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         Scams & Fraud:     more books (100)
  1. Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, scams, frauds. by Les Henderson, 2003-05-17
  2. The Complete Idiot's Guide To Frauds, Scams, and Cons by Duane Swierczynski, 2002-12-17
  3. Biz-Op: How to Get Rich With "Business Opportunity" Frauds and Scams by Bruce Easley, 1994-02
  4. People Get Screwed All the Time: Protecting Yourself From Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, Fine Print, and More by Robert Massi, 2007-06-01
  5. Fleecing Grandma and Grandpa: Protecting against Scams, Cons, and Frauds by Betty L. Alt, Sandra K. Wells, 2004-09-30
  6. Don't Be a Victim!: How to Protect Yourself from Hoaxes, Scams, and Frauds by Michael Chesbro, 2002-10
  7. Health Schemes, Scams and Frauds by Stephen Barrett, Consumer Reports Books, 1991-01
  8. How to Be an Informed Investor: Protect Your Money from Schemes, Scams & Frauds by Virginia Schomp, Wilbur Cross, 1997-06
  9. Tragedy or scam? (insurance fraud case study): An article from: Security Management by Edmund J. Pankau, 1991-07-01
  10. Employee Embezzlement and Fraud in the Dental Office (Scams, Schemes and Broken Dreams)
  11. Investor Alert! How to Protect Your Money from Schemes, Scams, and Frauds
  12. Investor Alert: How to Protect Your Money from Schemes, Scams, and Frauds
  13. Two Books: inside the World of Investment Fraud, Scams and Deceptive Practices; and Mastering the World of Investment Fraud, Scams and Deceptive Practices.(Review) ... An article from: Security Management by Ronald Mendell, 2000-09-01
  14. Industry of Illusions: Health and Fitness Industry Scams, Frauds, Fakes, and Personal Trainers Exposed by Stephen Grisanti, 2002-08-15

1. Protect Yourself From Internet Scams - Subscribe To Internet
Internet ScamBusters Helps You Protect Yourself From Clever Scams Online and Offline

Parodies of and information about the multilevel marketing scams, frauds, and rip-offs.

3. Crimes Of Persuasion Schemes, Scams, Frauds ( Investment Fraud
Explaining how people are victimized through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams.

4. Quatloos! Cyber-Museum Of Scams And Frauds
Seeks to educate about various types of scams and frauds, how these deals really work, and how to manage the risks.

5. Nigeria - The 419 Coalition Website
The South African Police Service maintains a 419 Scams/Nigerian Letters Alert on their website.

6. Fraud Bureau - Web Fraud And Web Scams Complaint Centre Providing
Provides information on internet scams and internet fraud.

7. Federal Trade Commission
In this section of our website, you'll find publications with advice on avoiding scams and ripoffs, as well as tips on other consumer topics.

8. Welcome To NetScams
. Main . Scams and Hoaxes . Messages/Post a Scam . Spam . Online Shopping . Viruses and Trojans . Computer Security . Child

9. Scam O Rama The Lads From Lagos
UPDATES Reverse chronological order. Updates 'roll' upward. Some roll off. RED = ultracool anti-scams GREEN = scam victims

Information and links about many kinds of fraud.

11. Crimes Of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds ( Investment Fraud, Consumer Rip-of
How con artists will steal your savings through telemarketing fraud, investment schemes and consumer scams such as bogus sweepstakes, loan brokers, Ponzi,
Schemes, Scams, Frauds. Site Directory
Crimes of Persuasion: Schemes, Scams, Frauds
Explains How Con Artists Will Steal Your Savings and Inheritance
Through Telemarketing Fraud, Investment Schemes
and Consumer Scams
In-depth fraud coverage of computer crimes such as pyramid schemes make this economic crime library of internet crimes the cyber crime location for the schemes, scams and swindles that con artists and shonks perpetrate.
White collar crimes such as prime bank fraud, pyramid scams, internet fraud, phone scams, chain letters, modeling agency and Nigerian scams, computer fraud as well as telemarketing fraud are fully explained.
This organized crime report includes credit card fraud, check kiting, tax fraud, money laundering, mail fraud, counterfeit money orders, check fraud and other who's who true crimes of persuasion.
Our Mission
To inform the public, along with law enforcement personnel, justice officials and victim support groups on the workings and scope of telemarketing and investment fraud so that efforts can effectively be taken to minimize the impact on its victims and ensure that adequate penalties are in place to deter the perpetrators. Although funded by myself as a public service, without

