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         Samoa (western) Culture:     more detail
  1. Material culture of Western Samoa: Persistence and change (National Museum of New Zealand bulletin) by Roger Neich, 1985
  2. Western Samoa and American Samoa: History, culture and communication (Pre-print paper series / East-West Communication Institute, East-West Center) by Ruth E Runeborg, 1980
  3. Possibilities of fish cultures in ponds in Western Samoa: A report, by H. van Pel, 1954
  4. Culture change, stress and mental health in the two Samoas by Scott J Whitney, 1984
  5. Bibliography of Western Polynesia: Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa by Linda Barney-Campbell, 1991
  6. Improving organizational effectiveness of systems for generation, exchange and utilization of agricultural knowledge by George M Beal, 1987

61. Fact Sheet, American Samoa, A-E, South Pacific Islands - Jasons Travel Channel
culture The cultural foundation of American samoa is Fa’asamoa, the benefitsof (western) culture while firmly retaining their own values and customs.,,,,,PG,1,0.mel
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Fact Sheet, American Samoa, A-E
Airlines: Hawaiian Air has a direct service from Pago Pago to Honolulu. Polynesian Airlines flies to New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga, New Caledonia, Tahiti and the Cook Islands. Samoa Air flies to Tonga and other destinations.
Airport: Pago Pago International Airport is on Tutuila. There are also local airports on Ofu, Ta’u and Olosega Islands.
Banking: Full international banking services with correspondent banks in the US and Pacific region are provided by The Bank of Hawaii and ANZ-Amerika Samoa Bank.
Business Hours: Banks are open 9am to 3pm weekdays. The Tafuna branch of the Amerika Samoa Bank is open from 9am to noon on Saturday.
Communication: American Samoa has a modern telecommunications system with international and local telephone, fax, telex and telegraph services. The communications office is open 24hrs a day for calls - the international code is 684. The country is part of the American postal system. The main post office is on the ground floor of Lumana'i Building. It is open 8am to 4pm weekdays and 8.30am to noon Saturdays. There are two papers - the Samoa News is published weekdays and the Samoa Journal comes out every Friday. Radio WVUV broadcasts at AM 1640kHz and the government-run TV station, KVZK, broadcasts on Channel 2 (local) and Channel 4 (US).

62. Western Samoa
Enough Reason for me to explore this Pacific culture. Click here for info aboutthe Surf in I took these photos in the thick jungle of (western) samoa
Talofa! Web The Exploring Travelogue waterfalls, traditional villages, volcanoes, miles of rugged coastline, beaches, lava tube caves, remote destinations, traditional activities, perfect reef barrels for surfing, 3000-6000 foot mountains and....a 5000 year old culture. Enough Reason for me to explore this Pacific Culture Click here for info about the Surf in Samoa ... for info about the Polynesian Settlement I took these photos in the thick jungle of Western Samoa The Samoan Islands were first seen by Europeans in 1722 when three Dutch ships commanded by Jacob Roggewein visited the eastern island known as Manua. A member of Roggewein's expedition described the natives in these words:
" They are friendly in their speech and courteous in their behavior, with no apparent trace of
wildness or savagery. They do not paint themselves, as do the natives of some other islands, but
on the lower part of the body they wear artfully woven silk tights or knee breeches. They are
altogether the most charming and polite natives we have seen in all of the South Seas."

63. Blue Magazine: See The World In A New Way
Apia, the capital of (western) samoa, may be the last South Pacific port that canstill Since the 1970swith increasing urbanization and (western) culture

