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         Vollman William T:     more books (22)
  1. The Ice-Shirt by William T. Vollman, 1990
  2. Rising Up and Rising Down: Some Thoughts on Violence, Freedom and Urgent Means by William T. Vollman, 2005-01-27
  3. The Old Man: A Case Study from Rising Up and Rising Down (McSweeney's) by William T. Vollman, 2001
  4. The Atlas by William,T. Vollman, 1996
  5. La Trama negra: De las redes del narcotrafico a la despenalizacion de la droga (Historias de fin de siglo) (Spanish Edition)
  6. BUTTERFLY STORIES: A NOVEL by William T. (vollman,volmann,volman) Vollmann, 1993
  7. Uncentering the Earth: Copernicus and 'On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres' (SIGNED) by William T. [Vollman, Volmann] Vollmann, 2006
  8. THE BETTER OF MCSWEENEY'S VOLUME ONE ISSUES 1-10 by William T. Vollman, 2000
  9. McSweeney's Issue 7: 9 paperback books in a slipcase by Michael; Vollman, William T., Et. Al. Chabon, 2001
  10. McSweeney's 7 by Kevin; Chabon, Michael; Cummins, Ann; Eldridge, Courtney; Homes, A.M.; Julavits, Heidi; Leroy, JT; Seager, Allan; Vollman, William T.; Ware, Chris Brockmeier, 2001
  11. An Afghanistan Picture Show by William T. Vollman, 1992-01-01
  12. BOMB Issue 27, Spring 1989 (BOMB Magazine) by Salman Rushdie, Terry Kinney, et all 1989-03-15
  13. Uncentering the Earth: Copernicus and the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres by William T. Vollman, 2005
  14. Royal Family 1ST Edition by William T Vollman, 2000-01-01

1. William T. Vollman
William T. Vollman was born in 1959 in Los Angeles, CA, attended Deep Springs College and Cornell University, from which he graduated summa cum laude.
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    William T. Vollman
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  • William T. Vollman Biography:
    William T. Vollman was born in 1959 in Los Angeles, CA, attended Deep Springs College and Cornell University, from which he graduated summa cum laude. Vollman has been a contributor to numerous publications including Spin Magazine, Esquire, Outside Magazine, The New York Times Book Review and The New Yorker. Vollman's novels include You Bright and Risen Angels (1987), The Ice-Shirt (1990), Whores for Gloria (1992), Fathers and Crows (1992), Butterfly Stories (1993), The Rifles (1994), The Royal Family (2000), and Argall (2001). His 2005 novel

    2. Vollman, William T. (Harper's Magazine)
    vollman, william T. THINGS CONNECTED TO “vollman, william T.” HUMAN BEINGS. Chagall, Marc Childs, Craig Leland
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    Vollman, William T.
    WRITER OF 1 Story from 1992
    SUBJECT OF 1 Review from 2007
    HUMAN BEINGS Chagall, Marc Childs, Craig Leland Davis, Mike Wilson, Jonathan ... New books by John Leonard
    New books/Review, March 2007 , 2 pp. Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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    3. AlterNet: Author William Vollman Shares Vision
    That he d have spare ammunition lying about didn t surprise me, but that he d give a sweet little present to a visiting reporter did. One expects Vollmann
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    Author William Vollman Shares Vision By Michelle Goldberg AlterNet . Posted October 24, 2000
    "One expects William Vollmann, swashbuckling whoredog, war correspondent, quixotic freedom fighter, gun aficionado and fiction prodigy, to be gruff and imperious. Yet, out of all the many writers I've interviewed, he's probably the only one who, after giving long, considered answers, looks at me and asks "what do you think?" Tools
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    Also in Top Stories Barack Obama Buries Hillary Clinton in South Carolina
    Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

