Office phone: 492-9137 E-mail: Pamela R Willoug hby, Associate Professor and Associate Chair (Undergrad Programs) PhD UCLA 1985 Palaeolithic archeology; lithic technology, human evolution; Old World, Africa. Office: 13-10 Tory Bldg. Office phone: 492-0138 E-mail: www.arts.ualberta/ca/~pwilloug Michelle Daveluy; Associate Professor PhD U Montr©al 1994 Ethnolinguistics, linguistic communities, language change, multilingualism; Canadian French, Inuktitut.

5. James Holloway's Homepage
scandinavia, greenland and Iceland within the context of the social and PhD student in the Department of archaeology at the University of Cambridge.
James Holloway
Update: 22nd July. Added a few new site to the sites page . They're not on the map yet,though. I'll be presenting a paper on "Charcoal burial: an early medieval burial rite" at the annual conference of the European Association of Archaeologists in Cork this September. The exact date isn't set yet, but I'll update when it is. The paper attempts to put the research I've been doing on British charcoal burials into a European context, and is my first serious attempt to assess the relationship between the British examples and the charcoal burials in France, Scandinavia, Greenland and Iceland within the context of the social and cultural implications of the rite. This paper is part of a session on "Deviant burial practices in the archaeological record."
I'm James Holloway, a 26-year-old PhD student in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge. I started out studying History as an undergraduate, worked for a few years in the United States, and then moved to archaeology through an MA course at the University of Durham . Now I'm back at Cambridge working on my PhD; my supervisor is

6. Viking Millennium International Symposium Set To Begin
Paper entitled scandinavia in the Viking Age The Runic Evidence Paper entitledNorse greenland archaeology The Dialogue Between the Written and
September 15, 2000
(Tourism, Culture and Recreation) Viking Millennium International Symposium set to begin The Viking Millennium International Symposium, an affiliated event of the Vikings! 1000 Years program, is set to begin this evening in St. John’s. Scholars and Viking experts from around the world will gather from September 15 - 24 in three locations across the province including St. John’s, L’Anse aux Meadows and the Labrador Straits to discuss many aspects of Norse culture during the period of exploration that spurred the new world journeys of Leif Ericson. "For the first time ever, 300 participants including 70 speakers from all over the world will gather where Leif Ericson landed 1,000 years ago and became the first European to meet our indigenous peoples. This symposium is especially valuable because the papers the speakers will present and the discussions that will follow will provide us with a better understanding of the Viking Age," said Charles Furey, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Recreation. The panel of well-known Viking scholars includes: Magnus Magnusson, Benedicte Ingstad, Birgitta Wallace, Peter Sawyer, William Fitzhugh, Patrick Wallace, and Richard Hall. The symposium is divided into three major themes including

Farrell AW, 1977, Mast and Sail in scandinavia in the Bronze Age ?. Farrell AW,1979, The use of Norlund P., 1936, Viking Settlers of greenland.

8. Dialogues With The Past, The Nordic Graduate School In Archaeology, Planned Acti
The thesis concerns scandinavian Romanesque church doors and portals. with comparisons drawn from scandinavia, UK, and greenland climate data.
Dialogues with the Past
Dialogues with the Past
Organisation Participating departments Courses ...
List of PhD-projects
Serena Sabatini At a general theoretical level, the project aims to contribute to the study of European late Bronze Age communities and the influence that specific cross-cultural interactions may have produced on their cultural identity formation processes. The purpose is pursued through the analysis of the late Bronze Age Nordic House urns case study.
The research intends to examine in fact those sets of cultural, social and ritual dynamics beyond origin and use of the so called House urns burials in the North of Europe.
In particular the project is engaged with the investigation of those cineraria’s local and regional characters and of their possible relation to phenomena of exchange with or incorporation of foreign costumes. The Nordic house urns are distributed in fact on a large area from the island of Gotland to southern Sweden, Denmark, eastern Germany and northern Poland. At the same time the consistent presence of a similar and contemporary burial practice in the central-western regions of the Italian peninsula, makes the intercultural question eventually more complex and to be analysed not only according to a Nordic perspective, but partly, at least, within a larger European scale.
Due to those premises a particular care is devoted to the study of the concepts of ritual and tradition and the way they socially and culturally interact with each other, in order to enlighten limits and capacities funerary customs might have to influence or be influenced by external stimuli.

