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         Lowell Amy:     more books (102)
  1. Amy Lowell: Selected Poems (American Poets Project) by Amy Lowell, 2004-10-07
  2. Selected Poems of Amy Lowell
  3. Complete Poetical Works of Amy Lowell by Amy Lowell, 1955-06
  4. John Keats. TWO VOLUME SET by Amy Lowell, 1925
  5. Men, Women and Ghosts by Amy Lowell, 2010-07-06
  6. Amy: The world of Amy Lowell and the Imagist movement by Jean Gould, 1975
  7. Amy Lowell, American Modern
  8. Amy Lowell - American Writers 82: University of Minnesota Pamphlets on American Writers by F. Cudworth Flint, 1969-12-03
  9. Amy Lowell,: A chronicle, with extracts from her correspondence by S. Foster Damon, 1935
  10. Amy Lowell Among Her Contemporaries by Carl Rollyson, 2010-01-20
  11. Amy Lowell, a Critical Appreciation by Bryher, 2010-07-24
  12. The Thorn of a Rose: Amy Lowell Reconsidered by Glenn Richard Ruihley, 1975-06
  13. Christ, Amy Lowell by Elizabeth Mccaslin, 2005-03-31
  14. Some Imagist Poets by Richard Aldington, John Gould Fletcher, et all 2010-09-16

1. About Amy Lowell
Amy Lowell biography, bibliography, and selected links to more information.
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    Amy Lowell February 9 May 12
    , critic, biographer, socialite; promoted Imagist school of poetry
    Also on This Site Amy Lowell Poems
    Amy Lowell - Biography

    Preface and Title Page

    Men, Women and Ghosts: Preface

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    From Other Guides Mother of Us All About Poetry About Women Writers Lowell On the Web Amy Lowell - biography Untermeyer on Lowell Lillian Faderman: On Teaching Amy Lowell Perspectives in American Literature: Amy Lowell Writings On the Web Poems from

    2. Amy Lowell - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    March 26, 1916, New York Times, How Does the New Poetry Differ from the Old?; Amy Lowell Laments the Lack of Authoritative Criticism in America Says No
    Amy Lowell
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Jump to: navigation search This article does not cite any references or sources (August 2007)
    Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources Unverifiable material may be challenged and removed. Amy Lawrence Lowell
    Born February 9
    Massachusetts Died May 12
    Poet Amy Lawrence Lowell February 9 May 12 ) was an American poet of the imagist school who posthumously won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in
    edit Personal life and career
    Lowell was born into Boston 's prominent Lowell family . One brother, Percival Lowell , was a famous astronomer who predicted the existence of the dwarf planet Pluto ; another brother, Abbott Lawrence Lowell , served as President of Harvard University She herself never attended college because it was not deemed proper for a woman by her family, but she compensated for this with her avid reading, which led to near-obsessive book-collecting. She lived as a socialite and travelled widely, turning to poetry in after being inspired by a performance of Eleonora Duse in Europe. Her first published work appeared in

    3. Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell was born in 1874 at Sevenels, a tenacre family estate in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her family was Episcopalian, of old New England stock,

    4. Men, Women And Ghosts: The Life Of Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell. NAmy Lowell Impressionist Poet. A look at Lowell s Imagist poems and how they reflected movements in the visual arts,
    Amy Lowell N Amy Lowell - Impressionist Poet
    A look at Lowell's "Imagist" poems and how they reflected movements in the visual arts, particularly Impressionist painting.
    N Aural Influences
    Samples of music performed at Lowell's estate, Sevenels
    N Research Links N Bibliography N
    Selected poems: The Taxi Patterns Lilacs

