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81. Obituaries: Robin Cook, 59; Quit Cabinet To Protest British Role In Iraq - Inter
robin cook, a former British foreign secretary who quit the government to protest the invasion of Iraq, died Saturday after collapsing on a mountain in the
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    Obituaries: Robin Cook, 59; quit cabinet to protest British role in Iraq
    By Alan Cowell Published: MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2005 LONDON: Robin Cook, a former British foreign secretary who quit the government to protest the invasion of Iraq, died Saturday after collapsing on a mountain in the Scottish Highlands, the police said, without identifying a cause of death. He was 59. By resigning, Cook brought himself into line with a broad swath of the British population that was opposed to a war without a UN mandate and in alliance with a disliked U.S. administration.
    Today in Europe
    Prodi out, Italian politicians gear up for a fight over election timing Merkel faces judgment on attempts to modernize party The decision marked the end of a career in high office marked by unfulfilled aspirations and a scandal in 1997 that ended his marriage of 28 years. At the time, a British newspaper had unearthed details of an affair and Blair was reportedly insisting that he choose between his wife and lover. She repaid the favor in a subsequent memoir and other writings chronicling the breakdown of the marriage. Cook subsequently married his lover, Gaynor Regan. She was with him on Saturday when he collapsed near the 2,365-foot, or 720-meter, summit of Ben Stack in Sutherland, Scotland.

82. America's Broken Nuclear Promises Endanger Us All By Robin Cook, May 27, 2005
by robin cook, May 27, 2005. Not a day goes by without a member of team Bush lecturing us on the threat from weapons of mass destruction and assuring us of

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America 's Broken Nuclear Promises Endanger Us All
Bush has done his utmost to frustrate talks
on the non-proliferation treaty
by Robin Cook May 27, 2005 Not a day goes by without a member of team Bush lecturing us on the threat from weapons of mass destruction and assuring us of the absolute primacy they give to halting proliferation. How odd then that the review conference on the non-proliferation treaty will break up this evening, barring an 11th-hour miracle, with no agreed conclusions. And how strange that no delegation should have worked harder to frustrate agreement on what needs to be done than the representatives of George Bush. The tragedy is that, for all its faults, the non-proliferation treaty has hitherto been the best barrier put up by the international community against the spread of nuclear weapons. With the support of all but a handful of nations, the treaty provided a robust declaration that the development of nuclear weapons is taboo. That peer-group pressure has since resulted in more countries abandoning nuclear weapons than acquiring them. South Africa disowned and dismantled its nuclear weapons after the collapse of the apartheid regime. New states to emerge from the Soviet Union, such as

83. 000006 - Medical Thrillers
cook, robin Laurie Montgomery Jack Stapleton series new 6/05. Vector more more; Marker more more new 6/05; Crisis more book on CD new 7/06
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84. Robin Cook Content At ZDNet UK
Articles, Whitepapers, Downloads, Opinion and Resources relating to robin cook. cook.htm

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Cook Slams Bonfield's Bumper Pay-off
News The £3m pay-off awarded to departing BT chief executive Sir Peter Bonfield was criticised by senior Labour MP Robin Cook on Thursday. Speaking in the House of Commons, Cook agreed that it wasn't acceptable for top bosses to receive generous... [Find Related Articles] [November 2, 2001, 6:30]
One In Three UK Companies Have Been Hacked
News News of the research comes just a week after Foreign Secretary Robin Cook warned that computer hacking may pose a greater threat to the national infrastructure than military attack. A survey of IT professionals released today indicates that one in... [Find Related Articles] [April 3, 2001, 17:11]
Net Surfers Get Curried Away
News The launch is also timely, coming so soon after

85. Ex UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook Denies Saddam Was Threat
Former foreign secretary robin cook today dealt a series of devastating blows to the government s case for a war against Iraq, saying that it was now clear
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E-Mail This Article Published on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 by the Guardian/UK Cook Denies Saddam was Threat by Matthew Tempest Former foreign secretary Robin Cook today dealt a series of devastating blows to the government's case for a war against Iraq, saying that it was "now clear that Saddam Hussein did not represent a 'clear and serious threat'".
Former British Cabinet minister Robin Cook gives evidence to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee June 17, 2003, in this video grab still image. Cook, who resigned over the war with Iraq, said the Government entered the conflict using information that was 'highly suggestible' and intelligence that was selected to fit its position. REUTERS/Parbul
Giving evidence to the foreign affairs select committee inquiry into the government's handling of the war - and the evidence used to back its case - Mr Cook cast doubt on both dossiers of evidence against the Iraqi leader, revealing that "Iraq was an appallingly difficult intelligence target to break". Directly afterwards, Clare Short - who, like Mr Cook, resigned from the government over the war on Iraq - gave evidence to the committee, calling Tony Blair's performance "an honorable deception".

86. McDonald's, Red Robin Cook Up Plans - Topix
McDonald s, Red robin cook up plans. Noblesville s Technical Advisory Committee will take a look at construction plans for two restaurants at its meeting
var t_v = "/d5MPuH4sIAAAAAAAAA2NhYzE0MjZhYWHhYOZmYGDg4knLLyrN1S/JKEpNTGEDiiQml2Tm57EyA5k5mSlcIsmZJZX6mXkpmYl5iQX5OZnFupl5LEDJvPyUVLCq/MwCVlYgXZAMFOES8HEKcwwz93Y3cQ30CQpzNAapLSjLTGEFMUpSi0vY0mxmuzOBOMWsIKo0EWxMKdAyWX2Ia4DWVeqHuHh5hPiZmBkFOwZ5hfr6-YNVFeUAAAfErOHDAAAA"; var addthis_loaded = 0; Join the Topix community today. Sign Up Sign In Indianapolis, IN City,ST or postal code Home Most Popular Top Stories Local ... Directory Obama leads S. Carolina, racial gap widens While his edge his closer than in some other polls, Barack Obama leads Hillar... Fire blazes at Vegas' Monte Carlo Resort A spectacular fire was raging atop the landmark Monte Carlo Resort and Casino... New federal rules make it easier to kill wolves The rule change issued Thursday would ease the burden of proof to justify a w...

87. In Defense Of Robin Cook’s Op-ed Piece · DB’s Medical Rants
At least 2 bloggers have vigorously attacked robin cook’s oped piece Primary Care Prejudice II and robin cook Writes Fiction. Both bloggers are family
Contemplating medicine and the health care system
Primary Care Prejudice II
and Robin Cook Writes Fiction . Both bloggers are family physicians. They focused on this quote: Ideally, the hourly rate would not be the same for all primary care physicians, but would be assessed on a sliding scale, predicated on a doctor’s level of education. Internists and pediatricians — the primary care doctors who have had the most training — would receive a higher rate than general practitioners and family physicians would. Medpundit points out that GIM, pediatric and family medicine training all take 3 years. I agree that he erred in this paragraph. I urge that critics do not throw out the baby with the bath water. Dr. Cook does make an important conceptual point. Our reimbursment system which pays us for seeing a patient regardless of the time it takes leads to perverse incentives. I have previously blogged on this issue in several ways: Words that I wrote after an airplane discussion with a lawyer still ring true: The concept of our reimbursement system is bankrupt. If you pay me for a unit of care, regardless of how much time I spend, I will look for ways to decrease the time of that unit of care. If I can see 7 patients in 2 hours rather than 6, I have increased my gross income by 17%, without significantly changing my overhead! But I also had to decrease each patient visit by approximately 3 minutes.

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