9. Environmental Archaeology. The Journal Of Human Palaeoecolog - Volume 8,Number 2
Neolithic and Bronze Age Agriculture in Southern scandinavia Recent On greenland, the Norse inhabitants exploited almost all available fat from land
Home Publications Environmental Archaeology Environmental Archaeology. The journal of human palaeoecology Volume 8, Number 2, Published October 2003 Journal Menu Journal home Volume 1 (05/1998) Volume 2 (05/1998) Volume 3 (12/1998) Volume 4 (10/1999) Volume 5 (10/2000) Volume 6 (10/2001) Volume 7 (10/2002) Volume 8.1 (04/2003) Volume 8.2 (10/2003) Volume 9.1 (04/2004) Volume 9.2 (10/2004) Editorial Policy Editorial Board How to subscribe Info for authors Discount for members OXBOW books Research Papers Alexandru Mihail Florian Tomescu, Valentin Radu and Dragos Moise Louise H. van Wijngaarden-Bakker and KeesD. Troostheide Bones and Eggs. The Archaeological Presence of the Grass Snake Natrix natrix (L.) in The Netherlands Alan K. Outram Comparing Levels of Subsistence Stress Amongst Norse Settlers in Iceland and Greenland Using Levels of Bone Fat Exploitation as an Indicator Allan R. Hall, Harry K. Kenward and Jane M. McComish Pattern in Thinly-Distributed Plant and Invertebrate Macrofossils Revealed by Extensive Analysis of Occupation Deposits at Low Fisher Gate, Doncaster, U.K. Review Paper David Earle Robinson Neolithic and Bronze Age Agriculture in Southern Scandinavia - Recent Archaeobotanical Evidence from Denmark Short Contributions Andrew Stephen Fairbairn Technical Notes on the Preparation of Leaf and Epidermis Specimens for Reference Collections and Archaeobotanical Investigations Yunfei Zheng, Akira Matsui and Hiroshi Fujiwara

ranges from greenland to the Arabian Gulf and Africa, and from the Stone Ageto the 61, 1990); the smaller Settlement archaeology in scandinavia,
Vandkunsten 5, DK 1467 Copenhagen K., DENMARK
Phone Int. 45 353 24100/ 24111 (KR); Fax Int. 45 353 24105; e-mail:
* Home: Aabrinken 39, DK 2830 Virum, DENMARK, Phone Int. 45 45 854684
    Born 1944 (Aalborg, Denmark); Danish citizen; Graduation, Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium (Copenhagen) 1962 (mathematical branch). Language skills: English, German, French, Dutch, Latin, Italian etc. (plus some Slavonian languages, Greek, Finnish, (Arabic), etc.). Other skills include the sciences, statistics, etc. Broad and deep-going interests and highly informed in historical, cultural and social issues, the arts, etc. Two children. (Cf. Den Blå Bog/The Danish "Who's Who" 1991 .) II. EDUCATION
    Student in Prehistoric/(Classical and Near Eastern plus Medieval) archaeology/Social Anthropology 1962 68 at the University of Copenhagen (UCop); Mag.Art. (then Ph.D.) 1968 at UCop (King Frederik II's award for highest exam of UCop); Dr.Phil. 1972 (UCop). III. MAIN/HOME CAREER

    11. Vikings Lectures 1999
    They colonized England, greenland, Russia, and Iceland. Between the eighth andeleventh centuries, Viking Age archaeology in scandinavia Else Roesdahl lectures/vikings99.html
    UNM Homepage Medieval Scandinavia: The Vikings and Their Culture
    March 22nd - 25th, 1999
    Dane Smith Hall, Room 125

    Wave over wave of Vikings cut through the North Sea and the Atlantic. In the east they portaged across Poland, penetrating Russia as far as the Caspian and Black Seas to the Mediterranean. Greed for glory and plunder, lust for freedom and land lured them to England, Sicily, Greenland, Ireland, and as far as Newfoundland in the New World. They colonized England, Greenland, Russia, and Iceland. Between the eighth and eleventh centuries, bands of scandinavians whom we have come to call Vikings played a significant part in reshaping the medieval world from Russia and Byzantium in the east to the Atlantic Islands and Newfoundland in the west as well as on the European continent.
    "Medieval Scandinavia: The Vikings and Their Culture," is the theme of this year's series. The lectures will examine the Viking Age as a vehicle for the transmission of political, social, and mythological structures and will correct some misperceptions of the Viking world. All of the lectures are free to the public.
    Lecture Schedule Monday, March 22, 1999 7:00 p.m.

    12. University Of Minnesota Libraries
    HQ16861687. History, archaeology, general bibliographies and reference works 947.1, Finland. 948-949.104, scandinavia, Norway, etc. 998, greenland

    13. North American Archaeology - MavicaNET
    A consumer magazine devoted to the excitement and mystery of archaeology in the The North Alaska and Canada, greenland and scandinavia, and the vast
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    No Sorting Quality Title Rating Language Last Edit Time Native American moundbuilders - English

    14. Through Dirt To The Past Archaeology In Rural Iceland
    He invited me to join the crew because of my interest in archaeology and medieval He s done that in greenland, Iceland, and sites in scandinavia.

