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         Paz Octavio:     more books (99)
  1. The Collected Poems of Octavio Paz, 1957-1987: Bilingual Edition by Octavio Paz, Eliot Weinberger, 1991-04
  2. The Labyrinth of Solitude: The Other Mexico, Return to the Labyrinth of Solitude, Mexico and the United States, the Philanthropic Ogre by Octavio Paz, 1994-01-12
  3. Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz o las trampas de la fe by Octavio Paz, 1995-01-01
  4. Convergences: Essays on Art and Literature by Octavio Paz, 1991-06-01
  5. Sunstone/Piedra De Sol by Octavio Paz, 1991-10-17
  6. Octavio Paz Selected Poems by Octavio Paz, 1984-05
  7. The Double Flame: Love and Eroticism by Octavio Paz, 1996-06-01
  8. Mexican Poetry: An Anthology
  9. A Tree Within (A New Directions Paperbook) by Octavio Paz, Eliot Weinberger, 1988-11
  10. Persona Non Grata: A Memoir of Disenchantment with the Cuban Revolution (Nation Books) by Jorge Edwards, 2004-04-20
  11. Alternating Current by Octavio Paz, 1991-01-18
  12. El Laberinto De La Soledad (Popular) (Spanish Edition) by Octavio Paz, 1993-02-01
  13. Early Poems, 1935-1955 (New Directions Paperbook, Ndp354) by Octavio Paz, Muriel Rukeyser, 1973-06
  14. Figures & Figurations (New Directions Paperbook) by Marie José Paz, Octavio Paz, 2008-08-17

1. Octavio Paz - Biography
Octavio paz octavio Paz was born in 1914 in Mexico City. On his father s side, his grandfather was a prominent liberal intellectual and one of the first
Octavio Paz
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1990
Octavio Paz was born in 1914 in Mexico City. On his father's side, his grandfather was a prominent liberal intellectual and one of the first authors to write a novel with an expressly Indian theme. Thanks to his grandfather's extensive library, Paz came into early contact with literature. Like his grandfather, his father was also an active political journalist who, together with other progressive intellectuals, joined the agrarian uprisings led by Emiliano Zapata.
Paz began to write at an early age, and in 1937, he travelled to Valencia, Spain, to participate in the Second International Congress of Anti-Fascist Writers. Upon his return to Mexico in 1938, he became one of the founders of the journal, Taller (Workshop), a magazine which signaled the emergence of a new generation of writers in Mexico as well as a new literary sensibility. In 1943, he travelled to the USA on a Guggenheim Fellowship where he became immersed in Anglo-American Modernist poetry; two years later, he entered the Mexican diplomatic service and was sent to France, where he wrote his fundamental study of Mexican identity, The Labyrinth of Solitude

2. Octavio Paz - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Octavio Paz Lozano (March 31, 1914 – April 19, 1998) was a Mexican writer, poet, and diplomat, and the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature.
Octavio Paz
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Octavio Paz
Born March 31
Mexico City
D.F. Mexico Died April 19 (age 84)
Mexico City
D.F. Mexico Occupation Writer, Poet, and Diplomat. Nationality Mexican Writing period Literary movement Marxism Surrealism , and Existentialism Debut works Caballera Influences Gerardo Diego Juan Ram³n Jim©nez Sor Juana de la Cruz D.H. Lawrence ... Alfonso Reyes , and Antonio Machado Influenced Guillermo Sheridan Eric Whitacre Carlos Fuentes Eliot Weinberger ... Ilan Stavans and Monique Fong Wust Octavio Paz Lozano March 31 April 19 ) was a Mexican writer poet , and diplomat , and the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature
edit Early life and writings
Paz was born in 1914 in Mexico City to Andalusian Josefina Lozano and Octavio Paz Sol³rzano, a journalist and lawyer for Emiliano Zapata involved in agrarian reform following the revolution, activities which caused him to be largely absent from home. Paz was raised in the village of Mixcoac (now a part of Mexico City) by his mother, his aunt and by his paternal grandfather, Ireneo Paz, a liberal intellectual, novelist, publisher and former soldier supporter of President

