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         Gaitskill Mary:     more books (69)
  1. Two Girls: Fat and Thin by Mary Gaitskill, 1991
  2. Don't Cry: Stories (Hardcover) by Mary Gaitskill (Author), 2009
  3. Index Magazine June/July 2003 by Peter Halley, Lou Reed, et all 2003-06-01
  4. Conjunctions: 48, Faces of Desire (No. 48) by Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, Mary Caponegro, et all 2007-07-01
  5. Veronica-a novel by Mary Gaitskill, 2005-01-01
  6. Harper's Magazine June 2006 Art Spiegelman Cover and Article, Mary Gaitskill Fiction
  7. New Fiction From Richard Ford, Mary Gaitskill, and Jim Shepard Plus We "Love" Bill Murray and Paper Dolls (Tin House, volume 3, number 1)
  8. Flight Patterns: A Century of Stories about Flying (Paperback) by Tobias Wolff (Author), Alice Munro (Author), Dorothy Spears (Editor) James Salter (Author) Mary Gaitskill (Author) David Sedaris (Author) Roald Dahl (Author) Walter Kirn (Author), 2009
  10. Tin House 9: Crying on the Inside (Tin House Magazine, Volume 3, Number 1) by Richard Ford, Mary Gaitskill, et all 2001
  11. Bleak House (Modern Library Classics) by Charles Dickens, 2002-07
  12. Two Girls, Fat and Thin by Mary Gaitskill, 1991-01-01
  13. Bad Behavior by Mary Gaitskill,
  14. Open City by Mary Gaitskill, Jeff Koons, 1992-05

61. Mihow: Mary Gaitskill, Jonathan Lethem, And Built To Spill.
While there, I realized that mary gaitskill is reading as well. Currently, some of us are reading her over on Spread. We’re reading Two Girls, Fat and Thin.
Mary Gaitskill, Jonathan Lethem, and Built To Spill.
posted by mihow on March 24th, 2006
A few weeks ago, I went ahead an purchased two tickets to see Jonathan Lethem read at BAMcaf©. While there, I realized that Mary Gaitskill is reading as well. Currently, some of us are reading her over on Spread weird and disturbing conversations I know that back in October, I vowed that I was giving up live music shows forever. Built to Spill Camper Van Beethoven. Am I the only person who thought they were no longer around? I used to freaking love that band back in high school thanks to Nico. That should be pretty OK. Sorry, comments are closed for this article.
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gaitskill, mary. TWO GIRLS, FAT AND THIN. A Novel. NY Poseidon Press, (1991). First edn, in fine dust wrapper, of her 2nd book.
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    GAITSKILL, Mary.
    NY: Poseidon Press, (1991). First edn, in fine dust wrapper, of her 2nd book.
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Enter mary gaitskill. Or, rather, enter her tourde-force, emotionally powerful quasi-satire of the early 1990’s and sexual politics, Two Girls Fat and Thin
Gina Frangello talks with Mary Gaitskill
Appears in Other Voices
I began writing my first novel—a book that would finally find its way to publication thirteen years later—in 1993. I was living in rural New Hampshire, where the man I would later marry was pursuing his doctorate. At the time, I was a practicing therapist, and it would be fair to say that I did not know a single soul who considered him or herself a writer—in fact, few people I knew even read contemporary literary fiction. It was an isolated circumstance in which to begin writing a first novel, perhaps even more so because my novel dealt fairly explicitly with some hot-button issues: sadomasochism, illness, sexual abuse, women’s complicity in their own degradation, homosexuality and—oddly—with the cult of Ayn Rand. As most of my friends were politically-correct wearers of Birkenstocks, who earnestly read John Bradshaw and Alice Miller, had I shown my risqué (and often irreverent) work to anyone I knew, I would likely have been completely ostracized. Enter Mary Gaitskill. Or, rather, enter her tour-de-force, emotionally powerful quasi-satire of the early 1990’s and sexual politics