    15. Archaeology & Anthropology In The Circumpolar North - ExploreNorth
    Links to Northern archaeological digs and associations. greenland Iceland Norway Northern Russia scandinavia General
    Northern Canada Finland Norway
    Northern Canada Finland Norway ... Search

    16. The Mayo Landscape - Mayo Heritage Conference,Westport, County Mayo, Ireland
    to Scotland and finally through east greenland to scandinavia. The Mayothrough the Millennia; Landscape archaeology - History Conference and
    The Mayo Landscape: Connections in Time and Place
    Mayo's rich archaeological landscape and its attendant cultures are evidenced in the many megalithic tombs and finds of bronze and gold artifacts some dated from about 3500 years ago. Stone circles, stone alignments and standing stones indicate ritual cultures which are comparable to those in Ulster, Scotland, Wales, England, France and Iberia. The formal coming of Christianity to Ireland some 1570 years ago marked further connections with Britain and the continent and in Mayo the parallel development of Patrician and Columban Church. The Columban tradition in Mayo was marked by strong connections with Ulster, Scotland and Northumbria. Farming settlements in the form of groupings of ringforts developed around the monastic sites. With the coming of the Normans some 830 years ago there were further changes in the landscape with the establishment of estates and the medieval towns. The introduction and maintenance of large estates and landlords subsequently deeply affected rural life in the West of Ireland. This caused a dependency culture in land ownership and land use to exist that was to underlie the outcome of the Great Famine of 150 years ago. Mayo, along with other western counties, suffered great deprivations, which forced, for the more fortunate survivors, connections through emigration, to be made with North America and Australia.

    17. Pre-Columbian Trans-oceanic Contact: Information From
    Nonetheless, archaeology is always changing as new discoveries, Atlantic Oceanfrom Scotland or scandinavia via Iceland and greenland to North America;
    showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Health ... More... On this page: Wikipedia Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact Wikipedia Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact The expression "pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact" refers to interactions or claims of interactions between Native American Europe Africa Asia - or Oceania discovery of America by Christopher Columbus Beginning in when a cowboy discovered a mammoth skeleton with a spear-point in its ribs near Folsom, New Mexico archeologists have focused on the theory that Ice Age migrations across Beringia and the Bering Strait approximately 9,000 to 12,000 years ago settled the Americas . The discovery of more artifacts near Clovis, New Mexico in the 1930s led to the name for these people - the Clovis culture Linguistics suggests that there were three waves of contact from Siberia , the most recent being that of the ancestors of the Inuit . Recent evidence from molecular genetics suggests that the entire Amerind population of the Americas may be derived from an effective founding population that was as small as 80 (Hey, 2005).

    18. Science -- Science Collections: Anthropology
    In the early 1800s, US archaeology consisted of little more than academic the Vikings homelands in scandinavia through Britain, Iceland, greenland,

    19. Runic Bibliography For 2003
    greenland archaeology The Dialogue Between the Written and the Review of The Early Runic Language of scandinavia, by Hans Frede Nielsen (2000).
    Nytt om runer
    Runic Bibliography for 2003
    This is a preliminary version of the runic bibliography for 2003. It was created by Jan Axelson (Stockholm/Uppsala), James E. Knirk (Oslo) and Jonas Nordby (Oslo). Any corrections or additions should be sent to Each month new entries will be marked * and printed in boldface . The following month they will be printed in boldface . Marking will be removed after two months.
    An asterisk (*) and boldface mark now new entries in September 2005.
    • Andersson, Thorsten. "Personennamen." In Reallexikon der Germanischen Altertumskunde , vol. 22 Antonsen, Elmer H. "'Weil die Schrift immer strebt ...': On Phonological Reconstruction." NOWELE: North-Western European Language Evolution Antonsen, Elmer H. "Where Have All The Women Gone?" In Arneborg, Jette. "Norse Greenland Archaeology: The Dialogue Between the Written and the Archaeological Records." In Axboe, Morten. "To brakteater." In Bammesberger, Alfred. "Runeninschriften auf dem Ruthwellkreuz Anglia Bammesberger, Alfred. "Zu

    20. UofM: Arts - Humanities Departments
    These have included such topics as Bronze Age archaeology, Greek and Roman The geographical areas covered include Iceland, scandinavia, greenland,
    Humanities Web Pages Classics English History Icelandic Philosophy Religion Asian Studies Canadian Studies Catholic Studies Film Studies Native Studies Theatre and Drama Ukrainian Canadian Heritage Centre Women's Studies The Humanities are the areas of study and knowledge which concentrate on aspects of human life. We also encourage students to think in terms of the connections between the disciplines and to enrich their studies by interdisciplinary work. Classics Department of Classics
    Room 367, University College
    University of Manitoba
    Telephone: (204) 474-9502
    Email: The Department of Classics is devoted to the study of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations of Greece and Rome which stand at the beginning of history and culture of the whole of Western civilization. The scope of Classical Studies is therefore defined by the chronological and geographical boundaries of those early civilizations, but it includes, or overlaps with, several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. This means that a wide variety of subjects and methods of investigation come within the experience of students who pursue the study of the Classical World. Ancient Languages and Literatures
    Classical Civilization
    Related Disciplines

    Because the academic area covered by Classical Studies embraces or overlaps with other disciplines, students at the University of Manitoba may take some specific courses offered by other Departments, such as History, Philosophy and Religion, towards credit for a major or minor in Classical Studies.

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