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         Animals Endangered Teach:     more detail
  1. Animal Friends: Early Learning Activities That Teach about Endangered Animal Awareness by Patty Claycomb, 1995-04

Endangered Means There is Still Time Bats may be the most misunderstood animals in the United a dynamic arts curriculum designed to teach

2. Endangered Species
abcteach directory. Home Theme Units Animals Endangered Species

3. Welcome To Hawai`i's Division Of Forestry And Wildlife.
Don't release your pets, they can become big problems in the forest for the plants and animals that live there.

4. Endangered Species
Endangered Animals From Kid Info. Endangered Animals - Hotlist from KidsKonnect. Endangered Species - Theme page from ABC Teach. Endangered

5. CanTeach Links Science Life Science Animals - Endangered Animal
of Natural History Endangered! Tour the Exhibition, Legend of the Meeps Island Flying Frog, Endangered Animals, Endangered Habitats, The

6. 1.PDF
What does it mean to be an endangered species? How to Use This Template 1. Click on the question once to select it.

7. 2.PDF
What animals do you think are considered endangered How to Use This Template 1. Click on the question once to select it.

8. Animals Endangered Species EThemes EMINTS
on endangered species. National Wildlife Federation Click on some of the endangered species links to learn more about these animals. ABC Teach

9. 20020503 Endangered Teach.FIN
to an historic building or site. Most young people are familiar with wild animals that may be .endangered .

10. Endangered Species
endangered Species Information on many, many endangered - There s a endangered Species - Theme page from ABC teach.
Endangered Species

11. Animal Web Sites For Science Teachers
endangered Earth Describes the plight of endangered animals around the world.endangered! Exploring a World at Risk - A virtual expedition into the worlds
Curriculum Lesson Plans Organizers Rubrics ...
  • - Provides pictures and basic information about various animals. All About Snails - Snail facts and related activities including: coloring, songs, story, games, and a teacher's corner. Are You Thinking about Becoming a Veterinarian? - Frequently asked questions about how someone becomes a vet including career information, veterinary medicine, jobs, education, salary, advice, schools, and personal experiences. Bagheera Endangered Species - Learn about animals that are vanishing and species which have already become extinct. Explore the factors that threaten creatures around the world, and find out what can be done to improve their chances of survival. BBC Nature Online - Animals - A site for anyone interested in animals and the natural world around them. Includes special features, fact sheets, and online quizzes. The Big Zoo - Facts, photos, videos, and sounds of many different animals. Also features Zoo News from around the world.
  • 12. Animals: Endangered Species | EThemes | EMINTS
    Includes links to eThemes Resources on endangered animals and China. some ofthe endangered species links to learn more about these animals. ABC teach
    About eMINTS Communities Equipment eThemes ... eThemes
    Animals: Endangered Species
    Contact if you have questions or comments about this resource. Printer-friendly version Please preview all links before sharing in class with students. Title: Animals: Endangered Species Description: These sites have descriptions of endangered species and include explanations for why certain animals are in peril. There are graphic organizers and Venn diagrams. Includes links to many eThemes Resources on habitats and specific endangered animals, such as lemurs, cheetahs, chimpanzees, tigers, and more. Grade Level: Resource Links: E-Patrol Endangered Alert
    Visit the different continents and learn about the endangered animals that live there.
    Species Profiles

    This student-created site has a list of endangered species as well as information about how you can help. There is also an interactive story. In the "Media Gallery," some of the video clips are missing.
    International Year of the Ocean

    This is a fact sheet about endangered whales.
    Endangered Critters

    This site has information about several endangered species.

    13. Animals: Utah: Endangered Species | EThemes | EMINTS
    Resource Links, ABC teach endangered animals This page offers many handoutsthat teachers can use during a unit on endangered species.
    About eMINTS Communities Equipment eThemes ... eThemes
    Animals: Utah: Endangered Species
    Contact if you have questions or comments about this resource. Printer-friendly version Please preview all links before sharing in class with students. Title: Animals: Utah: Endangered Species Description: These sites are about endangered animals in Utah. The animals include the gila monster, southwestern willow flycatcher, black-footed ferret, and more. Learn about their habitat, diet, and behavior. There is also information about a few extinct or extirpated animals. Grade Level: Resource Links: ABC Teach: Endangered Animals
    This page offers many handouts that teachers can use during a unit on endangered species. Includes templates for trading cards, a Venn diagram, and a report planner.
    Utah Division of Wildlife Resources: Gray Wolf

    Read about the gray wolf, which is an animal that was driven from Utah in the 1800s.
    Passenger Pigeon

    This site is about the passenger pigeon, an animal that is now extinct.
    Cincinnati Zoo: Passenger Pigeon Memorial

    Martha, the last passenger pigeon in captivity, lived at the Cincinnati Zoo. See a photograph of the memorial. Click on Martha's picture for an enlarged view.