12. Protect Yourself From Internet Scams - Subscribe To Internet ScamBusters
How to avoid being ripped off by Internet scams, fraud, misinformation, and hype.
Internet Scams:
Internet ScamBusters Helps You Protect Yourself From Clever Scams Online and Offline...
Check out why The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, NBC, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, Forbes, NPR, Consumer Reports and many others have recommended Internet ScamBusters Sunday, September 25, 2005 Beware of Disaster Scams : In the wake of Hurricane Rita and after Hurricane Katrina, we wanted to remind you that whenever there is a major natural or other disaster, scammers begin sending out charity relief scams within just a couple of hours! The number of Hurricane Rita scams is growing extremely quickly. We want to help you make sure you don't get a computer virus, and that any donations you make go to hurricane victims not scammers. So click here to find out the news about Hurricane Rita scams . And check out the info on the many different types of Hurricane Katrina scams , how to protect yourself, and how you can best help Hurricane victims from both hurricanes... On a Lighter Note (If You'd Like a Chuckle) : You know a scam is pervasive when Ziggy gets taken. ;-)

13. Fraud Bureau - Web Fraud And Web Scams Complaint Centre Providing Information On
Web fraud and Web scams Complaint Centre providing Information on internet scams and internet fraud prevention.
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Top Finance Stories Discussion Subscribe to Headlines Tell a Friend Glossaries Investment Terms Virus Terms Welcome to the Fraud Bureau , a free service , established to alert online consumers and investors of prior complaints relating to online vendors including sellers at online auctions and to provide consumers, investors and users with information and news on how to safely surf, shop and invest on the net. Search for Complaints relating to websites and online vendors including sellers at online auctions. File a Scam Complaint to inform others about a scam or deceitful or suspicious practices. Top Consumer Stories more news...
  • Scientists Learn in Greater Detail How HIV Kills Immune Cells Jun 14 2001 6:54AM
  • Massive Recall of Childrens Products Ordered Jun 14 2001 6:39AM
  • Memories of Diana Jun 14 2001 6:21AM Online Legal Issues more news...
  • 14. Scamwatch
    Comprehensive site providing information on several types of scams, schemes and fraud. Site information is provided by various Australian consumer protection agencies but most of the information is universal.

    Protect yourself against scams
    Why scams succeed Why scammers succeed Dangerous myths ... Say 'No'

    If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is
    Scamwatch covers all sorts of scams from financial and investment scams such as pyramid schemes to miracle cures and instant weight loss treatments. Many scams have been around under different names for several years; today's Nigerian Scam, where a consumer receives a letter or an e-mail from a fictitious Nigerian exile wanting to transfer millions of dollars, is just a variation on the Spanish Prisoner scam which dates back to 1588. Scamwatch keeps a look out for new scams, rorts and rip offs - our latest coverage includes some really professional new scams in property marketing phoney bank emails and spam
    "Say No"
    Don't be fooled if the deal sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Use the information on this site to protect yourself from scammers and their tricks, and learn how to recognise scams from genuine offers. The information on this site has been prepared by the Australian Government in collaboration with fair trading and consumer protection agencies across Australia.

    15. White Van Speaker Scams Using Fraud To Scam Sell Dahlton, Digital Pro Audio, The
    White Van Speaker scams fraud Involving Scam Speakers Sold From White Vans by Speakermen fraudsters. Subject Speakers sold from SUVs Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001
    Schemes, Scams, Frauds. Site Directory
    White Van Speaker Scams Fraud Involving Scam Speakers Sold From White Vans by Speakermen Fraudsters
    Subject: Speakers sold from SUVs
    Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 I have been approached several times in Los Angeles and Seattle by 20-30 year old men while driving in my car. They always have this bug-eyed shifty look to them and they want to sell me home speaker systems. And we all enjoy fast-talking, hurried salesman. The first time, out of curiosity, I stopped and looked at the products. I am somewhat familiar with speakers but I had never heard of these "revolutionary" brands. When I finally said that I wasn't interested, I was met with lower prices and "do you have any friends that might be interested?" I'm almost sure their business is not legit, but I'm curious as to where they get these speakers (and it's always speakers), and why do they always hit me up when I'm driving. Thanks for any info. Tim Harrington Subject: Stereo Speakers Invoice Overage
    Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001

    16. The "Nigerian Letter" Advance Fee Fraud - ABC's Of Small Business
    The Nigerian Letter du jour, interspersed with comments. For the small business owner who might think that just possibly an offer out of the blue for a cut of millions of dollars could be truthful.
    E-Mail Scams -
    How to Recognize
    Advance Fee Fraud
    ABC's has been getting listed in more directories recently. While that's good, because it lets you find us, it also gets us on some great spam/scam mailing lists. For the next few issues, we're going to examine some existing and potential email scams so that you can see what they are and why they sometimes work. We're going to start with a classic, the "Nigerian Letter." This has been around since at least 1987, but the advent of email and the cheapness of spam has made it spread further and faster, so it's actually becoming a better deal for the scamsters. In 1997, the U.S. government estimated that U.S. citizens alone were losing over $300 million a year to this scam. Some investors you would consider to be "real achievers" have been bitten hard by this one. One guy spent $5.2 million dollars and sued the Central Bank of Nigeria for the funds in U.S. Court before he realized he'd been scammed. How do they do it? The basic concept is that the scamster offers big bucks, in the millions, that he can obtain only with the victim's help. The reasons range from overbilled funds that can be recovered for oil or commodities, through mislaid bank deposits to the fruits of outright bribery and corruption.

