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         Gaitskill Mary:     more books (69)
  1. TWO GIRLS, FAT AND THIN by Mary Gaitskill, 1992
  2. Because They Wanted To - Stories by Mary Gaitskill, 1997
  3. Two Girls Fat & Thin 1ST Edition Signed by Mary Gaitskill, 1991
  4. Fall Fiction from Poseidon 1990: Two Girls, Fat and Thin / Spider / Body by Mary, McGRATH, Patrick, and CREWS, Harry GAITSKILL, 1990
  5. Veronica by Mary Gaitskill, 2008-05-05
  6. Veronica by Mary Gaitskill, 2006-01-01
  7. Bad Behaviour by Mary Gaitskill, 1989-03-01
  8. Veronica by Mary Gaitskill, 2005
  9. Vice Magazine's 2nd Annual Fiction Issue Volume 14, Number 12 by Richard Price, Yoko Ogawa, et all 2007
  10. TIN HOUSE Magazine Volume 3 Number 1 Fall 2001 by Richard; Gaitskill, Mary; Shepard, Jim Ford, 2001-01-01
  11. Bad Behavior by MARY GAITSKILL, 1989
  12. Fall Fiction from Poseidon 1990. Two Girls, Fat and Thin; Spider; Body. by Harry, Mary Gaitskill, Patrick McGrath. Crews, 1990

41. Because They Wanted To By Mary Gaitskill
Because They Wanted to book cover, description, where to purchase, release history.
Fantastic Fiction Authors G Mary Gaitskill ... Preferences google_ad_client = "pub-4149752303753296";google_alternate_ad_url = "";google_ad_width = 468;google_ad_height = 60;google_ad_format = "468x60_as";google_ad_type = "text_image";google_ad_channel ="5061332721";google_color_border = "6699CC";google_color_bg = "003366";google_color_link = "FFFFFF";google_color_url = "AECCEB";google_color_text = "AECCEB"; Home Awards New Books Coming Soon ... Mary Gaitskill
Because They Wanted to
A collection of stories by
Mary Gaitskill
Awards PEN/Faulkner Award for fiction (nominee) by Mary Gaitskill Shares a collection of stories about people who do not quite know what they want and whose wants conflict with their deeper needs and moral sense of the world. Similar Books by other authors... Used availability for Mary Gaitskill's Because They Wanted to See all available used copies of this book at: Abebooks UK or Abebooks US
Hardback Editions
November 1997 : Hardback Title: Because They Wanted to Author(s): Mary Gaitskill ISBN: 0-330-35146-X (UK edition) Publisher: Picador Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA More details...

42. Don't Look Back | Review | Guardian Unlimited Books
The urban and transgressive early writing of mary gaitskill was illuminating at the time. The shortstory collection Bad Behavior, published in 1988,,,2208371,00.html
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In this section
Critical eye: Jan 26
Commentary: Jan 26 James Wood studies the character Review: The Second Plane by Martin Amis ... Review: Dry Store No.1 by Richard Fortey

43. Veronica By Mary Gaitskill - Times Online
In 1978, the American supermodel Gia was photographed nude behind a chainlink fence with two other women.
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Theatres in England have no reason to complain about the level of subsidy they have been receiving
Magnus Linklater Sponsored by Where am I? Home From The Times November 23, 2007
Veronica by Mary Gaitskill
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44. BSS #81: Mary Gaitskill : The Bat Segundo Show
mary gaitskill has a new novel out — after 10 years. She discusses the novel, Veronica, among other things, on the Bat Segundo Show.

45. Mary Gaitskill | Find Articles At
WALKING NAKED mary gaitskill s evolution Discussed in this essay Veronica, by Maw gaitskill. Pantheon. 232 pages. $23. A thumbnail. Gaitskill

46. Mary Gaitskill - Biography, Plus Book Reviews & Excerpts.
A biography of mary gaitskill, plus book reviews and book excerpts from one or more books by gaitskill.

47. Mary Gaitskill Told Me I Had A Radiant Smile |
mary gaitskill is tiny. She wore a perfectly tailored, brown pinstriped suit (the one here. The podium came up to her chest, and she read from Veronica
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Mary Gaitskill told me I had a radiant smile
11:04 pm, 26.Sep.06 Mary Gaitskill is tiny. She wore a perfectly tailored, brown pinstriped suit ( the one here . The podium came up to her chest, and she read from Veronica under the heavy, dark eyebrow of Frida Kahlo She was glorious. During her reading it was everything I could do not to sigh right out loud. I sat biting my lower lip, eyes half-closed, mesmerized. I had goosebumps the entire time. It was glorious. And then I took my place in line to get my book signed. I had lugged along my hardcover of Veronica though I was too shy to bring Bad Behavior and Because They Wanted To (which I just finished and destroyed me with its wonderfulness). Then suddenly it was my turn and I stood in front of her, speechless. She looked up at me and smiled. I beamed back.
I beamed all the way home. Subscribe to comments Share This
Tags: Books holy shit that was awesome Mary Gaitskill Writing
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48. Search In Books For Mary Gaitskill
Indigo Books Music is a Canadian bookseller committed to providing a stressfree approach to satisfying the booklover. Getting you the right book at the Gaitskill&sf=Author

49. Girl Detective » Because They Wanted To By Mary Gaitskill
57 in my 2007 Book Challenge was mary gaitskill’s Because They Wanted To, which has sat on my bookshelf in four different abodes over nearly ten years.

