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         Li Po:     more books (101)
  1. The Selected Poems of Li Po by Bai Li, David Hinton, et all 1996-05
  2. Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems Selected and Translated with an Introduction and Notes (Penguin Classics) by Arthur Cooper, Tu Fu, 1973-07-30
  3. The Works Of Li Po, The Chinese Poet (1922) by Shigeyoshi Obata, 2008-06-02
  4. Five T'ang Poets by Wang Wei, Li Po, et all 1990-03
  5. Endless River: Li Po and Tu Fu : A Friendship in Poetry
  6. Facing the Moon: Poems of Li Bai and Du Fu by Li Bai or Li Po, Du Fu or Tu Fu, 2007-10-15
  7. Poetry and Career of Li Po (Ethical & Religious Classics of E.& W.) by Arthur Waley, 1951-06
  8. Ha li po te (4) - huo bei de kao yan ('Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire' in Traditional Chinese Characters) by J. K. Rowling, J.K. Rowling, 2001-12
  9. The Works of Li Po: The Chinese Poet by Bai Li, Shigeyoshi Obata, 2010-04-22
  10. The Ascended Masters: Who Are They & What Are Their Teachings? by Li Po, 2004
  11. Li Pai: 200 Selected Poems by Li Po, 1981-09
  12. The Poet Li Po (Pali Language Texts-Chinese) by Teng C. Yung, 1975-09
  13. Like Li-po Lauging at the Lonely Moon by Chuck Taylor, 2008-11
  14. The poet Li Po, A.D. 701-762 by Arthur. Waley, 1919-01-01

1. Li Bai - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Li Bai, Li Bo, or li po (Chinese ; pinyin L Bái) (701762) was a Chinese poet. He was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the Eight
Li Bai
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Sui Ye Died
Dan Tu Occupation Poet Nationality Chinese Writing period Tang dynasty This is a Chinese name ; the family name is 李 (Li) "Li Bai, Li Bo, or Li Po" ( Chinese pinyin Lǐ B¡i ) was a Chinese poet . He was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the " Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup " in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu. Li Bai is often regarded, along with Du Fu , as one of the two greatest poets in China 's literary history. Approximately 1,100 of his poems remain today. The first translations in a Western language were published in 1862 by in his Po©sies de l'‰poque des Thang The English-speaking world was introduced to Li Bai's works by a Herbert Allen Giles publication History of Chinese Literature (1901) and through the liberal, but poetically influential, translations of Japanese versions of his poems made by Ezra Pound Li Bai is best known for the extravagant imagination and striking Taoist imagery in his poetry, as well as for his great love for liquor . Like Du Fu , he spent much of his life travelling, although in his case it was because his wealth allowed him to, rather than because his poverty forced him. In legend, he is said to have drowned in the

2. Li Po
This page contains poems by li po, the Chinese poet.
Li Po
Three Poems
A cup of wine, under the flowering trees;
I drink alone, for no friend is near.
Raising my cup I beckon the bright moon,
For he, with my shadow, will make three men.
The moon, alas, is no drinker of wine;
Listless, my shadow creeps about at my side.
Yet with the moon as friend and the shadow as slave
I must make merry before the Spring is spent.
To the songs I sing the moon flickers her beams;
In the dance I weave my shadow tangles and breaks. While we were sober, three shared the fun; Now we are drunk, each goes his way. May we long share our odd, inanimate feast, And meet at last on the Cloudy River of the sky.(i) II IN the third month the town of Hsien-yang Is thick-spread with a carpet of fallen flowers. Who in Spring can bear to grieve alone? Who, sober, look on sights like these? Riches and Poverty, long or short life, By the Maker of Things are portioned and disposed; But a cup of wine levels life and death And a thousand things obstinately hard to prove. When I am drunk, I lose Heaven and Earth

