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         Samoa (western) Culture:     more detail
  1. Material culture of Western Samoa: Persistence and change (National Museum of New Zealand bulletin) by Roger Neich, 1985
  2. Western Samoa and American Samoa: History, culture and communication (Pre-print paper series / East-West Communication Institute, East-West Center) by Ruth E Runeborg, 1980
  3. Possibilities of fish cultures in ponds in Western Samoa: A report, by H. van Pel, 1954
  4. Culture change, stress and mental health in the two Samoas by Scott J Whitney, 1984
  5. Bibliography of Western Polynesia: Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa by Linda Barney-Campbell, 1991
  6. Improving organizational effectiveness of systems for generation, exchange and utilization of agricultural knowledge by George M Beal, 1987

81. Peace Corps Online | January 21, 2004 - University Of Houston: Western Samoa RPC
(western) samoa RPCV Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor and abroadand lectured on issues related to contemporary visual art and culture.
January 21, 2004 - University of Houston: Western Samoa RPCV Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor Peace Corps Online Directory Samoa The Peace Corps in Samoa : January 21, 2004 - University of Houston: Western Samoa RPCV Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor By Admin1 (admin) ( - on Thursday, January 22, 2004 - 08:13 am: Edit Western Samoa RPCV Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor
Western Samoa RPCV Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor

Terrie Sultan to Receive French Medal of Honor
The Order of Arts and Letters was established in 1957 to recognize eminent artists and writers, and people who have contributed significantly to furthering the arts in France and throughout the world. This Order consists of three ranks: Chevalier, Officier and Commandeur. Recipients of this distinction receive a certificate from the French Minister of Culture and are entitled to wear the insignia of this order, a medal suspended from a colored ribbon of white stripes against a green background. The names of Paul Auster, Marilyn Horne, Robert Paxton, Robert Redford and Meryl Streep can be found among the American recipients of this distinction.
Story Source: University of Houston
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82. Account Login And Registration
Comparative benchmarks allow the reader to quickly gauge (western) samoa It should be noted that the estimates are “culture blind” and “climate blind”,

83. Samoa - To The Field And Back - Margaret Mead: Human Nature And The Power Of Cul
She argued that, living in a homogenous culture, samoan adolescent girls did samoa A Psychological Study of Primitive Youth for (western) Civilization .
HOME Exhibition Overview Object Checklist Public Programs ... Credits
Exhibition Sections: Shaping Forces To the Field and Back "Learning to Live in One World"
SUBSECTIONS: Samoa: The Adolescent Girl Manus: Childhood Thought
Papua New Guinea: Sex and Temperament
Bali: Personality Formation ...
Iatmul: Personality Formation II
Return to: "To the Field and Back"
Samoa: The Adolescent Girl
I n 1925, Margaret Mead journeyed to the South Pacific territory of American Samoa. She sought to discover whether adolescence was a universally traumatic and stressful time due to biological factors or whether the experience of adolescence depended on one's cultural upbringing. After spending about nine months observing and interviewing Samoans, as well as administering psychological tests, Mead concluded that adolescence was not a stressful time for girls in Samoa because Samoan cultural patterns were very different from those in the United States. Her findings were published in Coming of Age in Samoa (1928), a vivid, descriptive account of Samoan adolescent life that became tremendously popular. It was published in more than a dozen editions in a variety of languages and made Mead famous. One of the reasons for the popularity of the book was that Mead had revised the introduction and conclusion of her original manuscript, adding two chapters that dealt directly with the implications of her findings for child rearing in the United States.

84. Indiana University Southeast: Fine Arts: Faculty Work: Anne Allen - Art History
Trouble in Paradise Art and culture in (western) samoa , one of a series of talkssponsored by the Adult Student Center, Indiana University Southeast,
b.a. program


graphic design
"All the World's A Stage: The 19th Century Kwakwaka'wakw (Kwakiutl) House as Theater", American Indian Culture and Research Journal , Center for Native American Studies 21:4 (1997).
"Architecture as Social Expression in Western Samoa: Axioms and Models", Traditional Dwellings and Settlements Review , Volume 5 No. 1, Fall 1993.
"The Architectural Stage: Status, Ceremony and Theater in Western Samoa," Easter Island in Pacific Context, South Seas Symposium: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Easter Islands and East Polynesia . Easter Island Foundation, 1998.
Art of Transformation , Introduction to the catalog of a show by the same name, presented and published by Indiana University Southeast, 1998
"The Guest House", The Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World , Paul Oliver (ed.), Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, 1997.

