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  1. TVIG/TEAM SUPPORT RENEWABLE ENERGIES/CO-GENERATION.(Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group Inc. in partnership with Team Associates): An article from: Worldwide Energy
  2. Feasiblity assessment of Pennsylvania coals for use in the PACTI coke/energy co-generation system by Joseph P Ciarimboli, 1985
  3. Co-generation plant proposed for Yonkers site. (Yonkers, New York; Indeck Energy Services Inc.): An article from: Westchester County Business Journal by John Jordan, 1993-01-25
  4. Impacts of wind power generation and CO"2 emission constraints on the future choice of fuels and technologies in the power sector of Vietnam [An article from: Energy Policy] by K.Q. Nguyen, 2007-04-01
  5. CHP 2000 - Co-Generation for the 21st Century - IMechE Conference (Imeche Event Publications) by IMechE (Institution of Mechanical Engineers), 1998-03-13
  6. CHINA: Construction plans for proposed 60 Mw co-generation power plant move ahead in conjunction with petrochemical expansion projects, SP CHEMICALS LTD. ... Gas & Petrochemicals in the Developing World
  7. Co-generation power desalting plants: new outlook with gas turbines [An article from: Desalination] by M.A. Darwish, N. A1 Najem, 2004-02-05
  8. CHINA: Construction plans for proposed 250,000 ton per year acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plant and associate co- generation power station, FORMOSA ... Gas & Petrochemicals in the Developing World
  9. Co-provision in sustainable energy systems: the case of micro-generation [An article from: Energy Policy] by J. Watson, 2004-11-01
  10. Energy and the Environment: Policy Overview by Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Iea, 1990-02
  11. Achieving 60% CO"2 reductions within the UK energy system-Implications for the electricity generation sector [An article from: Energy Policy] by M. Odenberger, F. Johnsson, 2007-04-01
  12. Gas Generation and Release from Radioactive Waste Repositories: Proceedings of a Workshop Organised by Nea in Co-Operation With Andra, Aix-En-Proven (Disposal of Radioactive Waste.) by Nuclear Energy Agency, 1992-09-03
  13. A methodology for estimating occupant CO"2 source generation rates from measurements in small commercial buildings [An article from: Building and Environment] by T.M. Lawrence, J.E. Braun, 2007-02-01
  14. Evaluating new CO"2 reduction technologies in Japan up to 2030 [An article from: Technological Forecasting & Social Change] by T. Kosugi, K. Tokimatsu, et all

1. Welcome To APPrO, The Association Of Power Producers Of Ontario
Energy Sustainable Energy Solar Energy Cogeneration Cogeneration District Energy District Heating and Cooling Wind Energy Biomass Energy

2. Co-generation Technology
Links to biomass and cogeneration energy WWW sites on the Internet. Grid Wise Home page on Cogen

3. Construction Recycling
cogeneration energy Plant Recycling Information. May 2003 to January 2004. Materials Mix Cardboard Metal Wood

4. Alexander's Gas Oil Connections - BNDES Provides Resources For
BNDES provides resources for new energy cogeneration projects

5. Agriculture And The Environment - Energy Co-Generation From
Agriculture and the Environment Energy Co-Generation from Agricultural and Municipal Waste (ECOAMUW)

6. Agriculture Et L'environnement - Cog N Ration D' Nergie Partir
Agriculture et l'environnement Cog n ration d' nergie partir de d chets agricoles et municipaux

7. Energy - Co-generation - Guaranteed Savings Contract - Energy
services for lighting, HVAC, water, compressed air, boilers, chillers, energy management systems, cogeneration, and distributed generation.

8. Thermal Sludge Drying With Energy Co-generation In Spain
biosolids services machinery Zele biosolids Thermal sludge drying with energy cogeneration in Spain. Home. Technologies. HARD

9. PRESS RELEASE Breakthrough In Technology Universal
Corporation Announces the Development of an Exclusive New Application Utilizing "Wind Power" Technology for Energy and Power CoGeneration

10. Community Members Donate Over $8 Million
$22 million cogeneration energy plant $20.5 million Ike Wing renovation and new parking structure $19 million Emergency Department expansion

