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         Samoa (western) Culture:     more detail
  1. Material culture of Western Samoa: Persistence and change (National Museum of New Zealand bulletin) by Roger Neich, 1985
  2. Western Samoa and American Samoa: History, culture and communication (Pre-print paper series / East-West Communication Institute, East-West Center) by Ruth E Runeborg, 1980
  3. Possibilities of fish cultures in ponds in Western Samoa: A report, by H. van Pel, 1954
  4. Culture change, stress and mental health in the two Samoas by Scott J Whitney, 1984
  5. Bibliography of Western Polynesia: Fiji, Tonga, and Samoa by Linda Barney-Campbell, 1991
  6. Improving organizational effectiveness of systems for generation, exchange and utilization of agricultural knowledge by George M Beal, 1987

1. Western Samoa - Page 1
Late in 1968 I went to (western) samoa to spend a year there photographing the These photographs and explanations represent samoan culture as it was then
Late in 1968 I went to Western Samoa to spend a year there photographing the people and their culture and doing anthropological research. My main residence was with a Samoan family I had met several years before. When I say "family," I use the term to mean something more than a nuclear family and something considerably less than an aiga or extended family. In fact, there were usually about 25 people in this living unit. They stayed primarily in one house in Leone, a rural, village-like setting on the outskirts of Apia, Western Samoa's capital. During that year, I ventured out and stayed in a number of other areas as well, including the island of Manono and Fa'a'la Village in Paulauli (Savai'i) and both Fasito'otai and Falealili on Upolu. After that year, I returned on other occasions to spend three months in the same areas, as well as six or seven times more to spend anywhere from a few days to a week or two. Whenever I stayed in Samoa, I usually kept my camera with me. I never knew what I might see and what photographic opportunities might appear, so I tried to remain ready. The photographs in this collection are a few of several thousand that I took.

2. Western Samoa - Page 1
Late in 1968 I went to (western) samoa to spend a year there photographing the people and their culture and doing anthropological research.

3. Western Samoa - Page 4
When I visited (western) samoa, the traditional tattooing of men was still common . This reveals something very important about samoan culture—a basic
When I visited Western Samoa, the traditional tattooing of men was still common. This photo was taken at one of about half a dozen tattooings I attended that year. Since then, I've also attended tattooings in Auckland, New Zealand, and San Jose, California. The tattoo specialist, or tufuga, a highly respected specialist, dips a comb-like instrument with needle-like points into a dish of pigment made from ground-up, burned lama nut, places the comb on the area of skin to be tattooed, and strikes the comb with a stick, driving the needles through the skin.
Here's a closer look at the tattoo pigment being applied to, and driven under, a young man's skin. Most of the design has already been completed. The process is performed without anesthesia and is said to be very painful. Sometimes a young man being tattooed finds it so painful that he'll climb a coconut tree in order to avoid any more sessions. A young man with a pe'a

4. Western Samoa History Western Samoa Culture IExplore
Privacy Statement (western) samoa Trip Search See Trips to Australia and the South Pacific. Looking for a Tour?

5. Independent State Of Western Samoa Culture And History
A guide to the culture and history of the people of the Independent State ofWestern samoa.
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Independent Samoa Culture and History
A guide to the culture and history of the people of the Independent State of Western Samoa.
Recent Up a category Culture and Tradition From an excellent overview of the culture and traditions of the people of Samoa. History of Samoa From an excellent overview of the history of Samoa. People and Geography From an excellent overview of the people and geography of Samoa. Samoan Culture From Lonely Planet, an overview of the people and culture of Samoa. Samoan History From Lonely Planet, an overview of the history of Samoa.

