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41. Federation Internationale De Bobsleigh Et De Tobaganning - History
bobsled racing began largely as an activity for the rich and adventurous whogathered at The Swiss have won more medals in olympic, World and European
Although the sled has been around for centuries as a mode of transportation, the sport of bobsleigh didn't begin until the late 19th century when the Swiss attached a steering mechanism to a toboggan.
In 1897, the world's first bobsleigh club was founded in St. Moritz, Switzerland, spurring the growth of the sport in winter resorts throughout Europe. By 1914, bobsled races were taking place on a wide variety of natural ice courses. The first racing sleds were made of wood but were soon replaced by steel sleds that came to be known as bobsleds, so named because of the way crews bobbed back and forth to increase their speed on the straightaways. A two-man event was added at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid, U.S.A., a format that has remained to the present. Bobsled racing began largely as an activity for the rich and adventurous who gathered at alpine resorts for weekends of competition and partying. There was no such thing as training. Competitors simply bought or rented a sled, started out as a rider and then took the wheel

42. 1932 Olympics
as actual races (not timed heats) for the first time in olympic history.Billy Fiske, who had driven the 5–man US bobsled to a gold medal at St. Moritz
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      1932 Olympics
      Lake Placid
      Top 5 Standings
      National medal standings are not recognized by the IOC. The unofficial point totals are based on 3 points for a gold medal, 2 for a silver and 1 for a bronze. Total medals are in parentheses. Gold Silver Bronze Points USA (12) Norway (10) Canada (7) Sweden (3) Finland (3)
      Leading Medal Winners
      Number of individual medals won on the left; gold, silver and bronze breakdown to the right. No Sport G-S-B Irving Jaffee, USA Sp. Skate Jack Shea, USA Sp. Skate Veli Saarinen, FIN X-country Alex Hurd, CAN Sp. Skate William Logan, CAN Sp. Skate
      Event Time 2-Man 4-Man USA (Billy Fiske, Eddie Eagan, Clifford Gray, Jay O'Brien)
      Figure Skating
      Event Points Men Women Sonja Henie, NOR Pairs
      Ice Hockey
      Gm W-L-T Pts GF GA Canada USA Germany Poland Note:
      Nordic Skiing
      Cross Country
      Event Time Veli Saarinen, FIN
      Ski Jumping
      Event Points Birger Rudd, NOR

43. Warrenton Mayor Bucks GOP In Run For Governor --Leesburg2Day-- The Journal Of Lo
There, once given the olympic challenge and zeroing in on the bobsled, he convinced “We made olympic history,” he said. He’s hoping to make history now,

44. ResortQuest Park City Utah Olympic Park
The Alf Engen Ski Museum was built to preserve the rich history of skiing The Utah olympic Park is offering summer bobsled rides to the general public
window.defaultStatus=document.title; Located just 6 miles from downtown Park City, with free shuttle service available, the Utah Olympic Park offers a year-round, state-of-the-art park for national and international competitions. It serves as a year-round training ground for development and high-performance athletes in luge, bobsled, skeleton, and aerials. Visitors are treated to a guided tour of the park, athlete training sessions, 70 mile-per-hour bobsled rides in summer and winter, an Olympic photo gallery, an interactive museum with the history of skiing in Utah, freestyle aerial and ski jumping shows on summer weekends and a variety of camps for skiers and snowboarders of all ages. The Alf Engen Ski Museum was built to preserve the rich history of skiing in the Intermountain region by providing a world-class facility, which highlights the many contributions made in ski area development, athletic competition, snow safety, ski innovation and ski teaching methods. The calendar of events is also booked solid with a variety of competitions for spectators. Since the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the Utah Olympic Park has hosted seven World Cup events in bobsled, skeleton, luge, ski jumping and nordic combined. The 2005 Luge World Championships are also slated for the Utah Olympic Park on Feb. 18-19, 2005. There are also numerous national, junior and club events in ski jumping, nordic combined, sliding sports and freestyle aerials. From beginners to young and aspiring athletes, the Utah Olympic Park conducts camps in freestyle aerials and ski jumping each summer.

