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         Poetry Childrens Specific Poets:     more detail
  1. With a Poet's Eye: Children Translate the World by Mary Lynn Ellis, Jane McVeigh-Schultz, 1997-11-03
  2. Young Readers Responding to Poems by Michael Benton, John Teasey, et all 1988-11
  3. Struwwelpeter: Humor or Horror?: 160 Years Later by Barbara Smith Chalou, 2006-12-28

21. Literacy And Technology: Poetry
from their own point of view on the specific subject. Edit. 22. poetry It also contains poems by wellknown children s poets and a wealth of
Poetry can be a very rewarding topic to present to your students. There are various sites available on the web that will provide ideas for you to use in your classroom as you work through your poetry unit. There are even sites that will allow your students to publish their poems online. Click on the links below and get some new ideas that you can incorporate into your classroom today! A Pocketful Of Rhymes
This site has poems and rhymes. Edit AHA! Poetry
This site has many ideas of what to do with your poems and who to send them to if you want to get them online or published. If you enjoy poetry or writing poetry you should take a look at this site. Edit An Apple A Day
Second graders will write original poems about apples following an assigned format. Every child in the class will have his work published. In addition to the poetry each class is invited to submit one student illustration. The illustration may be sent electronically or by snailmail. The class URL or e-mail address will be posted on the page. Edit Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff
This site has poetry for kids.

22. PoemHunter.Com - Thousands Of Poems And Poets..
Worldwide childrens poetry Presenting spiritual, inspirational and Thousands of poems from Turkish poets. The complete Turkish poetry anthology. for the young an

23. Poetry Society Skoolkit - Poets
Ask the poet if they have any specific requirements for their event, so you can write A poet who writes primarily for children, or teenagers, or adults?
poetry society home education home skoolkit home poetry society education
Teachers' Toolkit
Poets in School
What better way to bring poetry to life in the classroom than having a live poet? Whilst we believe that poetry is served best by being a consistent part of a classroom diet, having a poet in the class can greatly raise enthusiasm and awareness of poetry, and celebrate the school's own achievements in the art; this can lead into a beneficial spiral of excitement feeding into achievement, and vice versa. Their visits can slot neatly into a school day, whether as part of the lessons or assemblies.
Poetry itself can reach across the spectrum of pupil needs; its tolerance toward forms of expression can allow those struggling with literacy to shine, while formal complexity can offer outlets to the gifted and talented
Where do I find a poet?
If you would rather find your own poet, you should be able to contact your favourite poets through their publisher or agent. The Poetry Society can forward post to any poet on our books (although, of course, can't guarantee they will get back to you). You can also find details of writers who work in education at NAWE, which has an online database of writers (see

24. Children's Book Press - Teaching And Learning
Often, poets use their imagination to celebrate the community in which they live in specific details and description are very important in poetry.
Iguanas in the Snow
You will focus on the community in which you live. We all live in communities that have developed certain unique characteristics over the years. Many of these features give people a sense of pride in their community. Often, poets use their imagination to celebrate the community in which they live in original, striking, and insightful ways. As poets, your task will be to use your imagination to see your community in a new way. For an example of what I mean, read two of my poems that celebrate the San Francisco Bay Area-a city, a neighborhood, and a region where I have lived for many years. The first of the two poems, which is called "City of Bridges," is on page 7 of Iguanas in the Snow. Read the whole poem several times. Notice that in the first four stanzas I give some physical or exterior descriptions of the city of San Francisco. Discuss the following questions with a classmate:
  • How do you explain the title "City of Bridges"?
  • What physical features of San Francisco appear in the first four stanzas?
In the second part of the poem, I give a different kind of description of the city. Talk with your partner about these stanzas:

