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         Sandwiches:     more books (100)
  1. The Saga of the Sandwich Islands (Volume I only) by Edward B. Scott, 1968
  2. Reality Sandwiches, 1953-1960 (Pocket Poets Series, No. 18) by Allen Ginsberg, 1981-06
  3. Sandwich by Isreal Aharoni, 2004-08
  4. How to Make Sandwiches and Box Lunches by Gloria, Goddard, 2006-08-09
  5. Sandwich Bag Science: 25 Easy, Hands-on Activities That Teach Key Concepts in Physical, Earth, and Life Sciences-and Meet the Science Standards by Steve Tomecek, 2006-09-01
  6. The 1000 Fabulous Sandwiches Cookbook by Rh Value Publishing, 1982-10-13
  7. The KING OF PRUSSIA&A PEANUT BUTTER SANDWICH by Alice Fleming, 1988-09-30
  8. Another Dirt Sandwich: Some Rambling and Hilarious Exploits of Tbyrd Fearlessness by Ray Friesen, 2008-02-15
  9. Kiplinger's Financial Solutions for the Sandwich Generation: Ensuring You Have Enough for You, Your Children, and Your Parents (Kiplinger's Personal Finance) by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine Editors, 2006-10-31
  10. Home-Style Soups, Salads and Sandwiches by Julie (editor) Schnittka, 1996
  11. The Behavior of Sandwich Structures of Isotropic and Composite Materials by Jack R. Vinson, 1999-03-31
  12. Ink Sandwiches, Electric Worms, and 37 Other Experiments for Saturday Science by Neil A. Downie, 2003-09-29
  13. The Roasted Vegetable: How to Roast Everything from Artichokes to Zucchini for Big, Bold Flavors in Pasta, Pizza, Risotto, Side Dishes, Couscous, Salsas, Dips, Sandwiches by Andrea Chesman, 2002-02
  14. Clever Lunchbox Puzzles: Fun Tear-Outs to Pack with Your Sandwiches by Steve Ryan, 2005-11-01

61. Sandwiches

62. East Village Grille
Greek and american cuisine. Specialties include ribs, seafood and sandwiches. Menu, wine and beverage list, map and directions.
Great Food, Reasonable Price ... Try It Menus Wine and Beverages Sports Bar Location East Village Grille
1177 Tunnel Road Asheville, NC 28805 Phone:

Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards are honored here at East Village Grille. Are you looking for a place that has great food, casual dining, an open bar, friendly service, all at a reasonable price? East Village Grille is the place for you. We offer a fine atmosphere with Great Greek and American Foods. Our Menu includes Ribs, Chicken, Fresh Seafood, Sandwiches, Burgers, Gyros and House Specialties. Our Sports Bar is great for watching your favorite sports and meeting the friendly folks from Western North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains. Stop in and check out our Daily Specials!
We use only Cholesterol Free oils in preparation of our meals! Hours
Monday thru Thursday: 11:00am -10:00pm
Friday and Saturday: 11:00am -11:00pm Search The Internet
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63. Tea Sandwiches
A selection of finger sandwich fillings including cranberry, lavender egg salad, celerynut, and apricot and ham.
Tea Sandwiches
Flat Rate shipping at Glenbrook Farms! Just $4.00 per order.
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Black Teas
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Glenbrook Farm Overnight Stabling
A collection of tea sandwiches! Start with dense, high-quality breads like pumpernickel, rye, or whole wheat sliced thinly. Assemble your tea sandwiches and store in the refrigerator. Arrange on a serving platter when ready to serve, and use flowers or cut herbs to garnish. Cranberry Fingers: Mix Dijon mustard in whole cranberry sauce, and flavor to taste. Spread on a slice of bread and then add a small slice of smoked turkey; add a top layer of bread. Spread buttered bread with softened cream cheese that has been flavored with dill. Place a thinly-cut piece of salmon or lox on the cream cheese, and garnish with a small fresh sprig of dill. Lavender Egg Salad: Chop up four hard-boiled eggs, mix in one ounce of mayonnaise, and one ounce of plain yogurt. Add one teaspoon of curry powder, and one tablespoon of dried lavender buds. Spread on bread slices and top with a green olive.

64. BagelTime USA
Specializes in homemade bagels and sandwiches. Includes menu and catering information.
We Stand


ComAge Graphics

65. Sardine Sandwiches
The RecipeCircus makes it easy to build your own free recipe website to share with friends and family. It s as easy as 1 2 3.
Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund member logon about the Circus search for recipes print this recipe ... discussion boards Email to sally

66. Dough Boy's
California and New York Pizzas, calzones, pasta, burgers, submarine sandwiches. Includes online coupon.
"Dough Boy's... the Best Pizza at the Beach!"
Portfolio Magazine Gourmet California Pizzas * New York and Pan Style Pizzas * Calzones
Pasta Entrees * Juicy 1/2lb Burgers * Submarine Sandwiches * Late Nite Munchies
All-You-Can-Eat Breakfast Buffet $3.95 * Daily Lunch Specials $3.95
Over 100 wines to choose from.
Open All Year! Return to Main Menu

