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         Seth Vikram:     more books (100)
  1. An Equal Music: A Novel by Vikram Seth, 2000-05-02
  2. A Suitable Boy: A Novel (Modern Classics) by Vikram Seth, 2005-10-01
  3. Two Lives: A Memoir by Vikram Seth, 2006-06-01
  4. Beastly Tales: from Here and There by Vikram Seth, 1999-04-01
  5. The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth, 1991-06-18
  6. From Heaven Lake: Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet by Vikram Seth, 1987-10-12
  7. Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy: A Reader's Guide (Continuum Contemporaries) by Angela Atkins, 2002-06-26
  8. A Suitable Boy by SETH VIKRAM, 1994-07-28
  9. A Suitable Boy: Volume I by Vikram Seth, 1993
  10. All You Who Sleep Tonight by Vikram Seth, 1993
  11. Riot at Misri Mandi (Phoenix 60p paperbacks) by Vikram Seth, 1995-12-22
  12. Vikram Seth's A Suitable Boy' Search for Indian Identity by Shyam S. Agarwalla, 1997-07-01
  13. A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, 1999
  14. Vikram Seth's a Suitable Boy ; An Anthology of Recent Criticism

1. Vikram Seth - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Vikram Seth was born in Calcutta (now Kolkata); his family lived in a number of cities including the Bata Shoe Company town of Batanagar, near Calcutta,
Vikram Seth
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth's photo on the cover of the U.S. edition of Two Lives Born 20 June
Calcutta (now Kolkata ), West Bengal, India Occupation Poet novelist , travel writer, librettist, children's writer, biographer and memoirist Nationality Indian Genres novels, poetry, libretto, travel writing, children's literature, biography/memoir Vikram Seth Hindi , pronounced /vɪkrəm seːʈʰ/ ), born June 20 is an Indian poet novelist , travel writer, librettist , children's writer, biographer and memoirist. An unusually forthcoming writer whose published material is replete with un- or thinly-disguised details as to the personal lives of himself and his intimates related in a highly engaging narrative voice, Seth has said that he is somewhat perplexed that his readers often in consequence presume to an unwelcome degree of personal familiarity with him.

2. Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth at Born in 1952 in Calcutta, India, Vikram Seth was educated at Corpus Christi College, Oxford,

3. Bold Type: Interview With Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth I didn t particularly intend to write a shorter novel. However, I did realize that if I were to write another novel equally long, it would take
old Type: Your last novel, the international best-seller A Suitable Boy , was 1,349 pagesthe longest single volume novel ever published in English. Did you purposely set out to write a shorter novel this time around?
Vikram Seth: I didn't particularly intend to write a shorter novel. However, I did realize that if I were to write another novel equally long, it would take up another decade of my life. I wasn't very keen to do that. I also reckon that publishers aren't intrinsically fond of long novels; they're difficult to convince people to read...or to review for that matter. So I hoped that the inspiration for my next novel could be curbed within reasonable length, 300 to 400 pages. I guess I'm lucky that it has. I did threaten to cut off a digit for every extra 10,000 words above 100,000. All of my fingers are intact.
BT: What was your inspiration for An Equal Music
VS: After A Suitable Boy , I didn't write anything, not even a short story. I thought to myself: I ought to start writing. But I can never force myself to write. A little over a year ago, I was walking across a park in London with a friend. In my mind's eye, I saw a man. He was tall and European, but I knew he wasn't a Londoner. I didn't know anything about his profession. Dressed against the weather, he was staring fixedly at the Serpentine at the water. The image fascinated me. And it seemed quite important to what might have been germinating in my head for a novel. I asked my friend what profession he thought this man might be, and my friend, who happens to be a musician, said 'Definitely a musician.' I thought to myself:

4. Literary Encyclopedia: Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth s work is characterized by the innovative recuperation of “unfashionable” and “traditional” forms such as the realist romanfleuve and the novel

