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61. TED MAG Online ::: The Electrical Distributor Magazine
The story ended up in the newspapers because she s been ordered to pay . . . it takes too The 6/11 new York Daily news contained the company s story,

62. Collectibles For Sale, Buy, Purchase Within New Hampshire. USAdS
find any published ad about collectibles within the State of new hampshire. 16 1970 AMC JAVELIN FOR SALE 390-cuHurst set up 4bu,mag wheels,loaded
USAdS (at Real Estate Rentals ... Services We didn't find any published ad about collectibles within the State of New Hampshire.
Showing results within the whole Country: 1 to 19 of 19 Ads. 1- Original cuban detergent FAB box sealed and with its contents from factory in 1955, 1200gr, all the ads on the box. San Diego,CA [contact] 2- Vintage Games -Mr. Game Show - Gus Glitz and Stock Block Portland (1977)- near mint condition. Up for auction on Ebay. Chicago,IL [contact] 3- Two 1500 ml bottles of 1868 Ryst Dupeyron Armagnac. Currently going for $5,750 per bottle - I will sell each bottle for $3,500. Phoenix,AZ [contact] 4- For sale: Bill: 1953- ($2 bill) Red (6); 1976- ($2 bill) green (17); 1934- ($500.00 bill); 1934- ($1000.00 bill); (100000 Lire.centomila); Coins: (1 dollar) Start 1879 to 1974; (Half dollar) Start 1945 to 1968; West New York,NJ [contact] 5- Paul Pletka paintings for sale Selling an origional signed Pletka abstract water color, and a lithograph numbered indian print. both framed. $6,000.00 for both. Please call 970-245-5758 Vail,CO

63. Tapper Gored?
But after hearing from a Philly mag fact checker, Tapper called the reporter him the following anecdote While rolling through new hampshire on Sen.

real estate


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Tapper Gored?
At first, Salon political writer and CNN talk show host Jake Tapper, a Philly native, was angry with Philadelphia On Tuesday, Philly Mag provided City Paper with an advance copy of "Beer and Loathing," a brief article by young George Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency . The advance came with word that Tapper was mighty pissed off over the story. "He was concerned from the outset," says Issenberg, a Swarthmore College junior, who originally intended to write the piece for the since-folded George . Issenberg admits that in a piece he did for George Tapper also called Philadelphia editor Loren Feldman. "He was upset," Feldman recalls. "He was concerned about what he suspected was going to be in the piece, and no amount of convincing could make him feel better about it." City Paper USA Today Tapper says his recollection of the exchange was different City Paper Washington City Paper Frank Lewis cover story news opinion ... contact us

64. Verney's CopyQueen And Salon Mag Attack Muller - T H E   I N T E R N E T  Â
new hampshire primary. I would go to Bauer s campaign office And one day I d like to pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV
NOTEWORTHY INTERNET BRIGADE EMAIL Verney's CopyQueen and Salon Mag Attack Muller
From: "Linda Muller" <>
Date: Thu, 27 Jul 2000
Subject: [BRIGADE] Verney's CopyQueen and Salon Mag Attack Muller Dear Brigade, Since I've received several copies of Donna Donovan and
Salon's charge against me, I'll take up the bandwidth to make
a brief comment.
First, Justin Raimondo did not get the information from me.
Second, I only pulled a quote from Justin's column as I do with
almost every article I send out.
Third, Salon did not try to contact me - I was not traveling and they did not call my home number or email me. Fourth, I immediately made the correction on our website after receiving it from Justin. Fifth, perhaps it is Salon and Verney's CopyQueen who are deserving of a libel suit. Either way, one of the greatest joys coming out of this Convention will be saying good bye to Donna Donovan. She will no longer be permitted to carry the title of RP Press Secretary. For the first time in years, we will have a someone

65. - Student Activists Speak In Favor Of Political Volunteering
mag Were there other students volunteering as well, or did you find yourselves on and there are also nearby opportunities in new hampshire and Iowa.

66. - Student Activists Speak In Favor Of Political Volunteering
mag What does this say about the youth culture s involvement in politics during this and there are also nearby opportunities in new hampshire and Iowa.