67. Roseville Tea Sandwiches
Smoked salmon and cucumber on wheat bread spread with a mixture of mayonnaise, dill, capers, and horseradish.
Donate to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund member logon about the Circus search for recipes print this recipe ... discussion boards Email to Phil
    Roseville Tea Sandwiches
    List of Ingredients
    1/4 c Mayonnaise
    1 tb Green onion, minced
    1 tb Fresh dill, chopped
    1 tb Capers
    1 1/2 ts Horseradish
    pinch Pepper
    8 sl Whole wheat bread
    1 1/2 ts Butter, softened
    4 sl Smoked salmon
    12 Cucumber slices, thin
    Combine mayonnaise, onion, dill, cappers, horseradish and pepper. trim crusts from bread; spread with butter then mayonnaise mixture. Arrange salmon and cucumber over 4 slices of bread. Top with remaining bread; cut each sandwich into 4 triangles or squares.

68. Panini's Bar And Grill Restaurant Establishments Of Ohio.
Famous for overstuffed sandwiches. Dance and live music, outdoor patios, expanded menus, and microbrew selections. Over 20 locations throughout Ohio.
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Welcome to Panini's Grill. We are no longer just the home of the famous overstuffed late night sandwich... Today Panini's establishments feature big screen TV's, satellite dishes, live music, dancing, happy hour specials, outdoor patios, expanded menus and microbrew beer selections. We offer the perfect gathering place for business luncheons or sporting events.
We have many Panini's locations in the state of Ohio to serve you. To view our list of stores, click here
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Panini's Bar and Grill by Panini's Franchise Group

69. Tea Sandwiches
Presents recipes for Cucumber Tea sandwiches with Tarragon Butter and Smoked Salmon Canapes with Mascarpone.

70. Paragraph Sandwich"
Give the students time to create their own sandwiches. As they finish writing sentences on each piece, staple them to the top of a writing paper.
Teach students how to create a fantastic paragraph with this wonderful "sandwich" idea. It will allow students to learn the basics and get them thinking about what is needed to write great paragraphs for any audience! MATERIALS:
  • an overhead with writing lines a construction paper "sandwich" (2 slices of bread, a piece of meat, a tomato, some lettuce, a piece of cheese) small versions of the above construction paper sandwich for each child
PROCEDURE: Discuss the ingredients that are essential to making a good sandwich. Show students the kind of sandwich you are going to make by illustrating on the board the "essential elements" in your sandwich, and the order with which you will create it. Discuss the need for a piece of bread on the top and a piece of bread on the bottom to hold the sandwich together. Direct the students to see that a paragraph is just like a sandwich. It needs an opening sentence and a closing sentence to hold the paragraph together. Just like the bread, the opening and closing may look almost the same. They will basically state the same thing, using different words. Explain that just as the ingredients inside the sandwich are needed to make it taste good, the "ingredients" inside a paragraph are needed to make it sound good. The ingredients inside the paragraph are referred to as it's supporting details.

71. Welcome To Tully's Good Times: A Virtual Tour
Combines a great sports atmosphere with family dining. Features live sporting events on satellite TV. Serves sandwiches, burgers, pasta, salads and appetizers, extensive online menu.
Welcome to Tully's Good Times where the only thing outshining the good times is our great food. Tully's combines a great sports atmosphere with family dining that everyone can enjoy. Have a look around in our virtual tour, see what we're all about, then come visit us in person.
Tully's Good Times 2004
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72. 50+ Friends Club Cookbook -- Soups And Sandwiches -- Tea Sandwiches
Made with cream cheese, tomatoes, cheese, ham, and cucumber.
50+ Friends Club Cookbook
Soups and Sandwiches
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Cookbook Index
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Tea Sandwiches
From the Kitchen of: HAPPY
    White Sandwich Bread Butter Cream Cheese Thin Sliced Tomatoes Thin Sliced Cheese Thin Sliced Ham Watercress Cucumbers sliced thin
      Put a mixture of any of these spreads or makings on your bread and cut into 4 sections or in 8 rectangles. You can also use wheat bread and make the finger sandwiches 3 layers of bread with filling.

73. Caribbean Jerk Chicken Crescent Sandwiches
Canned refrigerated rolls filled with chicken, green onions, and roasted red peppers and baked.
1 1/4 cups chopped cooked chicken breast
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1/4 cup coarsely chopped purchased roasted red peppers
3/4 teaspoon Caribbean jerk seasoning
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 can Pillsbury Refrigerated Crescent Dinner (8-oz.) Rolls
1 egg white slightly beaten
1/2 teaspoon sesame seed
Separate dough into 4 rectangles; firmly press perforations to seal. Spoon 1/2 cup chicken mixture onto half of each rectangle. Fold dough in half over filling; press edges together. Seal edges with fork; place on ungreased cookie sheet. Brush tops with egg white; sprinkle with sesame seed.
4 sandwiches.
Note: We also add cheddar cheese to the inside of these. My dh loves cheese on everything. I make my own dough instead of buying the crescent dough so that I can make several and freeze without spending $20 on crescent dough. SUBMITTED BY KATHY Y. BEEF BEVERAGES BREAD MACHINE BREAKFAST ... SEARCH

