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         Cook Robin:     more books (100)
  1. BRAIN. by Robin. COOK, 1981
  2. Abduction by Robin Cook, 2000-11-01
  3. Blindsight by Robin Cook, 1993-02-01
  4. Robin Cook : Three Complete Novels : Outbreak ; Mortal Fear ; Mutation by Robin Cook, 1993-09-15
  5. Mortal Fear by Robin Cook, 1989
  6. La manipulacion de las mentes/ Mindbend (Spanish Edition) by Robin Cook, 2007-12-30
  7. Invasion by Robin Cook, 2007-11-06
  8. Terminal by Robin Cook, 1993-01-04
  9. Virus by Robin Cook, 1988-09-01
  10. Coma by Robin Cook, 1977
  11. The Point of Departure by Robin Cook, 2003
  12. Terminal by Robin Cook, 1994-02-01
  13. Critical by Robin Cook, 2008
  14. Blindsight by Robin Cook

41. Robin Cook
Scottishborn robin cook joined Parliament as a left-winger, after a time he moved towards the center. As a member of the Labour party he served as Shadow
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Robin Cook AKA Robert Finlayson Cook Born: 28-Feb
Birthplace: Belshill, Larnakshire, Scotland
Died: 6-Aug
Location of death: Ben Stack Mountain, Scotland
Cause of death: Heart Failure
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Politician Nationality: England
Executive summary: UK Foreign Secretary, 1997-2001 Scottish-born Robin Cook joined Parliament as a left-winger, after a time he moved towards the center. As a member of the Labour party he served as Shadow Foreign Secretary starting in 1994, becoming Foreign Secretary in 1997. A cabinet reshuffling in 2001 demoted him from this position to Leader of the House of Commons. He abruptly resigned that position in 2003, later citing disappointment with himself for not having persuaded Prime Minister Tony Blair from going to war in Iraq. Cook collapsed and died while hiking in the Scottish Highlands, near the summit of Ben Stack Mountain, and was pronounced dead at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness. Cook is acknowledged as one of the brilliant politicians of his generation, Blair calling him an "outstanding, extraordinary talent." Scandal erupted in 2001 when tabloid News of the World revealed that he engaged in an affair with his secretary, Gaynor Regan, and the further juicy tidbit that Cook notified his wife Margaret of the affair in a phone call from the VIP lounge at Heathrow Airport immediately before a vacation. They divorced in 1998, and Cook married Gaynor in secret. Former secretary Anne Bullen made noises that she was fired in preparation of Regan's hiring as her replacement, and while Bullen was indeed fired, Regan was never hired in her stead. Ex-wife Margaret wrote a tell-all book

42. Robin Cook, Former MP, Livingston (
Photo of robin cook. Former Labour MP for Livingston; Left Parliament on 6 August 2005 — Died How robin cook voted on key issues since 2001

43. Robin Cook's Terminal DVD Movie
robin cook s Terminal DVD movie video $10.35 in stock at CD Universe, A plot is uncovered by a scrupulous doctor after a young girl dies when being treated.

44. Robin Cook —
Like Arthur Conan Doyle before him, bestselling novelist robin cook has turned from the practice of medicine to that of writing popular......
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        Robin Cook A Critical Companion (Click to Enlarge) Lorena Laura Stookey Book Code: ISBN: ISBN-13: DOI: DOI:10.1336/0313295786 224 pages, photographs Greenwood Press Publication: List Price: Availability: In Stock Media Type: Hardcover Also Available: Ebook Trim Size: 6 1/8 x 9 1/4 Subjects: Series Title: Critical Companions to Popular Contemporary Writers Description: Like Arthur Conan Doyle before him, best-selling novelist Robin Cook has turned from the practice of medicine to that of writing popular suspense fiction. Widely recognized as the "Master of the Medical Thriller," Cook uses the medium of the popular novel to address a range of social issues: environmental pollution, gender inequality in the workplace, the risks inherent in the common practice of secrecy in science research, and above all, the ramifications of medicine's transition from profession to corporate industry. This study analyzes in turn each of Cook's medical thrillers, from Coma to Contagion Following a biographical chapter, the genre chapter examines the ways in which Cook's medical thriller incorporates plotting conventions and strategies borrowed from such popular literary genres as the science fiction novel, the murder mystery, and the gothic romance. Each novel is then examined in a separate chapter with subsections on plot, character, and theme. Stookey also offers an alternative critical approach to the novel, which gives the reader another perspective from which to read and discuss the text. A complete bibliography of Cook's fiction, general criticism and biographical sources, and listings of reviews of each novel complete the work. The only study of one of America's most popular contemporary novelists, read by adults and young adults alike, this is a key purchase for schools and public libraries.

