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1. - The Most Popular Free Genealogy Lookup Site
Websites Genealogy Training Workshops Specialized Searches American Indian Ancestry Irish Heritage Jewish Roots Mexican Ancestry

2. Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
Learn more about Avotaynu Getting started in Jewish genealogy? We have the book for you. for people that are familiar with soundex searches.

3. Ancestor Search - Free Genealogy Search Engines - Find Your Family
Free Genealogy Database Searches Search all the top free genealogy search engines from this site! American, Jewish, and Eastern European

4. Genealogy Search Engine Directory
Links to hundreds of genealogy sites ordered by popularity. JewishGen The primary internet source connecting researchers of Jewish genealogy

5. Louis Kessler's Jewish Genealogy Links
Louis Kessler's Jewish Genealogy Links Jewish Genealogists developed by Stephen Morse, including database searches, Jewish Calendar conversions

6. ROMANIA - Genealogy Searches - Official Travel And Tourism
River Cruises Dracula Legend Festivals Events Food Wine German Heritage Jewish Heritage Genealogy Searches Traditions Folklore

7. Hundred's Of Links's To Jewish Genealogy With Thousands Of Links
Index - searches 23 databases of Jewish surnames Avotaynu Microfiche index - microfiche sold by Avotaynu, the largest Jewish Genealogy

Yukon Alaska Genealogy Centre Genealogy databases for your Yukon and Alaska family history searches, compiled by

9. Jewish Genealogy Research
The four basic searches described below vital records, census records, European Record searches. The goal of most people doing jewish genealogy is to
Ted Gostin
Professional Genealogist
Jewish Genealogical Research
I conduct research on Jewish families using both United States public records and European records that are available here in the United States. While I am not making research trips to Europe for clients at this time, I do maintain contact with a number of European researchers who can help find additional records from various European countries. Some of the more common searches that I conduct for clients are described below.
United States Record Searches
If you want to trace your Jewish roots and find out where your family came from in the "Old Country," don't assume you have to delve into European records to find any information. A thorough genealogical search begins with what you know and proceeds to discovering what you don't know. For most of us, that means finding out some more information about our grandparents and great-grandparents here in the United States before going any further. The four basic searches described below vital records, census records, naturalization records and passenger arrival records will usually provide a wealth of information about immigrants to the United States, including accurate birthdates and birthplaces, dates and places of immigration and emigration, names of other family members in the United States, original place of origin and names of relatives left behind in the "Old Country." These four searches should be the starting point if you are an American Jew searching for your Jewish roots.

10. Vital Records: Birth, Death And Marriage
Your first stop for genealogy links for vital records. David s World ~ searches available for all types of records jewish genealogy Mine
Contribute to Katrina Victims Vital Records: Birth, Death and Marriage American Revolution Genealogy Mine Memorial Day North American Indians ... Search This Site

11. Texas Vital Records
Texas vital records offers surname index vital records searches for those that have a Legacy 3.0 Is Now Free DoroTree The jewish genealogy Software
Texas Vital Records
Vital Records Research
W e specialize in researching Texas vital records. If you have a ancestor that was born, married, divorced, or died in the state of Texas, we can help you in your research. The cost is very small. Have some dates you need to plug into your genealogy program? How about a family member that have never received a birth vital record, but had the vital records recorded! What have you got to lose.
What are indexes?
Birth indexes, marriage indexes, divorce indexes, and death indexes are not the actual certificates. They only point to the vital records where by copies can be made by contacting the Texas Health Department. The information that is on them includes the person's name, county where event occurred and the event date. Some indexes list the file number, the husband and wife's name, and gender. With the file number, you can order a copy of the actual vital record from the Texas Department of Health or the county court house in which the event occurred.

