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         Salt Tectonics Geology:     more books (27)
  1. The Transylvanian Basin (Romania) and its relation to the Carpathian fold and thrust belt: Insights in gravitational salt tectonics [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by C. Krezsek, A.W. Bally, 2006-05-01
  2. Cotton Valley (Upper Jurassic) and Hosston (Lower Cretaceous) depositional systems and their influence on salt tectonics in the East Texas Basin (Geological circular) by Mary K McGowen, 1984
  3. Salt Tectonics (Geological Society Special Publications)
  4. Salt Tectonics by M.K. Jenyon, 1986-12
  5. Salt tectonics off northern Israel [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by S. Gradmann, C. Hubscher, et all 2005-05-01
  6. The Nile deep-sea fan: An example of interacting sedimentation, salt tectonics, and inherited subsalt paleotopographic features [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by L. Loncke, V. Gaullier, et all 2006-04-01
  7. Submarine channels controlled by salt tectonics: Examples from 3D seismic data offshore Angola [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by M.J.R. Gee, R.L. Gawthorpe, 2006-05-01
  8. Foldbelts with early salt withdrawal and diapirism: Physical model and examples from the northern Gulf of Mexico and the Flinders Ranges, Australia [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by M.G. Rowan, B.C. Vendeville, 2006-12-01
  9. Implications of salt-sediment interactions on the architecture of the Gulf of Lions deep-water sedimentary systems-western Mediterranean Sea [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by A.T. dos Reis, C. Gorini, et all
  10. Sedimentary Response to Intrabasinal Salt Tectonism in the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Paradox Basin, Utah (U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin) by Joseph E. Hazel, 1995-03
  11. Mud volcanoes, gas chimneys, pockmarks and mounds in the Nile deep-sea fan (Eastern Mediterranean): geophysical evidences [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by L. Loncke, J. Mascle, et all 2004-06-01
  12. Seismic evidence for Messinian detrital deposits at the western Sardinia margin, northwestern Mediterranean [An article from: Marine and Petroleum Geology] by F. Sage, G.V. Gronefeld, et all
  13. Salt tectonics on the continental slope, northeast Green Canyon area, northern Gulf of Mexico: Evolution of stocks and massifs from reactivation of salt ... Geology, University of Texas at Austin) by Steven J Seni, 1994
  14. LSU publications in geology and geophysics by Allan David Scardina, 1982

61. Earth Sciences: Geology: Structural Geology UFOseek Directory For Earth Sciences
Research projects into structural geology and tectonics. Review It Rate It BookmarkIt Giovanni Guglielmo s Research Page on salt tectonics
Earth Sciences: Geology: Structural Geology
Advanced Search only this category Random Link UFOSeek Forum Webmasters Logout ... Geology Structural Geology
Structural Geology Subscribe
Boudinage, Ore Deposits, and Crustal Tectonics Information about how boudinage structures control the location and formation of ore deposits, and an analogue model for crustal tectonics. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Gabriel Gutierrez-Alonso, Salamanca University ... Research projects into structural geology and tectonics. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page on Salt Tectonics ... Contains free computer animations, 3-D visualization, and interpretations of physical and finite element models of salt tectonics. These materials are useful for geological research, teaching, brainstorming, and seismic interpretation. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Interactive Geologic, Geohydrologic and Geochemical Database and Model for the Little Snake River Dr ... Extensive collection of links to Structural Geology and Metamorphic Petrology. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
Structural Geology on the Web ...

62. Energy And Geoscience Institute Instructional Services Catalog
Important, new developments in the field of structural geology were seen in the past strikeslip tectonics, inversion structures, and salt tectonics.

63. Energy And Geoscience Institute Instructional Services Catalog
geology AND HYDROCARBON RESOURCES OF THE PRICASPIAN BASIN PHASE II Six principal mechanisms of salt tectonics 50 3.5.

64. Earthmoves Ltd.
tectonics, 13 367388. 29. Davison, I. 1994. Structural geology field guide to the salt tectonics modelling, seismic and field studies, invited PESGB
(No Abstracts included) 4. Black, R., Ba, H., Bertrand, J.M.L., Boullier, A.M., Caby, R., Davison, I., Fabre, J., Leblanc,M., and Wright, L.I. 1979. Outline of the geology of Adrar des Iforas (Republic of Mali). Geologische Rundschau, 68: 543-564. 5. Davison, I. 1979. The cooling history of a Panafrican mobile belt in Adrar des Iforas (Republic of Mali). Comparison with other Panafrican belts. Geologische Rundschau, 70: 842-849. Panfrican granitoid emplacement in the Adrar des Iforas mobile belt (Mali): a Rb/Sr isotope study. Precambrian Research, 26: 336-361. Orienting conventional cores for geological purposes. Journal of Petroleum Geology, 7: 461- 466. Geochemistry and geotectonic interpretation of granitoids from the Central Iforas Mali. Precambrian Research, 26: 265-283. 9. Kurshid, A., Yielding, G., Ahmed, S. Davison, I., Jackson, J.A. , King, G.C.P., and Lin Ban Zou. 1984. The seismicity of Northernmost Pakistan. Tectonophysics, 109: 209-226.