85. EthnoMed: Demographic Changes In The Seattle Area Are Having A Profound Impact O
(western) samoa is an independent country; American samoa is a US Territory.Although there is no difference in culture between the two, there is a difference
VOICES OF THE SAMOAN COMMUNITY INTRODUCTION Demographic changes in the Seattle area are having a profound impact on the local health care delivery system. Health care providers need to hear from ethnic communities about their experience in trying to access health care. Offering culturally appropriate care requires being open to the perceptions, realities and expectations of a community that may be different from one's own. The Cross-Cultural Health Care Program (CCHCP) in Seattle, WA works with health care providers, interpreters and community-based organizations to address these needs. Established in 1992, the CCHCP is funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. This "Voices of the Communities" profile is one of a series developed by the CCHCP. The profiles and an earlier survey of 22 underserved ethnic communities are part of the CCHCP's effort to provide a forum for underserved communities to interact with the health care community. These profiles were developed by and in consultation with members of the profiled community. SAMOAN DEMOGRAPHIC AND CULTURAL BACKGROUND Location and nations Samoa refers to a group of islands in the South Pacific. Western Samoa is an independent country; American Samoa is a U.S. Territory. Although there is no difference in culture between the two, there is a difference in immigration status in the United States. People from Western Samoa have to apply to become permanent U.S. residents; American Samoan people do not.

86. Laboratory For Human Biology Research
Adolescents living in more (western)ized areas of samoa, as well as culture changeand stress in (western) samoan youth Methodological issues in the
Culture change, stress, and immune function in Samoan youth
Samoans are currently experiencing an unprecedented period of cultural diversification: non-traditional legal, political, and economic institutions continue to encroach, and western consumer goods and lifestyles are increasingly available and desired. A recent epidemic of adolescent suicide suggests that these transitions may be problematic, particularly for the youth of Samoa. The objectives of this research are threefold: 1) To introduce a cross-cultural and developmental perspect- ive to the large body of western-based research in stress and immune function; 2) To evaluate new methodological tools for assessing immune function in field settings; and 3) To develop models of culture change and stress specifically relevant to the experiences of youth. A blood spot measure of EBV antibody level was developed as an immunological measure of chronic stress, and assayed in over 800 samples from 5-20 year-olds living in a range of urban and rural Samoan villages. C-reactive protein levels were also assayed to control for pathogen burden. Adolescents living in more westernized areas of Samoa, as well as adolescents from households with high levels of incongruity in aspects of social status, have elevated EBV antibodies, indicating lower immunocompetence and a higher burden of psycho- social stress. This work has been significant in introducing new methodological tools for assessing stress, and in evaluating new models of culture change specifically relevant to the experiences of youth.

87. Culture Gallery
In this section we like to introduce some of the cultural aspects of the Pacific . (western) samoa and Tuvalu are states that gained their independence in

About us
Send me a Brochure Tripbuilder (Shopping Cart) Send me a Quotation ... Pacific News member of Culture Gallery Introduction ANGLONESIA Anglonesia is a neologism used here to refer to Australia New Zealand and the United States in the Pacific (ANZUS). The progress from colonialism to independence in the Pacific Islands region (both north and south of the equator) has not brought an end to the influence of the former colonial powers. Presently, there are ten territories or dependencies linked directly to an extraregional government, and five others are constrained in their foreign policies by the terms of their free associaton compacts. Like these territories, the independent states are also affected by the political, security and economic policies of the extraregional powers. There continues to be an overlap of interests between outsiders and islanders, which is likely to persist even as more island stated begin to exert their influence more and more within the region as well as globally. On our website you find more cultural info on Anglonesia at: Australian (Culture) Aboriginal Culture Aussie Slang (dictionary) Aussie Songbook ... MELANESIA As diverse internally as they are different from each other, the islands of Melanesia - those in

