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         Holmes Oliver Wendell:     more books (100)
  1. The Essential Holmes: Selections from the Letters, Speeches, Judicial Opinions, and Other Writings of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1997-01-01
  2. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (Lives and Legacies Series) by G. Edward White, 2006-03-01
  3. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes - Volume 12: Verses from the Oldest Portfolio by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  4. The autocrat of the breakfast-table: every man his own Boswell by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Clement King Shorter, et all 2010-08-18
  5. The Path Of The Law by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2004-06-30
  6. Ralph Waldo Emerson by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2007-01-30
  7. THE COMPLETE POETICAL WORKS OF OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES. by Oliver Wendell. (Edited by Horace E. Scudder). Holmes, 1805
  8. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes - Volume 09: the Iron Gate and Other Poems by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  9. Oliver Wendell Holmes (from Literary Friends and Acquaintance) by William Dean Howells, 2010-07-06
  10. John Lothrop Motley, A Memoir - Complete by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  11. A Mortal Antipathy: first opening of the new portfolio by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  12. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes - Volume 10: Before the Curfew by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  13. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes - Volume 11: Poems from the Teacups Series by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06
  14. The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes - Volume 04: Songs in Many Keys by Oliver Wendell Holmes, 2010-07-06

1. Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotes And Biography. Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations.
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2. Oliver Wendell Holmes Quote - Quotation From Oliver Wendell Holmes - Action Quot
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Quotations to inspire and challenge Main Oliver Wendell Holmes Greatness is not in where we stand, but in what direction we are moving. We must sail sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it but sail we must and not drift, nor lie at anchor. This quote is found in the following categories: Action Quotes Success Quotes Winning Quotes
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3. Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 29th August, 1809. He studied at Harvard University and after graduating in 1836 he practiced
Wendell Holmes

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Oliver Wendell Holmes was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 29th August, 1809. He studied at Harvard University and after graduating in 1836 he practiced medicine f or 10 years. He also wrote and achieved national success with Old Ironsides
In 1847 Holmes became professor of anatomy and physiology at Harvard University . He wrote regularly for The Atlantic Monthly and in 1858 published The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table . This was followed by The Professor of the Breakfast Table Elsie Venner The Poet of the Breakfast Table Ralph Waldo Emerson (1885) and Over the Teacups
Holmes, the father of the Supreme Court judge, Oliver Wendell Holmes , who was also dean of the Harvard Medical School (1847-82). Oliver Wendell Holmes died on 7th October, 1894. Available from Amazon Books (order below)
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4. IdeaPundit: Oliver Wendell Holmes , Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations, Oliver Wen
Oliver Wendell Holmes , Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sayings Famous Quotes and Famous Sayings Network
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Friday, October 31, 2003
Oliver Wendell Holmes , Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sayings - Famous Quotes and Famous Sayings Network
Oliver Wendell Holmes , Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotations, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sayings - Famous Quotes and Famous Sayings Network
"A man's mind, stretched by a new idea, can never go back to its original dimension.
Oliver Wendell Holmes "
posted by Andis Kaulins at 10/31/2003 06:57:00 PM
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5. Explore DC: Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was one of America s premier jurists, serving as an associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1902 to 1932.

6. Oliver Wendell Holmes
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was born on March 8, 1841, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the eldest of three children born to his parents.
Supreme Court Justices Oliver Wendell Holmes (1841-1935) Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was born on March 8, 1841, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the eldest of three children born to his parents. His father, for whom he was named, was a medical doctor and writer who was a co-founder of The Atlantic Monthly . His mother, Amelia Jackson, was an abolitionist, and Massachusetts then was the home of abolitionism. As an adult, Holmes was tall and handsome, and wore a military mustache (as you can see in the picture). Holmes had a difficult relationship with his father, who often used Holmes as the recipient of his barbs in his Atlantic Monthly column, "The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table." He was his mother's favorite child, and received his self-confidence from her. Commentaries on American Law. Holmes believed a man had to earn his reputation before he turned 40, or he would not make it at all. Shortly before his 40th birthday, he was invited to give the Lowell Lectures. The book published as a result of those lectures was The Common Law Charles Evans Hughes . He died three years later, on March 4, 1935, four days before his 94

7. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
oliver wendell holmes Sr., (August 29, 1809 – October 7, 1894) was a physician by profession but achieved fame as a writer; he was one of the best regarded,_Sr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. c. 1894 Born August 29
Cambridge, Massachusetts
U.S. Died October 7
Boston, Massachusetts
U.S. Occupation ... Author , Professor of Anatomy and Physiology Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. August 29 October 7 ) was a physician by profession but achieved fame as a writer ; he was one of the best regarded American poets of the 19th century
edit Life and career
He was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts , the son of Abiel Holmes (1763-1837), a Calvinist clergyman, avid historian, author of Annals of America (a critically praised work for which he was granted an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh) and of unnotable poetry, and his second wife, Sarah Wendell, of a prominent New York family. Through her, Dr. Holmes was descended from Massachusetts Governors Thomas Dudley and Simon Bradstreet and his wife, Dudley's daughter, Anne Bradstreet , the first published American female poet. In 1840, Holmes married Amelia Lee Jackson, daughter of the Hon. Charles Jackson

8. Oliver Wendell Holmes
Links to information about the poet and author, oliver wendell holmes, and his son, Associate Supreme Court Justice oliver wendell holmes, Jr.
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9. Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotes - The Quotations Page
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Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809 - 1894)
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A person is always startled when he hears himself seriously called an old man for the first time.
Oliver Wendell Holmes - More quotations on: [ Age
Civilization is the process of reducing the infinite to the finite.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
It is the province of knowledge to speak and it is the privilege of wisdom to listen.
Oliver Wendell Holmes - More quotations on: [ Listening
Man is born a predestined idealist, for he is born to act. To act is to affirm the worth of an end, and to persist in affirming the worth of an end is to make an ideal.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Man's mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.
Oliver Wendell Holmes - More quotations on: [ Ideas
Rough work, iconoclasm, but the only way to get at truth.

10. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Associate Justice, US Supreme Court
Biographical information from Arlington National Cemetery.
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Captain and Brevet Colonel, U.S. Army
Associate Justice, U.S. Supreme Court Born in Massachusetts, he was a Civil War veteran who was wounded three times in battle and who met President Abraham Lincoln on one of the President's visits to the front. He taught law at Harvard, sat on the Massachusetts Supreme Court for twenty years and served for thirty years on the United States Supreme Court, where he helped President Franklin D. Roosevelt select his own successor. An interesting fact is that he had ben appointed to the Court by President Theodore Roosevelt, who was disappointed in many of his decisions. He was known on the Court as "The Great Dissenter" because of the brilliant legal reasoning found in his written opinions. He retired from the Court on January 12, 1932 and was the oldest man to have ever served on the court. He died in Washington, D. C. on March 6, 1935 and was buried in Section 5 of Arlington National Cemetery. His wife, Fannie Bowditch Dixwell Holmes (December 1840-April 1929), whose burial was arranged by Chief Justice William Howard Taft because Holmes was too shy to ask for the honor, is buried with him.

11. Oliver Wendell Holmes - Biography And Works
oliver wendell holmes. Biography of oliver wendell holmes and a searchable collection of works.
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    Oliver Wendell Holmes (1809-1894) , American author, poet, physician, and teacher wrote The Guardian Angel A man of contrasts and contradictions, Holmes lived his life between the poetic and the realistic. A celebrated poet-doctor, he spent the greater part of his life as physician and professor at Harvard University teaching anatomy and physiology. He published many essays and journal articles on travel, epidemiology, psychology, and literature, and hundreds of short stories both humorous and critical. Along with his good friend James Russell Lowell, he was one of the founding editors of the journal Atlantic Monthly in 1857. Oliver Wendell Holmes was the third and eldest son born into one of the old Boston Brahmin families on 29 August 1809 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the same year Charles Darwin and Alfred Tennyson were born. His father was Reverend Abiel Holmes, an orthodox Calvinist minister with the First Congregational Church, who was married to Sarah Wendell, descended from early Dutch settlers. The Holmes's resided in the "old Gambrel-roofed House" in the college dominated village, which Holmes later memorialised in

12. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Biographies: Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, J
USAproject, biographies-area, biographical data of Justice oliver wendell holmes, Jr. (1841-1935)
FRtR Biographies Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. (1841-1935)
Quote Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was born in Boston on March 8, 1841. He would live until two days short of his 94th birthday. His father, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. , was a physician, a professor of medicine at Harvard, and an author of novels, verse, and humorous essays. Thus, Holmes grew up in a literary, and prosperous, family. Holmes attended private schools in Boston and then, like his father, Harvard. Young Holmes was not overly impressed with the Harvard of that time, finding the curriculum stultifying (Henry Adams later remarked that "Harvard taught little, and that little ill."). He exercised his literary talents as editor of the Harvard Magazine, and in numerous essays. His graduation was even in some doubt, as he had been publicly admonished by the faculty for "disrespect" towards a professor. Holmes evidently took this as an affront and left to train for the Civil War . His unit was not immediately sent to the front, and Holmes was persuaded to return and receive his degree. After graduating from Harvard, Holmes began his Civil War service. He was wounded in battle three times and also suffered numerous illnesses. Though he was later to glorify wartime service, he declined to renew his term of service when it expired. Holmes apparently, and justifiably, felt that he had done more than his duty, and had survived one battle too many to continue tempting fate.

