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         Cook Robin:     more books (100)
  1. Cure by Robin Cook, 2010-08-10
  2. Intervention by Robin Cook, 2010-06-29
  3. Harmful Intent by Robin Cook, 1991-02-01
  4. Marker by Robin Cook, 2006-07-25
  5. Fever by Robin Cook, 2000-01-01
  6. Foreign Body by Robin Cook, 2008-08-05
  7. Crisis by Robin Cook, 2007-08-07
  8. Sphinx by Robin Cook, 1983-01-01
  9. Contagion by Robin Cook, 1996-12-01
  10. Critical by Robin Cook, 2007-08-07
  11. Godplayer by Robin Cook, 2000-09-01
  12. Mindbend by Robin Cook, 1985-03-20
  13. Seizure by Robin Cook, 2004-10-05
  14. COMA by Robin Cook, 2002-11-05

1. Robin Cook
Robin Cook. Seizure Vector About Robin Cook Books Abduction Chapter One Vector Chapter One

2. BookPage Interview September 2001: Robin Cook
Robin Cook s latest medical thriller may seem like yet another example of the author s uncanny ability to anticipate national controversy, in this case the
By Robin Cook
Putnam, $25.95
ISBN 0399146008
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Send this interview to a friend Read previous BookPage interviews What a shock: Robin Cook fuses stem cells with a suspenseful tale INTERVIEW BY JAY MCDONALD Robin Cook's latest medical thriller may seem like yet another example of the author's uncanny ability to anticipate national controversy, in this case the uproar over federal funding for embryonic stem cell research. After all, the Harvard-trained medical doctor-turned-novelist has been writing well ahead of the public-debate curve since his breakout novel, Coma, nearly 25 years ago. But in fact, Shock , Cook's expose of the private infertility industry, was actually delayed nearly a year by an arrival of a different sort Cameron Cook, the author's first child. Did fatherhood turn life upside-down for the 61-year-old dad? "Oh wow, absolutely!" he chuckles by phone from his home on Martha's Vineyard. "Especially since the boy took over my writing room. I wrote the last two books on a card table in the living room." Impending fatherhood may have played a role in turning the doctor's mind toward the dramatic possibilities behind the closed doors of America's infertility clinics. It is largely within these privately funded clinics that controversial stem cell research is being conducted because the federal government, beset by anti-abortion groups, has refused to grant it funding.

3. Robin Cook
Robin Cook, a medical doctor, is a founding father of the medical thriller genre of popular fiction. He has written twentythree bestsellers,

4. Keynote Speakers Inc. Robin Cook: Robin Cook’s Literary Career Began With
Robin Cook’s literary career began with his first book, which he wrote while fulfilling operational submarine duty in the Navy. It was followed five years

5. LinkedIn: Robin Cook
Robin Cook s professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps users like Robin Cook discover inside connections to recommended job
Robin Cook
Organizational Development/Culture Change/Organizational Innovation Thought Leader; Expert on "cultures of innovation" Greater Chicago Area
  • Industrial Psychologist - Subject Matter Expert at Angarai International
  • "Organizational Development Guy" at none (Sole Proprietorship) Organizational Development Consultant at JigZaw, Inc. Director of Local Planning at YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago
see less... 1 more...
  • Innovation University Fellowship Program University of Oklahoma University of Oklahoma
see less...
people have recommended Robin
Management Consulting
A seasoned change agent with an extensive background in organizational development/innovation, change management/culture change, strategic planning, and training; a George Land World Class Innovator Award recipient; and an Innovation University Fellow. An expert on "cultures of innovation".
I've been a key player on teams that:
* Created the organizational culture, and developed external consulting packages for a .com startup.

6. Robin Cook - Books - Prices And Reviews At DealTime
Compare shop for Robin Cook Books at DealTime - read reviews and compare prices from stores all across the Web.
Books Cars Clothing Computers ... Video Games Search for: All Categories Books Books Cars Electronics Kids and Family Movies Music Office Video Games var hasSelect = true; var saHidden = false; Sponsored Listings Artist Robert Cook Beautiful Abstract Paintings Great Prices, Free Shipping! ... Back to: Home
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Robin Cook - Vector
Read 14 Epinions reviews Release Date: January 01, 2000 See full specs from 6 stores Check to
Robin Cook - Coma: A Novel
Read 3 Epinions reviews Release Date: November 01, 2002 See full specs from 5 stores Check to
Robin Cook - Fatal Cure
Read 1 Epinions review Release Date: July 01, 1997 See full specs from 5 stores Check to
Robin Cook - Fever
Read 2 Epinions reviews Release Date: January 01, 2000

