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         Saskatchewan Culture:     more books (100)
  1. Search for autonomy: The world of rural Indians in southern Saskatchewan : an interim report by Mitsuru Shimpo, 1977
  2. Intensive cage culture of rainbow trout in farm dugouts (SRC technical report) by W. W Sawchyn, 1984
  3. Francois' House: An early fur trade post on the Saskatchewan River (Pastlog) by Alice Beck Kehoe, 1978
  4. Guide to Saskatchewan ethnic organizations, 1978-1979 by Zenon Pohorecky, 1979
  5. Rodents of the Calf Creek local fauna (Cypress Hills formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan (Natural history contributions) by John E Storer, 1978
  6. Leptomerycid Artiodactyla of the Calf Creek local fauna (Cypress Hills formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan (Natural history contributions) by John E Storer, 1981
  7. Lagomorphs of the Calf Creek local fauna (Cypres Hills formation, Oligocene, Chadronian), Saskatchewan (Natural history contributions) by John E Storer, 1981
  8. The Parkhill Site: An Agate Basin surface collection in south central Saskatchewan (Pastlog) by S. Biron Ebell, 1980
  9. The aboriginal rock paintings of the Churchill River (Anthropological series / Saskatchewan Museum of Natural History) by Tim E. H Jones, 1981
  10. Festival celebrates Metis culture, place in history. (All My Relations).(Back to Batoche festival): An article from: Wind Speaker by Cheryl Petten, 2003-06-01
  11. First Nation's historical centre for tourism and education (Paynton, Saskatchewan).: An article from: Wind Speaker by Kenneth Williams, 1997-06-01
  12. Park celebrates 6,000 years of Aboriginal history (Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Saskatchewan).: An article from: Wind Speaker by Kenneth Williams, 1997-06-01
  13. Public education part of the goal for heritage park (Wanuskewin Heritage Park in Saskatchewan).: An article from: Wind Speaker by Debora Lockyer, 1998-06-01
  14. The role of nursing leadership in creating a mentoring culture in acute care environments.(CNE SERIES): An article from: Nursing Economics by Jill M.G. Bally, 2007-05-01

101. Government Of Saskatchewan - Redirect
The Government of saskatchewan is proud to announce Government of saskatchewan.If your browser does not automatically send you to the new location
The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to announce
the launch of the first stage of our redesigned website If your browser does not automatically send you to the new location
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102. Cultural Native: Ecotourism And Art In Saskatchewan
The online gateway to spiritual and physical healing through the use of medicinalplants of the Cree and Metis. Providing guided medicine walks through the
Welcome World Traveller To Our Website! The use of Medicinal plants and herbs remains as a way of life in the Native Culture of Northern Saskatchewan. Traditionally, our people relied on Nature to provide the remedies for many ailments. These ways are still in use and help to ensure the health of us, in a holistic manner, respecting the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical aspects of our being. Medicine Walks are offered to allow for those interested to gain further knowledge in the importance of retaining this knowledge. We, Rose and Ric Richardson, continue to use the knowledge of our Heritage, and pick numerous medicines, which we consider Gifts from our Creator. Rose is quite knowledgeable about the local plant life, and their Medicinal uses. Ric assists with this work, and is an artist, mainly carving with Moose Antler and Wooly Mammoth Ivory. We are currently renovating an historic railroad station, to be the home of our Art Gallery as well as a lunch stop, with excellent coffees, for travellers to our area. To further educate and entertain our visitors, there is a wide variety of antiques and memorabilia on display, which help to give a "postcard" view of life in the North, over many years. From it's initial roots in the Fur Trade in 1782, Green Lake has come a long way in the history of Saskatchewan, Canada, and the Metis people, at least in part due to it being the third oldest community in Saskatchewan, and because it is located at the "Gateway" to Northwestern Saskatchewan. Staying at our RV park will allow you to further explore the numerous recreational opportunities that our region offers.