67. The Seattle Times: Between The Lines With Tom Brown
Here’s the latest from new hampshire, where Democrats vote in the state’s Grand jury takes testimony in the Valerie Plame case Time mag says jurors are

Your account
Today's news index Weather Traffic ... SERVICES
Between the Lines January 26, 2004 It’s warm in frozen New Hampshire Here’s the latest from New Hampshire, where Democrats vote in the state’s presidential primary tomorrow: John Kerry appears to be the likely winner. He leads in every poll I’ve seen. He also seems to be taking large bites out of Wesley Clark’s support. Kerry’s key: broader-based support among Democrats than Howard Dean, who (according to the Survey USA poll linked below) leads only among liberal Democrats. However, Dean seems to be bouncing back from his third-place Iowa finish and his “ I have a scream ” speech. Dean looks to be a solid second and may be in a position to challenge Kerry. John Edwards is gaining support. If he edges past Clark – a distinct possibility according to these polls – it would be a major blow to the former general’s chances. DailyKOS has the tracking poll results here And here is a new Survey USA poll. This is not a tracking poll, but a full poll of more than 400 “certain” New Hampshire voters Lots of bloggers are working New Hampshire. Our cross-state colleagues at the Spokesman-Review in Spokane are blogging by camera-phone . Among other things, the paper's Jim Camden has put together the sound track for this campaign movie from the favorites the candidates are playing at their appearances:

68. Conclusive Evidence--of Dave Cullen Having Existed
Best new mag since Salon. A picture named radarcover2.jpg The day after McCain scored a win in the new hampshire primary, 40000 people flocked to his
Rants from the hinterland. A Denver writer and pretend anthropologist rips into artistic treason and random acts of ethical violence.
May also contain gushes of enthusiasm.
THE PATIENT Author/Journalist
Salon NY Times My Author Site ... Best Recent Post THE COLUMBINE ALMANAC Everything you ever wanted to know about Columbine , but were too lazy to research yourself Links to and analysis of the confusing wealth of info: news archives, 911 tapes, 25,000 pages of evidence, leaks from Eric Harris's journal, Dylan Klebold's bloody prescient story, Eric's website, Sheriff's rpt, Gov's rpt, excellent FBI report on school shooters, how to obtain every document/tape/video released by court order, etc. In hindsight we know the truth from the many myths, but most of the historical record was published long before that. I created The Columbine Almanac to help guide you through it. MORE COLUMBINE (My Slate piece outlining Dylan and especially Eric's motives, featuring the FBI's lead investigator, Dwayne Fuselier. It's the basis for much of my Columbine book, due from Dutton in 2007. Subhead of the piece: "At last we know why the Columbine killers did it.") Recent Columbine blog posts Recent Columbine News Book Notification: Email me and I'll put you on the notify-list for when my Columbine book comes out: cullendaveATgmailDOTcom (switch the AT and DOT to symbols).

69. Class Notes | Colby Magazine | Summer 2005
Megan is writing for the local newspaper, Molly is working for a new shoe Sarah Getchell is teaching and coaching in new hampshire at the Dublin School.

70. Colby Magazine, Winter 2002 | Obituaries
for the state of new hampshire, at high schools in Adams, Mass., and Orono, A national symbol of strength and conscience to the newspaper industry,
Lewis H. Kleinholz '30 , July 9, 2001, in Nevada at 91. He taught at the College for three years before receiving his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard. Following service in the Army Air Force during World War II he joined the biology department at Reed College, where he taught until he became a full-time research professor in 1964. He received many honors as an internationally known researcher in the field of crustacean endocrinology and neuropeptides. Colby awarded him an honorary degree in 1963. Survivors include his brother, Milton P. Kleinholz '35. Dorothy Dingwall '33 , August 12, 2001, in Presque Isle, Maine, at 89. She was a history teacher for many years at Presque Isle High School. An accomplished musician, she also taught piano and served as choir director and organist at Grant Memorial United Methodist Church for 35 years. She is survived by her brother, Douglas Dingwall, two sisters, Debra Dingwall and Dana Dawson, and several nieces. Stanley C. Hersey '33 Sybil Wolman Berman '34 , April 2, 2001, in West Palm Beach, Fla., at 88. She tutored children with dyslexia and language disabilities in both public and private schools. Predeceased by her first husband, Solomon Smith '37, and her son Michael D. Smith '64, she is survived by her husband, Matthew Berman, a son and 13 grandchildren. Sumner Peter Mills Jr. '34