7. Simon & Schuster: Robin Cook
Robin Cook appearances, new releases, photos, bios, news, etc. at SimonSays.

8. Robin J Cook
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9. Robin Cook - Care2 Members Who Love This Book
Robin Cook Care2 Members who Love this Book. ROBIN COOK. 325 Members Love this Book. See Our Favorite Books at Care2 Cook
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10. Robin Cook - News, Photos, Topics, And Quotes - Daylife
The latest news on Robin Cook, from thousands of sources worldwide. Highquality photos, articles, blog posts, quotes, and more.
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11. Robin Cook
A bibliography of robin cook s books, with the latest releases, covers, descriptions and availability.
Fantastic Fiction Authors C Robin Cook Preferences google_ad_client = "pub-4149752303753296";google_alternate_ad_url = "";google_ad_width = 468;google_ad_height = 60;google_ad_format = "468x60_as";google_ad_type = "text_image";google_ad_channel ="5061332721";google_color_border = "6699CC";google_color_bg = "003366";google_color_link = "FFFFFF";google_color_url = "AECCEB";google_color_text = "AECCEB"; Home Awards New Books Coming Soon ... Years Browse Authors A H O V ... U
Robin Cook
(Robert William Arthur Cook) Search Authors Search Books About Robin Cook A bestselling author for many years, since early books such as Coma were the basis for successful films. Originally residing and practising in Boston, he now lives and works in Florida. New and Forthcoming Hardbacks Critical Foreign Body Novels The Year of the Intern Coma Sphinx Brain ... Foreign Body Omnibus Robin Cook Boxed Set Outbreak / Mortal Fear / Mutation Harmful Intent / Vital Signs / Blindsight Terminal / Fatal Cure / Acceptable Risk ... Contagion / Invasion / Chromosome 6 Visitors to this page also looked at these authors Patricia Cornwell Michael Crichton Michael Connelly James Patterson ... Jonathan Kellerman google_ad_client = "pub-4149752303753296";google_alternate_ad_url = "";google_ad_width = 728;google_ad_height = 90;google_ad_format = "728x90_as";google_ad_channel ="";google_color_border = "00008b";google_color_bg = "00008b";google_color_link = "00ffff";google_color_url = "00ff00";google_color_text = "ffffff";

12. Robin Cook (novelist) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Dr. robin cook (born May 4, 1940 in New York City, New York) is an American doctor / novelist who writes about medicine and topics affecting public health.
Robin Cook (novelist)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to: navigation search For other persons named Robin Cook, see Robin Cook (disambiguation) Dr. Robin Cook Born May 4
New York City
New York Occupation ... Thriller Debut works Year of the Intern Dr. Robin Cook (born May 4 in New York City New York ) is an American doctor / novelist who writes about medicine and topics affecting public health
He is best known for being the author who combined medical writing with the thriller genre of writing. Several of his books have been bestsellers on the "New York Times" Bestseller List . Several of his books have also been featured in Reader's Digest
edit Biography
Cook is a graduate of Wesleyan University and Columbia University School of Medicine. He finished his postgraduate medical training at Harvard . He divides his time between homes in Boston and Florida where he lives with his wife Barbara. He is currently on leave from the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary . He has successfully combined medical fact with fantasy to produce a succession of bestselling books. Cook's

13. Robin Cook: A Who2 Profile
robin cook, a medical doctor, is a founding father of the medical thriller genre of popular fiction. His 1977 novel Coma was a sensation.
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Robin Cook
Writer Physician
Robin Cook, a medical doctor, is a founding father of the "medical thriller" genre of popular fiction. His 1977 novel Coma was a sensation (and was turned into a film directed by another author/M.D., Michael Crichton ). Cook's many other novels have included Outbreak Vital Signs (1991), and Toxin (1998). His 1999 novel Vector , the fictional tale of bioterrorists spreading anthrax in New York City, foreshadowed the real-life 2001 anthrax attacks in the U.S. Extra credit : Cook is no relation to the former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, who died in 2005. Robin Cook appears with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in our loop on Doctors Who Write
Four Good Links
Robin Cook Club
Fans review his books
Robin Cook's Shock
From 2001, a brief chat about his big novel
TWBooks: Robin Cook
An online bookstore offers cursory reviews of his early novels
Salon: Hamburger Hades
Jon Carroll's harshly witty review of Cook's 1998 book Toxin
Vital Stats
4 May
(age 67)
New York New York
Best Known As
The author of Coma
Something in Common with Cook

14. Robin Cook Books Reviews
Analysis of the plot, theme, setting and characters of the author s books, plus links to similar books.
Robin Cook
Read a book review online (click here to search reviews) Books Movies Sci-Fi/Fantasy ... History Author Cook's Book Reviews Message Board Abduction
A group of scientists exploring the ocean floor are abducted by a society that lives in the earth's core. They are millions of years old and do not want the world to know about them. The abductees, however do not want to stay in that society despite the benefits that it represents. ...
Acceptable Risk

This thriller is about a young nurse who comes to explore her heritage, which dates back to the Salem witchcraft trials. Her romantic interest is a scientist who discovers a new and hopefully useful psychotic drug, which is actually found to alter the chemistry of the mind, resulting in some strange behavior. The journey results in self-discovery and a newfound respect for the power and potential side effects of drugs....

Medical Examiner Laurie Montgomery gets some drug overdose cases, which reminds her of her own brother who died because of drug overdose. All the overdose cases are people who are financially well-off. Her intution tells her these are not drug overdoses but they are actually murders. She later finds out she was correct, but she never expected this would put her own life at risk and one of the most wanted person in the list of US mafia. A beautifully ...
Chromosome 6

A medical researcher "oversteps the bounds" and creates a species of protohumans. A search for the truth by two medical examiners from New York leads them to Africa, where what they find scares them......

15. BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | Cook's Resignation Speech
Here is the full text of robin cook s resignation speech in the House of Commons, which won applause from some backbenchers in unprecedented Commons scenes.
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    Africa Americas Asia-Pacific ... Special Reports RELATED BBC SITES Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 March 2003, 10:41 GMT E-mail this to a friend Printable version Cook's resignation speech
    Watch the speech Here is the full text of Robin Cook's resignation speech in the House of Commons, which won applause from some backbenchers in unprecedented Commons scenes. This is the first time for 20 years that I have addressed the House from the back benches. I must confess that I had forgotten how much better the view is from here. None of those 20 years were more enjoyable or more rewarding than the past two, in which I have had the immense privilege of serving this House as Leader of the House, which were made all the more enjoyable, Mr Speaker, by the opportunity of working closely with you.

16. The Struggle Against Terrorism Cannot Be Won By Military Means | Terror Threat T
robin cook Friday July 8, 2005 The Guardian. I have rarely seen the Commons so full and so silent as when it met yesterday to hear of the London bombings.,12780,1523838,00.html
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17. Robin Cook
Dr robin cook, a graduate of the Columbia University medical school, finished his postgraduate medical training at Harvard. He is currently on leave from

18. Robin Cook Collection • Rare One Of A Kind Quality Vintage Handbags And
A fabulous selection of unique hard to find vintage handbags, evening bags, vintage purses and designer handbags, both new and used.
The Robin Cook Collection a collection of rare vintage offerings dating from the 1940's Browse The Collection Vintage Handbags Robin Cook on fashion Coco Chanel made the working girl a walking fashion plate with her famous boxy suit. Jackie Kennedy's mod sunglasses inspired a cult following. Audrey Hepburn made the little black dress a canvas for accessories. Quiet, but hardly innocuous, these women are fashion icons today because they developed a trademark. Their closets were not filled with one-time-wear items, but with classic pieces. Even in a time of cacophonous fashion built on trend, the simplicity and timelessness of vintage fashion is admired and very often imitated. If the saying is true, imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Don't just be noticed. Be imitated. Roberta Di Camerino


... Contact Us
Meet Robin Cook in Person Feb 1-3 Click Here for Info

19. Robin Cook Bio
robin cook is a seasoned organizational development, innovation, and culture change professional with 27 years of experience. robin is the creator of The
Welcome Message from Founder: What's New? Features Resource Center ... Smooth Sailing
Aspiration Advocate
Robin Cook - Organizational Development Expert
"I just discovered your website and have found it very helpful and easy to navigate through. Keep up the "powerful" work." - E. Johnson (USA) ROBIN COOK is a seasoned organizational development, innovation, and culture change professional with 27 years of experience. Robin is the creator of " The Molecular Model ," a diagnostic tool for organizations, accepted for the International Human Resources Development Conference in Bangalore in October, 2001. Robin most recently worked as an Organizational Development Specialist at JigZaw, Inc., a startup Internet software development and organizational consulting firm focusing on Work/Life Balance. In this capacity, he was responsible for developing the internal culture and providing external organizational culture change/innovation consulting services. Robin is trained and highly skilled at implementing Dee Hock’s Chaordic Theory (one of few in the world with this distinction). Chaordic Theory enables companies to quickly become organizations that harmoniously blend the characteristics of competition and cooperation, smoothly combining theoretical and experiential learning and leading to create chaordic (empowered) success.

20. 25th Novel Marks Cook As Master Of Medical Mystery - The Boston Globe
Marker , By robin cook, Putnam, 533 pp, $25.95 With enough books on the bestseller list, a writer s name eventually appears at the top of the jacket,
Movies Restaurants Food Calendar ... Books BOOK REVIEW
25th novel marks Cook as master of medical mystery
June 9, 2005 Marker , By Robin Cook, Putnam, 533 pp, $25.95 With enough books on the bestseller list, a writer's name eventually appears at the top of the jacket, as large as, or larger than, the title. So, with the publication of his 25th book, a silver anniversary of medical thrillers, we see that ''ROBIN COOK" has written ''MARKER." It cries out to be a movie, which it no doubt will be. For Cook, a doctor, has a formula, combining his medical knowledge with his talent as a mystery writer, to produce a sort of adult, physician-centered Nancy Drew series. ''Marker" is a fun page-turner, and a perfect airplane novel. A marker hereditarily links a human to specific abnormal genes and ''marks" him or her for a medical problem later in life. The identification of markers comes out of a relatively new science called medical genomics, dealing ''with the enormously complex flow of information within a cell." Laurie Montgomery, a forensic pathologist at the office of the chief medical examiner of New York, finds that she has the marker for a specific mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which means she is likely to develop a cancerous tumor. She and boyfriend Jack Stapleton, a pathologist in the office, have accidentally created a baby in what may be the least poetic description of the sex act ever put on a page: ''The cellular event occurred in a moment of intense bliss and involved the forcible injection of slightly more than two hundred and fifty million sperm into a vaginal vault."

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