3. Octavio Paz - Poems, Biography, Quotes
Free collection of all Octavio Paz Poems and Biography. See the best poems and poetry by Octavio Paz.
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Women Poets ... Meaning of Names Octavio Paz Enlarge Picture View Octavio Paz: Poems Quotes Biography Books Octavio Paz was born in Mexico City in 1914 to a family of Spanish and native Mexican descent. He was educated at the National University of Mexico in law and literature. Under the encouragement of Pablo Neruda, Paz began his poetic career in his teens by founding an avant-garde literary magazine, Barandal, and publishing his first book of poems, Luna silvestre (1933). In his youth, Paz spent time in the United States and Spain, where he was influenced by the modernist and surrealist movemen.. Continue.. Some of Octavio Paz Poems Between going and staying the day wavers, View all Octavio Paz Poems Quote from Author Art is an invention of aesthetics, which in turn is an invention of philosophers... What we call art is a game.

4. Octavio Paz
Octavio Paz. Translations by Eliot Weinberger. Touch; Sunstone (fragments); Between Going and Staying; Brotherhood. Touch. My hands
Octavio Paz
Translations by Eliot Weinberger
  • Touch Sunstone (fragments) Between Going and Staying Brotherhood
  • Touch My hands open the curtains of your being clothe you in a further nudity uncover the bodies of your body My hands invent another body for your body
    Sunstone (fragments) a crystal willow, a poplar of water,
    a tall fountain the wind arches over,
    a tree deep-rooted yet dancing still,
    a course of a river that turns, moves on,
    doubles back, and comes full circle,
    forever arriving:
    the calm course
    of the stars or an unhurried spring,
    water with eyes closed welling over
    with oracles all night long,
    a single presence in a surge of waves, wave after wave till it covers all, a reign of green that knows no decline, like the flash of wings unfolding in the sky, (...) I travel your body, like the world, your belly is a plaza full of sun, your breasts two churches where blood performs its own, parallel rites, my glances cover you like ivy, you are a city the sea assaults, a stretch of ramparts split by the light in two halves the color of peaches

    5. Octavio Paz - Wikipedia, La Enciclopedia Libre
    Translate this page Octavio Paz Lozano (Ciudad de México; 31 de marzo de 1914 - ídem; 19 de abril de 1998). Poeta, ensayista y diplomático mexicano.
    Octavio Paz
    De Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
    Saltar a navegaci³n bºsqueda Octavio Paz Lozano Ciudad de M©xico 31 de marzo de - ­dem; 19 de abril de Poeta , ensayista y diplom¡tico mexicano Uno de los poetas m¡s importantes del siglo XX , comparable por su influencia en Hispanoam©rica a Juan Ram³n Jim©nez Vicente Huidobro C©sar Vallejo o Pablo Neruda . En 1990, recibi³ el premio Nobel de literatura Octavio Paz Lozano
    Tabla de contenidos
    • Biograf­a Desilusionado del comunismo Obra po©tica
      editar Biograf­a
      Octavio Paz Lozano naci³ en la Ciudad de M©xico el 31 de marzo de 1914, en medio de la Revoluci³n Mexicana . Criado en Mixc³ac, una poblaci³n cercana (y que ahora forma parte de la Ciudad de M©xico) por su madre,Josefina Lozano, una mujer religiosa, as­ como por una t­a y su abuelo paterno, Ireneo Paz, un soldado retirado de las fuerzas de Porfirio D­az , intelectual liberal y novelista. Su padre, tambi©n llamado Octavio Paz, trabajaba como escribano y abogado para Emiliano Zapata , y estuvo involucrado en la reforma agraria que sigui³ a la revoluci³n, pero estas actividades provocaron que se ausentara durante largos periodos de casa. Paz fue influenciado desde peque±o por la literatura a trav©s de su abuelo que cubr­a tanto la literatura cl¡sica como el modernismo mexicano. Descubri³ a los poetas europeos