11. Co-generation Technology
There is also a Biomass District Energy and Cogen Worksheet. Links to biomassand cogeneration energy WWW sites on the Internet.
APPrO Home Page publications organizations education ... Internet links
Co-generation Cogeneration is a highly efficient means of generating heat and electric power at the same time from the same energy source. Displacing fossil fuel combustion with heat that would normally be wasted in the process of power generation, it reaches efficienciences that can triple, or even quadruple, conventional power generation. Although cogeneration has been in use for nearly a century, in the mid-1980s relatively low natural gas prices made it a widely attractive alternative for new power generation. In fact, gas-fired cogeneration is largely responsible for the decline in conventional power plant construction that occurred in North America during the 1980s. Cogeneration accounted for a large proportion of all new power plant capacity built in North America during much of the period in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Cogeneration equipment can be fired by fuels other than natural gas. There are installations in operation that use wood, agricultural waste, peat moss, and a wide variety of other fuels, depending on local availability. To understand cogeneration, it is necessary to know that most conventional power generation is based on burning a fuel to produce steam. It is the pressure of the steam which actually turns the turbines and generates power, in an inherently inefficient process. Because of a basic principle of physics no more than one third of the energy of the original fuel can be converted to the steam pressure which generates electricity. Cogeneration, in contrast, makes use of the excess heat, usually in the form of relatively low-temperature steam exhausted from the power generation turbines. Such steam is suitable for a wide range of heating applications, and effectively displaces the combustion of carbon-based fuels, with all their environmental implications.

12. Transource News Details
cogeneration energy Plan Opens At Bradley International The co-generationplan was designed and constructed by Select Energy, with total construction

13. (BDL) - Bradley International Airport - Press Release - November 4, 2002
cogeneration energy PLANT FULLY OPERATIONAL ON NOVEMBER 1, 2002 The co-generationplan was designed and constructed by Select Energy, Inc., of Natick,
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NOVEMBER 1, 2002
The co-generation plan was designed and constructed by Select Energy, Inc., of Natick, Massachusetts, which is a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities, with total construction costs being $10.9 million. As part of the 20-year agreement, Select Energy will operate and maintain the energy plant. The new co-generation plant at Bradley is estimated to save the Airport $4 million over the life of the agreement.
Bradley International Airport is the second largest airport in New England. For more information regarding Bradley, go to the website at

14. Quasiturbine> Application> Small Co-generation
it is also well suited for cogeneration project with saturated steam.Quasiturbine Stirling is a unique tool for small co-generation energy recovery.
Quasiturbine Application Because it has to deal with distributed energy technology,
small steam co-generation is very demanding on efficiency and performance.
The Quasiturbine has exceptional efficient power modulation capability.
Quasiturbine Co-Generation Efficiency Gains Large scale utility co-generation is interesting, but the distributed small scale co-generation is even more challenging and more naturally scaled to human living style. This is the reason for this page about the Quasiturbine small co-generation. What is worthless for some may be valuable to others, or be use otherwise. This is the idea about co-generation where the temperature cascade can be matched to several applications, like turbine, Quasiturbine, drying process and finally district heating... Everyone served from the same barrel of petrol! But this is somewhat more difficult to accomplish the distributed way... Steam power is staging what may prove to be the biggest grass-roots comeback in the history of the industrial revolution! From micro-horsepower to Giga-Watts, from microchips to motorcycles, and from wheel chairs to missions to mars, STEAM POWER IS BECOMING PROMINENT IN VIRTUALLY EVERY INDUSTRY IN EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD. As fossil fuel will diminish, steam use will spread still more... Steam and Stirling Quasiturbine could not come at a better time. Since the Quasiturbine is a pure expansion engine (which the Wankel is not, neither most of other rotary engines), it is well suitable as steam engine. Since the Quasiturbine is an hydrostatic turbine (instead of aerodynamic), it is also well suited for co-generation project with saturated steam. Quasiturbine Stirling is a unique tool for small co-generation energy recovery.