Vikram Seth was born in India in 1952. He studied at Oxford, Standford and Nanjing Universities, and spent two years in China doing research on economic
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R.K. Narayan Githa Hariharan Amit Chaudhari ... Shashi Tharoor Interview with: Jhumpa Lahiri Vikram Seth R.K. Narayan David Davidar ... Quiz on Indo-Anglian Literature List of winners of Literary Awards: Booker Prize Commonwealth Prize View My Guest book Sign My Guest book
The Suitable Boy
Pico Iyer , a writer
The Golden Gate : A Novel in Verse "An utterly original, utterly delightful novel." - Newsweek A tour de force of rhyme and reasonableness, The Golden Gate doesn't only compellingly advocate life's pleasures, it stylishly contributes another one to them.' - Sunday Times, London
Three Chinese Poets: Translations of Poems by Wang Wei, LI Bai, and Du Fu
'Seth translates (these poets) with immense felicity....the poet's skill is evident in every cadence and rhyme.' - India Today
All You Who Sleep Tonight
'Seth's poems touch the heart- and herein lies their appeal.' -

6. :: Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth s epic family novel, A Suitable Boy, was an international publishing sensation that won him millions of readers and favorable comparisons with
Resources Events Members About SAJA ... Help 2:09 PM EST, Sun, Jan 27, 2008 SAJA SPONSORS VIKR SAJA WEBINARS - global events for anyone online
A Conversation with Vikram Seth, bestselling author of
"A Suitable Boy" and "The Golden Gate" - about his brand-new book, "Two Lives" and his career.
Interviewing Seth: Sreenath Sreenivasan , SAJA
co-founder and Aseem Chhabra , SAJA board member
More on the book and author below, including publicist contacts.

7. Vikram Seth --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
Britannica online encyclopedia article on Vikram Seth Indian poet, novelist, and travel writer known for his verse novel The Golden Gate (1986) and his
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Vikram Seth
Page 1 of 1 born June 20, 1952, Calcutta, India
Indian poet, novelist, and travel writer known for his verse novel The Golden Gate (1986) and his epic novel A Suitable Boy Seth, Vikram... (75 of 312 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Vikram Seth Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Vikram Seth , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

8. Vikram Seth - Novelist Vikram Seth - Profile Of Vikram Seth - Biography Of Vikra
Vikram Seth Novelist Vikram Seth - Profile Of Vikram Seth - Biography Of Vikram Seth.
Indians Abroad Indians Abroad Amartya Sen
Amitav Ghosh
Indians Abroad
: Vikram Seth
This short biography of Vikram Seth traces the profile of this Indian author, writer and novelist.
Vikram Seth
Why Is He famous?
The world famous writer and poet Vikram Seth was born in Kolkata, India. Vikram Seth possesses the art of creating a living and breathing world that keeps the readers focused and engaged. Vikram Seth has published 6 books of poetry and 3 novels. In 1986, Vikram Seth wrote The Golden Gate, his first novel. The publication of "A Suitable Boy", the 1,349 page mega novel propelled Seth into the public limelight. "A suitable boy" won the W.H.Smith prize in 1993. 'An Equal music' by Seth deals with the troubled love life of a violinist. For his services to literature, Vikram Seth has received one of Britain's top honors. The award of the commander of the order 3 of the British Empire was given to Seth in February 2001. Vikram Seth's latest work is "Two Lives" (2005), a memoir of the marriage of his great uncle and aunt.
Vikram Seth has written some very fine poems also. His poetry includes Mappings (1980), From Heaven Lake (1983), The Humble Administrator's Garden (1985), All You Who Sleep Tonight: Poems (1990) and Three Chinese Poets (1992). His children's book, Beastly Tales from Here and There (1992) consists of ten stories about animals. Vikram Seth has also authored a travel book, From Heaven Lake: Travels through Sin kiang and Tibet (1983). It is an account of a journey through Tibet, China and Nepal. Vikram Seth was also commissioned by the English National Opera to write a libretto based on the Greek legend of Arion and the Dolphin. The opera was performed for the first time in June 1994.

9. Horizon Information Portal
by Seth, Vikram,. New York Random House, c1986. Add to my list. Add to my list Status, Due Date. Mesa Public Library, Fict WWing, SETH, Checked In Vikram