64. ASSAILED BY THE CYCLONE: NI 222 - Country Profile: Western Samoa
(western) samoa enjoys a relaxed Polynesian lifestyle albeit not exactly the ‘free culture Polynesian. The samoans see their islands as the centre of
new internationalist
issue 222 - August 1991 Western Samoa enjoys a relaxed Polynesian lifestyle - albeit not exactly the ‘free love’ nirvana portrayed by anthropologist Margaret Mead - which conceals its earlier fate as a victim of colonial chaos, extravagant even by exotic South Pacific standards. Predominantly Protestant missions were established in the last century, before traders arrived. Then the arrival of traders, chiefly British, German and American, in stem competition coincided with a recurrence of traditional tribal conflicts. The traders persuaded their respective consuls to side with different high chiefs, and in 1889 seven warships from three navies lay anchored in the harbour of the capital, Apia. Six were sunk or damaged in a cyclone, epitomising the apparently providential nature of the cause of a free Samoa. Finally, though, Germany annexed the west, the USA the east (still a US territory), and Britain sailed away - leaving the writer R. L. Stevenson, who had migrated there for his health and is buried on a hill overlooking Apia bay. New Zealand took Western Samoa at the outbreak of World War One. Samoan nationalism was most strongly manifested in the Mau movement in the 1920s, finally violently suppressed. The country became independent in January 1962, since when it has been ruled by its

65. 1993 Human Rights Report: WESTERN SAMOA
The culture of (western) samoa is essentially Polynesian but uniquely samoan.Traditional authority is vested in the matai who are appointed by a consensus of
The State Department web site below is a permanent electronic archive of information released prior to January 20, 2001. Please see for material released since President George W. Bush took office on that date. This site is not updated so external links may no longer function. Contact us with any questions about finding information. NOTE: External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein. [end of document] Return to 1993 Human Rights Practices report home page.
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This is an official U.S. Government source for information on the WWW. Inclusion of non-U.S. Government links does not imply endorsement of contents.

66. Polynesia, 1900 A.D.-present | Timeline Of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum
The same period witnesses a wider renaissance of Polynesian culture and art 1914 New Zealand occupies (western) samoa, removing it from German control,
Encompasses present-day Tonga, Independent Samoa, American Samoa, Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawai'i, Wallis and Futuna, and the Cook Islands
See also Southeast Asia Australia Melanesia , and Micronesia Coming of Age in Samoa , becomes an anthropological classic. Polynesian art and culture, however, endure. Artists continue to practice a variety of art forms for their own use, including the production of bark cloth and mats as well as the creation of nonfigural wood carvings such as bowls and headrests. What figurative sculpture is produced during the first half of the century, however, is almost universally made for sale. In the decades after World War II, as part of the larger global movement toward decolonization, parts of Polynesia achieve independence, including Western Samoa, Fiji, the Cook Islands, and Tuvalu. Others, such as the Austral, Tuamotu, Marquesas, and Society Islands, as well as American Samoa, remain under the authority of other nations or, as in the case of Hawai'i, become formally incorporated into them. Beginning in the 1970s, many Polynesian peoples, particularly Hawaiians and Maori who live among the majority settler populations of their original homelands, become increasingly active in asserting their cultural identity and seeking greater political autonomy. The same period witnesses a wider renaissance of Polynesian culture and art across the entire region. Some artists devote themselves to rejuvenating or reviving indigenous traditions such as wood carving and the making of bark cloth. Others use Western materials and techniques, integrating them into their own artistic and cultural traditions to create distinctively Polynesian forms of contemporary art.

67. Samoa Travel, Samoa Holidays Hotels Resorts Maps Islands
http// - American samoa - (western) samoa - General Info - TravelGuide http// - culture - Visiting samoa



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Samoa travel web page describes the islands and attractions - Samoa is a group of islands located in the South Pacific Ocean in the middle of Polynesia - Formally Called Westerm Samoa - Two main islands are Upolu and Savaii - They are just east of the international dateline - The last country in the world to see the sunset of each day - This islands are a series of volcanoes with forested bases - They make good hiking/trekking/walking - The white sandy beaches offer all the water activities one could want - Add to that the very wonderful Samoan people and their deep history and traditions you have a wonderful wonderful holiday - Apia is the Capital - So set your feet in the sand on Samoa Islands, kick back and enjoy the experience - Travel Vacations/Packages Travel Insurance Air Fares Travel Clothing ... Phone Calling Cards Bookings Specific to Samoa/Apia Airport Code for Apia is APW Travel Vacations/Packages in Apia Hotel Bookings ... to/from Apia Discounted Airport Code for Apia is APW Car Rentals in Apia Airport Code for Apia is APW Related Information Specific to Samoa/Apia Samoa Travel Vacations/Packages Local Island Hiking Local Diving Island Cycling ... Local Island Shopping/Goods Related Destinations: Tonga American Samoa Fiji Turtle Fiji ... Pacific Islands - Every Island in Detail, well almost every :-)

