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         Salt Tectonics Geology:     more books (27)
  1. The Transylvanian Basin (Romania) and its relation to the Carpathian fold and thrust belt: Insights in gravitational salt tectonics [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by C. Krezsek, A.W. Bally, 2006-05-01
  2. Cotton Valley (Upper Jurassic) and Hosston (Lower Cretaceous) depositional systems and their influence on salt tectonics in the East Texas Basin (Geological circular) by Mary K McGowen, 1984
  3. Salt Tectonics (Geological Society Special Publications)
  4. Salt Tectonics by M.K. Jenyon, 1986-12
  5. Salt tectonics off northern Israel [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by S. Gradmann, C. Hubscher, et all 2005-05-01
  6. The Nile deep-sea fan: An example of interacting sedimentation, salt tectonics, and inherited subsalt paleotopographic features [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by L. Loncke, V. Gaullier, et all 2006-04-01
  7. Submarine channels controlled by salt tectonics: Examples from 3D seismic data offshore Angola [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by M.J.R. Gee, R.L. Gawthorpe, 2006-05-01
  8. Foldbelts with early salt withdrawal and diapirism: Physical model and examples from the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Flinders Ranges, Australia [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by M.G. Rowan, B.C. Vendeville, 2006-12-01
  9. Implications of salt-sediment interactions on the architecture of the Gulf of Lions deep-water sedimentary systems-western Mediterranean Sea [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by A.T. dos Reis, C. Gorini, et all
  10. Sedimentary Response to Intrabasinal Salt Tectonism in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Paradox Basin, Utah (U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin) by Joseph E. Hazel, 1995-03
  11. Mud volcanoes, gas chimneys, pockmarks and mounds in the Nile deep-sea fan (Eastern Mediterranean): geophysical evidences [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by L. Loncke, J. Mascle, et all 2004-06-01
  12. Seismic evidence for Messinian detrital deposits at the western Sardinia margin, northwestern Mediterranean [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by F. Sage, G.V. Gronefeld, et all
  13. Salt tectonics on the continental slope, northeast Green Canyon area, northern Gulf of Mexico: Evolution of stocks and massifs from reactivation of salt ... Geology, University of Texas at Austin) by Steven J Seni, 1994
  14. LSU publications in geology and geophysics by Allan David Scardina, 1982

81. Geology (GEOL) Course Descriptions
mechanisms of brittle and ductile deformation, and mechanics of folding,faulting, and salt tectonics. (Sp). G5130 Advanced Field geology. 1 to 6 hours.
Geology (GEOL) 1003 Volcanoes and Earthquakes. Prerequisite: high school chemistry and algebra. Worldwide distribution of volcanic and earthquake activity; types of volcanic eruptions and associated landforms and rocks; causes of and techniques for location of earthquakes; prediction of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes; social consequences of predictions and actual volcanic and earthquake activity. (F, Sp) [II-NL] Global Environmental Change. Past and present change on Earth from a global geologic perspective. Philosophy and methods of science, structure of the earth, plate tectonics, global catastrophes and geologic hazards, human impacts on the environment, global warming, pollution, ozone depletion, acid rain, resources, consumption, population growth, energy and technology. (Sp) [II-NL] 1024 The History of the Earth and Life. The origin of the Earth and solar system. Rocks and minerals; geologic time; plate tectonics and continental drift. The ocean-atmosphere system; climate change over time; biological evolution. The fossil record of early life; the "Cambrian Explosion" of life in the oceans; invertebrate animals and their geological history. Geological history of fishes; evolution of plants. Terrestrial vertebrates, including dinosaurs and mammals. Mass extinctions; human evolution; impact of human activities on the global environment and the biosphere. A student may not receive credit for both 1024 and 1114.

82. Salt Tectonics - South Oman Salt Basin
salt tectonics South Oman salt Basin. Badar H. Al-Barwani1, Ken McClay2, andChris Elders1. (1) geology Department, Royal Holloway University of London,
Salt Tectonics - South Oman Salt Basin
Badar H. Al-Barwani , Ken McClay , and Chris Elders . (1) Geology Department, Royal Holloway University of London, Royal Holloway College, Egham, Surrey, TW20 OEX, United Kingdom, phone: (44)1784 414 250, fax: (44) 1784 471 780,, (2) Department of Geology, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX, United Kingdom This paper presents an analysis of salt structures in the South Oman Salt Basin (SOSB), utilizing 2D and 3D seismic data to establish 3D geometries of the salt structures and the effects of variable 3D sedimentation on basin evolution. An understanding of the timing and 3D geometries of salt movement gives an insight into the evolution of carbonate stringers within the Ara salt, which is the main exploration target in the SOSB. AAPG: Global Salt Tectonics
AAPG Annual Meeting 2003: Energy - Our Monumental Task Technical Program