13. The Supreme Court Historical Society
oliver wendell holmes, JR., was born on March 8, 1841, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was graduated from Harvard College in 1861. holmes served for three
OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES, JR., was born on March 8, 1841, in Boston, Massachusetts. He was graduated from Harvard College in 1861. Holmes served for three years with the Massachusetts Twentieth Volunteers during the Civil War. He was wounded three times. In 1866 he returned to Harvard and received his law degree. The following year Holmes was admitted to the bar and joined a law firm in Boston, where he practiced for fifteen years. Holmes taught law at his alma mater, edited the American Law Review, and lectured at the Lowe Institute. In 1881, he published a series of twelve lecturers on the common law, which was translated into several languages. In 1882, while working as a full professor at Harvard Law School, Holmes was appointed by the Governor to the Supreme Court of Massachusetts. He served on that Court for twenty years, the last three as Chief Justice. On December 2, 1902, President Theodore Roosevelt nominated Holmes to the Supreme Court of the United States. The Senate confirmed the appointment two days later. Holmes served on the Supreme Court for twenty-nine years and retired on January 12, 1932. He died on March 6, 1935, two days short of his ninety-fourth birthday.

14. Oliver Wendell Holmes Biographical Sketch
oliver wendell holmes Biographical Sketch, by HE Scudder.
Oliver Wendell Holmes
Biographical Sketch
By Horace E. Scudder
From the Riverside Edition of The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, DR. HOLMES had much to say in his writings of the problems of heredity, and was apparently as ready to recognize the caprices as the regular action of inherited tendencies. He may have speculated over his own descent when he wrote, in The Poet at the Breakfast-Table, "The various inherited instincts ripen in succession. You may be nine tenths paternal at one period of your life, and nine tenths maternal at another. All at once the traits of some immediate ancestor may come to maturity unexpectedly on one of the branches of your character, just as your features at different periods of your life betray different resemblances to your nearer or more remote relatives." One would fain believe that the thin poetic blood of his early ancestor Anne Bradstreet had been enriched by its secret passage through the veins of several generations before it issued in the warm pulsations of this poet of our day; but as for those generous, even passionate instincts of patriotism, and that strong impulse toward lawful freedom which characterized the wit and philosopher, one may readily take into account the whole strain of Dr. Holmes's ancestry on both sides. With the exception of a Dutch strain a few generations before, these ancestors were of New England origin, going back to the early colonial days. John Holmes, of Puritan birth, settled in Woodstock, Connecticut, in 1686. His grandson, David Holmes, served as captain of British troops in the French and Indian war and later as a surgeon in the Revolutionary army. The son of this David was the Reverend Abiel Holmes, who was graduated at Yale College in 1782, and after a six years' pastorate in Georgia came to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he was pastor over the first parish for forty years, and during his pastorate beside other writings and lectures compiled

15. The Stereoscope And The Stereograph
oliver wendell holmes. Democritus of Abdera, commonly known as the Laughing Philosopher, probably because he did not consider the study of truth
The Stereoscope and the Stereograph
Oliver Wendell Holmes
  • Democritus of Abdera, commonly known as the Laughing Philosopher, probably because he did not consider the study of truth inconsistent with a cheerful countenance, believed and taught that all bodies were continually throwing off certain images like themselves, which subtle emanations, striking on our bodily organs, gave rise to our sensations. Epicurus borrowed the idea from him, and incorporated it into the famous system, of which Lucretius has given us the most popular version. Those who are curious on the matter will find the poet's description at the beginning of his fourth book. Forms, effigies, membranes, or films are the nearest representatives of the terms applied to these effluences. They are perpetually shed from the surfaces of solids, as bark is shed by trees. Cortex is indeed, one of the names applied to them by Lucretius.
  • These evanescent films may be seen in one of their aspects in any clear, calm sheet of water, in a mirror, in the eye of an animal by one who looks at it in front, but better still by the consciousness behind the eye in the ordinary act of vision. They must be packed like the leaves of a closed book; for suppose a mirror to give an image of an object a mile off, it will give one at every point less than a mile, though this were subdivided into a million parts. Yet the images will not be the same; for the one taken a mile off will be very small, at half a mile as large again, at a hundred feet fifty times as large, and so on, as long as the mirror can contain the image.
  • 16. Oliver Wendell Holmes Quotes
    96 quotes and quotations by oliver wendell holmes.