65. Links
It contains useful 3D visualization and animations on salt tectonics Structural geology and tectonics Group of the Salamanca University (Spain)
Links Searching the Web (useful links) Associations and Organizations Research Web Pages on Petrology and Structural Geology Earth Science Journals Publishers ... Various ASSOCIATIONS and ORGANIZATIONS American Assocation of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) American Geophysical Union (AGU) CNRS (High Research Council, France) CSIC (High Research Council, Spain) European Geophysical Society (EGS) Geo-metamorphism Geo-tectonics Geological Society of America (GSA) Geological Society of London INQUA-International Union for Quaternary Research International Association for Mathematical Geology (IAMG) Metamorphic Studies Group Mineralogical Society of America (MSA)

66. TAMU Oceanography - Personal Page
Professor, geology and Geophysics, Texas A M University, 1988present MacRae, G.and Watkins, JS, 1993 salt tectonics and upper Jurassic structural

67. GSA Release 03-05: March GSA Bulletin Media Highlights
Neoproterozoic allochthonous salt tectonics during the Lufilian orogeny in the MPA Jackson, Bureau of Economic geology, The University of Texas at
February 2003
Geological Society of America
GSA release 03-05: March GSA Bulletin media highlights
Boulder, Colo. – The March issue of the GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN includes a number of potentially newsworthy items. Of particular interest are: new insights into development and disintegration of supercontinents and their relationship to models of global climate change; impacts of acid rain on buffered terrane; and identification of a key geologic process operating in the formation of Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Please discuss articles of interest with the authors before publishing stories on their work, and please make reference to the GSA BULLETIN in stories published. Mechanics of graben evolution in Canyonlands National Park, Utah
P. Walsh and D.D. Schultz-Ela, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, University Station, Box X, Austin, Texas 78713–8924, USA. Pages 259-270.
Keywords: Canyonlands National Park, extension, faults, grabens, numerical models, salt tectonics. Long, parallel canyons with strikingly vertical walls, called grabens, dominate the scenery in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park, Utah. Faulting of rock layers formed the steep canyons over the past 65,000 years. Researchers have been studying these features in detail since the mid-1970’s, but a key geologic process went unnoticed. Combining computer models with land surveying techniques, the authors discovered that erosion by the Colorado River caused rock layers to sink into underlying salt, tilt toward the river, and break apart into the series of canyons observable today.

68. Geology
A collection of links to structural geology tectonics resources available onthe Web; Provides on overview samples of research on salt tectonics.

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Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates
Access to the most recent volumes (1981-1990) of the Bibliography.
Virtual and On-line Geologic Field Trip Guides: United States and Canada
Extensive listing of on-line field trip guides from the United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and Canada.
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Igneous Rock Tour Geology Labs Online
Programs which model various geological phenomena, including river flooding, earthquakes, and radiocarbon dating.
A Method for the Assessment of the Significance of Geological Sites Fundamentals of Remote Sensing
Basic overview of remote sensing technology and applications from the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.

69. AnyWho: Internet Directory Assistance; Yellow Pages, White Pages, Toll-Free Numb
Giovanni Guglielmo s Research Page on salt tectonics http// Research projects into structural geology and tectonics.

70. ESSC 401-402 Seismology - Earthquakes - Tectonism - Volcanism
Note see also Wasatch Fault Utah and Utah geology and Great salt Lake/Wasatch Front Plate tectonics and Earthquakes animated module from TheTech
WWW Links - Earth System Science (ESS)
Earthquakes/Seismology - General Earthquakes - Examples/Cases
Great Salt Lake (GSL), Utah and the Wasatch Front Region

Intermountain Seismic Belt - Arizona/Nevada/Idaho/Montana/Wyoming
Wasatch Fault Utah
Earth History and Resources/Materials - Geology