    4. Lifestyle/Scene - Sacramento Author Wins Prestigious Prize -
    Sacramento author william T. vollman, who two years ago won a National Book Award, has received yet another prestigious prize.
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    Sacramento author wins prestigious prize
    By Dixie Reid -
    Print E-Mail Digg it ... Sacramento author William T. Vollman, who two years ago won a National Book Award, has received yet another prestigious prize. The American Academy of Arts and Letters announced Wednesday that he will be given a $250,000 Strauss Living, to be doled out in five equal installments over the next five years. The idea is to allow writers the freedom to write without worry of supporting themselves. "I accept the Strauss Living with gratitude and relief," Vollmann told academy members. "... It is this tremendous gift which will allow me to focus on what I truly want to do for five years." Baltimore-based novelist Madison Smartt Bell also received a Strauss Living. The awards are conferred every five years. Vollmann, who is currently out of the country and could not be reached for comment, won the National Book Award for "Europe Central," a collection of short stores about Russia and Germany during World War II.

    5. Alec Soth - Blog » Blog Archive » William T. Vollmann
    My recent quiz on celebrity photographers failed to mention william T. vollmann. vollman doesn’t have a website or, for that matter, use the internet or
    alec soth - blog
    photographica, miscellanea, etcetera Friday Poem Friday Poem
    William T. Vollmann
    My recent quiz on celebrity photographers failed to mention William T. Vollmann. Vollman doesn’t have a website or, for that matter, use the internet or email. Not surprisingly, he isn’t a big fan of digital photography. In a recent interview in BookForum , he says: Vollmann has traveled the world (and continues to spend time as a train hobo), written around sixty books (including a seven-volume, 3300 page treatise on violence) has a wife and child and still has time to mix in some painting and alternative process photography. He doesn’t pursue any of it lightly. One example here Q : As part of the research for The Royal Family, you smoked crack, by your own admission, about a hundred times. Is something like that simply a matter of wanting to be able to write from a more experiential perspective, rather than simply observational? Vollmann I’ve hunted around the web and can’t seem to find any of his photographs (can anyone help?). The only thing I found were some examples of his artwork This entry was posted on Monday, February 19th, 2007 at 2:11 am and is filed under

    6. VOLLMANN, WILLIAM T.; Thirteen Stories And Thirteen Epitaphs
    vollman, william T. Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs. London Andre Deutsch 1991, First Edition Fine Hard Cover Signed by Author Fine Near fine with
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      Thirteen Stories and Thirteen Epitaphs
      London Andre Deutsch 1991, First Edition Fine Hard Cover Signed by Author Fine Near fine with very slight soiling to bottom edge in fine DJ. Author's drawing and signature on TP.
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      Contact Editions (ABAC/ALAC)
      Address 491 Davenport Road TORONTO, Ontario M4V 1B7 Country CANADA Proprietor Wesley Begg Tel Fax E-mail Internet Specialisation
      Modern first editions - Literature - History - Art - Paris in the twenties Open times We are open during the hours of 11am - 5pm Tuesday through Saturday and closed on all legal holidays.

    7. World Hum | Travel | William T. Vollman On Hopping Trains
    In an interview in The Independent, william T. vollman reveals that he’s working on a book about riding freight trains across the United States.
    @import ""; Home Dispatches Travel Blog Ask Rolf ... Travel Channel Search
    Travel dispatches from a shrinking planet
    World Hum’s Most Read: Jan. 19-25
    What we Loved This Week: Ricardo Arjona, Sylvia Poggioli and Beer
    Fire Breaks Out at Monte Carlo in Las Vegas* ...
    Answering the Call of the Mall
    David Farley asks the Monty Python member-turned-travel host about the call of the road and his new television series THE LIST
    10 Sizzling Hot Travel Tips From Sir Francis Bacon
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    Vagabonding traveler Rolf Potts answers your questions about travel BOOKS
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    Julia Ross examines how the White House contenders stack up as global travelers. HOW TO
    Eat Peking Duck in Beijing
    Reflections of Home
    Rolf Potts returned to the Kansas prairie. Matt Gross
    William T. Vollman on Hopping Trains
    In an interview in The Independent William T. Vollman on-the-edge author
    Categories: Weblog Adventure Travel Icons: Jack Kerouac Icons: Mark Twain ... Comments (1)
    service between Newark,NJ and Harrisburg,PA. I am currently a locomotive engineer for New Jersey Transit.

