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         Seth Vikram:     more books (100)
  1. Three Chinese Poets by Vikram Seth, 2005-11-15
  2. Poetry by Vikram Seth: All You Who Sleep Tonight, the Humble Administrator's Garden, Beastly Tales, Mappings
  3. English-Language Writers From India: Rohinton Mistry, R. K. Narayan, Arundhati Roy, Shashi Tharoor, Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Indra Sinha
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  5. English-Language Poets From India: Sarojini Naidu, Sri Aurobindo, Ranjit Hoskote, Vikram Seth, Arun Kolatkar, Dilip Chitre
  6. Biography - Seth, Vikram (1952-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2004-01-01
  7. Die Darstellung Von Musik Im Zeitgenossischen Englischen Und Amerikanischen Bildungsroman: Peter Ackroyd, Vikram Seth, Richard Powers, Frank Conroy, P ... Reihe 14: Angelsachsische Sp) by McIke Reher, 2010-01
  8. Vikram Seth - An Anthology of Recent Criticism by GJV Prasad, 2004
  9. Indian Travel Writers: Ikbal Ali Shah, Vikram Seth, William Dalrymple, Fanny Parkes, Balraj Sahni, Pankaj Mishra, Dilip D'souza, Milind Gunaji
  10. Dosco: Rajiv Gandhi, Vikram Seth, the Doon School, Rahul Gandhi, Anish Kapoor, List of Doon School Alumni, Sanjay Gandhi, Karan Singh
  11. Works by Vikram Seth (Study Guide): Books by Vikram Seth, Novels by Vikram Seth, Poetry by Vikram Seth, a Suitable Boy, Three Chinese Poets
  12. Novels by Vikram Seth (Study Guide): A Suitable Boy, the Golden Gate, an Equal Music, a Suitable Girl
  13. Indian Immigrants to the United Kingdom: Salman Rushdie, Keith Vaz, Vikram Seth, Raman Mundair, Rajnarayan Chandavarkar, Kenan Malik
  14. Seth Vikram : Suitable Boy

61. Seattle Arts & Lectures - Vikram Seth
Since the publication of his first book of poems, Mappings (1980), vikram seth has demonstrated remarkable literary dexterity and imagination,
Novelist and Poet
Benaroya Hall
May 13, 1999



Selected Works


Since the publication of his first book of poems, Mappings (1980), Vikram Seth has demonstrated remarkable literary dexterity and imagination, writing ten books that differ distinctly in style and content. His fascinating oeuvre includes three collections of poetry, a novel-in-verse, fables, a libretto, translations of ancient Chinese poets, a travelogue, and two prose novels. Best known in the United States for Suitable Boy (1993), which at 1,349 pages holds the distinction of being the single longest novel published in the English language, Seth has now written his first conventional novel, in terms of length and narrative style. Early on, he asserted his intent to keep this novel to a traditional length, stating: "for every ten thousand words over a hundred thousand, I will chop off a digit."
Vikram Seth was born in Calcutta in 1952. His father was in the shoe business, his mother a judge. After his early education in India, he took his undergraduate degree in philosophy, politics, and economics from Oxford University, and was a graduate student at Stanford and Nanjing universities, where he studied the economic demography of China. Seth is a fascinating polymath who has been led by his literary passions on a very "wavy" career path. While at Stanford, he detoured from grad school in economics to master Chinese and ended up translating Chinese poetry. After two years at Nanjing University, Seth hitchhiked home to New Delhi via Tibet. Fluent in Chinese and garbed in the traditional blue trousers, jacket, and visored cap, he recorded his astute observations and candid conversations in

62. Howstuffworks "Seth, Vikram - Encyclopedia Entry"
Learn about seth, vikram. Read our encyclopedia entry on seth, vikram. RSS Make HowStuffWorks your homepage Get Newsletter Search HowStuffWorks and the web:
Humanities Literature Indian Learn about Indian Literature and get information on topics related to Indian Literature. Related Categories:
REFERENCE LINKS PRINT EMAIL Seth, Vikram Seth, Vikram (1952-...), an Indian novelist and poet, is known both for his novels and poems, and his translations of German, Hindi, and Chinese poetry into English. Both his poetic and fictional styles are marked by an adherence to traditional forms and an avoidance of technical experiment.
Related Topics: Rushdie, Salman , RUHSH dee or ROOSH dee, SAHL man (1947-...), is a noted Indian-born novelist. Rushdie has gained praise for his skill as a... Singh, Khushwant (1915-...), is an Indian novelist, historian, and journalist who has written many books on Punjabi history, Sikhism, and modern... Mehta, Gita (1944-...), is an Indian novelist and essayist. Her essays are written from the perspective of an Indian who has lived abroad for most... Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan

63. The Golden Gate: Vikram Seth Creates A Sonnet Novel In The High Tech Era Of Reag
vikram seth’s 1986 novelin-verse was such a long-shot that the author makes Shakespearian voice-overs explaining his hopes and misgivings.
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The Golden Gate
Vikram Seth Creates a Sonnet Novel in the High Tech Era of Reagan, New Wave and Silicon Valley
Holly Pettit Jul 12, 2006
Vikram Seth’s 1986 novel-in-verse was such a long-shot that the author makes Shakespearian voice-overs explaining his hopes and misgivings. Now it’s a must-read for poets
Vikram Seth's 1986 novel-in-verse was such a long-shot that the author makes Shakespearian voice-overs explaining his hopes and misgivings. Now it's a must-read for poets. It's Friday night. The unfettered city Resounds with hedonistic glee. John feels a cold cast of self-pity Envelop him. No family Cushions his solitude, or rather, His mother's dead, his English father

64. Vikram Seth's Big Book - New York Times
vikram seth s Big Book the public singing debut of the Indian writer, vikram seth, offers something seth has never wanted for daring or confidence.

65. Vikram Seth - Biography, Plus Book Reviews & Excerpts.
A biography of vikram seth, plus book reviews and book excerpts from one or more books by seth.

66. World People’s Blog » Blog Archive » Vikram Seth - Bangladesh And Englan
vikram seth’s Two Lives is both a chronicle of a violent century seen through the eyes of two survivors and an intimate portrait of their friendship,
Vikram Seth - Bangladesh and England
Written on December 21st, 2005 in World People From the author of A Suitable Boy , this masterful fusion of memoir, biography and history creates an extraordinary tapestry of India, the Third Reich and the Second World War, Auschwitz and the Holocaust, Israel and Palestine, post-war Germany and 1970s Britain. Vikram Seth - Bangladesh and England A childless couple living in England—Henny, a German-Jew who fled Hitler’s Germany, and Shanti from the Raj’s India—take in their grand nephew Vikram Seth. Simon Winchester. This interview with AsiaSource was conducted while Seth was in New York for a Meet the Author program at the Asia Society on November 16, 2005. Interview conducted by Nermeen Shaikh of AsiaSource : Vikram Seth - Two Lives. In an interview to The Guardian recently you have said that each of your books has “come about because it could not not have been written.” You say that your writing has announced itself to you with an urgency you could not resist. Could you elaborate on this? Is this impulse what compelled you to begin a career in writing? In this particular case, in the case of Two Lives, I was taken by the narrative after the discovery of a set of letters that my great-aunt had written that gave the story a kind of depth, a perspective, an intimacy, and a kind of psychological and moral connection, in terms of decision-making in times of great stress, apart from its human interest, which was considerable. But as far as my three novels are concerned, in each case, there was an impulse. In one case because I had read a novel in verse, which inspired me to write my own, and that was The Golden Gate. In one case because I heard a snippet of conversation: “You too will marry a boy I choose,” which germinated the book, A Suitable Boy. And in the case of An Equal Music, despite its subject matter, its inspiration was very non-musical: just watching someone stare at the water of the Serpentine very intently and wondering what on earth his thoughts were.

67. A Suitable Boy By Vikram Seth Detailed Book Review
A Suitable Boy vikram seth Book Review vikram seth Message Board vikram seth Resident Scholar Profiles TOP SCHOLAR Katie Klein SCHOLARS Laura Fong
A Suitable Boy
Vikram Seth Book Review
Read a book review online (click here to search reviews) Books Movies Sci-Fi/Fantasy ... Get more information about this book Plot Summary of A Suitable Boy "Lata Mehra's mother, Rupa, is determined to marry off her second daughter. The book opens at Savita and Pran Kapoor's wedding, where Lata decides that she does not want an arranged marriage like her sister. As the year passes three suitors come into Lata's life. While Lata chooses among a handsome Muslim classmate, a writer friend, or the self-made business man her mother wants for her, family drama and Indian history unfold around her. Life changes for Maan, Pran's brother, when he falls for an unsuitable girl. Savita and Pran begin domestic life together and start their family. Lata's brothers clash in Calcutta. The book is a story of everyday life during 1951-52 in India."
Katie Klein, Resident Scholar
Review Analysis of A Suitable Boy Our unique search engine provides a wealth of detail about books by breaking them down into many different literary elements, all of which are searchable (click here).