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    Date of Birth:
    August 29
    Date of Death: October 8 Nationality: American Find on Amazon: Oliver Wendell Holmes Related Authors: Mason Cooley H. L. Mencken Eric Hoffer Elbert Hubbard ... Jeff Long A few can touch the magic string, and noisy fame is proud to win them: Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them! Oliver Wendell Holmes A goose flies by a chart which the Royal Geographical Society could not mend. Oliver Wendell Holmes A great calamity is as old as the trilobites an hour after it has happened. Oliver Wendell Holmes A man may fulfill the object of his existence by asking a question he cannot answer, and attempting a task he cannot achieve. Oliver Wendell Holmes A new untruth is better than an old truth. Oliver Wendell Holmes A person is always startled when he hears himself called old for the first time. Oliver Wendell Holmes A pun does not commonly justify a blow in return. But if a blow were given for such cause, and death ensued, the jury would be judges both of the facts and of the pun, and might, if the latter were of an aggravated character, return a verdict of justifiable homicide.

    17. The Classical Essayists.
    holmes, oliver wendell (180994) American physician, professor and man of letters, holmes is a very readable writer. Read any of holmes Breakfast-Table

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    Addison, Joseph
    The eldest son of a cleric, Addison eventually found himself at Oxford (Queen's and Magdalen). He wrote favourable (whether commissioned, or not) articles concerning certain powerful people and their works; he was duly rewarded with a pension of £300 which allowed Addison to travel extensively throughout the continent for four years. With the victory at Blenheim , in 1704, Addison was commissioned to write The Campaign and this led to further political patronage; he was appointed as a Commissioner of Excise Taxes (the only significant taxes they had in those days). The job as a commissioner, presumably, took little of Addison's time and he was left to pursue his writing. While he had contributed to the Tatler (started by Steele in 1709), Addison started his own paper in 1711, the Spectator ("In the Spectator may be traced the foundations of all that is sound and healthy in modern English thought." [

    18. Oliver Wendell Holmes Biography And Poetry Of The Famous American Poet
    Read the biography and an overview of oliver wendell holmes life and poetry.
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
    HOLMES was born at Cambridge, Massachusetts, August 29, 1809, and died October 7, 1894.
    At the age of twenty he graduated at Harvard University, then took up the study of law. This study, however, was soon abandoned for medicine. He studied in Europe for a short time, and took his degree as doctor of medicine at Cambridge, in 1836. Two years later he was appointed to the chair of Anatomy and Physiology in Dartmouth College. This position he held till 1847, when he accepted a similar position at Harvard, which he held till 1892. All of his literary work was performed in addition to the labors of a continuous professorship in college of about forty-seven years.
    Holmes' literary tastes were early indicated by his comic and satiric verse contributed to " The Collegian ." These were excellent of their kind. In his early works, the mirth so often outweighed the sentiment as to lessen the promise and the self-prediction of his being a poet indeed. While many of his youthful stanzas are serious and elegant, those which approach the feeling of true poetry are in celebration of companionship and good cheer. He seemed to exemplify what Emerson was wont to preach, that there is honest wisdom in song and joy. He contributed numerous pieces to American periodicals, and in 1836 collected his poems into a volume. His life was not marked by any noted events, but it was like the steady movement of a great river. It grew broader and deeper in each mile of its progress. "Holmes was a shining instance of one who did solid work as a teacher and practitioner, in spite of his success in literature." "

    19. Homeopathy And Its Kindred Delusions
    The author achieved prominence as a physician, poet, and humorist. His son, oliver wendell holmes, Jr., became a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Home Search Your Guide to Quackery, Health Fraud, and Intelligent Decisions Send This Page to a Friend
    Homeopathy and Its Kindred Delusions
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
    This essay was presented as two lectures to the Boston Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge in 1842 and was reproduced in Examining Holistic Medicine (Prometheus Books, 1985). The author achieved prominence as a physician, poet, and humorist. His son, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., became a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. It is necessary, for the sake of those to whom the whole subject may be new, to give in the smallest possible compass the substance of the Homeopathic Doctrine. Samuel Hahnemann, its founder, is a German physician, now living in Paris, at the age of eighty-seven years. In 1796 he published the first paper containing his peculiar notions; in 1805 his first work on the subject; in 1810 his somewhat famous "Organon of the Healing Art;" the next year what he called the "Pure Materia Medica;" and in 1828 his last work, the "Treatise on Chronic Diseases." He has therefore been writing at intervals on his favorite subject for nearly half a century. [Hahnemann died in 1843.] The one great doctrine which constitutes the basis of Homeopathy as a system is expressed by the Latin aphorism

    20. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. The New Dictionary Of Cultural Literacy, Third Editi
    holmes, oliver wendell, Jr. The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002.
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