    8. Argall By William T. Vollman - R A I N T A X I O N L I N E
    Argall by william Vollmann. Argall. william T. Vollmann. Viking ($40). by Jason Picone. See william Vollmann. His tousled hair complements his still boyish
    Home About Contact
    Print Edition ...
    Online Edition: Winter 2001/2002 Argall William T. Vollmann Viking ($40) by Jason Picone See William Vollmann. His tousled hair complements his still boyish face, which retains a youthful look despite the author's mustache and 40 something years. Decked out in a well-worn windbreaker that he keeps on for the entire event, Vollmann reads from his latest novel, Argall , the third volume (though fourth to be published) in his acclaimed Seven Dreams For a man who has shot off blanks during his readings in order to ensure the audience's attention, Vollmann appears to be an unassuming individual. His apparent modesty may have led him to take the moniker William the Blind, who is ostensibly the narrator of Argall . At first glance, the legendary story at the heart of the Third Dreamthe relationship of John Smith and Pocahontasmay appear to be an odd subject for a seven-hundred-page novel, but the instability of the Virginia colony and the role of these two historical figures in its survival is far from straightforward. The intriguing mix of political maneuvering, uneasy peace, and savage conflict between the English and the Native Americans under King Powhatan, Pocahontas's father, lends itself to a fascinating and complex fiction. Under the guise of William the Blind, Vollmann gives an imaginative account of Smith and Pocahontas that never pretends to be historically authoritative. At the beginning of

    9. Approaching History In The Works Of William Vollman
    In his ambitious Seven Dreams series, william T. Vollmann toys with the novelist s .. The fiction of william T. Vollmann, historical or contemporary,
    Approaching History: The Works of William Vollman
    By Mike Lenz
      Facts are but the Play-things of lawyers,Tops and Hoops, forever a-spin... Alas, the Historian may indulge no such idle Rotating. History is not Chronology, for that is left to lawyers,nor is it Remembrance, for Remembrance belongs to the People. History can as little pretend to the Veracity of the one, as claim the Power of the other,her Practitioners, to survive, must soon learn the arts of the quidnunc, spy, and Taproom Wit,that there may ever continue more than one life-line back into a Past we risk, each day, losing our forebears in forever,not a Chain of single Links, for one broken Link could lose us All,rather, a great disorderly Tangle of Lines, long and short, weak and strong, vanishing into the Mnemonick Deep, with only their Destination in common. Tomas Pynchon,

    In his ambitious Seven Dreams series, William T. Vollmann toys with the novelist's role as historian. The series is a fictional rewriting of the history of North America. Though fictional in genre, Vollmann incorporates thorough research ( Fathers and Crows contains a 120 page appendix of glossaries and notes) and, like Pynchon, an academic awareness to critical method.

    10. Review: William T. Vollman\'s
    william T. vollman’s The Royal Family examines what happens when the outward service economy of prostitutes becomes enmeshed with the inward gift economy of
    by Karl Erickson
    William T. Vollman
    Viking Press 672 pages
    hornRim Chris Mulrooney
    Andy Schuck

    Kelly White

    Leonore Wilson

    tweedJacket Close Program Review
    The Royal Family Review

    leatherSatchel Jason Gurley Interview
    Did you know?