25. Growing Young Poets
Growing Young poets. My first aim is to turn children on to poetry, (An example of a Teacher Resource File on a specific children’s poet.)
Growing Young Poets Secondly, I want to get young people involved with poetry as I show them that poems paint specific pictures by using strong verbs and clear images. Thus, I try to select a poem that the students can act out with me and as we say the words and perform the actions, the poetry becomes a part of them. For instance, I frequently use the well- known "Fog" by Carl Sandburg: The fog comes We act out the poem together. Then we talk about the specific picture of fog Sandburg creates. I ask them why Sandburg uses "cat feet" rather than "dog feet". Depending upon the grade level of the class, I may introduce the term metaphor, and we talk about Sandburg’s using the cat’s movements as a metaphor for the fog’s movements. The children love this acting out, and they never tire of doing the same poems over and over. In fact, after performing "Fog" a few times, the students can say the words alone, and they don’t forget them. "Fog" becomes a part of their personal poetry repertoire. (If you wish more help with the acting out of poems, consult Allan Wolf’s books listed on the Bibliography.) adapt these to your own situations, adding or deleting as you choose. Remember to use your own expertise and your own personality as you seek to excite the children with your enthusiasm for poetry.

26. Ohio Reading Road Trip | Contemporary Ohio Poets Extension Activities: The Poetr
Contemporary Ohio poets Extension Activities The poetry of Leaving The two poems selected for this section share two specific characteristics They
Contemporary Ohio Poets Extension Activities:
The Poetry of Leaving Overview
This activity contains additional poems by contemporary Ohio poets to supplement the lesson that begins on page 129 of the Ohio Reading Road Trip Instructor's Guide. This activity, "The Poetry of Leaving," explores poetry that deals with the experience of leaving one's hometown. The two poems selected for this section share two specific characteristics: They both deal with changes in the lives of Ohioans and their writers' choice in words, phrases, and images that create emotional impact. In this section, students will learn that poets choose every word for its precision of meaning, which reveals the emotion that the poet wants to convey. The first poem here will be treated in more specific terms than the second, with the understanding that students can apply what they have learned through one poem to their understanding of the other. Getting Started Lesson Objectives
After completing this activity, students will be able to:
  • Write a poem in the style of one of the poems studied
Grade Level Indicators
In meeting the lesson objectives, students will:

27. Poetry Resources - Writing
Online platform for amateur poets to showcase their poetry. poetry Library Find specific sonnets and poems by pairing associative searchterms.
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You Are Here: BellaOnline Career Writing
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BellaOnline's Writing Editor Poetry Resources Since 1996, 2River has been a site of poetry, art, and theory, quarterly publishing The 2River View, and occasionally publishing individual authors in the 2River Chapbook Series. 4 luv of poetry This is a public service site that provides information to the public as well as a networking tool for both poets and venues (primarily devoted to the DC metropolitan area). AHA! Poetry Read poetry publication online, post your own poems, learn about poetry and more... A Gift Of Poetry Wedding poems. Anniversary poems. Birthday poems. Excellent gifts that literally last a lifetime. Unique poems written for special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. A Little Poetry An ongoing electronic publication, updated at least quarterly, features poets, verse, links to related sites and more.

28. Playground Poets - Lesson Plan
This poetry lesson plan is a great way to introduce your pupils to allow children to pick their own theme you could hand out specific topics for small
Playground Poets Competition Details Topic Time Poetry Sense Poems
An Introduction to Poetry: Free Lesson Plans
Topic Time Poetry
Activity Time: 30-40 Minutes
This poetry lesson plan is a great way to introduce your pupils to descriptive poems and helps them to review or remind themselves of what they have learnt on specific topics at school.
To start with a list of topics should be written on the board, on a worksheet or hand out cards. Some suggested topic ideas could be: Alternatively you may like to suggest a book that has been read in class. Pupils should then be asked to pick a character, person or object relating to this topic. This will provide the basis on which their poem is written - from the chosen subject's point of view. Some ideas on what to choose are: A soldier in the war, an Egyptian pharaoh, a Tudor gentleman, a school bus on its way to school, a child in the playground, a tree in the rainforest. It is probably a good idea to first work through one of these topics on the class board, involving all pupils to help along the way. Once your chosen topic has been decided you should then present your pupils with a list of three questions to think about: What can you see?