68. Fiji Islands – Western & American Samoa – Cook Islands – Society
Activities Birding, culture, Hiking, Snorkeling, Zodiac Tours Day 9 Savai i,(western) samoa Savai’i is one of the largest islands in Polynesia but also
Pearls of Polynesia . Trip Highlights: Cook Islands - Land of Birds, National Park of American Samoa, Kingdom of Tonga, Fiji's Bouma National Heritage Park, Unspoiled Coral Reefs Activities: Birding, Culture, Hiking, Snorkeling, Zodiac Tours Departures: 2/4/2006 Rates: Superior Suites: $5149, Majestic Suites: $5549, Premium Suites: $5849, Classic Suites: $6449, Explorer Suites: $7549
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Early Booking Discount! Save $800 per person when you book and pay in full 9 months prior to departure! Save $400 per person when you book 6 months prior! Grand Titan: $8,349
Single/Triple Rates: Available upon request Days: 14 Ship Name: Spirit of Oceanus Introduction: This comprehensive voyage explores the vastly different cultures of the South Pacific, crossing the International Dateline, and sails from the legendary islands of Polynesia into the mysteries of Melanesia. From the Polynesian paradises of Tahiti and Huahine to the seldom-visited islands of Western Samoa and Tonga, experience a wide range of unique flora, fauna, and cultural interaction. Itinerary: Day 1: U.S. Tahiti, Society Islands

The full swathe of samoan culture is much too large to explore here, It wasin this was that Independent samoa (then called (western) samoa) became a

70. Western Samoa Flag: Sticker Giant Stickers
(western) samoa Flag KEWL culture - Stickers by Sticker Giant Bumper search forKEWL culture (western) samoa Flag bumper stickers by Sticker Giant
KEWL CULTURE Western Samoa Flag Bumper Stickers by Sticker Giant.




WORLD FLAGS FLAGS BY REGION Oceania Western Samoa Flag
Western Samoa Flag - Vinyl Sticker

Name: Western Samoa Flag
Type: Vinyl Sticker
Size: 5x3.5 inches (width x height)
Code: Price: available for immediate delivery. Magnetize for $.99 more? What's This? Quantity: enlarge similar items email page Description: 5x3.5 inches (width x height) Vinyl Sticker . Western Samoa Flag, can be applied to autos, RVs, windows or anything. For indoor or outdoor use. Innovative Ideas, 2003 PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THIS ITEM ALSO BOUGHT THESE: New Zealand Flag Type: Sticker Australia Flag Type: Fabric Flag Australia Flag Type: Sticker Australia Flag Patch Type: Patch New Zealand Flag Patch Type: Patch Philippines Flag Patch Type: Patch Send this page to a friend! Become an Affiliate Link To Us Site Map Privacy notice ... Contact Us

71. Article About "Samoa" In The English Wikipedia On 24-Apr-2004
samoa ((western) samoa until 1997, German samoa from 1900 to 1914) is a countrycomprising a group culture. Main article culture of samoa. Music of samoa
The Samoa reference article from the English Wikipedia on 24-Apr-2004 (provided by Fixed Reference : snapshots of Wikipedia from
Samoa Western Samoa until 1997, German Samoa from 1900 to 1914) is a country comprising a group of islands in the South Pacific Ocean Samoa (In Detail) (Full size) National motto : Xxxxx Official languages Samoan English Capital ... Apia Capital's coordinates 13° 35' S, 172° 20' W Chief Malietoa Tanumafili II Prime Minister Tuila'epa Sailele Malielegaoi Area
- Total
- % water Ranked 165th

- Total (2003)
Ranked 173rd

- date from New Zealand
January 1
Currency tala (WST) Time zone UTC National anthem The Banner of Freedom Internet TLD .ws Calling Code Table of contents showTocToggle("show","hide") 1 History
2 Politics

3 (Subdivisions)
4 Geography ... 10 External Links
Main article: History of Samoa Settled as early as 1000 BC , Samoa was "discovered" by European explorers in the 18th century. International rivalries in the latter half of the 19th century were settled by an treaty in which Germany and the US divided the Samoan archipelago.

