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         Smith John:     more books (100)
  1. The Origins of Life: From the Birth of Life to the Origin of Language by John Maynard Smith, Eörs Szathmáry, 2000-11-26
  2. John Smith Escapes Again! by Rosalyn Schanzer, 2006-10-10
  3. First, Second, and Third John (Interpretation, a Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching) by D. Moody Smith, 1992-01
  4. John, Paul, George & Ben (Bccb Blue Ribbon Picture Book Awards (Awards)) by Lane Smith, 2006-04-01
  5. Animal Signals (Oxford Series in Ecology and Evolution) by John Maynard-Smith, David Harper, 2004-01-08
  6. Co-occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Disorders: A Practitioner's Guide by John Smith, 2006-12-25
  7. John Marshall: Definer of a Nation by Jean Edward Smith, 1998-03-15
  8. The World of Captain John Smith by Genevieve Foster, 1999-04-01
  9. White Lie by John Templeton Smith, 1999-01-01
  10. Captain John Smith: Writings with Other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the First English Settlement of America by John Smith, 2007-03-22
  11. Captain John Smith: Jamestown and the Birth of the American Dream by Thomas Hoobler, Dorothy Hoobler, 2007-04-20
  12. The Big Three in Economics: Adam Smith, Karl Marx, And John Maynard Keynes by Mark Skousen, 2007-01-30
  13. John Smith of Virginia by Ronald Syme, 1977-06
  14. The Craft of System Security by Sean Smith, John Marchesini, 2007-12-01

1. John Smith --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on John Smith English explorer and early leader of the Jamestown Colony, the first permanent English settlement in
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John Smith
Page 1 of 1 baptized January 6, 1580, Willoughby, Lincolnshire, England
died June 21, 1631, London Captain John Smith, engraving. North Wind Picture Archives English explorer and early leader of the Jamestown Colony , the first permanent English settlement in North America. Smith played an equally important role as a cartographer and a prolific writer who vividly depicted the natural abundance of the New World, whetting the colonizing appetite of prospective English settlers. Special Offer!

2. John R. Smith
John R. Smith. I received my Ph.D. from Columbia University as a member of the Center for Telecommunications Research and Image and Advanced Television Lab.
John R. Smith
I received my Ph.D. from Columbia University as a member of the Center for Telecommunications Research and Image and Advanced Television Lab
I am now a Manager, Research Staff Member at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
As part of my research at Columbia
  • WebSEEk : image and video search engine for the Web, VisualSEEk : color photograph retrieval system, SaFe : integrated spatial and feature image system and CBVQ : content-based visual query system.
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3. John Smith
John Smith, bibliography and links to information and texts available on the web, information.
Home Literary Movements Timeline American Authors ... American Literature Sites
John Smith (1580-1631)
Image courtesy of a site no longer available, "John Smith's Description of Naval Warfare" Articles

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John R. Smith. Manager, Intelligent Information Management Department Research Lab Watson Research Center (Hawthorne). John R. Smith is Senior Manager of
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5. Home Page For Smith
John B. Smith. Professor. Dept. of Computer Science. CB 3175, Sitterson Hall, University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill, NC 275993175. (tel) 919-962-1792,
John B. Smith
Dept. of Computer Science CB 3175, Sitterson Hall, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3175 (tel) 919-962-1792, (fax) 919-962-1799 email: url:
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6. John Smith
John Smith was born in Willoughby, England, and was apprenticed to a merchant at a young age. His father’s death in 1596, prompted him to change his life
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Colonial America
John Smith
John Smith was born in Willoughby, England, and was apprenticed to a merchant at a young age. His father’s death in 1596, prompted him to change his life drastically to travel and adventure. Smith fought in the wars for Dutch independence from Spain and later with the Austrians against the Turks in Hungary. He was wounded and captured in Transylvania, and forced into slavery by the Turks. Smith murdered his captor, escaped into Russia, and managed eventually to wend his way back to England. Smith’s written account of these adventures has been dismissed by some authorities as fanciful self-promotion, but others have noted corroborative details in the narrative that lend authenticity to his story. In 1604, Smith sought an investment in a New World commercial venture and joined the London Company. In December 1606, he sailed with Captain Christopher Newport for North America, arriving in Chesapeake Bay in April of the following year. After exploring the area for several weeks, the Jamestown colony was established in a low-lying area on the James River, in May 1607.