29. Teaching Poetry: Generating Genuine, Meaningful Responses. ERIC Digest.
for using poetry in teaching adult learners and recommend four specific poets Four poets Modern poetry in the adult literacy classroom, Journal of
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ERIC Identifier:
Publication Date:
Frankenbach, Charlie
Source: ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading and Communication Skills Bloomington IN.
Teaching Poetry: Generating Genuine, Meaningful Responses. ERIC Digest.
Charles R. Duke (1984) has noted, "English teachers have given some attention to aesthetic reading, usually terming it the development of literary appreciation, but many of the classroom practices used to foster that appreciation have been counter-productive." Instruction on comprehending and appreciating poetry has especially been regarded as ineffective. Either because of a lack of appreciation for their students' abilities to study poetry or because of well-intentioned enthusiasm to show students the wonders of the form, many teachers have force-fed "meanings" to puzzled students or have taught poetry by way of dissecting poetic techniqueshere is a symbol, here is a metaphor, and so on. The literature in the ERIC database, however, offers many ideas on useful, more productive approaches to the study of poetry as the several samples discussed here illustrate.

30. All-Info About Poetry - Weekly Newsletter #34
poetry Speaks Hear Great poets Read Their Work from Tennyson to Plath (Book Each chapter of the anthology proper is dedicated to a specific poet and
All Info-About Poetry Make this your home page
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We offer extremely competitive rates for businesses of all sizes. Click here to find out more All Info About Poetry Newsletter From Paula Bardell, your Poetry Correspondent July 19, 2002 Issue No. #34 * IN THIS ISSUE * ~ Maya Angelou Book Review ~ Chinese Poet Honoured By Russia ~ Heaney Appears in New TV Series ~ Forward Reveals Shortlist Light Show by Gian Kurt Iseppi Poetry Speaks: Hear Great Poets Read ~ Bill Scammell Review Gold Dust Devils by Old Millot ~ Contribute to All Info-About Poetry ~ Elsewhere on All Info-About Please rate this Ezine at the Cumuli Ezine Finder * IN THE SPOTLIGHT * Maya Angelou Book Review We review the fifth and final volume of Maya Angelou's remarkable autobiography, A Song Flung Up to Heaven * POETRY NOW * Chinese Poet Honoured By Russia The Chinese poet, Mao Xiupu, was awarded the Russia-China Friendship medal for his work commemorating the tragic loss of 118 lives in Russia's Kursk submarine accident in August 2000. The

31. 2002 Conference Proceedings
poetry can be used to support children emotionally, to inspire them, to bring them experiencing poetry related to thematic materials or specific poets;
2002 Conference Proceedings Go to previous article
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Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite
Special Communications
916 West Castillo Drive
Litchfield Park, AZ 85340
Phone: 623-935-4656
Poetry can be used to support children emotionally, to inspire them, to bring them joy . . . and to help them be successful speakers, readers, and writers. All of these purposes can be incredibly powerful for students who use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), whether through light tech (e.g., eye gaze), communication devices, and/or computers. Poetry for Language: Poetry can be a scaffold for language learning, such as:
Poetry for Literacy: Poetry can be a springboard for supporting literacy learning. For example:
Poetry for Life: At the highest levels, poetry helps students express who they are, a possibility that is especially empowering for students who are nonspeaking. Poetry Features Many poems have inherent features that make them delightful for children, and excellent vehicles of emergent literacy and AAC learning. These features can also make poetry especially accessible for students with disabilities:

