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  1. The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology by Mark Antony Rossi, 2005-02-01

1. Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi s short fiction about a creative guy trying to get a script produced while holding down a meaningless job. Courtesy of Thunder Sandwich.
Mark antony rossi
Rain or Shine
Do you ever feel trapped in a situation like a lobster in a wooden cage set by a toothless freak who beats his wife at the drop a multi-syllable? Me neither. But the other day I came pretty damn close. It happened rather innocently at a large department store.
"Foolish swine, thoust are tardy." I used to really admire how he found such creative outlets for a Master's Degree in Something No One Gives Two Shits About. Now I just want to jam his jugular with a fountain pen until excuses my human error and admits his own.
S & M is not a kinky place regardless how weird the name sounds. I even mentioned the implications to the store owner one afternoon. He laughed and commented, "heh, I'll wait 'till the day they find out my janitor saves stuff he finds cleaning the ladies room. It costs a lot of money to change the paperwork." This revelation is no revelation at all. The owner knows his customers. The janitor, God Bless him, obviously does too. I just wish he didn't declare dentistry the work of the devil.
As long as you're polite to customers; keep the heat on in the winteryou can't go wrong. Besides, if you take your job too seriously, you might wind up becoming too good at it, then some snot-nose rips out the Peter Principle, and before you can scream "BULLSHIT," you're stuck in the muck. They couldn't give a fuck. And you are suddenly wedded to an order catalog outlining fabric wear made in a country where children are bought and sold like Gummi Bears.

2. The Antigonish Review: Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi. Black Eggs, Poems by Kurihara Sadako, Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Richard H. Minear, ($34.95, 329 pp.

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The Antigonish Review
The Antigonish Review 106
Mark Antony Rossi Black Eggs , Poems by Kurihara Sadako, Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Richard H. Minear, ($34.95, 329 pp.) Center for Japanese Studies, The University of Mchigan, 108 Lane Hall, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1290 Kurihara Sadako, one of Japan's greatest 20th century poets has released "Black Eggs," an expanded collection of poems that incorporates the original 1946 Hiroshima manuscript "Black Eggs" and the finest examples of her post-Hiroshima poetry. As translated by Professor Richard H. Minear, Kurihara Sadako's personal story is as unique and inspiring as her poetry. She published her first major collection of poetry "Black Eggs" in 1946 but was unable to avoid the American Occupation's censorship regulations. Ironically, in this interim period, these regulations were more oppressive than the censors of the former Japanese Imperial Government. The censorship authorities, employing local Japanese editors, struck out a number of poems from her manuscript as well as other writers bold enough to document the horrors of atomic aftermath. "Black Eggs" survived and moderately prospered selling 3,000 copies. Its censored poems were not published until thirty-seven years later in 1983. In the years following she continued to write, composing hundreds of poems and essays, most concentrating on Hiroshima, its victims and the need for a world-wide anti-nuclear ban.

3. Mark Antony Rossi's Science And Other Writings
Air Force Aid Society! StoneGarden Books, Your Source For Futurist mark antony rossi Book Titles Read The Dark Side of Technology, Read the Future
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4. Lecturers: Mark Antony Rossi
A description of the lectures given by mark antony rossi together with some background information and his contact details.
Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi is a Cold War U.S. Air Force veteran having worked and lived in 32 countries. He is the author of the fast-selling electronic book "The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology" Mark Antony Rossi lives in Arizona and can be reached for lectures at: E-mail: Top

An Outline of Future Science, mark antony rossi and the Dark Side of Technology.
What is future science?
Future science consists of predictions based on scientific dicoveries or technologies of the present day. Its true goals have less to do with grand prophecy and more to do with practice advice and preparation. Future science is the preventative maintenance necessary for free-thinking individuals to keep aware of the good and bad outcomes of scientific and societal progress.
That is the sole purpose of the explosive electronic book "The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology" by future science writer Mark Antony Rossi. Rossi explores diverse subject matter, human cloning, pharmaceutical fascism, organized organ theft, anti-depressant mind control and dozens others in this provocative and powerful book.
If you are also believe the science and technology is outpacing ethical or moral consideration-buy this book now!!! It is available
through downloads to Windows, Mac, Glassbook, Rocketbook and Palm Pilot.
Never again will you receive a peek into your future for such a bargain.
The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
"Where machines are too good for your own good."