88. Samoa Islands Samoa Travel Guide And Accommodation Planner
within two separate nations sharing a common history and culture. IndependentSamoa ((western)) is the main tourist destination with two large islands,
Samoa Islands
Samoa Travel Guide Accommodation Planner
Samoa Islands
Pacific Travel Guides Samoa Travel Guide Samoa Accommodation
Detailed Samoa Islands travel guide with reviews on backpacking, scuba diving, surfing, adventure activities, culture and eco tourism. Includes a samoa accommodation planner with maps and pictures. Samoa Travel and Accommodation Guide
gives you free and independent tourist information to this exotic south pacific destination to help plan your travel itinerary. Our guide has over 30 pages of useful information with useful links to our recommended samoa accommodation options.
If this is your first visit, we suggest you start at our Samoa Islands Travel Guide to give you an orientation about the islands with general tourist information on how to get there, when to go and what to expect when you arrive.
If you want to skip the travel facts, view our detailed Samoa Accommodation Guide . We provide an overview of all accommodation on all islands including the excellent traditional beach fales with an overview of the price you can expect to pay. We link these to a comprehensive directory of hotels with full descriptions and pictures so you can make direct bookings.
We also offer several special interest topics for detailed information for planning your vacations:
backpackers guide
- from Apia to off the beaten track
adventure guide
- scuba diving, surfing, hiking etc

89. Encyclopedia: Western Samoa
New Zealand administered (western) samoa under the auspices of the League of Nationsand then as culture. Main article culture of samoa Music of samoa

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    Encyclopedia: Western Samoa
    Updated 222 days 23 hours 4 minutes ago. Other descriptions of Western Samoa The Independent State of Samoa (conventional long form) or Samoa (conventional short form) is a country comprising a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean . Previous names are Western Samoa from to and German Samoa from to Malo Sa'oloto Tuto'atasi o Samoa
    Independent State of Samoa
    In Detail (Full size) National motto : Samoa is founded on God Official languages Samoan English Capital ... Apia
    Chief Malietoa Tanumafili II Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailele Malielegaoi Area
    Ranked 165th


    (Jul 2004 Est.)
    Ranked 173rd
    60/km² Independence From New Zealand January 1 Currency tala (WST) Time zone UTC National anthem The Banner of Freedom ... Calling Code Contents 1 History 2 Politics 3 Geography 4 Economy ... 8 External links
    Main article: History of Samoa Settled as early as 1500 BC , Samoa was discovered by European explorers in the 18th century. International rivalries in the latter half of the

    90. Jeannette Marie Mageo: Theorizing Self In Samoa, University Of Michigan Press
    Theorizing Self in samoa develops a new theory of the self in culture As inmany non(western) cultures, samoan understandings of the self are more

    91. Noms De Pays
    samoai Sisifo. anglais, (western) samoa (1), the Independent State of (western) samoa
    WS SAMOA OCCIDENTALES Langue Forme courte Forme longue Officielle
    en anglais
    sm samoan
    Western Samoa
    Samoa i Sisifo the Independent State of Western Samoa
    Malo Tuto'atasi o Samoa i Sisifo anglais Western Samoa (1) the Independent State of Western Samoa Samoa occidentales (les) (2) espagnol Samoa el Estado Independiente de Samoa Occidental Notes
  • BTNU 347 (1995) : Samoa
  • 92. Samoa: Map, History And Much More From
    The international dialing code for (western) samoa is 685 The New Dictionaryof Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Edited by ED Hirsch, Jr., Joseph F. Kett
    showHide_TellMeAbout2('false'); Business Entertainment Games Government ... More... On this page: Dictionary Encyclopedia Map Local Time Geography Dialing Code Currency Stats WordNet Wikipedia Translations Best of Web Mentioned In Or search: - The Web - Images - News - Blogs - Shopping Samoa Dictionary (Click to enlarge) Samoa (Mapping Specialists, Ltd.) Sa·mo·a sə-mō (Formerly Western Samoa
    An island country of the southern Pacific Ocean comprising the western Samoa Islands. The islands were discovered and visited by the Dutch and the French in the 18th century. The eastern islands were annexed by the United States in 1899 as American Samoa, with the western islands going to Germany. Occupied by New Zealand during World War I, the western islands were later administered as a League of Nations mandate and a UN trust territory. Western Samoa achieved independence as a constitutional monarchy in 1962, and in 1997 the country's name was formally changed to Samoa. Apia, on Upolu Island, is the capital. Population: 177,000 . var tcdacmd="cc=edu;dt";