10. Cape Farewell Greenland Voyage 2007 » Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth working in the upper mess of the Noorderlicht. (Photos Shiro Takatini) Vikram Seth Writer (UK/India). Vikram trained as an economist.
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Cape Farewell Greenland Voyage 2007
Expedition Launch - 9th September 2007
Youth Expedition 14 - 23 September 2007
Greenland Voyage 23 September - 10 October 2007
Posts from Vikram Seth
In the upper mess
By Vikram Friday 5 Oct No Comments // View
Vikram Seth working in the upper mess of the Noorderlicht. (Photos: Shiro Takatini) Tags: Vikram Seth
By hannah Monday 24 Sep 1 Comment // View Tags: Aminatu Goumar Vikram Seth
Profile: Vikram Seth
By Vikram Thursday 20 Sep View
Vikram Seth
Writer (UK/India) Vikram trained as an economist. His first novel, The Golden Gate: A Novel in Verse describes the experiences of a group of friends living in California. His acclaimed epic of Indian life, A Suitable Boy , won the WH Smith Literary Award and the Commonwealth Writers Prize (Overall Winner, Best Book). He is also the author of the novel An Equal Music and the biography Two Lives , as well as Beastly Tales , a book of ten animal fables in verse, which includes the ecological tale ‘ The Elephant and the Tragopan’
Vikram Seth Tags: Vikram Seth

11. Vikram Seth,seth Vikram,suitable Boy Vikram Seth,vikram Seth A Suitable Boy,vikr
Born in Calcutta in 1952 to Prem Seth, a shoe company executive, and Laila Seth, a judge, Vikram Seth is the oldest of three children in the Seth family.
Vikram Seth
Born in Calcutta in 1952 to Prem Seth, a shoe company executive, and Laila Seth, a judge, Vikram Seth is the oldest of three children in the Seth family.
He was sent away to Doon school, a prestigious boarding school for boys, at the age of six. As a young student Vikram was very shy, "Incapable of looking people in the eye," he says. But what he lacked in sociability, he more than made up by excelling at his studies.
Did you know? In 1992, Vikram was invited to Doon School to give the Founder's Day speech. In his speech, Vikram confessed "I had a terrible feeling of loneliness and isolation during my six years here………….I was teased and bullied by my classmates and my seniors because of my interest in studies and reading, because of my lack of interest in games, because of my unwillingness to join gangs and groups." After passing his 'O level' exams with distinction, Vikram won a scholarship to Tonbridge School in Kent, U.K. From Kent he soon went to the prestigious Oxford University on another scholarship and earned degrees in philosophy, economics, and politics. Not content with all this, Seth went to study at the Stanford University in the U.S. for a Ph D. in Economics. He spent the next 11 years "not getting the degree", as he says. Two of those years (1980-1982) were spent in China, where Seth studied poetry and languages at the Nanjing University of China. It was while in China that Vikram realized he was "more interested in poetry than economics."

12. Vikram Seth - EVENE
Translate this page Vikram Seth , seth vikram - Poète et écrivain indien d expression anglaise. Découvrez la biographie de Vikram Seth, ainsi que des anecdotes, des citations
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Vikram Seth
Poète et écrivain indien d'expression anglaise
Né à Calcutta le 20 juin 1952
Faire découvrir Vikram Seth à un ami Accueil Messages Galerie Vidéos Galerie Photos Bibliographie Citations Aussi sur Evene Idées cadeaux
Biographie de Vikram Seth
Envoyé très jeune en Angleterre pour y poursuivre ses études Vikram Seth garde de son expérience précoce du déracinement un profond attachement pour le voyage. Après des études supérieures Oxford , il migre outre-Atlantique vers la Californie et Stanford , avant de partir deux années complètes en Chine , à l'université de Nanjing. Regagnant l'

13. Vikram Seth Biography,Vikram Seth The Legend,Vikram Seth Interviews,Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth Interviews,Vikram Seth biography for kids,Vikram Seth Autobiography for children,,New Delhi, Keen Observer, Rural world, Suitable Bay,

14. A Suitable Boy: Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth s book is a delight, at once touching, humorous, and widely panoramic. It is really several novels in one. In one way it is the story of the
Vikram Seth
A Suitable Boy
Politics runs through the story as well, and Nehru himself appears occasionally; I have to say that for me these sections were less successful and I was tempted to skip some of the set speeches. Another minor problem at times was a certain vagueness about which language the characters were speaking. This matters, because the characters themselves make a lot of it; Lata's pompous brother Arun, for example, who is a yuppy before his time, is scornful of Haresh, Lata's husband-to-be, because his English is less than perfect (although, in a delightully ironic passage, he is eventually forced to admit that he, Arun, has never been to England while Haresh has lived and studied there). Mostly, however, Seth manages these linguistic transitions adroitly. Long though this book is, I wouldn't wish it shorter. In fact, it's so rich that when I reached the end I felt like rereading it; and I'm sure I shall. %T A Suitable Boy
%A Vikram Seth
%I Phoenix
%C London
%D 1993
%G ISBN 1 85799 9
%P 1474 pp Home Titles Authors Subjects