6. Samoa - Samoan Culture
aspects of samoan culture, to the extent that it is incorporated in samoa's motto "samoa is churches seeking to introduce (western)

7. Samoan Culture
samoan culture. Location The samoan Islands are located in the South Pacific (western) samoa has retained their traditional lifestyle, while Eastern or
Samoan Culture
Location: The Samoan Islands are located in the South Pacific about 1,800 miles east of New Zealand and 2,400 miles southwest of Hawaii. The islands are split into two groups, east and west. The eastern islands are a United States territory, while the western islands are an independent country. History: Daily Life: Most Samoans live in small seaside villages. They reside in thatched roof huts with their extended family. A chief and several village elders head the village, but each family takes care of itself. The coconut is a main staple as well as bananas and the taro root. Fish and pork are also part of their diet. The people speak the Samoan language during everyday life, while English is reserved for business or formal affairs. Almost 100% of the Samoan people are Christian and it plays a big part in their life. They attend church on Sundays, and many have a prayer curfew at night for 10 or 20 minutes. Best Known Feature: Sources: Samoan Community Development Center, The People of Samoa

8. Samoa - Samoan Sensation - THE Site About Samoa
samoa samoan Sensation A website dedicated to providing the widest possible range of information about the islands of samoa.

9. Hotels Samoa And Accommodation. Resorts, Culture.
Our (western) samoa hotels, beach resorts and hostels in Apia, Upolu and Savaiioffers cultural cheap vacations and accommodation for backpackers in a home
Hotels Samoa and accommodation. Three of the finest Western Samoa hotels and beach resorts.
Welcome to hotels Samoa and a heart-warming experience from the South Pacific. Our Western Samoa hotels, beach resorts and hostels in Apia, Upolu and Savaii offers cultural cheap vacations and accommodation for backpackers in a home stay atmosphere. We give you a traditional lodging where you experience South Pacific in a heartfelt way. Discount hotels in price but superior in warm and loving feelings. Have a cheap vacation with bed and breakfast only or let us pamper you with full hotel hospitality in a room or traditional "beach fale" (hut). Start your Samoa accommodation at our hostel or backpackers in the capital Apia. "Seipepa - Samoan Travel Home" on Upolu island. Seipepa is a cultural lodging, teaching and showing the beauty of the culture and way of life in a family atmosphere. Using the shuttle bus or taxi, it is very easy to get to Seipepa in Apia, after arriving at the international airport. Give yourself a few days to slow down and get used to living the island way, in a fale (hut) or in one of our comfortable rooms. Enjoy watching the sunset from one of the bars and restaurants along the harbor just 10 minutes walk away from our hotel, climb the Mount Vaea and admire the view over Apia from Robert Louis Stevenson's final resting place, have fun and go sliding on flat rocks into water pools at "Sliding rocks", watch lots of tropical fish and corals by snorkeling at "Palolo Deep" Marine reserve or just take care of your Emails from our own internet café.

10. Independent State Of Western Samoa Culture And History
A guide to the culture and history of the people of the Independent State of (western) samoa.

11. Pacific Island Books : Samoa
Lagaga A Short History of (western) samoa by Malama Meleisea et al. Plants insamoan culture The Ethnobotany of samoa by Art Whistler.
Pacific Island Books
Samoa Samoa The Girl in the Moon Circle by Sia Figiel. Recommended retail price $12, our price $11.
Here’s what the blurb for the book says:
The Girl in the Moon Circle , like the cover drawing, shows Samoan life through the eyes of a ten-year-old girl called Samoana. Though young, Samoana is perceptive, not much escapes her analysis. She tells us about school, church, friends, family violence, having refrigerators and television for the first time, Chunky cat food, a Made-in-Taiwan Jesus, pay day, cricket, crushes on boys, incest, legends and many other things. Her observations offer a compelling look at Samoan society. Often fiction allows authors to tell truths that otherwise would be too painful; Sia Figiel is uninhibited. Her prose, in English and Samoan, hurtles readers toward the end of the book. Sia Figiel, herself, has mesmerized audiences around the Pacific Islands with readings from The Girl in the Moon Circle.
Here’s what Paddy and Kat have to say: "This is a stunning “must have” piece of autobiographical fiction. Of all the books we have to offer this is one of the most moving, funny and provocative. Put this one on your shopping list". Soft cover, 134 pages.
Governance in Samoa edited by Elise Huffer and Asofou So'o. Published by Institute of Pacific Studies. ISBN 982020156X. Recommended retail price $34.

