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         Chong Denise:     more books (36)
  1. The Girl in the Picture: The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph, and the Vietnam War by Denise Chong, 2001-08-01
  2. Penguin Canadian Anthology of Stories by Canadian Women by Denise Chong, 1998
  3. The Concubine's Children : The Story of a Chinese Family Living on Two Sides of the Globe by Denise Chong, 1996
  4. La Fille de la photo by Denise Chong, Annick Cojean, et all 2003-06-19
  5. Das Mädchen hinter dem Foto. Die Geschichte der Kim Phuc. by Denise Chong, 2003-02-01
  6. Die Kinder der Konkubine. by Denise Chong, 2003-07-01
  7. The Girl in the Picture : The Kim Phuc Story by Denise Chong, 2000
  8. The Girl in the Picture: The Remarkable Story of Vietnam's Most Famous Casualty by Denise Chong, 2001-06-04
  9. The Concubine's Children by Denise Chong, 1996-01-01
  10. Asian Canadian Writers: Michael Ondaatje, Rohinton Mistry, Adrienne Clarkson, Tarek Fatah, Irshad Manji, Ramin Jahanbegloo, Denise Chong
  11. Biography - Chong, Denise: An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01
  12. Egg on Mao: The Story of an Ordinary Man Who Defaced an Icon and Unmasked a Dictatorship by Denise Chong, 2009-09-29
  13. Canadian Biographers: Carol Shields, George Woodcock, Donald Creighton, Alan Walker, Walter Stewart, Denise Chong, Ross King, Gene Lees
  14. People From Fraser-Fort George Regional District: People From Prince George, British Columbia, Dick Harris, Turner Stevenson, Denise Chong

81. Materials Available In The Glasgow University Library
chong, denise. The Girl in the Picture The Story of Kim Phuc, the Photograph, and the Vietnam War (2000). Clarke, Jeffrey J. Advice and support the final
The Vietnam War in American History and Culture
Course Details
Aims and Outcomes Syllabus Seminar One ... Vietnam War Home Page
Materials available in the Glasgow University Library
Materials available in the Glasgow University Library Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism, 1959-1975 (Penguin) Allen, Thomas B. Offerings at the wall: artifacts from the Vietnam Veterans (1995) Anderegg, Michael. Inventing Vietnam: The War in Film and Television (1991) Anderson, David L. Facing My Lai: moving beyond the massacre (1998) . Shadow on the White House: presidents and the Vietnam War, 1945-1975 (1993) . Trapped by success: the Eisenhower administration and Vietnam, 1953-1961 (1991) Appy, Christian. Patriots: The Vietnam War Remembered from all Sides (Penguin) . Working-Class War: American Combat Soldiers and Vietnam (1993) Austin, Anthony. The President's war: the story of the Tonkin Gulf resolution and how the nation was trapped in Vietnam (1971) Baritz, Loren. Backfire: a history of how American culture led us into Vietnam

82. Wordsworthyreadingpaths Wiki / The Color Of Water
chong, denise. The Girl in the Picture The Kim Phuc Story. 1999. Elders, Joycelyn and David Chanoff. Joycelyn Elders, M.D. From Sharecropper’s Daughter to Color of Water
The Color of Water
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83. Canada A People S History - Literary Bibliography
chong, denise The Concubine s Children Penguin Books, 1994. The truelife story of chong s grandmother, May-ying, brought to Canada as a concubine at the

This book of nonfiction traces the family history of Ms. chong s maternal side, and details how this side of her family was divided between China and
Canada's literacy campaign. AUTHOR TITLE
(PUBLISH DATE) RATING (OUT OF 10) COMMENTS Allende, Isabel Daughter of Fortune
What a disappointing read! The characters were all over the place, and new ones were introduced near the end, leading to nowhere. For example, why was the character of Lola Montez even mentioned? She appeared on all of a few pages at the end of the book, with absolutely no significance to the story. Was she supposed to be Eliza's long-lost mother? In all, Eliza's long search for Joaquín seemed rather boring; the story had chapters, characters and storylines that could have been totally eliminated to tighten the writing; I was disappointed to find out that John was Eliza's father - I felt that it had literally been included as a last thought. I would have rather read about the developing of an intimate relationship between Eliza and her adoptive mother, Ms. Rose. Available off-site: Plot summary, topics for discussion reviews, excerpts, author interview, reading questions author biography , and the author's official site Reviewed: March 2001 Amis, Martin

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