68. Amitava Kumar :: How To Interview A Gay Writer :: September :: 2006
vikram seth has been in the news lately for being one of the principal vikram seth is a fine, dignified person, and the way he has refused to play along
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About Articles Books ...
How To Interview A Gay Writer
Vikram Seth has been in the news lately for being one of the principal signatories to a campaign launched by Siddharth Dube. The petition Hindustan Times , the New York Times Sepia Mutiny Amartya Sen has also released in statement in support.) Now, in the aftermath of that campaign, Outlook magazine has carried an interview with Seth. At the beginning of the interview the following, rather wonderful, exchange takes place: Did this law affect you in a similar way? Did it have a personal effect on your own life? Now you ask me whether this directly affected me. Yes. When I realised that I had feelings for men as well as women, at first I was worried and frightened, and there was a certain amount of Who am I? Am I a criminal? and so on. It took me a long time to come to terms with myself. Sheela Reddy honest, measured responses Q: This is something that people often snigger about: has boarding school anything to do with you being gay? Q: Are you in a relationship just now?

69. Free Music: Vikram Seth: An Equal Music - Music From The Best-Selling Novel - Rh
Listen to vikram seth An Equal Music Music from the Best-Selling Novel for free on Rhapsody Online along with full-length songs, albums, playlists,

70. Vikram Seth Article
vikram seth quotes loosely from Voltaire – the perfect is the enemy of the good – as he removes his shoes and socks and, rubbing his feet, stares out from
Resume: click here Reviews: The Blue Room Turangalila Tinka's New Dress Cabaret ... Inheritance Feature Articles: Andrew O'Hagan Peter Temple Adib Khan Vikram Seth ... Leona Mitchell Travel Stories: Lyon Hawaii Grampians Mt. Buffalo Speeches: The Power of the Sun Life Behind Bars Political Correctness My Boss Book Reviews: Ben Hills Anne Jacobs Elaine Lewis Vikram Seth Vikram Seth, a high-class gossip
(published on in March 2006)
For the moment, and it is a long moment as there are many countries to visit, he is on extended leave from writing to promote his latest work Two Lives, a biography of his great-uncle and aunt, with whom he lived from the age of 17 while at school in England and at Oxford University. The memoir is an extraordinary story of two ordinary people from different cultures, a one-armed Indian dentist and a German Jew who married in post-war London. In telling their story, Seth reveals much of his own, with insights into his family, education, career and the enduring influence of his Uncle Shanti and Aunt Henny.
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71. Audio & Video Archive: Vikram Seth MP3 WMV MP4: Vikram Seth Talks To Laura Restr
Audio Video Archive (MP3, MP4, WMV, Podcast) vikram seth Please note The introduction to this lecture is in Spanish.Colombian writer and journalist
  • 5521 members
Send the page to a Friend: Vikram Seth talks to Laura Restrepo (Segovia - 2006) To: E-mail address: Your details: Your name: E-mail address: Message: Genres > Journalism Literature
Vikram Seth talks to Laura Restrepo (Segovia - 2006)
Vikram Seth
Please note: The introduction to this lecture is in Spanish.
Colombian writer and journalist Laura Restrepo speaks to Indian writer and poet Vikram Seth about his works An Equal Music, A Suitable Boy and Two Lives. login to rate this event Send to a Friend Digg It Reddit ... Share on Facebook
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72. Vikram Seth Sails Where Few Have Sailed Before | More Intelligent Life
The route is the 80th parallel, north to eastern Greenland, and the artists finding their sea legs will include vikram seth, the Indianborn novelist and
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Stephen Hugh-Jones:
On Language and Life

"Most of those at Davos were men: well-off, well-tailored, well-kempt and well into or past middle age. With them came wives of a certain age, trophy wives rather younger, and sundry "personal assistants" younger still ..." read more
Bruce Palling:
"Imagine being born around the First World War—with only a couple of great Bordeaux vintages in the 1920s, none in the 1930s, and the 1940s delivering only after the end of the Second World War ..." read more
Norman Mailer

Reading Herodotus

The indexing trade

The memoir boom
J.M. Coetzee and James Wood

73. Idle Speculations: George Herbert And Vikram Seth
The poet and novelist, vikram seth, (author of The Golden Gate , A Suitable Boy, An Equal Music) has an interesting piece in The Times Literary Supplement
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idle speculations
A series of postings on subjects I like: Catholicism; history; art; Italy; and whatever grabs me at the time
Thursday, January 17, 2008
George Herbert and Vikram Seth
St. Andrew's Church dating from the 13th Century. One mile west of Salisbury Cathedral
Bemerton Rectory on the banks of the River Nadder (now part of Salisbury) [house dating from 1470 restored by George Herbert] / Medlar Tree That George Herbert Planted 1630
The poet and novelist, Vikram Seth, (author of The Golden Gate A Suitable Boy, An Equal Music ) has an interesting piece in The Times Literary Supplement
Seth explains his early encounter with the works of George Herbert at school studying for `A` Level English.
Many years later, by chance, the Rectory came on the market and he bought it.
He explains how the house`s associations and his earlier readings of three poems of Herbert`s (below) led him to compose a number of poems (set out in the article).
The three poems of Herbert`s referred to in the article are:
Love (III)
Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back