45. BBC Radio 4 - Factual - Desert Island Discs - 3 November 2002
robin cook was born in Larnarkshire, East of Glasgow, an only child whose father was a science teacher. In his teens the family moved to Edinburgh so that


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PROGRAMME INFO Sunday 11:15-12:00
Friday 09:00-09:45 Desert Island Discs is one of Radio 4's most popular and enduring programmes. Created by Roy Plomley in 1942, the format is simple: each week a guest is invited by Sue Lawley to choose the eight records they would take with them to a desert island. LISTEN AGAIN Not available PRESENTER SUE LAWLEY Sue's biography Sue's interview Quiz about Sue  "Lawley's consensual, almost sensual probing, producing an ambiguous bond like that between hostage and hostage-taker, is ... a masterpiece of technique." The Sunday Times 17 March 1996 PROGRAMME DETAILS Sunday 3 November Repeated Friday 8 November Robin Cook Robin Cook was born in Larnarkshire, East of Glasgow, an only child whose father was a science teacher. In his teens the family moved to Edinburgh so that his father could take up a headmaster job and Robin attended the same school. At school his favourite pursuits were the debating society and drama and he had an early interest in politics. Whilst his school friends were poring over the

46. Shaphan: Lingering Questions About Robin Cook's Death
This extended entry builds upon robin cook, the Database and Secrets , which itself derived from Warning to Labour Politicians (and the thread began with
21st-Century Schizoid Manna
Lingering questions about Robin Cook's death I would rather not be having these thoughts but, as I am, I reckon it's time to commit them to writing. This extended entry builds upon 'Robin Cook, the Database and Secrets ', which itself derived from 'Warning to Labour Politicians ' (and the thread began with 'John Prescott and National Security' ). It raises questions about Robin Cook's death, ones I've not seen addressed elsewhere. In life, I was never Cooky's biggest fan. But if there were the slightest possibility that his death was not naturally caused, then the man deserves better than for the official version to be believed without question. It's been about 9 months since the passing of Robin Cook MP. I have suggested previously that, one month before he died, Cook may have started to divulge confidential information, despite having signed the Official Secrets Act. His sudden and unexpected death might have saved MI6/MI5/DIS/whomever from having to resolve the problem of how to stop him doing it again. The recent Prescott affair had alerted me to the strange possibility that undercover MI5 officers or agents might have been working as diary secretaries for some senior Labour Party politicians. And that brought, reluctantly, Gaynor Regan to mind; she had become Robin Cook's diary secretary around 1994, the year he had become shadow foreign secretary. Such diary secretaries - Tracey Temple, too - would have to be vetted and to have signed the Official Secrets Act. Once my mind began to question whether Gaynor Regan really had been all that she had appeared to be, then other questions about the circumstances of Robin Cook's death followed, ones that I had discounted at the time because, after all, he was with her when he died and it was all a terrible tragedy.