6. Planet Duke
Discusses his story for the Duke Nuke em addon game Grins of Divinity.
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7. Author: Mark Antony Rossi
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Mark Antony Rossi
Home Authors Mark Antony Rossi
Mark Antony Rossi is a Cold War, U.S. Air Force veteran who specialized in communications and chemical warfare defense while serving in West Germany. He Testified before the NJ Assembly for a ban against human cloning and is slated to do the same in the state of Arizona. As a science writer and lecturer, he was been a frequent guest on numerous radio talk shows including. The Peter Weissbach Show, The Lionel Show, NightSearch, Ruth Radio, Across The Net, The Byte Show, Sightings and Mysteries of the Mind. Mark Antony Rossi is the author of seven ebook titles and continues to speak and interview on matters on bioethics and human cloning at organizations and radio programs. He is currently profiled in Marquis Who's Who in America, 2004 edition, the leading biographical reference publisher of the highest achievers in the United States.

8. Mark Antony Rossi, The Intruder Bulletins: Dark Side Of Technology Reviews And P
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9. Scribble Resources: Mark Antony Rossi: The Creative Benefits Of Righteous Anger
The Creative Benefits of Righteous Anger, an essay.
The Creative Benefits of Righteous Anger
Mark Antony Rossi
The artist is an angry person. A walking storm of protest heading your way. Since time immemorial the very nature of creativity has been at war with moral and intellectual members of society or as some have labelled them: “the executioners of difference.” The phobic driven drones who willingly march to drums of destruction. Reason enough to testify why artists are an angry lot. For they are usually the first to suffer the wrath of mob rule or state committee. No matter their shape or form the forces opposed to free expression are enemies of liberty. Liberty being the only viable condition where true creativity can grow and flourish. Anger is not the root of their censoring hostility, but a vile by-product produced through acquisition of power to seize control of the Objective. Curtailing liberty restricts creativity and reduces the competing power that art represents to common person who is frequently the victims of censorship and eventual dictatorship.. The artist is an angry person. Angry because he understands that the voices inside his soul are no different than that of the destroyers. The destroyers gain attention through guns and warfare. He must find support in creating something new. This is the hell of the artist. Destruction is easier than creation. No one truly appreciates change. Not even the artist. History has two strikes against the artist before he or she raises pen or paintbrush. No one should be surprised of the percentages of artists slipping into self-destruction or why some artists sided with dictatorial states. The first method admits eventual defeat. The second, a vain attempt to even up history's score against artists. Both disgusting attempts to subsidize art by betraying humanity. Let the buyer beware: shortcuts do not exist in art. The rule is the same as in Life: shortcuts lengthen your arm by shortening your leg.

mark antony rossi. THE STRUGGLE FOR MINORITY CHARACTERIZATION IN MODERN AMERICAN THEATRE. When I wrote the play Cross which dealt with two young hispanics
When I wrote the play "Cross" which dealt with two young hispanics who allow their bitter experiences with racism to interfere with a belief in GodI ran into a hard reality: plays containing minority characters face an uphill battle to be produced since most theatre companies do not have minority actors in their troupe. That difficult fact can have (and sometimes does) a devastating censoring effect on plays written with minority characters. Does the playwright invest a great amount of time writing such characters knowing full well that it may be years to find a theatre capable of producing the work? Or does the writer take the chance knowing the odds? "Cross" from creation to production took three and one half years to see a stage. It was rejected numerous times, mostly due to lack of minority actors to play the three minority roles needed. In all cases, theatres also did not have actors above the age of thirty in their troupe. Imagine the difficulty of finding a theatre that employed a black woman over the age of forty to play the role of God in my work! Lurking in the mix of rejection reasons can be found unspoken feeling revolving around either naked racial prejudice or a form of paternalization suggesting "minority" characters are only warranted when sorting out racial problems or civil rights matters. In such situations people of colour are regarded as "issues" rather than human beings.