103. Program Preview
During the day, participants will take part in tours and workshops that exploreSaskatchewan s culture and heritage. Delegates will be divided into two§ion=fairs&rinfo=sb_sas&

104. Human History Of Northern Saskatchewan
The cultural chronology of far northern saskatchewan is centred about fourtraditions (see Table following). PalaeoIndian,; Shield Archaic,
You have entered the Canoe Saskatchewan suite
Human History in Far Northern Saskatchewan
Background Introduction Archaeological Investigations Archaeological History ... References
This section is based on a report authored by Dr. David Meyer, an archaeologist currently (May, 1996) with the Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK which he prepared for MacLaren Plansearch Services Ltd., Saskatoon, in 1981 for the Department of Northern Saskatchewan. The report, published as Section 3.6, Heritage Resources, of a document entitled Stony Rapids Community and Resource Access Road, Stage II: Environmental Evaluation of Alternative Routes , was written as a contract consulting report by Dr. Meyer when he was employed by the Saskatchewan Research Council's archaeology research unit. The area covered is the far north of the province, adjacent to the Saskatchewan-Northwest Territories boundary. The original report authored by Meyer has been slightly edited and re-organized by Tim Jones, Saskatchewan Archaeological Society, to appear in the form presented below. It is used here with the permission of Cochrane Engineeing Inc. of Regina, Saskatchewan
Heritage resources in far northern Saskatchewan consist , in the main, of remains found in locations occupied by Indian (and Inuit) peoples prior to the arrival of Europeans. In northern Saskatchewan these archaeological sites are generally shallow, only 20-30 cm in depth. Geophysical processes that may bury human occupations are uncommon in the forested regions and, as a result, stratified sites are rare. Because the archaeological sites are on or near the surface they are easily disturbed by human activities or natural erosion.

105. Multicultural Council Of Saskatchewan Home Page
saskatchewan people represent more than 200 cultures, speak over 80 languages, All these cultural and linguistic differences and similarities contribute
Multiculturalism promotes the understanding, respect, appreciation, and acceptance of all people as equal in our society. The Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan (MCoS) , established in 1975, is the umbrella organization for multiculturalism in the province. MCoS is comprised of organizations and individuals dedicated and comitted to enhancing the multicultural reality of Saskatchewan. Regina Multifaith Fair April 25 - May 2 This years theme is "The International Year of Older Persons" B uy a lottery ticket and support your local sport, recreation, and cultural organization S askatchewan people represent more than 200 cultures, speak over 80 languages, and have many different customs and traditions. All these cultural and linguistic differences and similarities contribute and enrich the economic, social, spirtual and political development of the province. MCoS promotes three stages of multicultural development: learning ones own culture, learning other cultures, and sharing other cultures. We work in the areas of Communication, Education, Development, Folk Art, Heritage, Immigration, Youth, Intercultural Relations, Languages, Health, Business, Tourism, Citizenship and Advocacy

106. Saskatchewan Gen Web Project - SGW - Saskatchewan Genealogy Roots
Doukhobor saskatchewan Genealogy Roots. Resources for saskatchewan, Canada . saskatchewan Ethnic Cultural Network
Saskatchewan History and Ethnic Roots
Saskatchewan Ethnic Cultural Network

107. GR - MRD - Municipal Relations Division Home
Click here to go to the Government of saskatchewan Home Page Western Red Lilies The Municipal Relations Division strengthens saskatchewan communities by
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Government of Saskatchewan
Contact the webmaster Municipal Relations Division Home The Municipal Relations Division strengthens Saskatchewan communities by providing the legal framework, organization support, financial assistance and other services for the operation of municipalities. Working in partnership with municipal organizations and other communities, the Division encourages cooperation, understanding and self-reliance.
See Overview
Current Issues:
Rural Elections: Major Initiatives: Community Planning Legislation:

108. Official Site Of Tourism Saskatchewan
Welcome to the saskatchewan Tourism Website. Discover cultural diversity atthe Saskatoon International Fringe Festival.
SetSession(6352494); Accommodations Events Attractions Outdoor Experiences ...
Saskatoon Fall Fair

This year's Fall Fair will feature almost 1,000 head of purebred and commercial cattle. Feature events include the Cinderella Classic, Dynamic Duo Show and numerous youth events.
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Back to Batoche Days: a Colourful Métis Celebration of Freedom and Independence

Métis from across Saskatchewan and beyond gather each year in the middle of their traditional homeland for Back to Batoche Days, a celebration of a rich cultural heritage. The 2005
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SNAP IT! Online Photo Contest

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Great Saskatchewan Vacation Contest
Saskatchewan Centennial 2005
Take a deep breath.Saskatchewan has a quiet stillness than invades your soul. The landscape is larger-than-life, the people down-to-earth, the cultural experiences authentic. There's room to breath in our cities and towns, our beaches and resorts. Discover a place where every visit rejuvenates. Start your adventure ...

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