    5. Amy Lowell --  Britannica Online Encyclopedia
    Britannica online encyclopedia article on Amy Lowell American critic, lecturer, and a leading poet of the Imagist school.
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    Amy Lowell
    Page 1 of 1 born Feb. 9, 1874, Brookline, Mass., U.S.
    died May 12, 1925, Brookline Amy Lowell, 1916. Corbis-Bettmann American critic, lecturer, and a leading poet of the Imagist school. Lowell came from a prominent Massachusetts family (her brothers were Abbott Lawrence Lowell , later president of Harvard, and astronomer Percival Lowell Lowell, Amy... (75 of 406 words) To read the full article, activate your FREE Trial Commonly Asked Questions About Amy Lowell Close Enable free complete viewings of Britannica premium articles when linked from your website or blog-post. Now readers of your website, blog-post, or any other web content can enjoy full access to this article on Amy Lowell , or any Britannica premium article for free, even those readers without a premium membership. Just copy the HTML code fragment provided below to create the link and then paste it within your web content. For more details about this feature, visit our

    6. Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell * THE TAXI When I go away from you The World beats dead Like a slackened drum. Amy Lowell CROWNED You came to me bearing bright roses,
    A little garden on a bleak hillside
    Where deep the heavy, dazzling mountain snow
    Lies far into the spring. The sun's pale glow
    Is scarcely able to melt patches wide
    About the single rose bush. All denied
    Of nature's tender ministries. But no,
    For wonder-working faith has made it blow
    With flowers many hued and starry-eyed.
    Here sleeps the sun long, idle summer hours;
    Here butterflies and bees fare far to rove Amid the crumpled leaves of poppy flowers; Here four o'clocks, to the passionate night above Fling whiffs of perfume, like pale incense showers. A little garden, loved with a great love! Amy Lowell AZURE AND GOLD April had covered the hills With flickering yellows and reds, The sparkle and coolness of snow Was blown from the mountain beds. Across a deep-sunken stream The pink of blossoming trees, And from windless appleblooms The humming of many bees. The air was of rose and gold Arabesqued with the song of birds Who, swinging unseen under leaves

    7. Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell the daughter of wealthy parents, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1874. After being privately educated Lowell travelled widely before
    Amy Lowell
    USA History British History Second World War ... Email
    Amy Lowell the daughter of wealthy parents, was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, in 1874. After being privately educated Lowell travelled widely before settling in New York.
    Her first volume of poems, A Dome of Many Coloured Glass was published in 1912. Rebelling against her respectable upbringing, Lowell shocked society by smoking large black cigars. Lowell also held radical political views and in 1914 and began having her work published in The Masses , a socialist journal edited by Floyd Dell and Max Eastman
    A supporter of modern poetry, Lowell edited an annual anthology of imagist poets during the First World War . This period also saw the publication of Lowell's second volume of verse, Sword Blades and Poppy Seed (1914) and a critical study, Six French Poets (1915). This was followed by

    8. Amy Lowell - Poems, Biography, Quotes
    Free collection of all Amy Lowell Poems and Biography. See the best poems and poetry by Amy Lowell.
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    Women Poets ... Meaning of Names Amy Lowell Enlarge Picture View Amy Lowell: Poems Quotes Biography Books Amy Lowell (1874-1925), American Imagist poet, was a woman of great accomplishment. She was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, to a prominent family of high-achievers. Her environment was literary and sophisticated, and when she left private school at 17 to care for her elderly parents, she embarked on a program of self-education. Her poetic career began in 1902 when she saw Eleonora Duse, a famous actress, perform on stage. Overcome with Eleonora's beauty and talent, she wrote her first po.. Continue.. Some of Amy Lowell Poems Petals A Fairy Tale Sea Shell Summer ... View all Amy Lowell Poems Quote from Author A man must be sacrificed now and again to provide for the next generation of men.