    14. Teach The Children Well-Animals
    animals, Bats, Bears, Birds. Butterflies, Dinosaurs, endangered Species, Farm.Insects, Mammals, Pets, Reptiles and Amphibians. Spiders, Whales and Dolphins
    Click on the white shell to the left to go to page Home Animals The Arts Early Learning Language Arts Math Science Social Studies Other Topics Links for Parents and Teachers
    To locate a particular animal group, click on the shell to the left Animals Bats Bears Birds Butterflies Dinosaurs Endangered Species Farm Insects Mammals Pets Reptiles and Amphibians Spiders Whales and Dolphins Wolves
    African Wildlife Federation

    Alaska Sealife Center

    Alaska Wildlife Notebook
    Zoo Zoom
    Bat Conservation International
    The Bat Crew

    Bat Quest

    The Organization for Bat Conservation
    Alaskan Bear Photo Gallery
    All About Bears
    Bear Country USA Bears ... Teddy Bear Story
    All About Birds Amazing World of Birds The Aviary The Backyard Birder ... Waterfowl Identification Guide
    Butterflies and Caterpillars
    Alien Empire Blooming Butterflies Butterflies Butterflies and Bugs ... Zoom Butterflies
    Age of the Dinosaur Digging for Dinosaurs Dinobase Dino Dictionary ... Zoom Dinosaurs
    Endangered Species
    American Museum of Natural History Biodiversity Hotspots Biogems BOS USA ... The Wild Ones
    4-H Horse Farm 4-H Virtual Farm Ag in the Classroom Agriculture in the Classroom ... Wild Heart Ranch
    3D Insects Alien Empire The Amazing Bee Cam Amazing Insects ... World of the Insect
    5 Tigers Armadillo Online Breeds of Horses Cairngorm Reindeer Centre ... Yellowstone Otters
    Bow Wow Meow Care for Pets Cat Breeds Cat Lovers Paradise ... Woof!

    15. Endangered Animals: Activities
    After coming up with a list of endangered animals, have students choose five Students can teach others about protected species by creating endangered
    document.write(pdfBlurb); Help with Opening PDFs
    Endangered Animal Mobiles
    Students can create endangered animal mobiles. After coming up with a list of endangered animals, have students choose five animals to include on their mobiles. Students can draw pictures of their animals, find photographs in old magazines, or download pictures from the Internet. Then have students decorate a white paper plate. Attach each animal picture to one end of a string, and then attach the strings to the decorated paper plate.
    Keep the Wild Alive
    Animal Memory Game
    Have students see how many tries it takes for them to match pictures of endangered animals.
    Animal Concentration
    Animal Play
    Have children learn some facts about bear behavior and have some fun imitating bears. Children might also enjoy imitating other endangered animals, such as a tiger, panther, bald eagle, or desert tortoise.
    Mother Bear and Cubs

    16. EE Activities - Endangered Species
    Curricula and resources for teachers to teach ages 714 about endangered species . AILC links to information about animals, endangered species, Activities - Endangered Species
    EE Activities - Endangered Species
    NAAEE Home
    EE-Link Home Member Login Contact Us ... Jobs

    17. Environmental Links - Endangered Species
    These programs are Eteach, E-Tech, E-Venture, E-Search, and E-Camp. A closerlook at endangered animals. Includes links to endangered species by Links - Endangered Species
    Environmental Links - Endangered Species
    NAAEE Home
    EE-Link Home Member Login Contact Us ... Jobs

    18. TEACH Q&A: What Specific Species Of Wildlife Are Being Endangered By The Polluti
    animals that are higher in the food chain are exposed to even greater numbers oftoxic chemicals due GLIN endangered Species in the Great Lakes Region
    What specific species of wildlife are being endangered by the pollution of the Great Lakes?
    from Julie in Chicago, Illinois, Age 13 Pollution in the Great Lakes affects the water itself as well as the life in and around the water. This includes the lives of many species of wildlife, not to mention humans beings. The decline in health of the wildlife in the Great Lakes region is a testament to our duty to clean up the Great Lakes and keep them clean. Every animals is vulnerable to pollutants, but some moreso than others. Amphibians, such as frogs, are especially at risk from pollution because they have thin skins and chemicals can pass through this barrier with ease. Animals that are higher in the food chain are exposed to even greater numbers of toxic chemicals due to their diets. Heavy metals (like mercury and lead) and human-made organic chemicals (like pesticides) bioaccumulate as they move up the food chain, resulting in tumors, deformities, and death for many animals, including tadpoles and frogs, old lake trout, herring gulls, mallard ducks, Canadian geese, loons, cranes, eagles, and wolves. Related references:
    GLIN: Endangered Species in the Great Lakes Region

    National Wildlife Federation (NWF): Effects Of Water Pollution On Wildlife

    Environmental Education Resources (EE-Link): Great Lakes-Big Rivers Endangered Species
    Thank you for your question!

    This ThinkQuest site will teach you what animals are endangered, the causes ofextinction, and what you can do to help! There are also cool videos,
    Home Page Ontario Curriculum Teacher Resources Libraries ... Themes
    General Information
    Endangered Animals
  • Alberta's Endangered Species

  • This page provides information that will help you find answers to what it means when a species is 'endangered', which Alberta species are endangered and describes some programs that are working to restore extinct species or to keep endangered species from becoming extinct.
  • Aloha Paradise Network

  • Hawaii has the most beautiful plants and animals in the world, yet it also has the most endangered species. This ThinkQuest site will tell you all about the problem.
  • Animal Alliance of Canada

  • Animal Alliance of Canada is an animal protection organization that focuses on local, regional, national and international issues concerning the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans. Our goal is to acheive long-term animal protection through public education and legislative advocacy.
  • Bagheera - A Website For Endangered Species

  • Find out about endangered animals, locate a zoo or aquarium near you, read about the animal of the week, and learn how to help save these animals online.
  • Can We Live In Harmony With The Animals?
  • 20. TALK Activities | Endangered Animals
    They will then select and research one endangered animal. Which animals areendangered? Use this Inspiration template to brainstorm a list of animals

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