32. Title Index To Specific Concrete Poems On The Internet
ConcreteVisual poetry Links, Bibliography and Some Poems wide range of audiences from children to adults, from poets to artists, to enthusiasts of
Title Index
Specific Concrete-Visual Poems
on the WWW-InterNet
Selected and Indexed by Michael P. Garofalo
An Introductory Note
A a AaA aaaaa aa Acrobats Ian Hamilton Finlay Additive Color Theory Nari Mez - Netwurker Air Conditioning Sylvia Parker Airplane Takes Off All 41 Lindsay Clements Alphabetica Charles Bernstein Archives Edward Morgan Arms Dan Waber Art and People Clemente Padin Arteroids Jim Andrews At the Mousehole Pris Campbell Avec Tact Antoine Schmitt bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb b Babel Simon Biggs Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot Stephanie Strickland Banana Peel Tom Nagel Bibliography of Concrete-Visual Poetry Bird #3 Don J. Carlson Black Boxes Charles Bernstein Blanco-Negro Armando Zarate Blue Key Rowena Dugdale Blues Eleanor Nichol (bpNichol) Book Art Frédérique Devaux The Boolean Image Carl Fernbach-Flarsheim Brain Cell Ryosuke Cohen b typed Michael Basinski C C CC C C Café Interreal Enrique Sacerio-Garí Calligrams - Links Calligraphy - Links Cannot Cross Charles Bernstein Carmina Figurata Porfyrius Optatianus Cassiopeia Joseph Cornell Cave of Lascaux Chapeau de Paille Francis Picabia Childhood in Richmond Komninos Zervos Cinéma Dick Ilse and Pierre Garnier

33. Poetryclass - Links
Extensive selection of childrens poetry books and audiotapes. Free membership. It features poets and poetry in the news, extensive education resources,
· links home introduction site map contact us ... exeter model
The following organisations support the poetryclass project or ethos in some way.
To visit their websites, click on either
the logo or underlined text. contact us if you feel your website should be here: Government Departments and Agencies
Department for Education and Skills
(originally the DfEE)
The funding organisation behind the poetryclass initiative . "Poetry is one of the many ways we can understand and enjoy language. As it is part of literacy the more teachers can encourage the appreciation and use of poetry the more it will help our drive in schools towards better written and verbal skills. This initiative is not about trying to turn everyone into poets. It shows that having fun with poetry is a great way to help improve pupils' abilities in both reading and writing as well as speaking and listening. Teachers with less confidence in poetry will be able to use it in class to develop creative writing and extend childrens' literacy experience at all Key Stages."
See the DfES's comprehensive literacy targets on-line at

34. Who's Dancin' Now? - Lesson Plan - Literary Arts 4
You could also adapt it for younger children, giving specific directions and providing the animal facts on http// Online poetry Classroom
Literary Arts Lesson Plans:
Quick Links
  • Objectives
  • Estimated Time
  • Subject Matter
  • Materials and Preparation ...
  • About the Author
    By Ann Willmott Andersson
    Grade Level:

    Can easily be adapted for older or younger children (see Extension/Adaptation Ideas
    Overview In this lesson, students experiment with the use of factual information as a tool that a poet can use to communicate a message, idea, or thought. The students create a "classroom zoo", each choosing an animal and researching facts about that animal to include in their poem. To help the students understand the technique, you first read and analyze such a poem with them. They do have to use appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation in the final draft of their poem, but the emphasis is on communicating, rather than on perfecting style. "The not to produce thirty full-blown lifelong poets but to touch the kids with poetry, with a feeling for art that may grow from specifics outward for many years and affect many of their responses to daily things, that their lives may be open a touch more to inner and outer vividness." from How I Teach Poetry in the Schools , by Jack Collum.
  • 35. LITERARY CRITICISM: Poetry Research Guide
    Note that criticism or analysis of a specific poem is rarely the subject of a Part I is a listing of poets, poem titles, and critic citations arranged
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    Literary Criticism: Poetry
    Research Guide
    Books and Multimedia Periodical Articles and Essays
    Poem Synopses and Critical Excerpts
    Biographical and Bio-Critical Information ... Style Manuals
    indicates key source indicates some full text Note: Off-campus access to some online sources is restricted to current UCF students, faculty, and staff via