74. Editor Vikram Seth-India-The Times Of India
In the midst of an interview, vikram seth — genrehopper; author of the mega-selling, wriststraining A Suitable Boy ; litterateur who s been compared by
var a=1269701 var secid=-2128936835 var ttrendlogmostviewed=1; var doweshowbellyad=1; Indiatimes l My Mail l Make TOI your home page l ePaper l Headlines l Archives India Times of India Indiatimes Web Advanced Search Editor: Vikram Seth
20 Oct 2005, 2241 hrs IST TNN
Save EMail Write to Editor It all began with a chance remark a week ago. In the midst of an interview, Vikram Seth — genre-hopper; author of the mega-selling, wriststraining 'A Suitable Boy'; litterateur who's been compared by critics to the likes of Pushkin and Tolstoy — made an observation.
"I often feel newspapers are just filling up space. Of course, I also know people who write really long books. There's too much reading, and too little thinking. And yes, sometimes, I do wonder about the priorities of newspapers."
We leapt at the opening.Would Seth like to bring out 'The Times of India' for a day, according to his priorities, we asked. What would that entail, he queried. "Oh, commission stories, look at the news list, decide what should go on the front page and how prominently it should be displayed," we responded. "For every edition of the TOI?" he enquired. Absolutely.
"And you wouldn't veto anything I wanted done?" No, we assured him.

75. "Vikram Seth" - Topic Profile :: BoardReader
The authors on the list that have a last name with S are as follows John Burnham Schwartz Reservation Road vikram seth- A Suitable Boy Irwin Shaw- The Seth.html
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Topic profile for "Vikram Seth"
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76. Vikram Seth Quotes
vikram seth quotes,vikram, seth, author, authors, writer, writers, people, famous people.
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77. Meet The Author USA | Search For An Author | Vikram Seth | Two Lives
This is a story of an unlikely love in the the family of vikram seth. It includes the horror of being a Jew in Nazi Germany, and the difficulty of being a
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Vikram Seth
Two Lives
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This is a story of an unlikely love in the the family of Vikram Seth. It includes the horror of being a Jew in Nazi Germany, and the difficulty of being a one armed dentist. Category(ies): history, memoir

78. Seth, Vikram, Shante, And Henny: Two Lives.(Book Review) | Biography | Find Arti
seth, vikram, Shante, and Henny Two Lives.(Book review) from Biography in Array provided by LookSmart Find Articles.
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Seth, Vikram, Shante, and Henny: Two Lives.(Book review)
Biography January, 2006 by Keefer, Janice Kulyk; Mishra, Pankaj Content provided
in partnership with Seth, Vikram, Shante, and Henny Two Lives. Vikram Seth. Toronto: McArthur, 2005. 499 pp. $27.95.
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79. Tony Wilson
In terms of international critical acclaim, vikram seth vikram seth, author of ‘A Suitable Boy’ (a novel he told us is just called ‘the fat one’ by his
Timetable of appearances and events The Job of My Life Anti Howard youtube bile Dave Eggers at the MWF ... Players
Text Publishing, 2005 Australia United
Geoff Slattery Publishing, 2006 Harry Highpants
Scholastic 2007 The Thirsty Flowers Hardie Grant Egmont , 2006 Grannysaurus Rex Omnibus Books, 2004
The Third Umpire
A series I am presenting for The Age on the 2007/08 cricket season, featuring Dean Jones Other Television
Race Around the World, The Einstein Factor Articles Triple R
The Breakfasters Speaking
Keynote Speaker, MC
website by cam fink In terms of books sold, Vikram Seth In terms of literary prizes, Vikram Seth In terms of translated editions, Vikram Seth In terms of international critical acclaim, Vikram Seth In terms of breadth of vocabulary, Vikram Seth In terms of complexity of themes, Vikram Seth In terms of length of first novel, Vikram Seth In terms of size of talent, Vikram Seth In terms of productivity, Vikram Seth

80. Re-reading ‘A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth : Re-reading ‘A Suitable Boy
Rereading ‘A Suitable Boy - vikram seth - A Suitable Boy - vikram seth.
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    Re-reading ‘A Suitable Boy - Vikram Seth
    Comments  (
    Suitable Boy Vikram Seth I first read it in a very beautiful setting a summer over 3 yrs ago in a university library with a individual table in between bookshelves beside a window overlooking  the flowering bushes of mussandas.last month i got it from anothet library to home.My sister’s amazed that i carried the heavy  book to and fro to the library a journey of over an hour to re read it. Its one of the most Voluminous books in literature and i honestly doubt how many people would have read it through end to end.Its way huge.But the wonderful thing is at no point while reading do you really regret its length..cause it does not drag, its pacy and moves in every page.

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