    17. Spam: Where To Complain About Frauds & Scams On The Internet
    Links to government, advocacy, and watchdog groups accepting consumer complaints about Internet fraud and scams.
    About Products Free Trial Purchase ... Anti-Spam Info
    Mail Complaints to the Relevant Authority to these E-mail Addresses or Forms [ Note: include with your complaint a copy of the e-mail or posting with full headers ]

    18. Federal Citizen Information Center - Scams And Frauds
    Here are some of the latest scams, frauds, and Consumer Abuse items in the 2004 fraud Trends Consumers Being Hounded by Phishing scams February 2005
    1-888-8 PUEBLO (1-888-878-3256)
    Scams and Frauds
    Here are some of the latest Scams, Frauds, and Consumer Abuse items in the news.
    Computers Education Employment ... And more... Cars A Cautionary Tale - Staged Auto Accident Fraud - Don't Let it Happen to You - February 2005
    Oh No! Is That Rust?
    - January 2005
    Inspecting A Used Car
    - March 2004
    Automotive Sales Industry
    - August 2003
    Computers Mid-year Fraud Stats Reveal Alarming Trends in Telemarketing, Internet Scams - August 2005
    Wireless Bank Heist
    - August 2005
    Census Bureau Stops E-mail Scam Shuts Down Fake "Census" Web Site
    - May 2005 Tsunami Disaster Relief Fraud Alert - January 2005 Group Warns Consumers Not to Take the Bait in Phishing Scams - August 2004 FTC Issues Alert about Identity Theft Scam Spammers Pose as Federal Government Operation - March 2004 Sham Site Is a Scam: There Is No "National Do Not E-mail Registry" - February 2004 Who's Spamming Who? Could it be You? - January 2004 FTC Obtains Order Barring Pop-up Spam Scam, Urges Consumers to Take Steps to Protect Themselves - November 2003 FBI Warns of E-mail Scam - September 2003 Best Buy Alerts Consumers of Fraudulent Spam E-mail - June 2003 Online Fraud on the Rise - June 2003 Online Auctions Dominant Consumer Fraud - April 2003 CDIC Warns of Internet Investment Scam - August 2002 Scam Artists Use Do Not Call Registry to Commit Fraud - June 2002 Internet Fraud Lurks in Your Inbox - May 2002 International Netforce Launches Law Enforcement Effort - April 2002 Top 10 Dot Cons - March 2001

    19. FCIC - Federal Scams And Fraud Resources (non-graphical)
    Here are sites that report on scams/frauds being committed against consumers. Some of these sites have tollfree hotlines for reporting scams/frauds and
    Federal Citizen Information Center
    Pueblo, Colorado Search In the News Press Room FAQ ... Scam Resources Other Scams/Frauds Sites
    graphical version
    of this page) Here are sites that report on scams/frauds being committed against consumers. Some of these sites have toll-free hotlines for reporting scams/frauds and consumer abuse. If you are looking for a specific scam or fraud and didn't find it mentioned on our site , check these sites. Better Business Bureaus Alerts
    The Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) posts warnings to notify consumers and businesses about recently discovered, fraudulent business scams, as well as help resolve buyer/seller complaints against a business including mediation and arbitration services. Bureau of Public Debt
    Is it really a security and is it really backed by the U.S. Government? Many schemes have been directed at banks, charities, companies, and even individuals, by others seeking payment on fraudulent securities. The Bureau of Public Debt will alert you to these scams and help you protect yourself from being taken in.

    20. DOJ: Fraud
    Information and links for internet fraud, telemarketing fraud, mortgage scams, identity theft, and other consumer frauds.

    Internet Crime Complaint Center Alert: Fraudulent Sites Capitalizing on Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts
    How to Report a Complaint about Waste, Fraud, Abuse, or Misconduct in the Department of Justice
    Corporate Fraud
    The President's Corporate Fraud Task Force Revised Principles of Federal Prosecution of Business Organizations , visit the Corporate Fraud Task Force web page. Report suspected Corporate Fraud directly to FBI Headquarters via the Corporate Fraud Hotline . The toll-free telephone number, 888-622-0117, is manned by FBI analysts Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. EST. Identity Theft and Fraud Special Report for Consumers on Identity Theft Identity Theft: A Quiz for Consumers Special Report for Retail Businesses on Identity Theft Identity theft and identity fraud are crimes in which someone obtains and uses another person's personal information in some way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. Visit our Web pages to find precautions you can take to protect yourself from identity theft.

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