Geomorphology - Paleontology - Soil Science

71. 2002 Summer Field Geology Program
geomorphology, salt tectonics, volcanic processes, and Precambrian basementrocks. Dr. Verner Johnson (geophysics, environmental geology, GIS/GPS).
2002 Summer Field Geology Program Mesa State College School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences P.O. Box 2647 Grand Junction, Colorado 81502 (970) 248-1354 !Field Geology Program 2000 Pictures! The Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at Mesa State College offers a dynamic, state-of-the-art, field-studies course (GEOL 380). This six week course allows upper-level geology, environmental geology, and earth science majors to fulfill their requirements for geologic field camp with six semester hours of upper-level undergraduate credit. Mesa State College is located in one of the most geologically diverse areas of North America. World-class study areas, such as the Uncompahgre Plateau, Book Cliffs, Grand Mesa, Canyonlands, San Juan Mountains, Henry Mountains, and Paradox Basin, are a short drive from campus. Each of the six-week course has a different emphasis, including development of basic field skills, air-photo mapping, plane-table and alidade mapping, GPS mapping, analysis of geologic structures, stratigraphic analysis, and environmental problems. Tentative Schedule, May - June, 2002

72. TASYO References
Tectonic transfer in the Gulf of Cadiz through salt tectonics gas hydrates, Natural Gas Hydrates Arctic and Nordic Sea Potential, Arctic geology and
back to index of the TASYO project

    Bonnin, J.,Olivet, J.L., and Auzende, J.M., 1975, Structure en nappe a l'ouest de Gibraltar: C.R. Academy of Science 280 (5), p. 559-562. Flinch, J., Bally, A., W., and Vail, P.R., 1992, Sequence stratigraphy and tectonics of the Gibraltar Arc: Abstracts volume Sequence Stratigraphy of European Basins conference , Dijon, France, pp. 48-49. Flinch, J., Bally, A. and Wu, S.,1996, Emplacement of a passive-margin evaporitic allochthon in the Betic Cordillera of Spain: Geology, v. 24, 1, p. 67-70. Sedimentary Responses to Forced Regressions , Geological Society, London No, 172, 329-362. ISBN 1-86239-063-0 Geo-Marine Letters Hernandez-Molina, F.J., Somoza, L., Rodero, J, Maldonado, A. and Barnolas, A (2000) Patterns of bottom current flow deduced from dune asymmetrics over the Gulf of Cadiz shelf (southwestern Spain). Marine Geology 164, Issues 3-4: 91-117 Kenyon, N.H. y Belderson, R.H. (1973). Bed forms of the Mediterranean undercurrent observed with side-scan sonar. Sediment. Geol. 9: 77-99. Leon R. , Somoza L., Ivanov M.K., Diaz-del-Rio V., Lobato A., Hernandez-Molina F.J., Fernandez-Puga M.C., Maestro A., Medialdea T., Alveirinho J. and Vazquez T. (2001). Seabed morphology and gas venting in the Gulf of Cadiz mudvolcano area: Imagery of multibeam data and ultra-high resolution data. In:

73. TASYO Project Objectives
salt tectonics and gravitational gliding The Cádiz salt Nappe LINKS TOGas Hydrates, salt tectonics, Chemosyntectic life, Marine geology Centers.
    RESEARCH TOPICS : State of Art and Unsolved Questions
the westward travel of Mediterranean mega-allochthonous to reach the Atlantic ocean crust? .
The "Off-shore" Betic-Rifian accretionary prism: A step from passive to active margin ?
Salt tectonics and gravitational gliding:
Methane hidrates, slopes and slumps:
see a animated slumps.
Mega submarine slumps, tsunamis and recent earthquakes:
The "Mediterranean drift currents":
strong deep-currents along the margin
Stratigraphy architecture of the shelf wedges :the role of high-frequency sea-level cycles and forced regressions
Submarine canyons, turbidites vs countorites
Recent publications:
incoming papers with abstracts
LINKS TO: Gas Hydrates, Salt tectonics, Chemosyntectic life, Marine Geology Centers...................
The term "Olistostrome": Mediterranean mega allochthons towards the oceanic crust The westward Gibraltar arc migration oversteepened the Atlantic facing Iberian-Moroccan continental margins (Fig. 1) , which initiated farther westward migration of gravity-driven continental and salt-floored blocks whose ultimate emplacement was over oceanic crust as the continental blocks migrated, normal listric faulting along the present continental shelf of the Gulf of Cadiz developed, providing accomodation space for upper Miocene (past 19 Ma) tectonics and deposition. Advancing salt sheets along the frontal imbricate thrusting of the Betic-Rifian accretionary wedge (Iberian-Moroccan Atlantic continental margin) trigger down-slope movement of giant allochthonous masses