12. Generations Press Books & Maps
a variety of genealogical books and research tools in the areas of jewish genealogy, Southern California vital records Volume 1, Los Angeles County
Welcome to Generations Press!
Generations Press offers a variety of genealogical books and research tools in the areas of Jewish genealogy, Southern California resources, immigration research, and map reproductions. Our first book was published in 2001, but we also sell a wide selection of new and used books from other publishers. Generations Press also publishes a large selection of city and town plan reproductions, and a limited selection of regional map reproductions. Please visit the different sections of our web site listed below, and review our catalogs of available books and maps. Thanks for shopping at Generations Press!
Generations Press Publications
Our first volume is available now! Southern California Vital Records: Volume 1, Los Angeles County 1850-1859 is an index to births, marriages and deaths in Los Angeles County at a time when public vital records were incomplete or non-existent. Read about our other planned publications on our Generations Press Publications page.
City Maps and Town Plans
Generations Press publishes reproductions of almost 1,100 city maps and town plans from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, representing over 750 cities and towns in 55 countries. These detailed street maps are great additions to family research, showing the streets where your family lived, the churches or synagogues where they worshipped, the cemeteries where they were buried, the schools they attended, and the other places in their daily lives.

13. List Of Internet World Wide Web Sites For Jewish Genealogy Research
jewish genealogy Society of Rochester Searchable Databases Religious Kentucky vital records Index Online search of Kentucky death index for 1911-86;

14. Consolidated Jewish Surname Index
Avotaynu, the leading publisher of books on jewish genealogy as well as, AVOTAYNU, 75000 records from many different sources, including vital records,

15. The Seeker's Genealogy Sites
A research tool for Sephardim genealogy/jewish genealogy. Sharyn s genealogy Home Page StudyWeb Family genealogy Search and vital records
Personal Endorsement: This site REALLY helps keep The Seeker free! Use it for your next reunion or event! Index
Generally Seeking
Seeking Classmates
Seeking Ex-Coworkers
Seeking Ex-Neighbors
Seeking Ex-Lovers Relatively Seeking
Seeking Missing Parent
Seeking Birth Parent
Seeking Adopted Child
Seeking Missing Siblings
Seeking Other Relatives Seeking Heritage Answers Seeking Missing Children Militarily Seeking Seeking Miscellaneous Military Seeking Military Brats Seeking Navy Veterans Seeking Army Veterans Seeking Air Force Vets Seeking Marine Veterans Seeking Coast Guard Vets Seeking Beneficiaries Beneficiaries Seeking Treasury Dept. Refunds Seeking IRS Refunds Seeking State Tax Refunds Seeking Misc. Insurance Policy Holders Place Your Own Message Site Seeking Miscellaneous Database ... Radio
Genealogy Sites The Seeker provides links to many sites across the globe to help you. While we try to link to the sites we feel are the best in helping with your search, The Seeker does not specifically endorse the sites we link to, they are only here for informational purposes. When you go to a site that doesn't have

16. Looking For: An E-mail Address, A Friend, A Relative, A POW/MIA, College Pal, Mi
jewish Genealogical Society RAND genealogy CLUB University of Toledo genealogy Research Searchable genealogy Links vital records Information (USA)
Visit for packages to all major cultural and sport events. Online bookable.

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17. [Research Guidance: Germany - Research Outline] Research Guidance Version Of Dat
From Generation to Generation How to Trace Your jewish genealogy and Personal Most of the library s jewish materials are vital records made by civil
Research Outline
Table of Contents

German Search Strategies

Records At The Family History Library

... JEWISH RECORDS Jewish records [ Jüdische Urkunden ] include records of Jews or Jewish congregations. The Family History Library has over 2,000 microfilms of German Jewish vital records that list births, marriages, and deaths. These vital records are an excellent source for accurate information about Jewish ancestors. The Family History Library also has other types of Jewish records, including synagogue records, records of Jewish taxpayers, Holocaust victims, and censuses.
General Historical Background The earliest German Jewish records are synagogue records, but these were not kept by all congregations. The German Jews did not usually keep registers of births, marriages, and deaths unless required to do so by law. In the early nineteenth century, Jews in many parts of Germany were required by law either to register with Catholic or Lutheran parishes or to prepare their own civil transcripts of births, marriages, and deaths. These types of records, whether kept by a Christian parish or civil authorities, are called Jewish records.