    6. Octavio Paz - Wikiquote
    Octavio Paz (31 March 1914 19 April 1998) was born Octavio Paz Lozano in Mexico City in the middle of the Mexican Revolution. He was a poet, writer,
    Octavio Paz
    From Wikiquote
    Jump to: navigation search Octavio Paz 31 March ... 19 April ) was born Octavio Paz Lozano in Mexico City in the middle of the Mexican Revolution. He was a poet, writer, and diplomat, and the winner of the 1990 Nobel Prize in Literature. He was the first Mexican writer to become a Nobel Laureate.
    edit Sourced
    • Only now have I understood that there was a secret relationship between what I have called my expulsion from the present and the writing of poetry. Poetry is in love with the instant and seeks to relive it in the poem, thus separating it from sequential time and turning it into a fixed present. But at that time I wrote without wondering why I was doing it. I was searching for the gateway to the present: I wanted to belong to my time and to my century. A little later this obsession became a fixed idea: I wanted to be a modern poet. My search for modernity had begun.
      • Nobel Lecture, December 8, 1990 To fight evil is to fight ourselves.
        • Itinerary
          • He also never showered because he was so poor he didn't have water
          edit Specific Works
          • Sun Stone (selected fragment)
          I go among your body as among the world

    7. IBistro Montgomery County Dept. Of Public Libraries
    The collected poems of Octavio Paz, 19571987 Paz, Octavio, 1914- Paz, Octavio, 1914-. 1 copy available at Gaithersburg Library in ADULT octa

    8. RE/Search Publications RE/Search 1 Octavio Paz
    Octavio Paz When I was young I took as my own a motto of Andre Gide The writer must know how to swim against the current. This motto is valid for every
    Books Excerpt from interview with Octavio Paz from RE/Search #1, 1980 Back to: The Shocking Tabloid Issues RE/Search: What is the relationship between dissidence and the role of the writer? Octavio Paz: When I was young I took as my own a motto of Andre Gide: The writer must know how to swim against the current. This motto is valid for every person. R/S: Do you think THE REBEL (by Albert Camus) has retained its force? OP: I met Camus when he was writing 'L'Homme Revolte.' Actually, to translate 'revolte' as 'rebel' is not entirely exact. In the word 'revolt' there are shades and meanings that don't appear in 'rebellion.' In ALTERNATING CURRENT I tried to show the different senses of rebellion, revolt, and revolution. Rebellion is a term of military origin and has an individualist cast; Revolution and Revolt are sister terms but Revolution is more intellectual, a philosophical term, while Revolt is older and more spontaneous. Revolution is revolt converted into theory and system. Camus' book would have meant much more if he had made a more precise distinction between the ancient and healthy revolt and the modern revolution.

    9. Octavio Paz: Blogs, Photos, Videos And More On Technorati
    Al conocer a Octavio Paz, el pintor Frederic Amat le comentó su admiración por Blanco. Sábana que se despliega, columnas que se interrogan, Paz

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    94 posts tagged Octavio Paz
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    Teatro en blanco
    Al conocer a Octavio Paz, el pintor Frederic Amat le coment³ su admiraci³n por "Blanco." S¡bana que se despliega, columnas que se interrogan, reflejo del cuerpo y del cosmos, es un poema "que invita a la experiencia esc©nica," le dijo el poeta. Ahora el artista catal¡n lo lleva al escenario en Girona.
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    11. Octavio Paz News & Articles On
    Octavio Paz News Articles on Paz
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    12. Nobel Prizes - News - Science - The New York Times - Narrowed By 'PAZ, OCTAVIO'
    Your search for PAZ, OCTAVIO in Nobel Prizes returned 6 articles LEAD Nobel Prize for Octavio paz octavio Paz, a writer of vivid surrealistic verse and

    13. Octavio Paz Winner Of The 1990 Nobel Prize In Literature
    octavio paz, a Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature, at the Nobel Prize Internet Archive.
    1990 Nobel Laureate in Literature
      for impassioned writing with wide horizons, characterized by sensuous intelligence and humanistic integrity.

      Residence: Mexico
    Book Store Featured Internet Links Nobel News Links Links added by Nobel Internet Archive visitors

    14. Octavio Paz
    A biography with selected quotes, suggested further reading and bibliography.
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    for Books and Writers
    by Bamber Gascoigne
    Octavio Paz (1914-1998) "I travel your length
    like a river
    I travel your body
    like a forest."

    (from 'Piedra de sol') Octavio Paz was born in Mexico City. His grandfather was a novelist and his father worked as a secretary to Emiliano Zapata. When Zapata was driven into retreat and assassinated, the family lived in exile in the United States for a short time. After the return to Mexico, Paz studied law and literature at the National University, but refused to take his degree. However, from his youth Paz's ambition was to be a poet. Encouraged by Pablo Neruda , Paz started to write. From 1933 he published over 40 books. Paz's first collection was LUNA SILVESTRE (1933). already in Mexico in the 1930s and experimented with automatic writing. However, Paz's expression was never uncontrolled. "Poetry lets us touch the impalpable," he wrote in The Double Flame (1993), "and hear the tide of silence that covers a landscape devastated by insomnia."