    93. Western Samoa Tourism, Things To Do In Western Samoa, Western Samoa Travel - The
    Read firsthand travel reviews and see vacation pictures of (western) samoa andother places Sorry, no results were found. See All (western) samoa Journals

    94. Western Samoa: History
    The United Nations made (western) samoa a trusteeship of New Zealand in 1946. A social history of youth in samoa religion, capitalism, and cultural
    in All Infoplease Almanacs Biographies Dictionary Encyclopedia
    Daily Almanac for
    Sep 25, 2005

    95. American Samoa Site Offerings From The American Samoa Territory Of Polynesia
    American and (western) samoa Talanoa atu, ae le talanoa manu Dozens of samoancultural artifacts have been placed on these pages, illustrating particular
    Chris Yandall, Webmaster
    American and Western Samoa
    Talanoa atu, 'ae le talanoa manu 'The bonitos swim about thoughtlessly,
    but the seagulls are on the alert.' An incautious person will be surprised by his enemy. ~Proverb
    The Islands The People The Book
    Webmaster Reserve a book as of today 7/20/00 BY J. ROBERT SHAFFER Approximately 3,500 years before Columbus came to America, ancestors of the earliest Polynesians discovered a group of islands that would someday be known as Samoa. In the ensuing 2,000 years their descendants created and established Samoa's culture and way of life. The Centennial Edition of American Samoa 100 Years Under the United States Flag looks back at the century of American involvement in these islands. Dozens of Samoan cultural artifacts have been placed on these pages, illustrating particular aspects of traditional Samoan life. Many of these artifacts have never been presented before in color tableaux that give such a rich insight into the material wealth and culture of American Samoa. LOOK !!! First Qualified 500 reservations for the book will pay $34.95 USD. The official press release for the book in October 2000 will list at $39.95 USD.

    96. Intersections: Redefining Fa'afafine: Western Discourses And The Construction Of
    7 samoa refers to Independent samoa, formerly known as (western) samoa. 52 Mageo, Male transvestism and cultural change in samoa ; samoa,
    Issue 6, August 2001
    Redefining Fa'afafine: Western Discourses and the Construction of Transgenderism in Samoa
    Johanna Schmidt

    But I would like to pursue a masters degree with a paper on homosexuality from a Samoan perspective that would be written for educational purposes, because I believe some of the stuff that has been written about us is quite wrong.
    University educated fa'afafine respondent, Samoa.
  • Now that homosexuality is relatively as a controversial issue in popular culture, transgenderism has become the new sexual of the media. In the weeks leading up to writing the first draft of this paper, transgenderism appeared on New Figure 1 : At Auckland's Pasifica Festival, February 2001 Zealand television screens in the prime time Ally McBeal , the teen parody show Popular , and the adult comedy Sex in the City , while Auckland's lifestyle magazine Metro featured an 'expose' on the hijra of India, complete with colourful illustrations. Auckland has a special relationship with non-Western forms of transgenderism fakaleiti The Samoan word fa'afafine literally translates as 'in the manner of a woman'. Fa'afafine are biological males who express feminine gender identities in a range of ways.
  • 97. Samoa
    Free (western) samoa directory and (western) samoa links here! samoa (western)samoa english The two samoas, (western) and American, are located in the
    • Annual Pass • Special Events • Field Trips • Kamaaina Newsletter ... • Other Islands
    Super Ambassador
    Ambassador Luau Ambassador Hawaiian Alii Luau ... Samoa
    Polynesian Resources
    Free western samoa directory and western samoa links here!
    Free western samoa directory and western samoa links here! Click History of the Internet. ... Free western samoa directory and western samoa links here! ... - 15k - Supplemental Result - Samoa Travel Directory Western Samoa. Local name: Malo Sa'oloto Tuto'atasi o Samoa i Sisifo. Surface : 2842 Kmq. Population : 166.000 inhabitants. Density : 58,4 inhab./Kmq. ... - 10k - - Western Samoa - Introduction Click Here. Explore travel locations: Afghanistan. ... - 41k - West-Samoa Western Samoa Western Samoa Western Samoa, and enjoying Western Samoan events in London ...