3. Li Po
li po (about 701762 CE) was a native of Sezchaun, China. While still in his teens, he retired to mountains in the north of the province to live with a
Authors born between 200 and 8 00 CE Lu Chi Augustine Justinian Muhammad ... Hitomaro [ Li Po ] Du Fu Po Chu i Click Up For A Summary Of Each Author Contents Introduction On a Picture Screen To Wang Lun Three—With the Moon and His Shadow ... Source
Li Po (about 701-762 CE) was a native of Sezchaun, China. While still in his teens, he retired to mountains in the north of the province to live with a religious recluse by the name of Tunyen-tzu. The two of them were said to keep strange birds as pets. Li Po later traveled down the Yangtze to Yun-meng, a town north of the river and Tung-ting Lake, where he married. From then on his occupation became that of a wandering poet. Throughout his life he produced an abundance of poems on many different subjects—particularly nature, wine, friendship, solitude, and the passage of time. He has since become recognized by many as the greatest of a highly talented array of Tang poets. He stayed for a few years in various places, traveled extensively, and became for a time one of the Six Idlers of the Bamboo Valley , who celebrated wine and song in the mountains of Chu-lai. All this did not provide a satisfactory existence for his first wife, who left him with their two children. He appears to have married three times.

4. Li Po
li po. 701762 A.D.. Also Romanised Li Pai, Li T aipo, Li Bai, et cetera. About Tu Fu Alchemy and li po from Waley s book on the poet.
Li Po
701762 A.D. Also Romanised Li Pai, Li T'ai-po, Li Bai, et cetera. Versions by Ezra Pound , which are (to put it as politely as possible) questionable translations but vintage Pound:

5. Li Po
li po (701762) was probably the greatest Chinese poets of premorden times. It is generally agreed that he and Tu Fu raised in the shih form to its highest
Li Po (701-762) was probably the greatest Chinese poets of premorden times. It is generally agreed that he and Tu Fu raised in the shih form to its highest level of powerand expressiveness; later poets at times approached but never surpassed them.
Li Po's distinctionlies in the fact that he brought an unparalleled grace and eloquence to his treament of the traditional themes,a flow and grandeur that lift his work far above of mere immitation of the past. Another characteristic of his poetry is the air of playfulness, hyperbole and outright fantasy that infuses much of it.
Li Po grew up in Szechwan in western China and later traveled extensively in the eastern and central regions.Around 742 he gained recognition from emperor Hsuan-tsung (Xuan Zong) and was appointed to a post in the Hanlin Academy, but a few years later he was exiled from the capital as a result of slanders. He fled south at the time of the rebellion in 755 and entered the service of Prince Yung. The Prince's downfall involved Li Po in a second exile, though he was eventuallypardoned and resumed his life of wandering.
from the Columbia Book of Chinese Poetry Drinking Alone with the Moon From a pot of wine among the flowers
I drank alone.There was no one with me

6. Li Po Poems — Poet Seers
li po Poems. Blue mountains lie beyond the north wall; Round the city s eastern side flows the white water Books on li po Poetry. li po Poems include
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Li Po Poems
 Li Po Poems " Blue mountains lie beyond the north wall;
Round the city's eastern side flows the white water.
Here we part, friend, once forever.
You go ten thousand miles, drifting away
Like an unrooted water-grass.
Oh, the floating clouds and the thoughts of a wanderer!
Oh, the sunset and the longing of an old friend!
We ride away from each other, waving our hands,
While our horses neigh softly, softly . . . . " - From: Taking leave of A Friend
Li Po Poems include:
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7. Poetry Reading - China The Beautiful
English translation of Li Bai s poems. Li Bai Poetry li po, Li TaiPo. English Translation. You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain;
Li Bai Poetry
[Li Po, Li Tai-Po] English Translation You ask me why I dwell in the green mountain; I smile and make no reply for my heart is free of care. As the peach-blossom flows down stream and is gone into the unknown, I have a world apart that is not among men.
[To Chinese text

[43] Green Mountain Chang-an one slip of moon; in ten thousand houses, the sound of fulling mallets. Autumn winds keep on blowing, all things make me think of Jade Pass! When will they put down the barbarians and my good man come home from his far campaign? [To Chinese text
[04] Ziyi Song Amidst the flowers a jug of wine, I pour alone lacking companionship. So raising the cup I invite the Moon, Then turn to my shadow which makes three of us. Because the Moon does not know how to drink, My shadow merely follows the movement of my body. The moon has brought the shadow to keep me company a while, The practice of mirth should keep pace with spring. I start a song and the moon begins to reel, I rise and dance and the shadow moves grotesquely.