    starwars game

    curriculumVitae Joshua Messer Keith Jason Wikle Karl Erickson ... -oubliette Your Name: email:
    The Royal Family
    by William T. Vollman
    Viking Press 672 pages
    Review by Karl Erickson In The Gift, Lewis Hyde writes of the difference between an act being done as a gift, with all of its connotations of connection, responsibility and community, and as a service, which is done in exchange, usually for money. A gift, most commonly seen in native cultures and small social organizations (such as families) stresses the binding continuance. The service on the other hand can be seen perhaps most easily in today’s’ world of doctors, social workers and psychiatrists, who help others out, but have a buffer between provider and receiver. With a gift one is, in a sense, obligated to return the favor, creating a continuous cycle-an ongoing relationship that is not easily broken. A service is usually a one shot deal, with no ongoing connection. The cash transfer takes care of all obligations. With a service there is neither need nor desire for continued intimacy. William T. Vollman’s

    11. Slate: William T. Vollman Pervs Out In Norway
    vollman.jpg As part of Slate s stellar series of william T. vollman, a remarkably volelike man, paid a visit to Norway. (Quick recap The guides explore a
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    William T. Vollman Pervs Out in Norway
    As part of Slate's stellar series of William T. Vollman , a remarkably vole -like man, paid a visit to Norway. (Quick recap: The guides explore a place, usually a city, though sometimes a country, through its literature.) Vollman does this but more notably, explores Norway through naked Norwegians. From the second graf: Recently, I hired an artist's model to pose as the seeress in "Volusp¡"...and as she lay there nude before me she began to recite from that ancient poem.
    I'm betting she recited that part of the old Norwegian classic: There once was a girl from Norway
    For a fee she would do a fourway
    For a mere 20 kroner
    She'd take a big boner
    From an NBA winning autore Salon Literary Guide to Norway Previously: Salon Unveils Literary Guides, Bookish Types Rejoice

    12. Butterflies And Wheels Article
    Who is william T. vollman and Why Did the NY Times Invite Him to Write about Nietzsche? Click here if you want to print, or adjust the appearance,

    13. William T. Vollman Enters Witness Protection Program « EditWrite
    There’s been a bit of debate over the last few day about william T. vollman’s review writing in the Times. But there really shouldn’t be debate about this
    EditWrite ... Comments RSS
    William T. Vollman enters Witness Protection Program
    Posted on January 18, 2007 by Matt Ellsworth Times . You show up at your tri-county championships, start warming up, take off your sweats, and who do you see you out of the corner of your eye? A certain T. Harding, who seems to be slipping on some brass knuckles. fair/painful review Anthony Swofford New York Times Reviewing ... Leibovich gets an editor
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    14. News Story Detail On William T Vollman And Madison Smartt Bell Will $250,000 Str
    News story, information and comments for articleWilliam T vollman and Madison Smartt Bell will $250000 Strauss Living awards.

    15. Rising Up And Rising Down (SIGNED) - William T. [Vollman] [Volmann] Vollmann
    Rising Up and Rising Down (SIGNED) by vollmann, william T. vollman Volmann. San Francisco, California McSweeney s Books (McSweeneys), 2003.
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    Rising Up and Rising Down (SIGNED)
    by Vollmann, William T. [Vollman] [Volmann]
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    • Bookseller: acornbooks northwest (US) Seller Inventory # Format : Hardcover Book condition : As New Jacket condition : AN Slipcase/No DJ as Issued Binding : Hardcover ISBN Publisher : McSweeney's Books (McSweeneys) Place : San Francisco, California Date published
    San Francisco, California: McSweeney's Books (McSweeneys), 2003. Unread. Seven-volume set (Vol. I-VI and Vol. MC) in burgandy slipcase with gilt lettering. Each volume is signed by Vollmann on title page and in Volume I he has also drawn a picture of a rifle. Vol MC, "The Moral Calculus", contains Annotated Contents, Annexes and Sources Sited for the entire set. In addition, each volume lists copious Notes. Illus. with photos and drawings in B&W. Total set has 3298 pp.. Signed by Author. First Edition. Hard Cover. As New/AN Slipcase/No DJ as Issued. 8vo - over 7¾" - 9¾" tall.