15. LinkedIn: Vikram Seth
Vikram Seth s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps users like Vikram Seth discover inside connections to recommended
Vikram Seth
Sr. Design Engineer @ NVIDIA San Francisco Bay Area
  • Sr. Design Engineer at NVIDIA
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Experience in front-end design of complex ASIC modules, which includes macro-architecture, micro-architecture, RTL coding, verification, synthesis and STA. These modules are part of ASSP's for optical and wireless networking, and 3D graphics.
Currently working on hardware imlpementation of state-of-the-art graphics processors at NVIDIA.
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16. Vikram Seth: Blogs, Photos, Videos And More On Technorati
VIKRAM SETH is heading to Asia. After years of turning down invitations to literary festivals, the Londonbased author has accepted an invitation to the Seth

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  • Alices in Wonderlands 2008/ 01/ alices-in-wonderlands.html Howard Roark, Dominique Francon, Steve Mallory, Guy Waynand, Austen Heller, Mike and of course Cameron...are all running in all directions in my head. I am, fellow earthlings, floating in The Fountainhead. Nice to meet you. 14 days ago in Random Rambler No authority yet
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  • 17. AsiaSource Interview With Vikram Seth
    Vikram Seth s Two Lives is both a chronicle of a violent century seen through the eyes of two survivors and an intimate portrait of their friendship,

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    VIEWS ... LINKS related links Asia EXPERTS specialists database Asia EVENTS worldwide calendar Asiain NYC cultural travel guide Asia BULLETIN email updates RESOURCES Asian Holidays Chronologies Country Comparison Dictionary Tool ... press releases Information on the Asia Society, its programs, publications, exhibitions, regional centers, membership, and more. Stay informed of Asia Society events with free weekly updates. Subscribe Become an Asia Society Member and receive: invitations to member-only receptions, discounts on tickets to performances, films and lectures, and purchases at Asia Store; and much more. November 17 , 2005 Vikram Seth - Two Lives From the author of A Suitable Boy , this masterful fusion of memoir, biography and history creates an extraordinary tapestry of India, the Third Reich and the Second World War, Auschwitz and the Holocaust, Israel and Palestine, post-war Germany and 1970s Britain. Vikram Seth's Two Lives This interview with AsiaSource was conducted while Seth was in New York for a Meet the Author program at the Asia Society on November 16, 2005.

    18. | Author Spotlight: Vikram Seth
    Vikram Seth s previous books include three poetry collections, a libretto, the travel memoir From Heaven Lake Travels Through Sinkiang and Tibet,

    19. Meena Alexander
    A small, wiry soap opera enthusiast with welldefined features and a ready smile, vikram seth was born in Calcutta in 1952 (also the home of Indian literary
    Vikram Seth Biography A small, wiry soap opera enthusiast with well-defined features and a ready smile, Vikram Seth was born in Calcutta in 1952 (also the home of Indian literary giant Rabindranath Tagore ). Throughout Seth's childhood, his father Prem Seth was a shoe company executive and his mother Laila Seth served as a judge (Bemrose). Vikram Seth is the oldest of threehis brother conducts Buddhist meditational tours and his youngest sister serves as an Austrian diplomat (Robinson, Rachlin). After completing his primary education, Seth left India to study at Oxford University , England, earning a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics (a PPE degree). He further enrolled at Stanford University , intending to earn a PhD in Economics, but never completed his study. While at Stanford, Seth was also a also a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Creative Writing from 1977-1978. During a period from 1980-1982, he studied classical Chinese poetry and different languages at Nanjing University , China. Seth mentions that he "never had any passion for economics, not what I felt for writing poetry" (Robinson). But Seth does comment upon his failure to complete a PhD: "I feel a bit of regret that I didn't finish my Ph.D. I'm interested in it, but it's not a passion, the way writing is" (Rachlin). Vikram Seth has published eight notable works - six collections of poetry and two novels - with a ninth novel soon to come. During the period before and after Seth published his first novel, he contributed poetic works for more than a decade. Seth's books of poetry include

    20. Interview: Vikram Seth | By Genre | Guardian Unlimited Books
    Forever the child of his extended family, vikram seth turns his obsessional eye on his uncle and aunt in his latest book. Does he prefer to describe a,,1567057,00.html
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