45. New Olympic Clocks Go For The Gold
luge by just two millisecondsthe new closest finish in olympic history. olympic sled events-bobsled, luge and now skeleton-have for decades been

46. - Fiske Was An American And Bristish Hero
Fiske was the driver of the fourman bobsled, an olympic veteran who The 1932four-man bobsled team was one of the most interesting in olympic history.

47. [SPORTS] Black Female Trailblazers And Champions
After training for nearly three years in the bobsled, Flowers became the firstAfrican American, The rest is history, olympic history that is.
Web powered by help Posted: 02.21.05 @ 7:30 a.m.
Black Female Trailblazers and Champions By Stephanie Iovieno East Meadow, NY (BASN) - Trailblazers. Pioneers. Leaders. Breaking down barriers of race and gender, these 10 Black female sports figures redefined the role of women in sports and laid the foundation for future generations. In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate their groundbreaking achievements and honor their contributions. Alice Coachman: Pioneer Athlete
Dominique Dawes: Three-Time Olympian
Anita DeFrantz: High-Ranking Official
Teresa Edwards: Olympic Veteran
A member of 22 different USA Basketball teams, Teresa Edwards enjoyed the greatest success on the biggest stage at the Olympic Games. Edwards is the first and only American basketball player, male or female, to compete in five Olympic Games. The three-time USA Basketball Female Athlete of the Year has an unprecedented Olympic record of 158-3. And even though she was a rookie in the WNBA at age 38, Edwards has played with the energy of a teenager. With four Olympic gold medals and more than 20 years of basketball experience as a player and coach with the defunct American Basketball League, Edwards has contributed as a leader on and off the court.

48. Outlook Conference
you to the top of the world s highest altitude ski jumps to see the world sfastest bobsled, luge and skeleton track where olympic history was made.
The leaders of the convenience retailing and petroleum industry will gather at the Olympic Park Village >>
*Last updated 07.21.05
// 6:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.
*Sponsored by DIRECTV and U.S. Nutrition
// 7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m.
Adult Fitness
*Sponsored by Pfizer, Inc.
GENERAL SESSION (with breakfast) // 7:00 a.m. - Noon
*Sponsored by Lettieri's, Inc. Innovation Forum Success that Matters Patrick Morley [ Author, Man in the Mirror Patrick Morley helps people think more deeply about their lives. What do people want? What do they need? And what keeps them from getting it? More importantly, how can we find a success that really matters? Morley says, "Encouragement is the food of the heart, and every heart is a hungry heart." In this message Morley will encourage and inspire you to lead a more balanced life. You will leave with concrete, practical ideas to leave the world a better place. Wal-Mart 2010 Al Meyers [ VP Business Development, Retail Forward, Inc. ] Wal-Mart will be even more successful by 2010. While the world waits for Wal-Mart to collapse under its own weight, Wal-Mart waits for no one. Demonstrating a remarkable capapcity to manage the retail lifecycle, Wal-Mart keeps rolling on. If you thought Wal-Mart was an impetus for change during the past five years, watch out for the next five! Wal-Mart's strategy of innovation is not about creating incremental change. It is about creating new businesses that disrupt traditional businesses. How big can Wal-Mart get? What categories will it dominate? What moves must competitors and suppliers make to survive? This session provides the answers.

49. Winter Olympics, NBC Coverage, News, Pictures, Video Clips, History
bobsled Figure Skating ShortTrack Skating Journal E olympic history -Slick, fast loading and informative multimedia presentation by Kodak for
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Ancient meets modern as the Olympic Games gear up every four years to showcase the world's best athletes in both Winter and Summer events. The links, below, will take you to Olympic mega sites that cover the whole spectacular from beginning to end... enhanced by cutting-edge Internet coverage, photos, video clips, athlete bio's, team profiles, plus interactive exhibits on Olympic Games history, and a bit of Olympic trivia, facts, figures and feature stories In the U.S., watch for complete television coverage on NBC and in the UK on BBC Winter 2006 Olympic Sports Guide
Ice Hockey Cross-country Skiing Bobsled ... Snowboard Winter 2006 Olympics Facts
  • The 20th Olympic Winter Games will be held from February 10 - 26, 2006.