64. 3:AM Magazine » Veronica
mary gaitskill is not known for her reticence. Her writing debut in 1989, a collection of short stories nonchalantly titled Bad Behaviour, was a frank study
3:AM Magazine
This is an article from 3:AM Magazine Click here for the front page
By Charlotte Stretch. Mary Gaitskill, Veronica Mary Gaitskill is not known for her reticence. Her writing debut in 1989, a collection of short stories nonchalantly titled Bad Behaviour , was a frank study of date rape, sadomasochism and kinky sex. Since then she has forged a reputation for fresh, edgy writing that thrills and outrages the reader in equal measure. Veronica is, in many ways, no different; except in this case, all that boundary-smashing rebelliousness is applied to the very structure of the novel. Narrator Alison, once a glitteringly hip and successful model, recalls her heyday in 1980s New York, a memory inextricably tied up with the story of her old friend Veronica, a glamorous and sardonic proofreader suffering from AIDS. There are so many things captured within this dreamy and disjointed narrative, it is often hard to keep focused. Alison is a schizophrenic storyteller, often switching from the present to the past, and vice versa, within a single sentence. We may applaud Gaitskill’s refusal to be confined in her writing but in practice it means that Veronica is often far more demanding than it ought to be. Adopting a relentless condition of fluidity, there are some genuinely beautiful moments here but the main thread of the novel remains maddeningly ungraspable. The one exception to this is the character of Veronica herself, one of the most delightfully enjoyable treats within Gaitskill’s writing. A woman professionally obsessed by detail, she emerges as the most clearly-defined character in the novel. Created in the same mould as Daphne Du Maurier’s Rebecca de Winter, she floats relentlessly over the surface of the novel, inextinguishable from Alison’s memories. Her sardonic humour and matter-of-fact attitude clash with her charismatic and compelling allure – a mix that leads one character to describe her as “like Marlene Dietrich and Emil Jannings combined”. Like Rebecca, her illness and inevitable death is never a bodily tragedy but rather a social one; the ramifications of AIDS are measured against the New York culture of arty, underground communities populated by beauty-driven models and photographers.

65. Living With Obsession: Veronica, Mary Gaitskill « Graeme Allister
Combining the lifein-a-day format of Mrs Dalloway with the themes of Bret Easton Ellis, mary gaitskill has crafted a unique work that reaffirms her
Graeme Allister
Homer, Byron, Brand?
Living with obsession: Veronica, Mary Gaitskill
November 1, 2007 Veronica is a novel of symbiosis – beauty and cruelty, glamour and decay, Veronica and Alison. In this tale told in the present day but focused firmly on the 1980s, Alison thinks back over a life of fleeing those who need her, running even as she clings to them. After a meandering life in Paris and San Francisco, Alison settles in New York in an office job. She meets Veronica, a woman twice her age, as lurid and fake as her red fingernails, who senses Alison’s troubles as if they were an aura. An unlikely bond blossoms, and then withers as Veronica is diagnosed with Aids. Combining the life-in-a-day format of Mrs Dalloway with the themes of Bret Easton Ellis, Mary Gaitskill has crafted a unique work that reaffirms her position as chronicler of America’s underbelly. Of particular note is that she considers Aids from a female perspective, while 1980s literature tended to make it a male issue. Rarer still is the authenticity that emanates from the book, perhaps influenced by Gaitskill’s colourful life. The prose radiates Alison’s gleeful aggression, self-loathing and self-obsession – an obsession in a life already lived and gone. And as such, anyone looking for a wider critique of the huge social change that took place in 1980s America will be disappointed.

66. Elisabeth Harvor Reviews: Because They Wanted To By Mary Gaitskill
In Tiny, Smiling Daddy, the opening story in mary gaitskill s new collection, Because They Wanted To, a sexually prodigal daughter discharges her strange
Because They Wanted to
by Mary Gaitskill
Reviewed by Elisabeth Harvor
In Tiny, Smiling Daddy, the opening story in Mary Gaitskill's new collection, Because They Wanted To, a sexually prodigal daughter discharges "her strange jangling beauty" into her father's house, "changing the molecules of its air". In another story (Processing), a waitress, "vibrant with purpose" pours water for her dinner guests "with a harried rattle of ice". At a party in Palo Alto, light "runs and flirts on silverware". All of these glimpses into Gaitskill's latest stories illustrate how charged her language can be, and how much it is animated (in spite of its dark themes) by both boldness and joie de vivre. In other Gaitskill stories, many of the characters act as impish raconteurs of narratives that reveal their own pain or shame. Their audience is made up of a sort of floating opera of fast friends, scoffers, and therapists manque. Privacy is sacrificed to get at "the truth" about both intimacy and the potential life has for the playful (and in particular for the sexually playful) to be extended into adulthood. But sex, in Gaitskill's world, is mischievous, cerebral, brutal, or even described with an almost dainty candour, the one thing it is not is sexy.