    9. Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell. Amy Lowell AKA Amy Lawrence Lowell. Born 9Feb-1874 Brother Abbott Lawrence Lowell (President of Harvard University)
    This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Amy Lowell AKA Amy Lawrence Lowell Born: 9-Feb
    Birthplace: Brookline, MA
    Died: 12-May
    Location of death: Brookline, MA
    Cause of death: Cerebral Hemorrhage
    Gender: Female
    Race or Ethnicity: White
    Sexual orientation: Lesbian
    Occupation: Poet Nationality: United States
    Executive summary: What's O'Clock Father: Augustus Lowell (b. 1830, d. 1901)
    Mother: Katharine Bigelow Brother: Percival Lowell (astronomer, b. 13-Mar-1855, d. 12-Nov-1916) Brother: A. Lawrence Lowell (President of Harvard, b. 1-Jan-1856, d. 6-Jan-1943) Girlfriend: Ada Dwyer Russell (actress, met 1912) Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1926 for What's O'Clock , posthumously Author of books: A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass , poetry) Sword Blades and Poppy Seed , poetry) Six French Poets , nonfiction) Men, Women, and Ghosts , poetry) Tendencies in Modern American Poetry , nonfiction) Pictures of the Flaoting World , poetry) Can Grande's Castle , poetry) A Critical Fable , poetry, published anonymously) What's O'Clock , poetry) John Keats , biography, 2 volumes) East Wind , poetry) Ballads for Sale , poetry) Do you know something we don't?

    10. Melissa Bradshaw - Outselling The Modernisms Of Men: Amy Lowell And The Art Of S
    Amy Lowell was telling Massachusetts just where to get off. Ezra Pound had broadcasted imagism from London. In just two months Edgar Lee Master s Spoon
    Victorian Poetry
    [Access article in PDF]
    Outselling the Modernisms of Men:
    Amy Lowell and the Art of Self-Commodification
    Melissa Bradshaw
    The famous 1912 New Poetry Fire kindled by the good and great Harriet Monroe was burning up the prairie, and anything any poet did was temporarily news, at last. New Books of Poetry were popping like Popcorn. Amy Lowell was telling Massachusetts just where to get off. Ezra Pound had broadcasted imagism from London. In just two months [Edgar Lee Master's] Spoon River [Anthology] was to start in Reedy's Mirror, and to be read to tatters in Chicago and London before it came out in Book Form. Frost was coming out in England and was about to be lionized in Boston, Sandburg was soon to receive his first prize, that for His poem on Chicago, from Harriet Monroe, and all the poets in America for the first time in thirty years were looking one another in the eye. Vachel Lindsay Poetry 's annual cash prize for his poem "Chicago." While it would be naive to ignore issues of canonicity and the power exercised by figures like Pound and Eliot and Ford Madox Ford in shaping current understandings of modernist poetics, and while the paper trail left behind in letters by Monroe, Lowell, Pound, Frost, John Gould Fletcher, [End Page 141] and Margaret Anderson, among others, certainly deflates Lindsay's claim that American poets were "looking one another in the eye" (p. 455), I want to indulge in the reconceptualization of modernist poetry hierarchies suggested by his narrative. Doing so levels the playing field and allows us to imagine the cultural space of early twentieth-century poetry not as an oligarchy presided over by alienated expatriates writing against the philistinism of the masses, but as a capitalist marketplace in which poetry is a commodity.

    11. Amy
    Amy Lowell (18741925) was a prominent American poet and critic of the Imagist movement, a powerhouse in her day whose stock has plummeted to relative Lowell

    12. Amy Lowell | Find Articles At
    Amy lowell amy Lowell (18741925), American poet, critic, biographer, and flamboyant promoter of the imagist movement, was important in the. Lowell&qf=free

    13. Words Of Women Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell. (18741925). Elizabeth Akers Allen Francis II, King of Naples To John Keats. Need a book on Amy Lowell? Poetry and Poets Essays by Amy Lowell.