    16. Searching William T. Vollman
    Results 1 to 7 for william t. vollman (view as list tiles) thisbe nissen, vintage books, wilkie collins, william t. vollman, ya literature t. vollman

    17. NPR: Didion, Vollman Win National Book Awards
    This year s finalists ran the gamut from the famous E.L. Doctorow to the relatively obscure william T. Vollmann, and william T. Vollmann won,

    18. Salon
    william T. vollman is the author of You Bright and Risen Angels, Whores for Gloria, Rising Up and Rising Down and most recently Europe Central,
    Salon Member log in Help Benefits of membership Watch a brief ad and read all Salon articles now: Search: Salon The Web
    Photo: Hubert de Santana/Toronto Star/ZUMA Press Snow-dusted mountains of birch and pine are reflected in the surface of Jolster Lake in Norway.
    Destination: Norway
    The Eddas epic sagas that form the core of Norse religion are best read under the ash trees in this Land of the Midnight Sun. By William T. Vollmann Print Email Digg it ... RSS Font: S S+ S++ Norway's lands, like Hawaii's beaches, remain legally open to all. So it was that this spring, on my first visit to the ancestral homeland, my Norwegian editor, Jon Erik, could take me to an ancient burial mound on private land. A man was mowing the lawn. Jon Erik chatted with him for a moment, and then led me to a bulkhead door in the side of the hill; we might have been entering a New England potato cellar. The passageway was lined with stone. We went deep into the darkness to the central chamber; then Jon Erik activated the flashlight on his cellphone to show me the sad details of eternity. The vault was empty, the skeleton with its related artifacts having long since been removed to a museum, but Jon Erik said that on his uncle's property there also rose a mound, and his uncle was not going to let anybody open that one. Click on the sponsor logo to read this article and all of Salon for free Absolutely no registration or membership required for a FREE Site Pass. Now you can read this and all of

    19. - Vollman, William T.: Books Search Results
    vollman, william T. Books Search Results. Authors Celine, LouisFerdinand vollman, william T. Manheim, Ralph Publisher Not Avail
    My Account Wishlist Help All Departments ... Warranties Books by Title by Author by ISBN by Publisher
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    Best Sellers Journey to the End of the Night Our Low Price: FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 Available from other merchants - Low Price: $8.11 Results for : (1 matches)
    1 - 1 of View: Browse Titles: ALL A-H I-Q R-Z Sorted By: Bestselling Title Price High to Low Price Low to High Publish Date ... Journey to the End of the Night Our Low Price: Availability: In Stock: Usually Ships in 1 to 2 business days FREE SHIPPING on orders over $25 Available from other merchants - Low Price: $8.11 Authors: Celine, Louis-Ferdinand Vollman, William T. Manheim, Ralph Publisher: Not Avail Publish Date: Format: Paperback Video Reviews Available: 1 1 - 1 of
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    20. William T. Vollmann - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    NAME, Vollmann, william T. ALTERNATIVE NAMES. SHORT DESCRIPTION, Novelist, short story writer, essayist. DATE OF BIRTH, July 28, 1959
    William T. Vollmann
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search William T. Vollmann
    Born July 28
    Los Angeles, California
    U.S. Occupation ... short story writer, essayist Nationality American Writing period
    1987 - present Genres Literary fiction historical fiction Subjects War violence science Debut works Novel: You Bright and Risen Angels William Tanner Vollmann (born July 28 in Los Angeles, California ) is an American novelist journalist short story writer and essayist . He lives in Sacramento California with his wife and daughter. Vollmann studied at Deep Springs College and earned a B.A. summa cum laude , in comparative literature at Cornell University After graduation, Vollmann worked odd jobs, including as a secretary at an insurance company, and saved up enough money to go to Afghanistan in 1982. His experiences traveling with the mujahideen formed the basis of his first non-fiction book An Afghanistan Picture Show, or, How I Saved the World which was published in 1987. Upon his return to the USA he briefly attended the University of California, Berkeley

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