72. Language School Explorer - Information About Samoa
American samoans still use the terms (western) samoa and (western) samoans. Politics culture. Main article culture of samoa
Language Afrikaans Arabic Armenian Assamese Asturian Basque Bengali Bosnian Bulgarian Cambodian Cantonese Catalan Chinese Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French Georgian German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Kantonese Ketchua Korean Lithuanian Malay Malayalam Mandarin Mongolian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romenian Russian Samoan Serbian Slovak Slovene Spanish Swedish Taiwanese Thai Turkish Ukrainian Vietnamese Xhosa Zulu Country City LINK TO US
Last update 2005-09-25 by
No language information No Country information No City information
Find language schools in Samoa
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

73. Creating Balance: Samoa Struggles To Find An Equilibrium Between Ancient
and their culture depends on a fusion of traditional and (western) healing, (western) practitioners in samoa are increasingly receptive to traditional
Creating Balance: Samoa struggles to find an equilibrium between ancient healing techniques and modern medical practices by Nora Rogers As an undergraduate student, I traveled to Samoa with the School for International Training not long after the Apia workshop. During my time there, I conducted a research project focusing on the practice of traditional medicine in Samoa and the possibility of integrating it with Western medicine. Protecting Traditional Medicine Samoan traditional healers have largely acquired their knowledge of medicinal plants and herbal remedies through oral teachings. This poses a growing problem, as the tradition of orally passing on information is fading fast, and minimal knowledge has been documented. Fortunately, some scientists in Samoa recognized what was happening and launched an effort to preserve traditional medicinal knowledge. A fund created ten years ago by Land Grant College in American Samoa is one example of the protective initiatives they helped generate. Under the direction of three Americans, the project is developing a medicinal herb and plant garden with species indigenous to American Samoa. The garden gives visitors a chance to view the numerous plants in various stages of growth and to learn both the scientific and Samoan names of each plant, as well as their common medicinal properties and traditional uses. There is also information on the history of medicinal plants and important healers, past and present, on the American Samoan island of Tutuila. The garden offers organized tours for children, teaching them about the medicinal plants that are native to the island.

74. STA Travel And ISIC Travelmax - Destinations: American Samoa
They believe themselves to be the cradle of Polynesian culture. After a decadeor so, (western) samoa was ceded to the Germans, eastern samoa to the§ion=cult

ONLINE culture, RELIGION, LITERATURE, ARTS AND MUSIC ombrarossapiccola.jpg (728byte) Languages of (western) samoa. Part of _Ethnologue Languages of the
languages-on-the-web is now The page you are looking for is now

76. Honolulu Star-Bulletin Local News
Malietoa Tanumafili II, head of state of (western) samoa, is the second in theUS territory and (western) samoa share the same language and culture and are
By Dennis Oda, Star-Bulletin
His Royal Highness, Malietoa Tanumafili II, the head of state
of Western Samoa for more than 50 years, is in Hawaii to preside
over a fire-dancing competition next week.

revered, respected
He is the second-longest-reigning
monarch in the world
By Susan Kreifels
Star-Bulletin He sat at the side of the empress of Japan during the emperor's coronation and next to the queen of England when Prince Charles married. Malietoa Tanumafili II, head of state of Western Samoa, is the second longest-reigning monarch in the world next to the queen of Norway. But it's his humbleness that draws the love and respect of Samoans around the world. "I see myself as the servant of the people," said the 85-year-old head of state. He speaks in soft Samoan, his hands tracing his words in the air. Tanumafili is here as the guest of the Polynesian Cultural Center and will preside over next week's fire-dancing competition. The Samoan community in Hawaii has honored him at a dinner as well as Gov. Ben Cayetano. He has reigned for more than 50 years and served as head of state since 1962, when Western Samoa became an independent nation and joined the British Commonwealth.

