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         Samoa (western) Culture:     more detail
  1. Material culture of Western Samoa: Persistence and change (National Museum of New Zealand bulletin) by Roger Neich, 1985
  2. Western Samoa and American Samoa: History, culture and communication (Pre-print paper series / East-West Communication Institute, East-West Center) by Ruth E Runeborg, 1980
  3. Possibilities of fish cultures in ponds in Western Samoa: A report, by H. van Pel, 1954
  4. Culture change, stress and mental health in the two Samoas by Scott J Whitney, 1984
  5. Bibliography of Western Polynesia: Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa by Linda Barney-Campbell, 1991
  6. Improving organizational effectiveness of systems for generation, exchange and utilization of agricultural knowledge by George M Beal, 1987

101. Ethnomathematics Digital Library (EDL)
Numbers and Computation Measurement Linear Measure Geographical area samoa ((western))Cultural group samoan ((western))

102. Ethnomathematics Digital Library (EDL)
Geographical area Fiji, Oceania, samoa ((western)), Tonga Cultural group Fijian,Oceanian, Polynesian, samoan ((western)), Tongan

103. About The Pacific Studies Initiative Project
(western) samoa. Davidson, James W. Induced cultural change in the Pacific (western)samoathe final stage. Canberra Australian National University, 1961?
Pacific Studies Initiative
The Pacific Studies Initiative Syllabus and Bibliography Web site address has changed as of 20 September 2005. The new address is . Please update your bookmarks and visit us there! You will be automatically redirected to the new address in 5 seconds.

104. Ministry Of Foreign Affairs And Trade - Pacific Division - Pacific Agreement On
When (western) samoa was set on a path to independence during the United value in the development of closer cultural links between New Zealand and samoa,

Providing information about New Zealand's international relations
Pacific Division Tel: Fax:
Government Response to Report of the Government Administration Committee on Parliamentary Petition 2002/44 of Dr George Paterson Barton Vaitoa Sa and 100,000 others - Presented to the House of Representatives Pursuant to Standing Order 251
The Government has carefully considered the Committee’s report on the petition, which requested the House of Representatives to repeal the Citizenship (Western Samoa) Act 1982 and return the law to its state as declared by the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council on 28 July 1982. The Government responds to the report in accordance with Standing Order 251. The Government has taken action on one of the Committee’s recommendations. The other of the Committee’s recommendations is by its nature long term. The Government proposes to examine progress again one year from now.
Recommendations and Government response
Recommendation 1
The Committee found that the 1982 Act was consistent with relevant international law principles, including international human rights law.

105. ESSAY ON SCIENCE AND SOCIETY:Will Tribal Knowledge Survive The Millennium? -- Co
Is it possible that knowledge systems outside of our current (western) canon may be In the 20th century, however, antibiotics derived from soil cultures,

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Essays on Science and Society
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ESSAY ON SCIENCE AND SOCIETY: Will Tribal Knowledge Survive the Millennium?
Paul Alan Cox Paul Alan Cox is the Director of the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii and Florida and the King Carl XVI Professor at the Swedish Biodiversity Center. He shared the Goldman Environmental Prize for conservation work related in his book Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rain Forest (Freeman, New York, 1999).

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