67. Jodi's Shelf - Shelfari
They Wanted to Stories , urlSafeTitle BecauseThey-Wanted-to-Stories , author mary gaitskill , coverHeight 160, coverWidth 105 gaitskill
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68. Thisishappening: An Evening With Mary Gaitskill
On Thursday, September 14th 2006, Pittsburgh Arts Lectures/American Shorts Reading Series presents An Evening with mary gaitskill at Pittsburgh newest

69. The Sheila Variations: The Books: "Two Girls Fat And Thin" (Mary Gaitskill)
Two Girls Fat and Thin by mary gaitskill. This is her first novel. I first read it, I recall, in 1992 in the early days of my time in Chicago.
The Sheila Variations
"This race and this country and this life produced me, he said. I shall express myself as I am." James Joyce, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man Main
October 12, 2007
The Books: "Two Girls Fat and Thin" (Mary Gaitskill)
Next book in my Daily Book Excerpt - on my adult fiction shelves: Two Girls Fat and Thin - by Mary Gaitskill. This is her first novel. I first read it, I recall, in 1992 ... in the early days of my time in Chicago. I've written about that time, that vivid almost jagged time ... and I had loved Gaitskill's first collection - but for some reason Two Girls Fat and Thin was not what I needed at that moment. It's not that I couldn't get into the writing - I can always get into the writing. There was a cruelty and a brutality in the book which is, after all, not surprising, considering the rest of her work - but I don't think I was in the mood for it then. I remember one scene in particular where I winced my way through it. I had to force myself to finish the book. I was in the process of trying to "get healthy" myself - after a couple of years of depression - and maybe there was something in Two Girls Fat and Thin that seemed to threaten to pull me back under. That's the sensation I recall anyway. Like: hmmm. I need to stay away from this right now.

70. ¤*.¸¸.·´¨`°*» Mary Gaitskill And Poppy Z. Brite Recommend THE LOSERS' CL
—mary gaitskill, Bad Behavior, Veronica. “Funny and endearing—and wisely not so hip as to avoid a good grab for your heart.” —Marcie Hershman,
W H A T I S L O V E ? In the game of love, there are winners and losers. In The Losers’ Club, Richard Perez tries to answer the eternal question. Set in downtown New York City, The Losers’ Club tells the story of Martin Sierra, an unlucky writer addicted to the personals. His journey brings us into the East Village, pre-9/11—and in contact with Nikki, his dream woman, who remains unattainable romantically yet becomes his friend and confidant during his illuminating misadventures. Populated with characters and surprises few will ever forget, this energetic, comic novel is as much about a generation (we won't say "X") as it is about a specific time and place.
“I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down until I finished…. I was simply impressed that these were real, instantly recognizable people…poor lonely bastards of every stripe resorting to utter humiliation and personal endangerment in the barest hope of hooking up with a kindred spirit.
It’s a brave book with a great deal of heart.”

71. Walking Naked: Mary Gaitskill's Evolution.("Walking Naked")("Veronica")(Book Rev
A thumbnail catalogue of the fictions of mary gaitskill, when compiled, reads more like the guest list of a daytime talk show than the stuff of literature.
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Publication Date: 01-MAR-06
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Author: Mason, Wyatt
Article Excerpt
WALKING NAKED Mary Gaitskill's evolution Discussed in this essay: Veronica, by Maw Gaitskill. Pantheon. 232 pages. $23. And yet, after sitting down to read those three books in sequence, I must confess that I am at something of a loss over how to convey the unusual extent to which the foregoing characterizations misrepresent Gaitskill's work. Without question, sexual situations, often decidedly non-vanilla in character, frequently upsetting in denouement, do play out in Gaitskill's writing. What's more, many of those situations overlap with violence, sometimes as part of the elective pleasure of the participants, sometimes as the brutal imposition of a stronger will on a weaker one. But even as I concede that Gaitskill's stories seem willing to digest material of this kind, it is misleading to say her principal topic is "female sexual pathology." If "pathology" is a deviation from the normal, what is so inaccurate about the use of this word to describe Gaitskill's supposed preoccupations is how normal, and human, those preoccupations are revealed to be.