74. 50+ Friends Club Cookbook -- Soups And Sandwiches -- Hawaiian Tea Sandwiches
Recipe calling for crushed pineapple, chopped nuts, and cram cheese.
50+ Friends Club Cookbook
Soups and Sandwiches
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Cookbook Index
Chapter Index
Hawaiian Tea Sandwiches
From the Kitchen of: Aunt Sadie
Source: Aunt Sadie's Scrapbook
    C Crushed pineapple, drained C Sugar C Chopped nuts oz pkg Cream cheese Milk or mayonnaise
  • In saucepan combine pineapple and sugar. Bring to boil. Cook until thick, stirring constantly. Cool. Stir in nuts.
  • Soften and mash cheese with enough milk or mayonnaise to make a good spreading consistency. Combine with pineapple mixture.
  • Spread on thin bread, top as sandwich. Trim and cut into squares. Makes about 4 cups.

75. Kraft Foods
Sliced ham and cheese served on whole wheat bread.

76. The Recipe Box Searchable Archive - Sandwiches
A small collection of family friendly recipes such as vegetarian sloppy joes and grilled peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
Recipe Search Recipe Box BB
All recipes listed here were at one time posted on our "Recipe Box Bulletin Board" and have since been removed and retired to our searchable archive. If you have a recipe that you would like to add to this archive please post it on our Recipe Box Bulletin Board

77. Husky Deli Catering: Buffets And Entrees
Located in West Seattle, they offer buffet plates as well as sandwiches and hot entrees; contains menu.
Husky Original Buffet
(Minimum of 10 people) $4.00 Per Person
Six Meats
Corned Beef Pastrami Turkey Breast Ham Roast Beef Salami
Three Cheeses
Monterey Jack or Cheddar Swiss Creamy Havarti
Snack Breads
Rye Sourdough Wheat
Choice of Two Salads
Potato Macaroni Coleslaw Three Bean Tossed Green Caesar Mediterranean Pasta Husky Premium Buffet (Minimum of 10 people) $5.00 Per Person Six Meats As listed above Three Cheeses As listed above Snack Breads As listed above Choice of Two Salads Fresh Fruit Salad Asian Chicken Noodle Spinach Salad Marinated Vegetable Moroccan Pasta Tortellini Tabbouleh Red Potato Italian Pasta Baked Beans Extras Available with both buffets Relishes Sliced Kosher Dills Sweet Pickles Stuffed Green Olives Pitted Black Olives Dijon Mustard Mayonnaise In disposable serving bowls $0.50 per person

78. Sandwiches Help And Information
sandwiches that include apples as ingredients more Wraps, rolls, canapes, and openfaced all sandwiches made here! The Sandwich Shoppe Menu Board
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BellaOnline's Sandwiches Editor S U B J E C T S F E A T U R E S *Today´s Special* Around the World Brown Baggin´ Chef´s Classics ... Vegetarian´s Delight Looking for a quick and easy sandwich that´s filling enough for a meal? Cure your condition with this week´s Rush Hour Remedy! more... Rescue Holiday Leftovers! Rescuing holiday leftovers will be a snap when you learn to preserve your food safely with these freezer hints. You´ll be saving time AND money! more... Apple Sandwiches Sandwiches that include apples as ingredients more... The Sandwich Shoppe Menu Board (Our Newsletter!) Beyond peanut butter and jelly! Wraps, rolls, canapes, and open-faced...all sandwiches made here! The Sandwich Shoppe Menu Board will be published weekly with a feature specialty sandwich, a book selection, and perhaps, a sandwich tip or two. more...

79. Camille's Sidewalk Cafe - Eat, Relax, Enjoy!          
sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, and coffee drinks.
Join Camille's Cafe to receive special offers, a FREE dessert on your birthday, and to have access to online ordering at our participating locations. Sign up today!
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  • 80. RecipeSource: No-Egg Egg Salad
    This recipe makes enough for 4 sandwiches and uses firm tofu, finely chopped carrot, bell pepper, celery, and green onion.
    Welcome to RecipeSource!
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    Other info: About Us Contact Us Site Map Site News ... Submit a Recipe Other Sources: from Amazon.COM MMMMM- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.01 Title: No-Egg Egg Salad Categories: Salads Yield: 4 sandwiches 1 pk Firm tofu, drained and -crumbled (10 1/2 oz) 1/4 c Finely chopped carrot 2 tb Finely chopped green or red -bell pepper 1/4 c Finely chopped celery (opt) 2 tb Finely chopped green onion 1 t Turmeric 1/2 t Salt 1/2 t Black pepper 1 t Hot sauce 2 t Vinegar 1 t Mustard 1 tb Soy mayonnaise (opt) In a large bowl, mix ingredients together, and you're done. Makes 4 sandwiches or serves 6-8 as a dip. Nutritional analysis per serving: 140.9 calories; 8.5 grams total fat; (1.3 grams saturated fat); 10.4 grams protein; 4.9 grams carbohydrates; 2.0 milligrams cholesterol; 334.3 milligrams sodium. MMMMM Plain Text Version of This Recipe For Printing or Saving All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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