    14. Amy Lowell
    Amy Lowell (18741925). From A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (1912) (from netLibrary). The sonnets are especially appealing and touch the heart strings so
    Amy Lowell (1874-1925)
    From A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (1912) (from netLibrary "The sonnets are especially appealing and touch the heart strings so tenderly that there comes immediate response in the same spirit. . . ." Boston Sunday Globe
    Leisure, thou goddess of a bygone age,
    When hours were long and days sufficed to hold
    Wide-eyed delights and pleasures uncontrolled
    By shortening moments, when no gaunt presage
    Of undone duties, modern heritage,
    Haunted our happy minds; must thou withhold
    Thy presence from this over-busy world,
    And bearing silence with thee disengage
    Our twined fortunes? Deeps of unhewn woods
    Alone can cherish thee, alone possess
    Thy quiet, teeming vigor. This our crime:
    Not to have worshipped, marred by alien moods
    That sole condition of all loveliness,
    The dreaming lapse of slow, unmeasured time.
    On Carpaccio's Picture: The Dream of St. Ursula
    Swept, clean, and still, across the polished floor
    From some unshuttered casement, hid from sight

    15. Amy Lowell Quotes
    Quotes and Quotations by author Amy Lowell. There are 23 quotes for the author Amy Lowell. Quotations 1 to 20 of 23 Results Page 1 2
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    Results Page: Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.
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    For books are more than books, they are the life, the very heart and core of ages past, the reason why men worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives.

    I am tired, beloved, of chafing my heart against the want of you; of squeezing it into little ink drops, and posting it. And I scald alone, here, under the fire of the great moon.

    Happiness: We rarely feel it. I would buy it, beg it, steal it, Pay in coins of dripping blood For this one transcendent good.
    For books are more than books, they are the life, the very heart and core of ages past, the reason why men lived and worked and died, the essence and quintessence of their lives.

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    16. Amy Lowell Quotes & Quotations
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    17. Amy Lowell - Wikiquote
    Amy Lawrence Lowell (1910). Amy Lawrence Lowell (1910). Amy Lawrence Lowell (187402-09 – 1925-05-12) was an American Amy Lowell at Project Gutenberg
    Amy Lowell
    From Wikiquote
    Jump to: navigation search Amy Lawrence Lowell (1910) Amy Lawrence Lowell ) was an American poet of the Imagist school who posthumously won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926. This article on an author is a stub . You can help Wikiquote by
    edit Sourced

    18. Amy Lowell poets/g_l/amylowell/lowell.htm
    Amy Lowell (1874-1925) Lowell's Life and Career About Lowell's Poetry On "The Weather-Cock Points South" On "Sisters" ... External Links Compiled and Prepared by Kathryn Benzel, University of Nebraska at Kearney, Cary Nelson, and Melissa Bradshaw Return to Modern American Poetry Home Return to Poets Index

    19. Poetry Of Amy Lowell, Full-text; Amy Lowell's Poems At
    A collection of amy lowell s poems, including the complete A Dome of ManyColoured Glass , Sword Blades and Poppy Seed and Men, Women and Ghosts
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    Archive of Classic Poems
    Poetry of Amy Lowell
    A Dome of Many-Coloured Glass Sword Blades and Poppy Seed Men, Women and Ghosts

    20. Glbtq >> Literature >> Lowell, Amy
    Much of amy lowell s poetry is extremely frank, forthrightly sensual, and often overtly lesbian.
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    Lowell, Amy (1874-1925)
    page: Amy Lowell was a poet, translator, essayist, literary biographer, and public speaker. Her poetry is extremely frank, forthrightly sensual, and often overtly lesbian. She was born February 9, 1874, in Brookline, Massachusetts, to Augustus and Katherine Lawrence Lowell. She was much younger than her siblings and so grew up lonely in the company of literate and socially sophisticated adults on the ten-acre family estate, Sevenels. She was a precocious child even among a prominent family of high achievers and important New England personages, James Russell Lowell, a great-cousin, among them. Sponsor Message.
    Throughout her life, Lowell would struggle to distinguish herself on her own merits and accomplishments, apart from her family fortune and famous relatives. She attended private girls' schools until age seventeen when she left school to care for her elderly parents. At home, she undertook a rigorous self-education, reading widely among the several thousand books in the library of Sevenels. She became an ardent student of poetry, especially Keats's. After her parents' deaths, Lowell purchased Sevenels from her father's estate, transforming the house and stables into a compound almost totally devoted to her two great endeavors: creating and promoting modern American poetry and breeding dogs.

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