72. Book Reviews - Veronica By Mary Gaitskill
Links to multiple reviews of Veronica by mary gaitskill.
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Veronica by Mary Gaitskill
The narrator in Veronica is an ex-fashion model named Alison remembering her friend, Veronica, who had died of AIDS. Alison tells of her days as a model, where personalities are shallow and people are used, until she fled to New York in the 1980s after an unhappy end to an affair with a married fashion agent. There she met Veronica, an older, overweight, abrasive, and independent woman who was almost the exact opposite of Alison, and the two became fast friends. As Alison struggles with hepatitis-induced fever, she remembers her mostly unhappy life with the exception of the years she had with Veronica and the effect she had on her life. Mary Gaitskill's novel has received mostly positive reviews (and a National Book Award nomination) with the Seattle Times saying, "Never before in fiction has a model been this knowing, this feeling or this poetic. Yet every sentence rings true. Gaitskill is talented enough to make you believe that the memoir of a fallen model can be as soulful as it is sordid." [read excerpt]
San Francisco Chronicle

review by Jennie Yabroff
Seattle Times review ... St. Louis Post-Dispatch

BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO.; gaitskill, mary,. Offered by Columbia Books ABAA/ILAB.
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74. Celebrities |
mary gaitskill is defending her fellow author Rick Moody ( The Ice Storm ) against charges that wealthy Moody, who recently sat on an NEA panel that doled Gaitskill
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Novel defense
Posted Tue. Dec. 18, 2001 7:00pm by Page Six Filed Under Mary Gaitskill Rick Moody MARY Gaitskill is defending her fellow author Rick Moody ("The Ice Storm") against charges that wealthy Moody, who recently sat on an NEA panel that doled out money to struggling writers, shouldn't have accepted a $35,000 Guggenheim grant. "He is gifted and writes books that people actually enjoy reading - if that's the sole basis for the [Guggenheim], he deserves his," Gaitskill told us. "Sitting on that panel shows his willingness to share, not to hog." SHARE IT
Posted Sun. Jun. 17, 2001 7:00pm by

75. Bad Behaviour - GAITSKILL, MARY
Bad Behaviour; gaitskill, mary. Offered by Boek2 Antiquariaat.
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76. Perseus Books Home
mary gaitskill is the author of the novel Veronica, a finalist for the National Book Award and one of the New York Times top five novels of the year.

77. Stories, Listed By Author
gaitskill, mary (chron.) * Frank Hamm, (ex) Murdaland 1 2007; (from a work in progress). GALAVIZBUDZISZEWSKI, ALEXAI (chron.)
Mystery Short Fiction: 1990-2006
Stories, Listed by Author
Previous Table-of-Contents
FRIEDMAN, MICHAELE THOMPSON (1944- ); see under Friedman, Mickey (chron.)
FRIEDMAN, MICKEY ; [i.e., Michaele Thompson Friedman] (1944- ) (chron.)

78. Powell's Books - Bad Behavior (Vintage Contemporaries) By Mary Gaitskill
Bad Behavior (Vintage Contemporaries). by mary gaitskill More Books by mary gaitskill. ISBN13 9780679723271 ISBN10 0679723277 All Product Details

79. Compare Prices And Read Reviews On Mary Gaitskill - Two Girls, Fat And Thin At E
Epinions has the best comparison shopping information on mary gaitskill Two Girls, Fat and Thin. Compare prices from across the web and read reviews from

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Mary Gaitskill - Two Girls, Fat and Thin
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Read Review of Mary Gaitskill - Two Girls, Fat and Thin Review Summary About the Author
No Plot, And Pretty Thin.
Jul 26 '04
Will help you understand Jeff Walker's "The Ayn Rand Cult."
Cons Filled with badly-written erotica and overwritten description. Downright insulting. The Bottom Line If you're a Rand enthusiast, it's worth a read for the Definitism sections. Full Review In 1926, Alice Rosenbaum fled the newly-created Soviet Union for Hollywood, changed her name to Ayn Rand, and set about putting the world to rights; by the age of 30 she would be a published author, by 40 a celebrity, and by 50 the centre of the radical Objectivist movement. If she had lived to the age of 93 she would have found either an enemy or an ally in the person of Anna Granite, who fled Romania to Hollywood, and through the medium of works such as The Bulwark and The Gods Disdained promoted her distinctly Objectivesque philosophy of Definitism.

80. Veronica | Mary Gaitskill | Review By The Spectator
mary gaitskill Serpent’s Tail, 272pp, £10.99, ISBN 9781852429737 Buy this book at Olivia Glazebrook. Wednesday, 7th November 2007
Peter Hoskin
On the day that the Treasury Select Committee skewered the FSA for its...
Peter Hoskin
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A plain book about beauty
Mary Gaitskill
Buy this book at
Olivia Glazebrook Wednesday, 7th November 2007 Olivia Glazebrook Bearing this fantastical template in mind, it is perhaps not so curious to find Veronica, a fiction, more credible than autobiography.
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Capturing the decade
D. J. Taylor

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