47. Cook's Lasting Legacy, Thanks To Gaynor - Telegraph
This was my first close encounter with robin cook, then shadow health secretary, and a speaker at the RCN conference. What I remember most clearly about the

48. Cook_Robin_ma
robin cook was born on May 4, 1940, in New York City, son of Edgar Lee and robin cook writes stories dealing with current medical issues to inform the
Robin Cook - 1940 Boston By Lindy Briggs Londonderry High School in Londonderry, New Hampshire I. Biography Robin Cook was born on May 4, 1940, in New York City, son of Edgar Lee and Audrey Cook. He decided to study medicine, receiving his M.D. from Columbia University in 1966. He was a resident in general surgery at Queen's Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii and he served in the U.S. Navy, becoming a Lieutenant Commander. He published his first book in 1972. Named Year of the Intern , it was an account of his residency at Honolulu. Cook was a resident in ophthalmology at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, in Boston from 1971 to 1975. He also opened a private practice north of Boston. He continued to be interested in fiction, and he read many bestsellers to determine what would capture people's attention. After reading so many bestsellers, he came up with a formula for writing successful books and decided to write his own book following these guidelines. In 1977, Cook published his novel Coma , which became a bestseller and was made into a movie in 1978.

49. The EBook Store From Sony - Robin Cook
Doctor and author robin cook is widely credited with introducing the word medical to the thriller genre, and twentyfive years after the publication of
Keyword Author Title ISBN Robin Cook
Robin Cook

Perry Berg is president of Benthic Marine and a pa...
Price: $7.19 Brain
Robin Cook

Both of them suspected that something was wrongt...
Price: $7.19 Fever
Robin Cook

Charles Martel is a brilliant cancer researcher wh... Price: $7.19 Contagion Robin Cook One of Cook's most successfuland timelybestsel... Price: $7.19 Shock Robin Cook Two graduate students decide to solve their financ... Price: $7.19 Terminal Robin Cook At a prestigious Florida medical center, brain can... Price: $7.19 Outbreak Robin Cook Murder and intrigue reach epidemic proportions whe... Price: $7.19 Vital Signs Robin Cook Pediatrician Melissa Blumenthal will try any scien... Price: $7.19 Mindbend Robin Cook Future doctor Adam Schonberg loved his wife. That... Price: $7.19 Godplayer Robin Cook Working with her husband, a respected cardiac surg... Price: $7.19 Toxin Robin Cook Newly divorced surgeon Dr. Kim Regis is determined... Price: $7.19 Vector Robin Cook Vector, a page-turning thriller rooted in up-to-th... Price: $7.19

50. Robin Cook At
robin cook, robin cook movies, robin cook pictures, robin cook photos, robin cook news, robin cook biography.

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51. - Full Text: Robin Cook Speech - Mar. 18, 2003
robin cook, former UK foreign secretary and leader of the House of Commons, made an impassioned personal statement in parliament following his resignation
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Full text: Robin Cook speech
Cook (center) is congratulated by former minister Frank Dobson (left). Story Tools RELATED British parliament votes on Iraq SPECIAL REPORT War Tracker On the Scene Map U.S. Iraq ... Special Report QUICKVOTE Have Bush and Blair made the case for war against Iraq?
Yes No VIEW RESULTS LONDON, England (CNN) Robin Cook, former UK foreign secretary and leader of the House of Commons, made an impassioned personal statement in parliament following his resignation on Monday. Cook last night won an unprecedented standing ovation after he called on MPs to reject Blair's call for the use of "any means necessary" to disarm Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The following is the full text of his speech: This is the first time for 20 years that I have addressed the House from the Back Benches. I must confess that I had forgotten how much better the view is from here. None of those 20 years were more enjoyable or more rewarding than the past two, in which I have had the immense privilege of serving this House as Leader of the House, which were made all the more enjoyable, Mr. Speaker, by the opportunity of working closely with you. It was frequently the necessity for me as Leader of the House to talk my way out of accusations that a statement had been preceded by a press interview. On this occasion I can say with complete confidence that no press interview has been given before this statement. I have chosen to address the House first on why I cannot support a war without international agreement or domestic support.