50. Winter Olympics - Bobsleigh
be competing in the bobsleigh event for the first time in olympic history . To be a bobsleigher you need a helmet, a bobsled, suit, and a number on
Do you want to learn about one of the BEST sports in the winter Olympics? … If your answer was yes then you have to read this. Imagine yourself bobsledding. You're at the starting line waiting for the buzzer to go off. The crowd is screaming in your ear. Bobsledding is a winter sport. Bobsleighing started in Switzerland in the late 1800s. It is one of the original Winter Olympic sports. A four-man event was included in the very first Winter Olympics in 1924. In 1932, a two-man event was added. Women will be competing in the bobsleigh event for the first time in Olympic history. The women's event will be a two-woman event. Bobsleighs have runners, a main hull, a frame, and a front and rear axle. The hull is made of fiberglass and the runners are made of steel. It can go 90 miles per hour. The events consist of two runs both done on the same day. The winner is the sled team with the lowest time. To be a bobsleigher you need a helmet, a bobsled, suit, and a number on the car. The start for sleds is very important. The three men in the back push the sled to get it started, after the sled is on its way they jump in. They only have 60 seconds to get started. Steering is also important. The driver of the sled steers by gently pulling on two pieces of string that are connected to a steering bolt that steers the sled. In the sled you will need a brake to stop you when get to the finish line. Each team is from a different country like Jamaica or Canada. There was a movie made about the Jamaican bobsled team a few years ago. They were very famous for a while. Prince Albert of Monaco will be competing in the 2002 Winter Olympics. But when he is in the sled, on the course he will be known as just Albert Grimaldi, driver of Monaco.

51. February 7 Birthdays In History
February 7, 1971 Andrew Currey, Australian javelin thrower 1996 olympics 1951 Manfred Schumann, German FR, bobsled, olympicsilver/bronze-1976
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February 7, 1985
Tina Majorino, actress, Waterworld, When a Man Loves a Woman
February 7, 1979
Cerina Vincent, Miss Nevada Teen USA 1996
February 7, 1978
Ashton Kutcher, American Actor
February 7, 1977
Christine Scheels, New Berlin Wis, speed skater 1994 Olympics
February 7, 1977
Hillary Wolf, Chicago, extra lightweight judoka 1996 Olympics
February 7, 1976
Hrafnhildur Hafsteinsdottir, Miss Universe-Iceland 1996
February 7, 1976
Terry Battle, running back, Detroit Lions
February 7, 1975
Alexandre Daigle, Montreal, NHL center, Ottawa Senators February 7, 1975 Marika Lehtimaki, ice hockey center, Finland, 1998 Olympics February 7, 1974 Ryan Phillips, linebacker for the New York Giants February 7, 1974 Steve Nash, NBA guard for the Phoenix Suns February 7, 1973 Billy Baumhoff, born in St. Louis, Missouri, soccer midfielder/forward, Oly-gold-96 February 7, 1973 Juwan Howard, NBA forward and center, Washington Bullets/Wizards February 7, 1973

52. Burlington Free Press - Living Outside
The skeleton races start at noon today; the bobsled races begin Saturday. World premiere, Lake Placid An olympic history, 730 pm, Lake Placid Center
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WELCOME BACK: Lake Placid set to relive its golden moment: the 1980 Winter Games
By Patrick Garrity

Published February 11, 2005
Eric Heiden hung up his speed skates for a career in orthopedic surgery.
Al Michaels parlayed his "miracle" call into a "Monday Night Football" post. Linda Fratianne stewed for two decades over a silver-medal, figure-skating performance she knows was golden. Ingemar Stenmark retired to the French Riviera after 86 ski-racing victories. Herb Brooks died in a car wreck in 2003. The people who 25 years ago transformed Lake Placid, N.Y., into a magic kingdom have moved on or passed away, but their legacies linger. And now the little town tucked into the Adirondacks is about to celebrate its Olympic past.