71. New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission
mag starter and light fixture by September 30, 1998; provided, however, On January 12, 1999, Mr. Mark Cloutier filed with the new hampshire Public
DW 99-016 WESCO Utilities, Inc. Hearing on Deficiencies and the Appropriateness of Fines, Penalties and/or Revocation of Franchise Order to Show Cause Why Fines or Penalties Should Not Be Imposed or Authority to Operate as a Public Utility Reconsidered, as a Result of Deficiencies in Company Operations and Responsiveness O R D E R N O. 23,134 February 1, 1999 WESCO is a public water utility serving approximately 27 customers in the Town of Hooksett. On September 30, 1997, the Commission, by Order No. 22,744, approved a Settlement Agreement (Agreement) granting WESCO Utilities (WESCO) a 26.8% rate increase. Re WESCO Utilities, 82 NH PUC 709 (1997). The Agreement also provided that WESCO would undertake certain system improvements and actions including: a) immediately addressing the cause of entrained air in the system; b)move eight outside customer meter readers and increase the pump station operating pressure range to 50-65 psi by September 30, 1997; c) report the status of (a) and (b) above to the Commission by October 15, 1997; d) apply for a waiver of DES testing requirements by March 15, 1998; e)purchase a back up well pump end, install well air tube and tank sight tubes, replace pump station compressor, mag starter and light fixture by September 30, 1998; provided, however, that these expenditures shall not be incurred prior to resolution of issues regarding potential transfer of the water system to the Hooksett Village Precinct or prior to six months from the Commission's order, whichever occurs first; f) complete testing of all customer meters, address the stolen water issue and implement any appropriate counter-measures and install a single two inch blowoff at the intersection of Springer Road and Pine Street by September 30, 1998; g)the company owner or owners attend at least one water-related seminar, meeting or course annually; and h) enter into meaningful discussions with the Hooksett Village Precinct regarding the possibility of transfer of the system to the Precinct. On January 12, 1999, Mr. Mark Cloutier filed with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (Commission) a letter asserting that WESCO Utilities (WESCO) was in violation of Commission Orders and regulations and that water service was, for a variety of reasons, inadequate. Mr. Cloutier recommended that WESCO be placed in receivership and sold to the Hooksett Village Precinct. On the same date, Mr. Cloutier submitted to the Commission a petition reportedly signed by a number of the WESCO customers asking the Commission to, among other things, investigate WESCO for not complying with Order No. 22,744. Also, on January 12, 1999, Douglas W. Brogan, Staff Water Engineer, submitted a memorandum to the Commission stating that the Company had reportedly only relocated eight problematic outside meter readers and had postponed action on most other matters. In addition, Mr. Brogan noted that during the summer the output of WESCO's single well had dropped dramatically requiring, first, water to be trucked in and, more recently, a temporary connection to the Precinct; that WESCO had not adequately addressed the system's pressure problems; and, that the Company has an ongoing history of poor customer relations and unwillingness to act responsibly in exercising its franchise obligations, requiring Staff to act to ensure continuity of service to customers. Mr. Brogan proposes that the Company either transfer the system to another entity by June 1, 1999, or, in the alternative, respond with specific proposals to address the unreliability of supply and system operation, improve customer service and responsiveness, address the outstanding commitments from Order 22,744 and report monthly on its progress in this regard. Staff's memorandum sets forth a continued pattern of unresponsiveness and neglect on the part of the Company and raises questions about whether WESCO 1)has fulfilled its duty to provide safe and adequate service; 2)has failed to comply with Commission Orders and regulations; 3) should be subjected to appropriate fines and penalties; 4) should be placed in receivership; and, 5) should be sold to the Hooksett Village Precinct. Accordingly, we will hold a hearing at which the Company shall be prepared to respond to the deficiencies noted above. We will also address at that hearing the Company's status with regard to transfer of its system and issues of fines and/or other remedial action. Based upon the foregoing, it is hereby ORDERED, that, pursuant to RSA 365:41, RSA 365:42, RSA 374:17, RSA 374:28, RSA 374:47-a WESCO appear before the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission at its offices at 8 Old Suncook Road, Concord, New Hampshire at 10:00 a.m. on March 5, 1999 to respond to the deficiencies noted above, and to show cause why fines or other penalties should not be imposed, or why its authority to operate its water system in the Town of Hooksett should not be a matter for reconsideration; and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that WESCO send a copy of this Order to each of its customers, the Hooksett Town Clerk, the Hooksett Village Precinct and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services by first class U.S. mail, on or before February 10, 1999; and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that Commission Staff send a copy of Douglas Brogan's January 12, 1999 memo to WESCO, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services' Water Supply Division and the Hooksett Village Precinct by first class U.S. mail on or before February 10, 1999; and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that WESCO provide the Commission by March 5, 1999 an affidavit reporting that copies of this order have been sent to customers, the Hooksett Town Clerk, the Hooksett Village Precinct and the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services; and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that pursuant to N.H. Admin. Rules Puc 203.01, WESCO shall notify all persons desiring to be heard at this hearing by publishing a copy of this Order of Notice no later than February 10, 1999, in a newspaper of general circulation in those portions of the state in which operations are conducted, publication to be documented by affidavit filed with the Commission on or before March 5, 1999; and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that pursuant to N.H. Admin. Rules Puc 203.02, any party seeking to intervene in the proceeding shall submit to the Commission at 8 Old Suncook Road, Concord, New Hampshire an original and eight copies of a Petition to Intervene with copies sent to WESCO and the Office of the Consumer Advocate on or before March 2, 1999, such Petition stating the facts demonstrating how its rights, duties, privileges, immunities or other substantial interests may be affected by the proceeding, as required by N.H. Admin. Rule Puc 203.02 and RSA 541-A:32,I(b); and it is FURTHER ORDERED, that any party objecting to a Petition to Intervene make said Objection on or before March 5, 1999. By order of the Public Utilities Commission of New Hampshire this first day of February, 1999. Douglas L. Patch Susan S. Geiger Nancy Brockway Chairman Commissioner Commissioner Attested by: Thomas B. Getz Executive Director and Secretary