77. Reporting: Summary
‘There is no easy answer because in many ways our culture retards development . (western) samoa has travelled a long way in the 12 years since independence
Reporting: Summary
Exercise 1
As part of an essay, you need to include a section of about 100 words on the advantages and disadvantages of progress from the Samoans' point of view. You find the following text: Progress in Samoa
The sound of progress frightened Sasa. For most of his 50 years time has stood still. Now small European-styled homes are springing up around his village in Western Samoa and the young men are leaving for New Zealand. In the town there are experts from all over the world advising the Samoan Government on many development projects that Sasa does not understand.
The people of Luatuanuu Village - including his eight children - have always worked the banana plantations and respected the custom that the Matais (family chiefs) like Sasa represented absolute authority.
The confusion Sasa feels is shared by many of the 150,000 Western Samoans - and undoubtedly by the peoples of other newly independent, developing nations as well. The capital, Apia, is teeming with people wanting to help: an 80-member US Peace Corps headquarters, experts from the United Nations, investors from Japan, analysts from the Asian Development Bank and civil engineers from New Zealand.
Western Samoa has travelled a long way in the 12 years since independence. It has political stability and a people who are 90 per cent literate. It offers investors a cheap labour force, and a land that is 80 per cent uncultivated. It offers visitors the most uncorrupted Polynesian culture left anywhere today.

78. DOL WHD: American Samoa Economic Report-2005
Information on American samoa Geography, History, culture, Government, Despite the strong influence of (western) industrial culture, the American samoans,
U.S. Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division Search / A-Z Index Find It!: By Topic By Audience By Top 20 Requested Items By Form ... By Location September 25, 2005 DOL Home ESA WHD American Samoa Economic Report ... TOC II. Information on American Samoa Geography, History, Culture, Government, and Economics
Basic Information
American Samoa is an unincorporated and technically unorganized territory of the United States. It is "unincorporated" because unlike Hawaii and Alaska during their years as U.S. territories, not all provisions of the U.S. Constitution apply to the territory. American Samoa is an "unorganized" territory because Congress has not provided the territory with an organic act, which would organize the government, much like a constitution would. Instead, Congress gave plenary authority over the territory to the President of the United States who has delegated this authority to the Department of the Interior. The Secretary of the Interior in turn allowed American Samoans to draft their own constitution under which their government functions. American Samoans are not United States citizens. They are classified as United States nationals and have freedom of entry into the continental United States. Many Samoans have served with distinction in the U.S. armed forces.

79. Archaeology Of American Samoa Bibliography
“A short site survey in (western) samoa preliminary results.” Archaeology in NewZealand “Folk Ballads of samoa and culture Change.” cultures 3 95115.
Selected Works on American Samoan Archaeology and Related Subjects
Bernstein, R. (1983). Samoa: A Paradise Lost? New York Times Magazine.
Brophy, K. R. (1986). Tulauta and the Maupua Adze Quarry: The Lithic Manufacturing Center of Samoa. Department of Anthropology, Brown University.
Buck, P., Sir (1930). Samoan Material Culture. Honolulu, Hawaii, Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 75.
Caton, H. E. (1990). The Samoa Reader: Anthropologists Take Stock. New York, University Press of America.
Clark, J. T. (1980). Historic Preservation in American Samoa: Program Evaluation and Archaeological Site Inventory. Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honoluli, HI.
Clark, J. T. and D. J. Herdrich (1988). The Eastern Tutuila Archaeological Project: 1986 Final Report, American Samoa Historic Preservation Office.
Clark, J. T. and M. G. Michlovich (1996). “An early settlement in the Polynesian homeland: excavations at "Aoa valley" Tutuila Island.” Journal of Field Archaeology 23(2): 151-167.
Clark, J. T., E. Wright, et al. Interactions Within and Beyond the Samoan Archipelago: Evidence from Basaltic Rock Geochemistry. Prehistoric Long-distance Interaction in Oceania: An Interdisciplinary Approach. M. I. Weisler, New Zealand Archaeological Association Monograph.

80. Samoa Overview
“Radiocarbon Dates for (western) samoa.” The Journal of the Polynesian Society 74(1) “Folk Ballads of samoa and culture Change.” cultures 3 95115.

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