52. Robin Cook: 1946-2005: 'Brilliant, Incisive, Extraordinary, | Independent On Sun
robin cook 19462005 Brilliant, incisive, extraordinary, from Independent on Sunday, The in News provided free by Find Articles.
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Robin Cook: 1946-2005: 'Brilliant, incisive, extraordinary,
Independent on Sunday, The Aug 7, 2005 by Francis Elliott Deputy Political Editor Tony Blair last night honoured the 'outstanding, extraordinary talent' of Robin Cook. The Prime Minister led the tributes to the man whose resignation on the eve of war in Iraq almost brought him down. But as he and others acknowledged last night, it was a decision taken on principle and executed without rancour. His brilliance as a parliamentarian, forensic investigative skills and tactical acumen were the main themes of accolades paid him from all quarters.

53. Robin Cook « Alastair’s Heart Monitor
I was searching for something else when I came across the text of robin cook s resignation speech in the House of Commons on 18 March 2003.
Doing what it says on the tin

54. Robin Cook, Former British Foreign Secretary, Dies At 59 - New York Times
robin cook s decision to quit the government to protest the invasion of Iraq was seen as a rare display of principle at personal and political cost.
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55. Cook, Robin Dr. - Mystery Net Community
Discuss cook, robin Dr. at Mystery Net Community. Mystery Net Community Discuss online mysteries, games, books, and socialize.
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Robin Cook Books
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Creating the term "medical thriller," Dr. Robin Cook's stream of bestselling thrillers have scared and captivated millions of readers.
Fran Hinkel
- 08:53am Aug 10, 1999 PST(# of 5) You can check out anytime you like...but you can never leave! Originally posted by Mrs. Milktoast -06:58pm Aug 5, 1999PST - I can't believe there is not a discussion page on Dr. Robin Cook. After reading his new book "Toxin" I couldn't eat meat for a year. Fran Hinkel - 09:00am Aug 10, 1999 PST(#

56. Robin Cook's Terminal |
This isn t just another medical drama — it s a scifi spooker that ll have your heart racing at every shocking plot twist! Here, a young doc discovers that
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57. Robin Cook Books (Used, New, Out-of-Print) - Alibris
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Your search: Books Author: Cook, Robin (124 matching titles) Narrow your results by: Audiobook Signed First edition Eligible for FREE shipping Narrow results by title Narrow results by author Narrow results by subject Narrow results by keyword Narrow results by publisher or refine further Page of 5 sort by Top-Selling Price New Price Title Author Sphinx more books like this by Robin Cook When beautiful Erica Barron discovers the clue to a treasure, a curse from the ancient world and a modern villain threaten to destroy her. see all copies from new only from signed copies first editions Contagion more books like this by Robin Cook A spate of mysterious deaths prompts forensic pathologist Jack Stapleton to look into the possible causes of a rare disease. Americare, an HMO with which he has already had dubious experiences, is at the center of his suspicions. Why are Americare's sickest patients dying, and at the same time saving the company a great deal of money?

58. Robin
robin cook was born May 4, 1940 in Brooklyn, NY. His undergraduate work at Wesleyan in chemistry earned him honors (summa cum laude).

59. Search For ' Robin Cook ' In -
Results 120 of 52 matches for robin cook Books Coma (6 Releases) Subtitle A Novel Author robin cook Rating Write a Review
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Reinforced Hardcover from (2 Sellers) Acceptable Risk (5 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Hardcover from (4 Sellers) Marker (6 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Compact Disc from (9 Sellers) Sphinx (3 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Hardcover from (3 Sellers) Three Complete Novels (3 Releases) Subtitle: Outbreak/Mortal Fear/Mutation Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Hardcover from (2 Sellers) Contagion (6 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Hardcover from (3 Sellers) LA Esfinge (1 Release) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review (1 Seller) Convulsion (2 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Not Available Fever (6 Releases) Author: Robin Cook Rating: Write a Review Hardcover from (2 Sellers) Robin Cook (1 Release) Subtitle: Three Complete Novels Terminal, Fatal Cure, Acceptable Risk

60. Sign Up
robin cook, the first robin cook (not the guy who writes bestselling medical thrillers), was born in London in 1931 and died there 63 years later,,1,1901949.story?coll

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