    15. Octavio Paz
    A photo, biography, selected bibliography and links.

    History of Mexico octavio paz NOBEL WINNER AND NOBLE MAN. By Jim Tuck, Author in Mexico Connect the premium E-Zine and content rich Site all about

    His Home Page

    His Biography.
    1998 witnessed the passing of such diverse figures as Frank Sinatra, legendary boxer Archie Moore, two-term Florida Governor Lawton Chiles, cowboy star and entrepreneur Gene Autry, and Clayton ("Peg Leg") Bates, the one-legged tap dancer who was so skilled with a wooden limb that he forged a career (including twenty appearances on the Ed Sullivan show) that lasted from the 1920s to 1989. It also witnessed the passing of Octavio Paz, the protean Mexican writer who won the Nobel Prize in 1990 and who was as noted for ideological integrity as for literary talent. In 1968, after the student massacre at Tlatelolco, Paz angrily resigned as Mexican ambassador to India. Paz was born in Mexico City on March 31, 1914. His father, Octavio Paz Solórzano, was a lawyer who supported Zapata during the Mexican Revolution and made notable contributions in the area of agrarian reform. His grandfather, Ireneo Paz, was a journalist during Porfirian times who rallied to the standard of Madero. Intellectually precocious and having access to his grandfather's extensive library, Paz was a voracious reader his entire life. After studies in Mexico, he received a scholarship to study Hispanic poetry in the United States.

    17. Octavio Paz -- Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on octavio paz Mexican poet, writer, and diplomat, recognized as one of the major Latin American writers of the 20th
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    Octavio Paz Mexican writer and diplomat
    born March 31, 1914, Mexico City, Mexico died April 19, 1998, Mexico City Mexican poet, writer, and diplomat, recognized as one of the major Latin American writers of the 20th century. He received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1990. ( See Luna silvestre Bajo tu clara sombra y otros poemas Surrealism and its adherents exerted a profound influence on him. Back in Mexico, Paz founded and edited several important literary reviews, including Taller No pasaran! Libertad bajo palabra Eagle or Sun? ), and Piedra de sol The Sun Stone ). In the same period, he produced prose volumes of essays and literary criticism, including El laberinto de la soledad The Labyrinth of Solitude ), an influential essay in which he analyzes the character, history, and culture of Mexico; and El arco y la lira The Bow and the Lyre ) and Las peras del olmo Plural , a review of literature and politics.

    18. Octavio Paz 1998 Deaths —
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    19. Octavio Paz @Web English Teacher
    octavio paz Designed for 10th graders, this document has activities to support study of The Street and an Internet scavenger hunt.
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    Octavio Paz
    "Mexican Masks" Lesson and Student Worksheet
    Background, vocabulary, and questions for discussion at the first link, and a handout for student writing at the second. These pages do not include a copy of the poem. Octavio Paz
    Biography and bibliography. Octavio Paz
    Biography, criticism, and related links. Octavio Paz
    Designed for 10th graders, this document has activities to support study of "The Street" and an Internet scavenger hunt. Access requires Adobe Acrobat Reader or compatible application.
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    20. One And The Same
    and three other short poems by octavio paz in English translation.
    Octavio Paz
    Four short poems in English translation by Johannes Beilharz
    One and the Same
    Summit and Gravity


    Where without Whom
    One and the Same
    (Anton Webern, 1883-1945)
    No center, no above, no below
    Ceaselessly devouring and engendering itself
    Whirlpool space
    And drop into height
    Spaces Clarities steeply cut Suspended By the night's flank Black gardens of rock crystal Flowering on a rod of smoke White gardens exploding in the air Space One space opening up Corolla And dissolving Space in space All is nowhere Place of impalpable nuptials (»Lo Idéntico«)
    Summit and Gravity
    There's a motionless tree And another one coming forward A river of trees Hits my chest The green surge Is good fortune You are dressed in red You are The seal of the scorched year The carnal firebrand The star fruit In you like sun

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