50. Salon Arts & Entertainment | Philosophy Of The Bedroom
Philosophy of the bedroom mary gaitskill, Greil Marcus, David Gates, Lisa Zeidner and AM Homes weigh in on.

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By Mary Elizabeth Williams
Music Review By Charles Taylor Movie Review "The Haunting" hilarious. By Stephanie Zacharek Column Here he is By Michael Sragow Music Review A new Astralwerks compilation takes the electronic pulse of underground urban America. By Amanda Nowinski Philosophy of the bedroom Mary Gaitskill, Greil Marcus, David Gates and Lisa Zeidner weigh in on "Eyes Wide Shut." July 23, 1999 Kubrick: A little kid lost in the sexual darkness By Mary Gaitskill Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut" is built on the idea that sex is a dark, chaotic, destructive force. This is a poor foundation, though not because the idea is wrong exactly; sex can be all of the above. But sex is too primary, too deep and too big for the idea; what makes it most destructive and violent is part of what makes it creative and intensely loving. How these opposed qualities interact in each of us is complicated and tender and strange it goes all the way down to the bottom of us, the part we can't see into. It's easy to be scared of what you can't see, but it's a little kid who thinks that because he's afraid of the dark, the dark is therefore evil. "Eyes Wide Shut" has one strong early scene: A wife tells her husband of a moment some years past when a handsome young man simply glanced at her, and she was so inflamed that she would've thrown away her marriage for one night with him had the opportunity been there. That a complete stranger could arouse such a forceful primary response in her is scary for the characters and poignant for the viewer, poignant because it depicts how the underlayer of her unconscious what we can't see is at odds with the rational top layer of her life, creating an incongruity that might be funny or awful or both. At that point the movie is involving; we recognize the dilemma and want to see how it will play out.

51. WikiAnswers - Is Mary Gaitskill Bisexual Or Something Similar
mary gaitskill married writer Peter Trachtenberg in 2001. That is a matter of public record. She certainly writes in great detail about the wider theme of
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    Is Mary Gaitskill bisexual or something similar?
    I'm sure I have no idea what the questioner intended by "or something similar" in fact that addition makes me question the value of answering at all but here goes:
    Mary Gaitskill married writer Peter Trachtenberg in 2001. That is a matter of public record.
    She certainly writes in great detail about the wider theme of women's sexuality, including activity that could be described as bisexual or lesbian.
    However her public statements do not seem, after searching in some detail, to include anything that could be labeled "bisexual".
    Which leads us back to the question. The value of a basically meaningless label like "bisexual" (Now? In the past? Engaged in a specific activity once?) in any discussion must be questioned.

52. Thumb Drives And Oven Clocks: Some Mary Gaitskill Links
mary gaitskill (whose Veronica I sort of abstractly liked and whose Because They Wanted To I sort of pretty much loved) continues to make the rounds.
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Saturday, January 14, 2006
Some Mary Gaitskill links
Mary Gaitskill (whose Veronica I sort of abstractly liked and whose Because They Wanted To I sort of pretty much loved) continues to make the rounds. The Elegant Variation points at a Bookworm radio interview with Gaitskill; the "listen" link just breaks on my computer, and I've added the podcast to iTunes but the interview doesn't seem to have been added to the feed yet. There's some other interesting looking interviews from that show, which I'll probably download and then never actually listen to. (Podcasting has, you could say, not made a dent in the daily routine of my life. Even if the thought of a robotic, automatic Thumb Drives and Oven Clocks text-to-speech podcast has a sort of twisted, maniacal appeal to it. Fitter. Happier. More productive. A pig. In a cage. Making a very obvious joke.
Uhmmm, asides aside, for the textual purists, there's a

53. People Who Like Veronica By Mary Gaitskill
Splendora members who like Veronica by mary gaitskill, meet other people who are interested in Veronica by mary gaitskill at Splendora, a network where by Mary Gaitskill
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54. Walking Naked: Mary Gaitskill's Evolution.("Walking Naked")("Veronica")(Book Rev
Harper s Magazine Walking naked mary gaitskill s evolution.( Walking Naked )( Veronica )(Book Review) - From the HighBeam Research Archive.
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Walking naked: Mary Gaitskill's evolution.("Walking Naked")("Veronica")(Book Review)
Harper's Magazine
March 1, 2006
Mason, Wyatt
WALKING NAKED Mary Gaitskill's evolution Discussed in this essay: Veronica, by Maw Gaitskill. Pantheon. 232 pages. $23. A thumbnail catalogue of the fictions of Mary Gaitskill, when compiled, reads more like the guest list of a daytime talk show than the stuff of literature. For it doesn't take much imagination to envision the desperate characters from Gaitskill's tales sitting on Ricki Lake's couch of wonders, airing their experiences before a crowd sure to hoot at Gaitskill's bewildered human beings. Take the young secretary from her first collection, Bad Behavior (1988), who endures, and at times enjoys, the sadomasochistic advances of her unspeakable employer; ... Read all of this article with a FREE trial OAS_AD( 'Right' );