15. Air Systems, Inc. - Articles
For more information on the cogeneration energy System contact Art Williams,President of ASI, at (408) 280-1666. Air Systems, Inc. provides comprehensive
Presidents Message Management Team Corporate History Community Involvement ... Safety Contact NEWS RELEASE
For Immediate Release
Art Williams
San Jose, CA, November 17, 2003 - Air Systems Inc. (ASI) flipped the ON switch to its new Co-Generation Energy System. This unique design allows ASI to produce its own electricity, and to capture waste heat for heating and air conditioning energy, while immediately reducing the company's energy costs by 25% to 50%.
The system produces energy from natural gas, which is environmentally safe and cost-effective. "Not only will the system eliminate our peak demand costs, it will also enable us to better control our energy costs. Because natural gas costs are more predictable, we are able to set budgets with greater accuracy," commented Art Williams, President of Air Systems Inc. "This is huge especially in today's economy where managing your business' finances are critical."
Located on ASI's roof, the HESS Microgen Unit includes a waste heat recovery system that converts heat created by the generators into air conditioning, or is utilized in hot water systems. "It reduces our demand for electricity to run cooling systems, which will ultimately result in utility savings of up to 50%," stated Paul Johnson, Project Manager at Air Systems Inc. "Combined with state-offered rebates and incentives, shaving off our peak load times, and immediate cost and energy savings, this truly makes a win-win energy solution."

16. Construction Recycling
cogeneration energy Plant Recycling Information. May 2003 to January 2004.YTD Materials Mix. Cardboard, Metal, Wood. 2.2 tons, 11.9 tons, 13.3 tons
Washington State University Home Co-Generation Energy Plant Recycling Information May 2003 to January 2004 Cardboard Metal Wood 2.2 tons 11.9 tons 13.3 tons
Contact us: Accessibility Policies
WSU Recycling
, PO Box 641101, Washington State University , Pullman, WA, 99164-6310 USA

17. Towards Local Energy Systems: Revitalizing District Heating And Co-Generation In
In the document it is recognised that with cogeneration energy can be saved,the environment can be improved, costs can be cut and new, competitive actors
Back to Country Studies
Towards Local Energy Systems:
Revitalizing District Heating and Co-Generation in
Central and Eastern Europe
The Development of Co-Generation in Slovenia by Hinko Solinc
M. Sc., Adviser to the Government
Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Energy, The Government of Slovenia has stated in its Resolution on the Strategy of Energy Use and Supply of Slovenia, adopted by the National Assembly (Parliament) in January 1996, that it wishes to promote and support further development of co-generation in Slovenia. In the document it is recognised that with co-generation energy can be saved, the environment can be improved, costs can be cut and new, competitive actors can be introduced into the energy market. In quantitative terms the Resolution sets a target to double the volume of qualified power production (electric power production attaining very high efficiency or utilising waste or renewable sources in an economically and environmentally acceptable manner) by 2010. To this volume, co-generation is to contribute the main part. At the end of the 1999, the Slovenian Parliament adopted a new Energy law (Energetski zakon, Official. Gazette RS, No. 79/1999, 78/2000). The Law fundamentally changed the energy sector in Slovenia. The main choices made in the Energy law of 1999 are

18. Standard Aero News
Dunlop Standard Energy Business Created from Standard Aero Legacy and infrastructure to be able to purchase cogeneration energy more economically,
Dunlop Standard Energy Business Created from Standard Aero Legacy Winnipeg, Canada/ March 21, 2003 - Standard Aero, one of the world's largest independent gas turbine engine service companies, announced today, the creation of a new business unit, Dunlop Standard Energy. The new business unit consists of three streams: a Powerplant Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul division which embodies the former Standard Aero Marine and Industrial Business, a Services division which offers comprehensive service solutions for Industrial energy systems, and an Energy Development division which provides Customers with customized Energy Supply solutions. Based in Winnipeg, Canada, Dunlop Standard Energy operates a state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot facility, and has the ability to draw on a wealth of additional resources from other Dunlop Standard divisions. It is authorized to provide maintenance, repair and overhaul services for leading manufacturers including Rolls- Royce and General Electric. Field services and comprehensive maintenance agreements are among the other core offerings. “Businesses are facing increasing challenges with energy management, and we feel our operating skills, technical competence and bottom-line focus make it a natural fit for us to expand our products and services and to offer customized power generation and co-generation solutions,” commented Chris Allen, Vice President of Dunlop Standard Energy.

19. Investment Projects Energy 2-1-6
. A co-generation energy plant willbe constructed in the industrial zone of Hengshui city.......Type, New cogeneration system.

20. Cyprus Air Conditioning & Solar Energy - Home & Garden - AngloINFO
Cypin Energy Systems ¶ Save power and money with Cypin, offering energy saving windgenerators, hybrid and cogeneration energy systems for domestic and
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