7. John Smith
John Smith was born in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, in 1560. He moved to France where he became a soldier and served with distinction against the Turks in
John Smith
USA History British History Second World War ... Email
John Smith was born in Willoughby, Lincolnshire, in 1560. He moved to France where he became a soldier and served with distinction against the Turks in Hungary. Smith was captured and sold as a slave but managed to escape and returned to England.
In 1606 he joined an expedition to colonize Virginia. While out hunting near Jamestown he was taken prisoner by Native Americans and would have been killed but for the intervention of Princess Pocahontas. Smith was elected president of the Virginia Colony in 1608 and soon afterwards explored the coast of New England.
Smith wrote several books about his experiences including A True Relation of Virginia Since the First Planting of that Colony A Description of New England General History of Virginia (1624) and The True Travels, Adventures and Observations of Captain John Smith

8. John M Smith
John M Smith. Wilmington, North Carolina. May 12, 2005. Age, Military, Rank, Unit/Location. 22, Army, Sgt. Army s 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry
John M Smith Wilmington, North Carolina May 12, 2005 Age Military Rank Unit/Location Army Sgt Army's 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment Fort Irwin, California Died in Iskandariyah, Iraq, from injuries sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle. Click To Return To Main Page Don't Let The Memory Of Them Drift Away

9. Charlotte Fell Smith: John Dee
Charlotte Fell smith john Dee cover. Charlotte Fell smith john Dee Table of Contents Analytical Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Analytical Table of Contents
Revised 7 September 1996.

10. Peanuts Corn Records - Artists - John Smith
John Smith is widely regarded as Winnipeg s most versatile MC. Respected by all of Hip Hop s fractured factions, Smith is just as comfortable bringing a hot

11. BBC - Press Office - John Smith
John Smith is Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide and a member of the BBC s Executive Board. He took the helm of BBC Worldwide in July 2004 and was confirmed
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27 January 2008
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John Smith
Chief Executive, BBC Worldwide
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12. Captain John Smith
From the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities Jamestown Rediscovery Site.
Captain John Smith
History : Smith This portrait of Captain John Smith appeared on a 1616 map of New England. The image is colorized by Jamie May from an original engraving by Simon de Passe.
Virginians know that Captain John Smith was one of the first American heroes. But because he was a proud and boastful man, it is difficult to know which parts of his life are fact and which are fiction. What many people may not know is that Smith's adventures started even before Jamestown. Here begins Captain John Smith's American adventures. Apparently restless in England, Smith became actively involved with plans to colonize Virginia for profit by the Virginia Company, which had been granted a charter from King James I. After setting sail on December 20, 1606, this famous expedition finally reached Virginia in April 1607 after enduring a lengthy voyage of over four months in three tiny ships. When the sealed box that listed the names of the seven council members who were to govern the colony was opened, Smith's name was on the list. On May 13, 1607 the settlers landed at Jamestown ready to begin the task of surviving in a new environment. The harsh winter, lack of fresh water, and the spread of disease made life in Jamestown difficult for the settlers. Attacks by the native Algonquian Indians made life almost impossible. The Indians, hoping that the settlers would give up and leave, raided their camps, stealing pistols, gunpowder, and other necessary supplies. John Smith became leader of the colonists and did his best to fight off the Indians.

13. John Smith Of Jamestown - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Captain john smith (1580–June 21, 1631), was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent
John Smith of Jamestown
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Statue at Jamestown VA, photo Aug 2007 Captain John Smith June 21 ), was an English soldier sailor , and author . He is remembered for his role in establishing the first permanent English settlement in North America at Jamestown, Virginia , and his brief association with the Native American girl Pocahontas during an altercation with the Powhatan Confederacy and her father, Chief Powhatan . He was a leader of the Virginia Colony (based at Jamestown) between 1607 and 1609, and led an exploration along the rivers of Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay His books may have been as important as his deeds, for they encouraged more English men and women to follow the trail he had blazed and colonize the New World. He gave the name New England to that region, and encouraged people with the comment, "Here every man may be master and owner of his owne labour and land...If he have nothing but his hands, he industrie quickly grow rich." It was a powerful message, which attracted millions of people in the next four centuries.