55. The Outsider Writers' Book Review: Mary Gaitskill: Veronica
mary gaitskill is, beyond any doubt, the finest short story writer of my literary generation. Both BAD BEHAVIOR and BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO contain stories
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The Outsider Writers' Book Review
WE HAVE MOVED!!! Please go to WWW.OUTSIDERWRITERS.ORG for the finest in underground/alternative writing!!! This site will remain up, but all new reviews will be on Outsider Writers (along with all the reviews below)! The link section, to the right, has a link to Outsider Writers. And continue to check out the Underground Literary Alliance, whose links remain on this site!
Monday, September 18, 2006
Mary Gaitskill: Veronica
Reviewed by: Lawrence Richette
I don't know Lawrence Richette, but he has written an honest and excellent review.
Mary Gaitskill is, beyond any doubt, the finest short story writer of my literary generation. Both BAD BEHAVIOR and BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO contain stories that will be read as long as people voluntarily read American fiction. I am thinking in particular of "The Girl On The Plane" in the latter collection, which may be the best story anyone in America has written in the past twenty years.
Until now, though, Gaitskill's reputation has rested on her stories. Her first novel, TWO GIRLS FAT AND THIN, came as a severe disappointment to most of her ardent fans. Gaitskill seemed to be doing too many things at once, a not uncommon fault of first novels. She was dramatizing a bizarre, quasi-lesbian relationship between the two girls, while also trying to write a novel of ideasthe book contains a laborious parody of Ayn Rand's Objectivism, which Gaitskill called Definitism.

56. Trauma And Sadomasochistic Narrative: Mary Gaitskill's "The Dentist"
This essay applies trauma theory and relational psychoanalysis to a close reading of mary gaitskill s short story The Dentist.

57. I Read A Short Story Today: Mary Gaitskill, “Today I’m Yours”
mary gaitskill, “Today I’m Yours”. She runs into Dani and it s just like old times. (from Best American Short Stories 2006)
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I Read A Short Story Today
Saturday, November 04, 2006
Mary Gaitskill, “Today I’m Yours”
She runs into Dani and it's just like old times.
(from Best American Short Stories
Been a while between reading this and writing this entry. Sorry. I remember digging this story, but maybe not buying into it wholeheartedly. It's a bit too Hollywood. Loved the pacing though. Things pick up toward the end, as it reaches its stride. posted by Patrick Rapa @ 12:11 AM
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Name: Patrick Rapa Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
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58. PEN American Center - Mary Gaitskill: Independent Studies
mary gaitskill Independent Studies. I don’t think the concept of “tribes” applies to writers because writing is an innately solitary activity.
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59. Kill Fee » Blog Archive » An Interview With Mary Gaitskill
Today’s issue of Newsday features my interview with mary gaitskill about her new novel Veronica. This entry was posted on Sunday, October 9, 2005 at 402 pm
Kill Fee
A clearinghouse
An interview with Mary Gaitskill
Newsday features my interview with Mary Gaitskill about her new novel Veronica This entry was posted on Sunday, October 9, 2005 at 4:02 pm and is filed under Literary . You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site.
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60. Veronica By Mary Gaitskill - PopMatters Book Review
Veronica by mary gaitskill review by $author Sex may be a physical act, but its a psychological response. In this respect then, gaitskill is an author of
@import ""; @import ""; Features Columns Blogs News ...
by Mary Gaitskill
October 2005, 240 pages, $23.00
by John Davidson
  • Share Amazon
    All This Useless Beauty
    Veronica Bad Behavior and Because They Wanted To All of which serves to highlight what a significant departure Veronica represents for its author. While the early work often seemed to be about the flesh whilst being acutely psychological, the new novel is psychological in its staging (the narrative is a single, continuous interior monologue, fashioned over the course of a work day and later, the journey home), yet conversely, takes for its subject matters of the flesh. This is, after all, the story of a fashion model who eventually loses her looks. It is also about the beauty industry, the superficiality of physical appearance and how we judge others, as well as being a meditation on the ways we fetishize youth. Lastly, of course, it is also about the strength of the spirit when confronted with the inevitable decay of the body. The story Alison tells is of breaking free from home at fifteen, leaving behind a fraught relationship with her parents. Her mother is distant and removed, and she most clearly comes to understand her father via the messages he seeks to convey in his own language, the language of songs and recording artists he plays most and loves:

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