8. Poet: Li Po - All Poems Of Li Po
I dearly love li po.He was indeed a Great Poet.His poems like To Wang Lun are superbly written and very emotional.I love you dearly, Oh li po!
Poem Hunter .com
Poet: Li Po - All poems of Li Po
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Page: A Mountain Revelry A Vindication About Tu Fu Alone And Drinking Under The Moon ... Farewell to Meng Hao-jan Page:
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Uriah Hamilton
(7/12/2005 7:20:00 AM)
King of poets, King of drinkers! Lover of the soft moonlight Reflecting off the midnight water! Kiiza Moses (4/20/2005 9:15:00 AM) I dearly love Li Po.He was indeed a Great Poet.His poems like 'To Wang Lun' are superbly written and very emotional.I love you dearly, Oh Li po! Web pages / more info about Li Po Li Bai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Li Po and Tu Fu: Poems Selected and Translated with an Introduction and Spanish Translations of the Poetry of Li Bai ( Li Po ) by Raúl Racedo, Argentina.

9. Li Po's Hermitage
li po is a peaceloving human cleric of the Kwan Yin sect. He admires the classic Chinese poet ( li po or LiBei) whose name he borrowed, and respects the
Li Po's Hermitage Adventure Gaming You can find my third-edition generators by following these links:

10. Li Po Chun United World College: Welcome
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11. Poetry Archives @
Home » Classic Poets » li po. EMail Printable View. Author Picture. li po. (701-762). Farewell to Secretary Shu-yun at the Hsieh Tiao Villa in Hsuan-Chou;author=16

Actually a more general site, devoted to Asian poetry and poetic forms.
Welcome to the Li Po Society of America online. The Li Po Society of America is a cultural association dedicated to bridging East and West, now in its twelfth year. Here's a list of some of our publications:
  • The Moon ~ (a bilingual Chinese poetry anthology for beginning students)
  • Mountain of Interbeing ~ zen poems by Wang Wei
  • Cathay, Revisted
  • 40 Songs of Xanadu
  • 35 Chinese Folk Songs
  • Chinese Fables for Children
  • Adventures in Haikuland
  • Love Poems of the Sixth Dalai Lama
  • River Willows and Other Senryu We're posting samples of each, bit by bit. We'll also be using hypertext to demonstrate some unique properties of Asian poetics and unveiling some other surprise delights. So stop by again, from time to time.
For further information, please write to: The Li Po Society of America
1024 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94108-1546 or Gary Gach , Secretary General
return to Gary's home page

13. Li Po
Li Wiseguy Po, out of the T ang Dynasty, the maestro himself. Author of 100000 poems, all of them better than anything you’ll ever write, he died jumping
zGCID=" test0" zGCID=" test0 test14" zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') You are here: About Education Poetry Poets A-Z ... L, Lally to Luterman Li Po Poetry Education Poetry Essentials ... Help Li Po Related Resources Our library of Classical poets
Elsewhere on the Web Li Po poems in English at China the Beautiful
Li Po
at Asian Topics
Drinking Alone Under the Moon

Li “Wiseguy” Po, the maestro himself, author of 100,000 poems, all of them better than anything you’ll ever write. Li Po (pronounced as li bô , also known as Li Bai, li bye , or Li T’ai-po, li tye bô ) was born in what is now Sichuan province in the T’ang Dynasty. He was a nobody in a class-bound Confucian society. He lived the wild mad poet’s life when poets had real jobs connected with courts and businesses you could not be fired! So, he was banished in 744. Legend maintains he died jumping into the moon late, drunk, in canoe, caught sight of the moon’s reflection, plop.... however, scholars believe he died from cirrhosis of the liver or from mercury poisoning due to Taoist longevity elixirs. About 1,100 of his poems are extant. Long live Li Po! One of the tribe of eight poets in our first Survivor Poet game here at About Poetry, Li Po survived into the second round of voting. He was represented in that round by his poem as witness to a distant war:

14. Topics Page
Li Bo 701 762 Du Fu 721 - 770. Li Bo (li po in Wade-Giles romanization) is also known as Li Bai. Li Bo, also called Li Bai, a second very well-known poet subtopic=

15. [minstrels] Parting -- Li Po
Quite a few poets have essayed their own translations of li po s poem. Here s the inimitable Ezra Pound Parting Blue mountains to the north of the wall,
[749] Parting
Title : Parting Poet : Li Po Date : 10 Apr 2001 Green mountains rise... Length : Text-only version Prev Index Next Your comments on this poem to attach to the end [ microfaq Yesterday's poem leads into this week's theme, translated poetry: Parting Green mountains rise to the north; white water rolls past the eastern city. Once it has been uprooted, the tumbleweed travels forever. Drifting clouds like a wanderer's mind; sunset, like the heart of your old friend. We turn, pause, look back and wave, Even our ponies look back and whine. Li Po thomas. [Links] Once again, let me plug Ken Hope's pages dedicated to Li Po [1], which are part of his large and very comprehensive poetry website [2]. I especially recommend the Story of the Yellow Crane [3], which, although it has no direct connection with Li Po, is very beautiful. Also not to be missed is Hope's own introductory essay on Li Po [4], an essay which brims over with enthusiasm and delight. [1]

16. Li Bi Poetry - China The Beautiful
Poetry of Tang Dynasty Chinese poet Li Bai aka (li po) (Li bo) Poems Li Bai s Poetry China the Beautiful aka Li Bo, li po, Li T ai Po

Li Bai
[aka Li Bo, Li Po, Li T'ai Po]

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17. Li Po - San Francisco, CA, 94108-1302 - Citysearch
Come to Citysearch to get information, directions, and reviews on li po and other Bars and Clubs in San Francisco.
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Li Po
916 Grant Ave
San Francisco, CA 94108-1302
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Cross Street:
Washington Street
Dive Bar, Spot for a Secret Affair
Daily 2pm-2am
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During slow evenings, a couple on a date may be engaging in dice games at the bar, while the barkeep plays cards with regulars at the far end of the snaking counter. Beneath a giant hanging lantern, a Buddha statue sits in contrast to the souvenir shop-quality photo of San Francisco's skyline. On busier nights, the red booths in back host boisterous barhoppers.

18. San Francisco Bars - SF Station
The Knockout li po Lounge Lucky 13 Lush Lounge Mad Dog in the Fog Madrone Lounge Martuni s Murio s Trophy Room Otis R Bar Redwood Room
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19. Li Po —
Most authorities believe that he was a Taoist; li po s unconcern for worldly preferment and his love for retirement was expressive of both Taoism and the
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20. Li PO In San Francisco, CA - AOL City Guide
Seems like every bar in Chinatown has karaoke except li po. If you want a cocktail with an Asian touch but without a shrieking pop wannabe,
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Where Indiana Jones would drink in Chinatown. Bar/Club Editor: Member: My Rating: 916 Grant Ave San Francisco, CA 94108 0.78 Miles Away Get directions View map Nearest subway: Montgomery St. Station at 598 Market Street (0.51 miles away) Phone: Find places nearby E-Mail this page View printer-friendly page
From the Editors
Seems like every bar in Chinatown has karaoke... except Li Po. If you want a cocktail with an Asian touch but without a shrieking pop wannabe, swing into Chinatown's coolest bar. People from all over the world have "cocktailed" here, and the bartender proudly pastes international currencies on the wall behind the big gold Buddha to prove it. The Buddha's altar is covered with candles but don't be afraid to rub his belly: It's good luck! The original wall painting is based on an ancient Chinese battle, you can easily envision yourself being part of this epic struggle after a few drinks. That is, if you're not gaping at the gigantic chandelier lantern it's truly indescribable.
Editor: Members (3): Lostasu1's Review 04/26/2002 lipo lounge is rocking on thursday nights,dj richie panic, and others bring downstairs alive with music to make all the hipsters and scenesters sweat and dance if you are ever...

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