11. Don't Monkey With Morality: The Human Cloning Debate On
mark antony rossi, playwright and futurist science writer investigates the mark antony rossi is the author of seven books including “The Intruder
Home Politics Search for Articles by Subject or Keyword(s): Web Don't Monkey With Morality: The Human Cloning Debate by Paul Seward The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
by Mark Antony Rossi Published by Hard Shell Word Factory
Electronic and Print
The tale of the mad scientist predates Shelly’s novel of “Frankenstein” by thousands of years. Since the dawn of the written word man has tried to alter his appearance, environment or internal makeup in a vain attempt to gain more power to substitute for something deeper he lacks such as self-esteem, popularity, intelligence, community-standing, etc. “The Intruder Bulletins” is a righteous voice of reason in a dumbed-down world of digital echoes and blatant propaganda as evident in the new ice-age nonsense of films like “The Day After Tomorrow.” Mark Antony Rossi, playwright and futurist science writer investigates the segments of society infected with the fever of advanced technological extremism. He touches upon a scientific community unable to cope with ethical ramifications of its creations due to conflicts of interest by patenting their works or owning stock in the commercial entities that finance their bizarre experimentation into human cloning, stem cell research, artificial wombs, male pregnancy, xenotransplantation, life-extension, organ theft, and a host of other dreaded procedures designed to serve a superficial society seeking to look better, feel younger, be smarter, run faster and reproduce at the drop of a credit card.

12. Silicon And Saliva: I, Robot, Frankenstein And The Dark Side Of Technology
mark antony rossi is a poet, playwright and author of the bioethics book “The Intruder Name mark antony rossi Location Arizona, United States
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Silicon and Saliva
To investigate new thoughts in bioethics and reveal what may endanger humanity deep within the power of advanced technology.
Saturday, July 17, 2004
I, Robot, Frankenstein and The Dark Side of Technology
The best science fiction serves more than a mere slice of entertainment it illuminates the mind to the real possibilities of domination by our scientific creations. Classic novels like “I, Robot” and “Frankenstein” are excellent examples of literature as lighthouses for the foggy gray of vanity technology built without vision of consequence. If Western civilization has indeed killed the concept of God, it now unconsciously seeks to fill that opening by procreating machines in its own image.
No doubt that last sentence probably turned off half the reading public. So what! In a culture that worships Britney Spears and only reads a book if a celebrity has one ghost-written, I hope you are offended. Hell, you are offensive to me. And sometimes I have to struggle in the wee hours of the morning wondering why I give a damn about a world so bent on self-destruction. It’s because somewhere along the line we lost our way. Fools, idiots and monsters are not born; they are manufactured by a selfish society.
Classic films such as “The Day The Earth Stood Still’ and “Them!” were homilies to a nuclear age threatening to annihilate all life on the planet. We are still in need of a message warning the general public of science practiced in the absent of ethics. But the parameters have changed drastically. Orwell in “1984” and Huxley in “Brave New World” expected the technology of eternal surveillance to be government-made and operated. None foreseen the miniaturization of machinery would empower the common man to become his own “Big Brother” through personal computers, tracking devices, and camcorders.

13. JSTOR Mark Antony A Biography
mark antony has long cried out for a competent biographer. . relevant to her central subjectsrossi, Marco Antonio nella lotta politica (1959); Buchheim,<63:MAAB>2.0.CO;2-7