72. Who Is Gerard Renna?
Chief of Police in Sandown, new hampshire, and the second dated May 24, 2001, and addressed to the http//
Who is Gerard Renna? Fair Game
    Subject: Who is Gerard Renna?
    Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 22:12:45 -0700 Zinj You can lead a Clam to Reason, but you Can't Make him Think Subject: Re: Who is Gerard Renna?
    Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 22:18:39 -0700 Bob Minton filed a complaint this week against Scientology, accusing them of harassment in violation of the temporary restraining order issued by Judge Pennick. "Each act of sending of these letters to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Chief of Police of Sandown, New Hampshire, the Boston Police Department, and the Salvation Army Correctional Services constituted harassment by the Petitioner against the Respondent as that term was contemplated in Temporary Injunction Number Two. An effective deterrent to such continued harassment and abuse by the Petitioner would be for the Court to terminate the Respondent's probation, or alternatively to modify and clarify condition 5 of the Respondent's probation by allowing the Respondent to keep and possess such firearms as he owned." Scientology responded to the accusation in a filing with the court.

73. Poynter Online - Romenesko
Time mag s flack gets the ax Reports Kelly. (new York Post). POSTED THURSDAY Cops probe new hampshire newspaper s submitted fake obit. Nashua Telegraph

74. Telemarketing & Call Center Solutions: Telemarketing Legislative Highlights
new hampshire HB 199 required the compilation of a donotcall list for telephone mag Gottlieb is the director of state government affairs at Direct
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Advanced Battery Technology America's Network BT Catalyst ... View all titles in this topic Hot New Articles by Topic Automotive Sports Top Articles Ever by Topic Automotive Sports Telemarketing legislative highlights Sep 1996 by Gottlieb, Mag
Save a personal copy of this article and quickly find it again with It's free! Save it. Legal issues that can affect your day-to-day operations. State legislatures nationwide continue to amend, reject and pass telemarketing legislation. Bills reviewed recently address telephone registration, donot-call lists, call monitoring and call blocking. The following highlights some of the recent developments in state legislatures across the nation that may affect your telemarketing practices. Arizona H.B. 2175 has been signed by the governor. The new law amends and broadens telephone registration.