83. Salt Tectonics Above Complex Basement Extensional Fault Systems: Results From An
Royal Holloway University Of London, geology Department, Egham Hill, Egham, Physical models of salt tectonics related to thickskinned extension are
Salt Tectonics above Complex Basement Extensional Fault Systems: Results from Analog Modeling
Tim Dooley, Fault Dynamics Research Group, Royal Holloway University Of London, Geology Department, Egham Hill, Egham, TW20 0EX, United Kingdom, phone: 44-1784-443618,, Ken McClay , Fault Dynamics Research Group, Department of Geology, Geology Department, Egham Hill, London, TW20 0EX, United Kingdom, and Mark Hempton, Shell UK Ltd, 1 Altens Farm Road, Nigg, Aberdeen, AB12 3FY, United Kingdom. Physical models of salt tectonics related to thick-skinned extension are largely confined to 2D structures. An experimental program, utilising silicone polymer and silica sand/ceramic beads as ductile and brittle analogs respectively, was designed to investigate the 3D relationships between salt diapirs and intersecting basement fault systems seen in the Central Graben, UK North Sea. During extension, intersection points in the basement fault system generate complex single, 2-way or 3-way, flap structures in the overburden, localizing cover deformation and footwall diapiric activity on the rift margins. Flap structures and associated diapirs are located adjacent to, but diagonally inboard of, the basement intersection points and consist of convex-to-the-hangingwall fault segments that are gradually breached with increasing extension. Major diapirs that attain passive status accommodate much of the continued basement extension through downbuilding. Intra-basin horst systems develop inwardly-dipping graben cored by a major salt wall during initial extension. Axial flow along this structure feeds growing diapirs. Grounding of the brittle overburden results in source cut-off and deflation of the salt wall due to continued expansion by extensional faulting.

84. UB - Programes De Doctorat De La Universitat De Barcelona. Consulta D'assignatur
Strikeslip, salt tectonics. Fault mechanics and deformation mechanisms Journal of Geophysical Research Journal of Structural geology tectonics
University of Barcelona : Doctoral Programmes Taught Modules Programme Title : EXPLORATION, ANALYSIS AND MODELLING OF BASINS AND OROGENIC SYSTEMS
Biennium :
Professor : KEN MCCLAY
Number of credits :
Module Syllabus :
2D extensional structures, 3D extensional structures, inversion, thrust systems
Strike-slip, salt tectonics. Fault mechanics and deformation mechanisms
Reading List :
Marshak, S. and Mitra, G. 1988. Basic Methods of Structural Geology. Prentice Hall, New Jersey. 446 pp.
McClay, K.R. 1988. Mapping of Geological Structures. John Wiley and Sons.
McClay, K. R. , 2003. Advanced Structural Geology for Petroleum Exploration. Course Notes, 550 pp. Ragan, D.M. 1973. Structural Geology. Wiley 208 p. Ramsay, J.G. 1967. Folding and Fracturing of Rocks. McGraw Hill 568 pp. Ramsay, J.G. and Huber, M.H. 1983. Techniques of Modern Structural Geology. Volume I. Strain Analysis . Academic Press, London. 330 pp. Ramsay, J.G. and Huber, M.H. 1983. Techniques of Modern Structural Geology. Volume II. Folds and Faults. Academic Press, London. 700 pp.

85. The Leading Edge -- Sign In Page
The salt tectonics of offshore Morocco may provide some very specific (Marineand Petroleum geology, 2000). Tectonic and depositional history of the
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Salt tectonics in the Atlantic margin of Morocco
Tari et al. The Leading Edge.
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86. Houghton Mifflin College
Structural geology, Reflection Seismology and Plate tectonics (multiple courses) tectonics and Mountain Building. Active tectonics salt tectonics
GeologyLink The Earth Today In the News Virtual Classroom ... Glossary Student Resource Center
GeologyLink Inside Geology
Folds, Faults, and Mountains
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87. Dr. Bruce Trudgill
Basins Group at the TH Huxley School as a Lecturer in geology and Geophysics.His main research interests lie in the tectonics of sedimentary basins.

88. Geodynamics / Petrology
traps in fold/thrust belts and salt tectonic terrains (Swiss Alps, Gulf ofMexico); Karl Mueller Structural geology, tectonic geomorphology,
Geodynamics / Petrology
The study of dynamic processes within the Earth and on the surface of Earth and other planets is the subject of numerous research programs and academic courses in which the Department and the facilities of two affiliated institutes, CIRES and LASP , are closely interrelated. The interdepartmental Geophysics Ph.D. Program links expertise in geophysics across the campus.
Research Programs
In addition to field studies in Colorado and other areas of the western U.S., field programs are currently active in igneous petrology, economic geology, and geochemistry in Mexico, Chile, Peru, southern Africa, and Nepal. Through ties with other departments and LASP A research branch of the Water Resources Division of the U.S. Geological Survey is also housed on the University campus. Numerous cooperative research projects exist between personnel of the U.S. Geological Survey and University faculty in the water sciences. Members of the faculty also collaborate with scientists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in neutron diffraction studies of mineral structures, and with scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey in Denver in a variety of disciplines including trace elements, stable and radiogenic isotopes, and mineral spectroscopy
Research Facilities
Diverse facilities are available at CU/Boulder.