14. Conspiracies - Category For Conspiracies.
An incredible interview conducted by radio talkshow host Kyle Warren of Across the Net with futurist author mark antony rossi about the present and future
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(1 vote) An incredible interview conducted by radio talkshow host Kyle Warren of Across the Net with futurist author Mark Antony Rossi about the present and future of technology and international terrorism. Review It Rate It Bookmark It
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15. GuestsPage2
mark antony rossi is such a man. Caring, common sense, astute perception and his 22 Oct 2000 mark antony rossi discusses When God Wears A Lab Coat and
Guest Page 2
Guest and Show Information For 2000, 2001, 2002.
27 December 2002
(RRN - C-Band) Amedeo Rosa , the "Minister of Propaganda" for will tell us about making things disappear! Yes, I mean it literally;) If you are using win98se, Me, win2000 or XP and have Adobe PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, or Fireworks installed you are all set up to work with this magical program because "Image Doctor" is a plug-in. AlienSkin Software is also designed for Mac. Go download your trial copy of Image Doctor. While you are there download "Eye Candy." Amedo Rosa graciously offers our listeners special discounts on "AlienSkin" software. Email Amedeo Rosa Use this special link ( CLICK HERE ) to get your discount for AlienSkin. This offer is for a limited time. The upgrade prices apply to first time buyers. Thank you, Amedeo Rosa!
20 December 2002 (RRN C-Band) Dr. John Jay Harper Email ), a veteran of 20 years experience working on "Top Secret" computer science and electronics engineering projects with the US Department of Defense. He is also a clinical hypnotherapist in Spokane, Washington and the director of a non-profit educational research corporation, the American Delphi Academy. Due to a life changing experience he has written a new book, Tranceformers: Shamans of the 21st Century , that integrates the near-death experience within the framework of both science and religion; specifically it is a theory on the operation of cosmic consciousness itself. For more information see:

16. Jim Carter (I)
mark antony (1 episode, 1994) Julius Caesar (1994) TV episode (voice) . rossi; Casualty . Matthew Charlton (1 episode, 1991)
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Jim Carter (I)
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TV episode .... Malcolm Young

17. BBC - Press Office - Network TV Programme Information Week 30 Sunday 22 July 200
In the aftermath of the battle of Actium, mark antony returns to Alexandria between MotoGP prodigy Casey Stoner and seventime champion Valentino rossi.
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18. G.O.D.
It was written by mark antony rossi and it includes two characters Alex Hudson and mark antony rossi and I are still making arangements with publishers.
document.write(""); document.write(""); NEWS ARCHIVE: January 8th 2002 New member - First of all, happy new year everyone. To start the new year, we welcome a very talented new member, Alejandro Glavic. You probably heard about him, he's the "new generation" of master level designers. He works good, and he works fast (he released about 4 maps in the last month). His last map, The Lost Moonbase , scored 97% at MSDN . Alejandro will be doing at least one map for Episode 2 of Grins of Divinity. We are all very happy to welcome him in the team Like you probably haven't noticed from the progress part of this page's left menu, absolutely everything from Episode 1 is completed, except a few sounds. I even wrote the readme file. So we won't keep you waiting for a lot longer. December 24th 2001 Comic page 10 - Of course, I have page 10 of the comic. This is the last one until Julien finishes page 11, which will probably take a few weeks. By the way he'd like to have your comments, so post them in the forum or email them to him. His email is

19. A Generation Defining Itself - In Our Own Words
The Intruder Bulletins, The Intruder Bulletins The Dark Side of Technology By mark antony rossi Ordering information available at
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20. Past Issues
April 2005Terri Schiavo; An appeal to the US army not to send a child to Iraq; the Cosmic Bus Ride, by Jason kamalie; mark antony rossi s Machine Therapy;
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January 1995 Schindler's List, Abolish All Campaign Finance, Bulldozing Palestinian Houses, Time for a Party, Minorities on the Internet February 1995 Contract With America, Natural Born Killers, Hollywood and Sexual Harassment, My Constitutional Right to Own a SAM, Eye on Newt, Assisted Suicide, More Taxes, Less Deficit March 1995 Let Gay People Alone; Gun Violence, Gun Rights; Congress Prunes the Fourth Amendment; Texas Kills An Innocent Man; Compassion, Understanding and Welfare; Who Are You?; An Unanswered Letter to Newt Gingrich April 1995 Microsoft Case; Affirmative Action; End Government Support to the Arts; The Hiroshima Exhibit; The FDA; Israeli History; Human Rights in the USA; Genocide; Guns May 1995 the Killings at Kent State; Dissolve the CIA; Guest Viewpoint: Abortion is Wrong; Some Thoughts on the Texas Concealed Carry Law; A Constitutional Right to Drive Cars; Welfare = Disaster Relief; School Lunches; How to Get Rich in Politics; the Internet Gold Rush; Senator Helms and Murder; Interview With the Vampire June 1995 An Auschwitz Alphabet; Hate is in the Air; Rape and Double Standards;The Liberal 60's were Better Than the Conservative '90's

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