75. Goodspeed Update 2004: News And Information For Students At The University Of Mi
LSA mag. CAMPUS LABOR. Borders Readers United new hampshire Primary Results All the big media orgs have called it for Kerry, with Dean a strong second.
Search WWW Search MEDIA Michigan Daily
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76. ArtsJournal Publishing: Daily Arts News
Daily arts news from more than 200 newspapers, magazines and epublications. Big Ambitions For new Culture mag A new magazine on culture out of Los
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Friday, February 28 Menaker To Head Random House Daniel Menaker is Random House's new editor-in-chief. He's a "literary insider who left Random House to edit books at rival HarperCollins in 2001, has been reaching out to authors and expressing confidence he can halt an exodus of writers to Penguin Group USA." Prominent RH writers have been leaving the imprint since Anne Godoff was fired last month. New York Daily News
  • Menaker - Good Eye, But Inexeperienced In Business Side Menaker spent "26 years at The New Yorker, beginning as a fact-checker and concluding as a senior editor, mainly in its fiction department. His years in the magazine's singularly influential fiction department give him outsize literary credentials, and as a book editor he is best known for his eye for sophisticated fiction." The New York Times
Thursday, February 27

77. NLECTC - News Summary
Union Leader and new hampshire Sunday news (03/30/05); Hastings, Warren says Gessford. http//
The National Institute of Justice is the research and development agency of the U.S. Department of Justice. NLECTC is a program of NIJ's Office of Science and Technology
Call the NLECTC Information Hotline at 800-248-2742 or email
Thursday, April 14, 2005 The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC) provides the as a service to law enforcement, corrections, and forensic science practitioners. The Summary includes abstracts of articles from major national newspapers, business magazines, Web sites, national and international wire services, and periodicals focusing on law enforcement and corrections technology. Please note that providing synopses of articles on law enforcement and corrections technology or the mention of specific manufacturers or products does not constitute the endorsement of the U.S. Department of Justice or NLECTC. Reproduction of this text is encouraged; however copies may not be sold, and the NLECTC

78. Compound Semiconductors Online - The Original Compound Semiconductor Industry Ne
Good job of reporting, CS mag! And great work on the part of IQE! Dr. Hsieh established Lasertron back in 1979 in Bedford, new hampshire, which is near

79. The Hindu : Magazine / Lifestyle : The Colours Of Fall
Online edition of India s National newspaper Sunday, Nov 28, 2004 new hampshire, further up north, is the best place to see fall colours in the east.
Online edition of India's National Newspaper
Sunday, Nov 28, 2004 Group Publications Business Line The Sportstar Frontline The Hindu
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Published on Sundays Features: Magazine Literary Review Life Metro Plus ... Magazine
TRAVEL The colours of Fall As a child, she had seen it only in postcards. Then, on a lazy Saturday morning in September, PAPIYA BHATTACHARYA left for New Hampshire by road, to witness .... PAPIYA BHATTACHARYA
The passage of seasons The history of Hampshire hours. On both sides of the highway, the trees turned from green to yellow, to pink and then finally to flaming orange red. They call it nature's fireworks in the local papers. We stopped at a local market selling scores of flowers and pumpkins; Halloween was just round the corner. There were butterflies everywhere and Ani ran around trying to catch them. We picked up pamphlets with directions to Robert Frost's House at another stop. The heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont is the country that is said to have inspired much of Robert Frost's poetry. However, we still had miles to go and Frost would have to wait. We crossed Connecticut into Massachusets, touched Vermont and Maine and were on our way to New Hampshire. gondola that takes people up to the Loon Mountain and a chairlift up Attitash Mountain where one can also slide down on an Alpine Slide.

80. Bates College | Bates People In The News
new hampshire Gov. John Lynch is expected to nominate Mark Weaver 80 of book presents often overlooked characters in the conflict, such as mag Palm,
About Bates Academics Admissions Student Life ... Bates Now Bates People in the News Bates People in the News 2004 Bates People in the News 2003 Bates People in the News 2002 Bates People in the News 2001 ... Bates People in the News 2000 Been in the news lately? Please submit your Bates People in the News hyperlink here USA Today Aug. 24, 2005 The male resistance to waxing is melting away They skulk in, alone or dragged by their wives or girlfriends follicularly endowed fellows seeking a drastic solution to their body hair hang-ups: waxing. Spas have seen a surge over the past two years in the number of male clients willing to subject their skin to those strips of white muslin all in the name of confidence. Customers range from twenty-somethings to fifty-somethings, Wall Street types to truckers. Not all men are convinced. "Chest hair is back," says a Northwestern University student. "I want it to grow." Body hair "makes you a man. It's a maturity thing," says Bates junior Chris Robinson. "I bet it would be ridiculously painful" to take off. But he could be persuaded: "If a girl asked me, yeah, I would do it." (click here for the original story)
Bangor Daily News Aug. 23, 2005

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