89. CGG Brokerage Offices
From the exploitation point of view, the thrust and salt tectonic styles caused the Lageson, DL, 1984 Structural geology of Stewart Peak Culmination,

Structural Model of the Chiapas-Tabasco Area (Southeast Mexico)
By J.Z. Rivas (CGG-ASI)
The purpose of this study is to find a structural model that agrees with local geologic information and explains production behaviors. Surface and subsurface data are analyzed and interpreted to determine the Chiapas-Tabasco structural model. Basic concepts of extensional and compressional regimens to methods of balanced cross sections and relationships among faults are developed using 2D and 3D seismic data. This process is integrated with the global tectonic and the regional stratigraphy of Southern Mexico. The data analyzed point out that only wrench-compressional structures are present in the Chiapas-Tabasco area. Structural geometries as fault-bend foldings and ramps are interpreted. Décollement (footwall flats) of the thrust faults, located in the Jurassic salt, are not clearly identified due to the lack of seismic information beneath the Cretaceous and the Jurassic poor acoustic impedance contrast. The Chiapas-Tabasco area is classified as a "Duplex Thrust System" (Boyer and Elliott classification of systems of thrusts, 1982). The oil structural traps found in the Chiapas-Tabasco area are located in fault-bend foldings caused by thrust-tectonism. Potential oil traps are probably located beneath the actual known fault-bend folding oil traps.

90. Africareg
Petroleum geology of Africa New Themes and Developing Technologies Examples ofsalt tectonics from West Africa a comparative approach
AFRICA REGIONAL MAPS Link to Geopubs Home Page updated: 21 October 2002 Africa - Geological Map 1:5,000,000. UNESCO/CGMW, 1986-91, 6 sheets. This high quality map represents the most detailed geological coverage available for some parts of Africa, as well as providing excellent reference material. AFRGLM001 - Complete set of six individual sheets - £125-00. Six sheets assembled into one large "Multimake" map - AFRGLM001M - £350-00. NEW in 2003. Petroleum Geology of Africa: New Themes and Developing Technologies Contents - A map compilation and synthesis of Africa's petroleum basins and systems - 2nd and 3rd Millennium Reserves Development in African Basins - Africa's Petroleum Systems: four tectonic aces in the past 600 million years - Tectonic Development of North African Basins - Examples of salt tectonics from West Africa: a comparative approach - Syn-rift regional subsidence across the West African continental margin: the role of lower plate ductile extension - Play fairways of the Gulf of Guinea transform margin - Prospectivity in ultra deep water: The case for petroleum generation and migration within the outer parts of the Niger Delta Apron - Frasnian organic-rich shales in North Africa: regional distribution and depositional model - Aptian source rocks in some South African cretaceous basins - Geochemical evaluation of East Sirte Basin (Libya) petroleum systems and oil provenance - Gravity Signatures of Sediment Systems - Predicting Reservoir Distribution in Angolan and Brazilian Basins

91. Page Not Found
Assistant Professor of geology Ph.D. Stanford University, 1999 tectonics andclimate impact basin formation and evolution and I am interested in these
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92. Polish Geological Institute
Key words glacioisostatic movements, salt tectonics, neotectonics, Quaternarygeology, Pleistocene, northwestern Poland.

93. Safaricz IfG UP
Marine and Petroleum geology 17 (5), 601–618. PDF 2.5 MB In salt TectonicsProject Phase III, Final Report (Davison, I., Evans, N., Alsop,
Reviewed Journal Articles
Professional Industry Reports
Conference Abstracts
Reviewed Journal Articles
Safaricz, M. [PDF 4 MB]
Safaricz, M. [PDF 2.5 MB]
Safaricz, M.
Safaricz, M.
Professional Industry Reports
Safaricz, M. 1999. Which parameters control the geometries of deformation structures? A review on experimental modelling of geological deformation with focus on overburden deformation around salt diapirs. Consultancy report for Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. (JAPEX), 21 p.
Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Conference Abstracts Safaricz, M. Davison, I., Evans, N., Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. 1998. Central Graben Salt Diapir Fields, N. Sea: Geometry and Structural Evolution. European Geophysical Society: 23rd General Assembly, Nice (France), April Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. April Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Safaricz, M. Theses Safaricz, M.

94. Dictionary Page CO.UK - Geology
UK geology Don’t know the meaning of some words? Tired of listing through allthe encyclopedias? Your friends make jokes on you because of your ignorance?

a axis

a axis
zones of regional metamorphism

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