53. Untitled Document
Vonetta Flowers olympic gold medalist in the bobsled Vonetta Flowers alwaysdreamed of winning an The rest is history - olympic history that is.
"Champions and Change Makers"
By Stephanie Iovieno
Trailblazers. Pioneers. Leaders. Breaking down barriers of race and gender, these 10 black female sports figures redefined the role of women in sports and laid the foundation for future generations. In honor of Black History Month, we celebrate their groundbreaking achievements and honor their contributions. Alice Coachman - Pioneer for black female athletes in all sports
Growing up in the segregated South during the 1920s and '30s, Alice Coachman was denied access to public facilities and forced to run barefoot in the streets. With the little opportunity she was given, Coachman took it and ran with it - literally. Overcoming racial segregation, Coachman went on to win 25 AAU track titles and numerous national championships at Tuskegee Institute, mostly in the long jump. However, her greatest achievement came in 1948 in London when she became the first black woman to win an Olympic gold medal. By breaking the race barrier for women, Coachman opened the door for the future black female track stars, including some of the greats, like Wilma Rudolph, Florence Griffith Joyner and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Dominique Dawes - Three-time Olympic medalist
As a young girl, Women's Sports Foundation President Dominique Dawes spent hours at the gym in order to achieve her dream of winning an Olympic medal. Her hard work paid off - big time. In 1988, she became the first African-American on the U.S. national gymnastics team, and in 1992, the first on the U.S. Olympic gymnastics team. In 1996, Dawes reached another milestone, winning an individual bronze medal in the floor exercises - the first black to earn an individual Olympic medal in women's gymnastics. She earned an Olympic gold medal the same year, as the U.S. women's gymnastics team won the team event in Atlanta. In a career of firsts, Dawes inspired a generation and set the stage for today's black gymnasts.

54. - 2002 Winter Olympics - Bobsled - Americans Bakken, Flowers Win Bobsl
bright red bobsled ready to begin their final, furious push to history. But it had not won an olympic bobsled medal since Arthur Tyler took the
Red, white and blue debut
Americans Bakken, Flowers win bobsled gold
Posted: Tuesday February 19, 2002 8:30 PM
Updated: Wednesday February 20, 2002 2:27 AM
AP PARK CITY, Utah (AP) Jill Bakken and Vonetta Flowers stood behind their bright red bobsled ready to begin their final, furious push to history. In matching bodysuits, they stared out through the visors of their black helmets at the track and pounded each other's fists as if to say, "Let's do it." And they did, flying down the ice chute close to 80 mph to stun the field Tuesday night and win the inaugural women's Olympic bobsled race with a two-run time of 1 minute, 37.76 seconds. No one had really given them a chance. They weren't even supposed to be the best U.S. team. Now they are Olympic champions, and Flowers is the first black athlete ever to win a gold medal at the Winter Olympics. "A lot of people saw us as the 'other' team," Flowers said. "We came here to prove people wrong."
From Sports Illustrated A bobsled soap opera
Canada's women have big goals

Future is now for aerialist

Simply Tsuper
Predicting the top 3

Features A look at the men's quarters
Feb. 19

55. - 2002 Winter Olympics - Sport Explainers - Bobsled History - Monday F
1914 bobsled races take place on many natural ice courses throughout Europe . men compete on each fourman team for the only time in olympic history.

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John Gichigi/Allsport HISTORY Sleds have been used for centuries as a way to travel on snow, but bobsledding didn't emerge as a sport until the late 19th century, when the Swiss attached a steering mechanism to a toboggan. Bobsled races take place on many natural ice courses throughout Europe. The Federation Internationale de Bobsleigh et de Tobogganing (FIBT) is founded. The four-man race takes place at the first ever Winter Olympic Games in Chamonix, France. At the Games in St. Mortiz, Switzerland, five men compete on each four-man team for the only time in Olympic history. The two-man event is added at the 1932 Olympics in Lake Placid, NY. American Eddie Eagen becomes the only person to win a gold medal in both the Winter and Summer Olympics (four-man bobsled, light heavyweight boxing). An important rule change limits the total weight of crew and sled, ending the era of the heavyweight bobsledder. The rule helps make the sport a highly athletic event. Early 1990s: Women's bobsledding debuts at events in Europe and North America.

56. SKELETON - Winter Sports Bring “ICE” Back To NBC
The olympic history of the village and its ambiance will enhance the excitementof the US bobsled and Skeleton Federation. Phone, 518523-1842 ext. 106.

57. Summer Olympics
Summer olympics olympic history Olympians olympic Symbols sports ofthe winter olympics like skiing, hockey, luge, bobsled, and figure skating.

