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         Russian Economic & Business Statistics:     more detail
  1. Russian consumers-earning and spending more.: An article from: Market Europe by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  2. The Russian Far East: An Economic Handbook
  3. RUSSIAN PRIVATE DEMAND WEATHERS THE STORM.: An article from: Market Europe
  4. The Fiscal Structure of the Russian Federation: Financial Flows Between the Center and the Regions by N. Y.) Eastwest Institute (New York, Jim Walker, 2000-12
  5. Will frozen vegetable campaign run into Russian winter? (The Green Scene).(European frozen vegetable market): An article from: Quick Frozen Foods International
  6. The Uncertain State of the Russian Economy (IEWS Special Report) by Institute of Eastwest Studies, 1993-01

101. The Russia Journal DailyEconomy - Statistics Service Reports
According to the statistics Service, inflation in December 2004 was 1.1 percent Commenting on Russia’s economic achievements in 2004, economy minister

102. Tips For Travelers To Russia
Provides information on government structure, economy, business climate, Includes basic statistics, information on the most important business contacts
Travel To Russia, Doing business in Russia Tips For Travelers To Russia Tips For Travelers To Russia: Information about Russia, tips for budget
  travelers, doing business in Russia, Russian visa, tours  to Russia and
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Wednesday, 13 July 2005 The West Goes East Russia remains aloof from the Black Sea tourism bonanza.
Although the world's biggest country owns a sizeable chunk of the coast, Moscow has shown no interest in tourism. Visa rules are no less strict than they were in the days of the USSR, and conflict in the north Caucasus means the Kremlin does not relish the prospect of an influx of British holidaymakers. To the surprise of the travel industry, Georgia has been quick to follow Ukraine's abolition of red tape.

103. Investments
Back to a homepage of The russian Baltic Market Website Among domesticinvestors, the statistics show a greater number of large and medium firms than
Navigation Feedback September, 25 (Sun) 2005 Business start-up Import/export Customs duties Labour market ... Statistics
Russia as a whole is clearly under-performing in terms of both gross domestic private investment and foreign direct investment (FDI). Gross Domestic investment in the Russian Federation contracted during most of the 1990s, and has only recently started expanding again. For FDI, the Russian Federation received under 1 % percent of GDP from 1992 - 1998, compared with 3 - 4% or more in Poland and Romania, and even higher rates in many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. Data on FDI inflows in each region are available from the State Statistics Committee. Among other regions, St. Petersburg has many natural attractions for foreign investment, so should be expected to attract a large amount. Novgorod, by contrast, has relatively few natural attractions, yet has managed to attract significant amounts of foreign investment by making the investment climate as business-friendly as possible. Leningrad has clearly benefited from "spillover" investment from businesses who want to enjoy the good features of St. Petersburg but to avoid the bureaucratic difficulties and higher taxes. Among domestic investors, the statistics show a greater number of "large and medium" firms than "small" firms in the statistical base in each of the regions participating in the study. In most countries, including most Transition countries, there is a distinct pyramid structure of firms: a few large firms, more medium-sized firms, and a much larger number of small firms, many of whom are new start-ups. These data indicate that Russia is under-performing in terms of encouragement of small business, which is a critical source of dynamism, growth and employment opportunities for a healthy, market economy.

104. Nat' Academies Press, Successes And Difficulties Of Small Innovative Firms In Ru
Small business and the Macro Economy Some Observations They use a few selectedofficial russian government statistical series to illustrate the
Read more than 3,000 books online FREE! More than 900 PDFs now available for sale HOME ABOUT NAP CONTACT NAP HELP ... ORDERING INFO Items in cart [0] TRY OUR SPECIAL DISCOVERY ENGINE Questions? Call 888-624-8373 Successes and Difficulties of Small Innovative Firms in Russian Nuclear Cities: Proceedings of a Russian-American Workshop (2002)
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Openbook Linked Table of Contents Front Matter, pp. i-xiv Nuclear Cities Initiative: Interests of the Program, pp. 1-7 Analysis of the Results of the Targeted Program for Promotin..., pp. 8-21 Technobusiness in Russia's Atomic Cities, pp. 22-23 Innovation Activity in Russian Higher Education, pp. 24-38 Challenges at the Zelenograd Technopark, pp. 39-47 State's Efforts in Small Business Development: Two Models, pp. 48-56 Development of Small Innovative Companies in Sarov to Serve ..., pp. 57-67 Development of Small Innovative Companies in Snezhinsk to Se..., pp. 68-78 Development of Small Innovative Companies in Zarechny to Ser..., pp. 79-87