14. John Smith: A Founder Of Jamestown -
john smith (January 9, 1580 June, 1631) was an English adventurer and soldier, and one of the founders of the Jamestown, Virginia, settlement.
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15. Colonial Williamsburg Journal
Biography and background information by Dennis Montgomery (Colonial Williamsburg Journal).
Tickets Reservations
What's New ... Past Issues : Spring 1994
Captain John Smith
by Dennis Montgomery "An Ambityous unworthy and vayneglorious fellowe" HALFWAY THROUGH the voyage, somewhere in the Canaries, the Jamestown fleet's leaders clapped Captain John Smith into custody and accused him of concealing an intended mutiny. At the next stop, across the Atlantic in the Caribbean, they offered to hang him and got as far as hammering together the gallows. Before his fellow settlers threw him out of Virginia 32 months later, they would again propose to stretch Smith's neck, to banish him, and even to murder him. That is not the Captain John Smith story familiar to the history buff. Even some academic historians prefer to remember the positive elements of the nowpopular captain's career. With some justification. In his 51 years Smith was a compiler and writer of exuberant travelers' tales, an explorer, a mapmaker, a geographer, an ethnographer, a soldier, a governor, a trader, a sailor, an admiral, and the editor of a seaman's handbook. Enormously energetic, his adventures and travels touch Europe, Africa, and America, and match the boldest exploits of fearless knighterrantry. In this hemisphere alone, he was an early explorer not only of the Chesapeake but of New England's coast and, at home in England, an enthusiast in the cause of America's colonization.

16. On The Trail Of Captain John Smith: A Jamestown Adventure -- National Geographic
Go on an interactive journey with Captain john smith to discover Jamestown and the year 1607!
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17. John Smith 400
The history, schedule, reenactment voyage, information on the john smith Water Trail, and educational resources.

18. - John Smith In New England
Besides his role in Jamestown, Virginia, john smith is critical to the history of New England. He named the region in his 1614 map.
Seacoast New Hampshire
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Local Sites Newsletter Feedback ... John Smith John Smith in New England Search for local web sites John Smith in New England Written by Various Authors Capt. John Smith
Besides his role in Jamestown, Virginia, John Smith is critical to the history of New England. He named the region in his 1614 map. And long after Pocahontas and other adventures, Smith intended to return and found a colony here, perhaps along the Piscataqua River. He named our Isles of Shoals "Smyth Isles" and attempted, in vain, to come back. That story is the focus of our Smith section on SeacoastNH.
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The Ugliest Monument in New England

19. Captain John Smith Trail: Adventures On The James River 2k - Cached - Similar pages Chesapeake Bay history - Captain john smithIn 1990, after a hiatus of almost four centuries, Captain john smith could be seen sailing the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. During the reenacted journey,

20. - John Smith - UK - Folk -
MySpace music profile for john smith with tour dates, songs, videos, pictures, blogs, band information, downloads and more.
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John Smith
United Kingdom
Profile Views: 75850
Last Login: 1/27/2008
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John Smith: General Info Member Since Band Website Band Members Axe Mountain
Lord Franklin - with Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) and Josh Goforth The Magician Influences John Renbourn, Bill Frisell, Nick Drake, Led Zeppelin, Wizz Jones, John Martyn, Tom Waits Record Label No mate Type of Label None Upcoming Shows view all Apr 26 2008 Birmingham John Smith's Latest Blog Entry Subscribe to this Blog view more View All Blog Entries About John Smith John Smith is a guitar man from Devon, quietly becoming recognized as one of British Folk's most exciting voices. He has two self-released records and then one single on Static Caravan, which you can buy

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