    98. American Samoa Historic Preservation Office -- History
    Cultural History of American samoa. The samoan people are Polynesians whose ancestors These islands now comprise the Independent State of (western) samoa,
    var sc_project=333397; var sc_partition=1; Executive Offices of the Governor
    American Samoa Government
    Cultural History of American Samoa
    The Samoan people
    are Polynesians whose ancestors settled the archipelago about 3,000 years ago. The people who brought the Lapita Cultural Complex to the Samoan archipelago were seafarers who had occupied Historic properties in American Samoa that are associated with Euro-Americans, both military (discussed below) and otherwise, are usually distinctive in their use of some sort of concrete materials. Historic properties from the last two centuries that are associated primarily with Samoans tend to be very much like prehistoric Samoan remains. Fortifications, ceased to be used once the European powers eliminated local warfare. Quarries were abandoned with the introduction of metal tools, and star mounds ceased to be used due to the influence of the missionaries; however, villages retained their basic structure. When the Samoan Islands were partitioned according to the provisions of the Tripartite Convention in 1899, the United States acquired the eastern islands, while Germany took control of 'Upolu, Savai'i, Manono and Apolima, whose total area is 1,120 square miles. These islands now comprise the Independent State of Western Samoa, which New Zealand forces wrested from the Germans in 1914, maintaining control of them until 1962.

    99. Western Samoa
    The islands of samoa offer two cultures in one, where traditional Polynesian customs Click here to order the (western) samoa Travel Guide of your choice!
    Western Samoa ITEM NAME AND DESCRIPTION OF TRAVEL BOOK CODE PRICE Samoa Travel Guide Lonely Planet Publications (please see preview below) LONE

    Samoa; 3rd edition
    Dorinda Talbot
    200 pages / 8 pages color / 24 maps The islands of Samoa offer two cultures in one, where traditional Polynesian customs nudge the American dream. This comprehensive guide can take you to a village for an earth-based Sunday roast, through mangrove swamps in a canoe, for a walk in the rainforest, or a night in a banyan tree.
    • 24 maps tips for exploring volcanic peaks, waterfalls and beaches Samoan language section coverage of culture, politics, history and the arts details on diving, sailing, hiking and kirikiti how to get around, where to stay, what and where to eat
    Click here to order this Lonely Planet book
    Tonga-Samoa Handbook
    Moon Publications. 1st edition. Long recognized as the premier travel writer to the South Pacific, author David Stanley narrows and deepens his focus in Moon Handbooks: Tonga~Samoa. Covering the lush, tropical Samoas, the ancient kingdom of Tonga, and lonely little Niue, this book provides:
    • Penetrating coverage of the unique histories, cultures, and mores of the region

    100. Tin Fish Net - Jacinta Galei`a
    This fusion between American culture, the faasamoa—the samoan way—and Christianculture provides Though we are one, all from the Sa Moa family of samoa,
    by Jacinta Galea'i Se , a Samoan prefix added to feminize and enhance moana , ona e fefiloi ai mea uma. Samoan writer Sia Figiel uses in her work. is a combination of the words, , meaning to sew or to weave and fefiloi , a descriptive word that means mixed. Figiel points out that when Samoan composers need to write a long song for a special event, they string together many different kinds of songs to make one long, long song. In her original works, Girl in the Moon Circle and Where They Once Belonged , Figiel threads together Samoan and English and prose, poetry, songs, and even mythology to capture the voices of adolescent girls growing up in a traditional Samoan village. Across the Pacific Moana, in the borderlands of the United States and Mexico, Mexican-American writer Gloria Anzaldua uses a similar form. In Borderlands Mua!
    Mua ia!
    Mua o! Born in American Samoa and grown up in Samoa and Seattle, Jacinta Galea'i has recently completed her Ph.D. in English at the University of Hawai'i - Manoa, in which she wrote a Samoan novel that explores a wide array of themes and voices using a myriad of styles yet all "centered on being Samoan." Jacinta uses a traditional form of storytelling called su'ifefiloi — mixing of English and Samoan and prose and poetry to explore voices and experiences specific to being American and Samoan.

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