18. - Beginning Jewish Research
Fellow researchers guided me to vital records and surrounding towns. Keep in mind that in jewish genealogy, spelling does not count.
Discover Your Family Story Help Subscribe Member Login Username Password ( Forgot? Home My Ancestry Search ... Store You are here: Learn The Library Magazines Ancestry Magazine Browse the Library Books/CD-ROMs Magazines Ancestry Magazine Genealogical Computing Daily News Desk Columnists Love to Learn?
Subscribe to Ancestry Magazine!

Ancestry Magazine

March/April 2003 Vol. 21 No. 2 Beginning Jewish Research
– Barbara Krasner-Khait I sat with nearly forty people around a wooden conference table in a suite at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. We had come from all over the world for an annual meeting of the Ostrow Mazowiecka (Poland) Research Family. All of us had ancestors from this town in Poland. I wondered as I sat there. One hundred years prior, our ancestors had all known each other. Now here we were, reunited as a Jewish community. Many people believe that exploring Jewish roots is futile because of various reasons: the records were lost in the Holocaust; no single country serves as a place of origin since Jews lived all over the world; lack of surnames in eastern Europe prohibit extensive genealogies unless your family had roots in other places or descended from a rabbinic dynasty; changing borders complicate archival systems and the languages they used; and antisemitism forced migrations. There are challenges, to be sure, but there are many research options available. Getting Started
Enter surnames and discover whether anyone else has uploaded family trees into this database. A cooperative project between JewishGen, the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies, and the Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora (Beit Hatefusoth), the database contains more than two million names from nearly 2,000 contributors.

19. Jewish Genealogy
Research your jewish ancestry with these outstanding genealogy resources A searchable database of indices to 19th century jewish vital records from
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Genealogy Genealogy by Ethnicity Jewish Genealogy Essentials Surname Meanings Genealogy 101 ... Help
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Jewish Genealogy
Research your Jewish ancestry with these outstanding genealogy resources including online databases, archives, tutorials, genealogical and historical societies, family trees, genealogy conferences, Holocaust information, online museums, queries, and more.
Recent Up a category The American Jewish Archives Committed to preserving a documentary heritage of American Jewry.  Their collection is detailed online and they will accept limited requests for information by mail. American Jewish Historical Society This association located in Boston, MA maintains an enormous archive of over 40,000,000 documents related to Jewish heritage.  The genealogical holdings are detailed in this article Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies The AJGS is a non-profit organization dedicated to the coordination of the activities of some 60 local Jewish genealogical societies around the world. Avotaynu Getting started tracing your Jewish family history with resources from Avotaynu, the leading publisher of information and products for people researching Jewish genealogy and Jewish family history. Stay abreast of the latest Jewish genealogy news with their free bi-weekly Internet magazine

20. Jewish Genealogy
Warren Blatt s jewish genealogy FAQ is a great place to start! A searchable database of indices to 19th century jewish vital records from current and
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Genealogy Genealogy by Ethnicity Jewish Genealogy Essentials Surname Meanings Genealogy 101 ... Help
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Jewish Genealogy
Research your Jewish ancestry with these outstanding genealogy resources including online databases, archives, tutorials, genealogical and historical societies, family trees, genealogy conferences, Holocaust information, online museums, queries, and more.
Sort By: Guide Picks Alphabetical Up a category Museum of the Jewish People Online An outreach of the Beth Hatefutsoth museum in Israel, the Web site is a popular and dynamic Jewish Cultural Center, offering advice and guidance in all matters related to Jewish life and heritage. My Family's Story Family Tree Competition The Professor Yitzhak Halbrecht International Family Tree Competition is open to Jewish schools worldwide with students aged 11-14, who are preparing a family history project in school. Registry of Jewish Holocaust Survivors A national registry, including over 100,000 records, which documents the lives of survivors who came to the United States after the Second World War.  A project of the

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