105. MBA- Master Of Business Administration Programme
LIB1 LAW OF INTERNATIONAL business IE INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS businesseconomics, business policy/strategic management, business statistics,
IUFS Members
Admission Advisory committee Higher Examination Council ... Libraries Washington Whispers Accommodation Monthly Newsletter Press Release News Release ... Entrance Requirements For more info:
International University of Fundamental Studies,
P O Box 59,
Russia Campus Address:
House No.4, 2nd Sovetrskaya . St.Petersburg, Russia
Tel.+7-812-279-9422, 974-3246
Fax: +7-812-274-4455 Fax: +1-775-361-1554 For US and Canada students OR E-mail: Webmaster: INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF FUNDAMENTAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS Economics, B.Sc, M.Sc. International Relations, B.Sc. DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT Management B.Sc., M.Sc. Information Systems and Management, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD., and D.Sc. DEPARTMENT OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION(MBA) PROGRAMME IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Areas of Study : MBA - Master of Business Administration DBA - Doctor of Business Administration OBJECTIVE: MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION The Master of Business Administration program is aimed at general competence in management. Often managers must change their roles as they reach higher positions of responsibility. The ability to reason and learn in new situations aids in the creation of general management capabilities. The professional manager's ability to contribute constructively to change in business and to make and successfully execute wise decisions is, to a great extent, derived from a sensitivity to immediate problems. Management competence requires a willingness to face the challenge of living in an environment of uncertainty where innovation occurs at an ever-increasing rate and personal and group relationships are complex.

106. State University Higher School Of Economics
Short biography Distinguished russian politician, expert in economics, Institute of Statistical Research and Knowledge Economy main agenda for research
Russian site Information Contact us Russian education system and reform ... Reports and presentations Information on the HSE Key people Key data History of international academic
co-operation: our partners and programme
School of Economics development till 2010
Information on the HSE Key people Academic Supervisor Evgueny Yasin Short biography President Alexander Shokhin Short biography Distinguished Russian politician, expert in economics, policy making and legal issues, Doctorate degree in Economics, Professor. Born in 1951 in Arkhangelsk region, since 1961 lives in Moscow. 1974 - graduated from Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov Consequently from 1991 was appointed as RF Minister of Labour, Minister of Economy, Chairman of the Russian Agency for International Development. 1996-97 First Deputy Chairman of the State 'Duma', 1997-99 Leader of the fraction in Parliament, 2000-02 - Head of the 'Duma' Committee on Securities and Financial Markets. President, Deputy Chairman of the Academic Council and Professor of SU-HSE. Rector Yaroslav Kouzminov Short biography Rector of SU-HSE, Professor. Born in 1957, Moscow in the family of a Professor of Economics. 1979 - M.Sc. (in Economics) - Moscow State University named after M. Lomonosov 1979-1989 - lecturer at the MSU Department of Economic History. 1989 - Ph.D. Degree in Economics. Co-author of several books on Economic History and History of Economic Thought. Member of the Collegia of RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, RF President's commission on civil service reform and Federal Commission on organization of managers and executives training. Initiated concepts of educational reform, civil service and administrative reforms as well as several large federal and international projects in field of education and economy.

107. Accounting,Accounting Other,Accounting Technician,Acting And
business andor Managerial Economics business General business ManagementAnd Administration Services Other business Marketing and-or Marketing
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