74. 1Up Science > Links Directory > Earth Sciences: Geology: Structural Geology
Research projects into structural geology and tectonics. Giovanni Guglielmo sResearch Page on salt tectonics Contains free computer animations,
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75. Intas 96-1701
Netherlands Research School of Sedimentary geology Although it is evidentthat salt tectonics have played a major role in PDD basin evolution,
Past Projects
INTAS 96-1701
Field: Earth Sciences, Environment, Energy
Subfield: General Geology
INTAS funding: 60000 ECU Duration: 36 months Starting date: 1-Oct-97 Coordinator: Doctor Yuri Podladchikov
Geologisches Institut
Sonneggstr. 5
CH - 8092 Zurich
Tel: 41 1 632 36 75
Fax: 41 1 632 10 80
E-mail: Partners: Sergiy Stovba
Technology Centre
UA - 252057 Kyiv Andrei Kovkhuto Institute of Geological Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus Department of Geotectonics BY - 220141 Minsk Jan-Diederik van Wees Vrije Universiteit Netherlands Research School of Sedimentary Geology NL - 1081 HV Amsterdam Christopher Talbot University of Uppsala Institute of Earth Sciences SE - 751 22 Uppsala Salt tectonics of the Pripyat-Dniepr-Donets Basin (Belarus and Ukraine) The Pripyat-Dniepr-Donets(PDD) Basin is one of only a few halokinetic regions in the world where many types of salt structures have been studied in detail by seismic surveys and drilling through to sediments underlying the main salt layer. Initial rifting is of Late Devonian age and was accompanied by extensive salt accumulation. Pre-rift and syn-rift Devonian sequences are overlain by thick post-rift Carboniferous, Permian, Mesozoic, and Palaeogene sediments. The maximum thickness of sediments, accumulated during the whole late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic history of the PDD Basin reaches 2-6 km to the north-west and 15-19 km to the south-east. Main phases of halokinesis took place during the post-rift stage strongly affecting the PDD Basin geometry.

76. Deepwater: Geology Overview
geology Overview. Environmental Studies Program Direction Accelerated Deepwater These have produced a more realistic picture of salt tectonics.
Content questions?
Please write to the
contact listed at the
bottom of the page. Technical questions?
Please Write:
Ravenna Westphal
This page last updated:
July 29, 2005
Environmental Studies Program Direction: Accelerated Deepwater Activities Deepwater: Geology Twenty-five years ago our knowledge of processes on the continental slope in the northern Gulf of Mexico was so limited that it was viewed simply as an accreting sedimentary structure. It is now known to be extremely dynamic and is the international center of deepwater development and expertise. The slope is also marked by huge troughs or canyons cutting across the slope. These are conduits for sediment movement.
On the long-term , northern Gulf slope features are controlled by an interaction of rapid sedimentation and salt tectonics. On the shorter scale, this long-term complex is greatly modified by erosion, mass movement, and fluid expulsion. Both long and short-term processes pose significant geohazards.
Shelf edge progradation is an interplay of rapid sedimentation and salt migration. In Pliocene and Pleistocene periods, sea level cycled, causing pluvial systems to prograde to the edge of the continental shelf depositing low sea level deltae. Thus, the edge of the shelf is stacked depocenters. The Mobile River delta off Alabama and the Brazos-Trinity complex off Texas are prime examples. The continued transport downslope today from these old shelf edge deltae pose considerable geotechnical problems to development. The processes carrying material to deepwater are numerous and poorly understood. Recent advances are linked to new technology. Processing of seismic signals to see through salt and back stripping have proven invaluable. These have produced a more realistic picture of salt tectonics.

77. UNB Undergraduate Calendar - Courses
Structural geology, origin and evolution of life from fossils, geomorphology oflandforms, mineral resources salt tectonics. Structure of igneous rocks.

78. AAPG VGP National
Research interests are in carbonate sedimentology, petroleum geology and Specialties are reservoir stratigraphy, salt tectonics, and petroleum systems
AAPG Site Search Home Education Visiting Geologists Program ... Advertising Some Visiting Geologists are restricted in their travel. After their name is listed the states in which they are able to travel. Also included is a small paragraph about the VG and possible title for their talk as well as topics they can elaborate on.
Sunit K. Addy
Possible Title of Talk:
  • Seismic Facies Analysis Using Neural Net in Delineating Exploration Plays and in Predicting Reservoir Properties Return to Titles
Edith Allison
*Prefers North-Eastern, Mid-Atlantic, CA, OK Manages Oil and Gas Exploration research, focusing on future resources such as basin-centered gas, gas hydrates and sub-salt reservoirs. Research is conducted in partnership with universities, industry and National Laboratories.
Possible Title of Talk:
  • Future Natural Gas Resources: technological advances Gas Hydrate: what is the likelihood that this large untapped resource will tip the world energy balance away
    from the Middle East United States Energy, Past, Present and Future: how technology, economics and politics will continue to shape our energy use

79. PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway Search/Browse Results
Active tectonics, Quantitative Structural geology and Geomorphology with interestranging from stratigraphy, salt tectonics, and desert landscape to geomorphology

80. Earth Sciences - Ph. D. Position - Salt Tectonics Team
Ph. D. Position salt tectonics Team. Ad PDF. The Dalhousie University, tectonics Structural geology Group invites applications from qualified individuals

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