58. Winter History
won the last olympics the US had to settle for one in the twoman bobsled . The US win was perhaps the biggest upset in winter olympic history.
History of the Winter Olympics
The first Winter Olympics were first called the International Winter Sports week and only consisted of five events, nordic skiing, speed skating, figure skating, ice hockey, and bobsledding. The Modern Olympics Founder, Baron Pierre se Coubertin made objections to a winter olympics, however complaints from him would be overridden as the first Olympic Winter Games started in Charminoix, France. The 16-nation field was dominated by the Scandinavian countries. They were expected to win many medals in the winter sports. Norway won 27 of the 43 medals combined which included all the nordic events and four of the five speed skating events. Although the Scandinavians were the heavy favorites for medals AMerican Charles Jewtraw won the first event in the games in 500 meters, a huge upset. Perhaps the most memorable moment was the bronze medal awarded the American ski jumper Anders Haugen. However due to a scoring error he didn't recieve his medal until 1974.
The 1928 olympics opened in St. Moritz. The only good thing about these Olympics was that Sonja Henie of Norway won three gold medals and Gillis Grafstrom of Sweden set his third straight victory in the Winter Games. The warm weather of these games destroyed the bobsledding courses and cross-country skiing runs slowing them. The 10,000 meter speed skating race was cancelled due to the slush left on the rink.
The 1932 were held in Lake Placid. American speed-skater Irving Jaffee set a record for the 10,000-meter and won gold just to lose it when the event was cancelled because of thawing conditions. There were again five skating races and for the first time in Olympic History they were run as races instead of an ice event.

59. Winter Olympic Games St Moritz 1928
In addition, teams in the fourman bobsled event had an option to include a both gold and silver in the only five-man competition in olympic history.
@import url(../../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History St Moritz 1928 II (2nd) WINTER GAMES
St Moritz, SUI St Moritz, Switzerland
February 11 - 19, 1928 Mascot - none 25 countries, 464 athletes (26 women) 5 sports, 13 events Opening - President Edmund Schulthess Torch lit by - none The Swiss got the Games due to Holland backing out Another famous tourist resort, St. Moritz in Switzerland, played host to the second edition of the Winter Games. With the first Olympic Winter Games an enormous success, it was no surprise that the St. Moritz Games attracted an 84 percent increase in the number of participants including a 100% increase of female athletes. The Games started poorly due to extremely mild temperatures caused by the "fohn", the warm wind that sweeps the Swiss mountains from the south. The 1928 Winter Games in St. Moritz marked the first time Germany was allowed to participate in any Olympic competition after World War I; the Soviet Union was still notably absent. The Germans won a disappointing one bronze medal. Bobsledding was in the news at the 1928 Games. A new event, the skeleton sled, was upgraded from a demonstration sport and added to the program. In addition, teams in the four-man bobsled event had an option to include a fifth member. They all took up that option.

60. Winter Olympic Games Nagano 1998
Nagano was portrayed as an ancient city rich in oriental history and nativeculture which 2 gold medals were awarded in the TwoMan bobsled. Nagano 1998
@import url(../../../style/default.css); where are you :: home Olympics History Nagano 1998 XVIII (18th) WINTER GAMES
February 7 - 22, 1998 Mascot - Snowlets 72 countries, 2302 athletes (814 women) 7 sports, 68 events Opening - Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko Torch lit by - Midori Ito (figure skating) Candidates: Jaca (ESP), Ostersund (SWE), Salt Lake City, Val d'Aosta (ITA) 15 June 1991 - 97th IOC Session in Birmingham, UK - Nagano was elected to be the host of the XXVIIIth Olympic Winter Games in 1998. Round Nagano Jaca Ostersund Aosta Salt Lake City The East met West in February 1998 as Nagano, Japan played host to 72 nations - 10 of which competed for the first time in an Olympic Winter Games - and regions participating in the final Olympic Games of the 20th century. The country's raw enthusiasm for the games persisted despite a pummeling of snow, rain and more snow and finally even an earthquake which delayed several of the games alpine events. Perhaps the defining event of these games, the strange meteorology of the past two weeks bedeviled organizers and beleaguered athletes, forcing cancellations, reschedulings and general befuddlement all around. And the people came - 1,358,207 of them at competitions and victory ceremonies by Sunday afternoon. Local Olympic organizers expected the total at competitions alone to reach 1,270,000 when everything from Sunday is counted.

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