    36. Language Arts Lesson Plans And Resources
    poetry Resources poetry for Children This site contains forms of poetry, Collections of poems, links to sites for specific poets, poetry through time,
    Language Arts Lesson Plans and Resources This page contains links to lesson plans and resources for teaching reading, spelling, writing, journalism, communication, debate, and drama. Resources and lesson plans for children's and adolescent literature have been relocated to separate sites, but are still accessible from the site index. Click on one of the topics below to locate the information you need. All links on this page were checked and updated 10-7-04.
    Index: Large Collections of Language Arts Lesson Plans,

    37. Teacher Oz's Literature And Drama
    For specific poets, check out the specific Authors page. poetry Pages for Young Adults More on children s poetry (including lesson plans) can be found
    Updated November 2, 2003
    "He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven"
    Had I the heaven's embroidered cloths,
    Enwrought with golden and silver light,
    The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
    Of night and light and the half-light,
    I would spread the cloths under your feet:
    But I, being poor, have only my dreams.
    I have spread my dreams under your feet;
    Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
    by William Butler Yeats Thalia - The Greek Muse of Comedy Melpomene - The Greek Muse of Tragedy Erato - The Greek Muse of Love Poetry and Mimicry LITERATURE (Plus, a few odd and "nowhere else to put them links") The Modern Library: 100 Best - find what scholars consider the top 100 books written in English during the 20th Century(you can also vote for your favorite)! Top Humanities Websites: Literature BIBLIOMANIA, The Network Library: Home Page VoS - Voice of the Shuttle - Literature (in English) VoS - Voice of the Shuttle - Literatures (Other Than English) ... Literature - What Makes a Good Short Story? More info on specific authors can be found on my Authors page.

    38. Arts, Media, Creative Writing And Poetry Websites
    Its website provides teaching materials on specific films and generic areas Website to promote the work of the Potty poets, children s poetry writers Building a literate nation Organisations Main Menu NLT home Site A-Z What's new Resources ... Contact us NLT initiatives National Reading Campaign Reading Connects Reading Champions The Vital Link ... Reading Is Fundamental, UK Arts, media, creative writing and poetry websites
    If you would like to recommend a literacy website to us, email
    Poetry websites

    Creative writing websites
    An Internet marketplace for used, rare and antiquarian books which offers visitors a chance to both buy and sell. Arts and Libraries
    Website focused on encouraging libraries and arts organisations to work more closely in partnership, for example, on audience development, marketing, provision of venues and information support. It is based on the work of the Books Connect project in the East Midlands which seeks to exploit the growing experience of libraries in literature promotion and reader development by using it as a springboard to develop partnerships between libraries and other art forms.

    39. Multicultural Poetry
    poetry it shouldn’t be assumed that every poem is about the specific Other multicultural poets who have attracted much attention in Australia

    40. Internet Guidebook For Writers
    I ll focus on eight specific genres young adult and children s writing, The poetry Exchange poets can submit their work for web
    There Is A Wealth Of Information On The Net Inside IT Manager's Corner
    Just For Fun

    F inding specific information on the Web can be a frustrating experience. It seems that after spending hours on the Web, all you have to show for it is eye strain. In this article I will talk about places on the Web to find information on specific genres of interest to writers. While I can't cover all areas, I'll focus on eight specific genres: young adult and children's writing, Christian writing, drama and playwriting, mystery, poetry, romance, history, and science fiction. Now let's get to the sites. In each genre I've listed the Web sites in alphabetical order. If a site is particularly excellent, I've added a " Recommended " note. Here are some quick links to jump to a specific topic: Aaron Shepherd's Kidwriter Page
    Resources for children's writers. Articles, how-to tips, useful books, professional writing guide, etc. Books For Children and More

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