12. Neich (1985) Material Culture Of Western Samoa Persistence And
Material culture of (western) samoa Persistence and change. Post a Comment. CONTRIBUTORS Author Neich, Roger PUBLISHER

13. Pacific Island Books : Spirituality And Religion
The fate of (western) culture depends on our response to these new answers to the Polynesian Missions in Melanesia From samoa, Cook Islands and Tonga to
Pacific Island Books
Spirituality, New Age, Relationships and Religion Spirituality, New Age, Relationships and Religion Collision Crossroads: The Intersection of Modern Western Culture with the Christian Gospel edited by John Flett. ISBN 095820120X. Recommended retail price $10. Brace yourself for impact. The seemingly long straight roads of Christendom have turned into the sharp corners and dangerous intersections of modern Western Culture - and Western Christianity is asleep at the wheel. We have driven for too long and find ourselves unable to keep our eyes on the road or our hands on the wheel. Covenant Makers, The: Islander Missionaries in the Pacific
The Christian Gospel was first announced in the Pacific by missionaries from Europe. However, within two to three decades of this announcement, the young Christian communities of the Islands were sending out their own missionaries. In the 150 years after 1820, over 1200 Pacific Islanders served as Christian missionaries. Many of them were the ‘pioneers’ in the places to which they were sent. In this book, published in the 30 th year of Pacific Theological College, authors of both European and Islander background examine the very significant work, impact and influence of these Pacific Island Missionaries – The Covenant Makers. The book is edited by Doug Munro and Andrew Thornley, who have had an active and long-standing interest in the field of Pacific history. Stories of Cook Islanders, Hawaiians, Samoans, Solomon Islanders, Tahitians, Tuvaluans, and others’ ministry throughout the South Pacific. Soft cover, 321 pages.

14. Samoa Western Country Queer Pop Culture
samoa (western) Country Pop culture Lists QPC / Book / samoa (western) Country samoa (western) Country

15. Samoa - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
American samoans still use the terms (western) samoa and (western) samoans. edit.Politics culture. Main article culture of samoa

16. Western Samoa Queer Pop Culture
(western) samoa Pop culture Lists QPC / Book / (western) samoa (western) samoa Author South Pacific Maps Pty Ltd Binding Hardcover Published

17. Polynesian Culture - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Chronologically, the development of Polynesian culture can be divided into fourdifferent samoa, as (western) samoa (from New Zealand) in 1962
Polynesian culture
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Polynesian culture refers to the aboriginal culture of the Polynesian -speaking peoples of Polynesia and the Polynesian outliers . Chronologically, the development of Polynesian culture can be divided into four different historical eras:
Exploration and Settlement (c. B.C. - c. A.D.) Pre-European Growth (c. 700 - European Discovery and Colonization until World War II Modern times (After World War II) (1945 - present)
Exploration and settlement (c.1800 B.C. to 700 A.D.)
Archaeological and linguistic evidence suggests that the first Polynesians entered the Tongan islands sometime around 1800 B.C., bringing with them the Lapita culture which originated in the Santa Cruz Islands The early Polynesians were skillful navigators , capable, by careful observations of cloud reflections and bird flight patterns, to determine the existence and location of islands. Archaeological evidence indicates that by about 700 A.D., every inhabitable island in the vast triangle of Polynesia had been colonized. By comparison, Viking navigators first settled Iceland around 175 years later.

18. Adventure-Man Tours Rentals, Samoa's Adventure Tour Specialist -
Adventure Tours in (western) samoa Explore experience the South Pacific as it was a century Tours and Rentals specialises Adventure / culture

19. Western Samoa Culture
(western) samoa culture Please submit information or URL about (western) samoa culture.
Western Samoa Culture
Western Samoa Culture
What is Culture?
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20. Western Samoa Travel Guide @
South America Oceania. (western) samoa (western) samoa Travel Guide @ of the country and to immerse yourself in the local culture.

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