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         Cassady Neal:     more books (76)
  1. The Visions of the Great Rememberer With Letters by Neal Cassady by Allen ; Cassady, Neal ; Illustrated by Basil King Ginsberg, 1974
  2. Biography - Cassady, Neal (1926-1968): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2003-01-01
  3. Ken Kesey's Garage Sale Featuring 5 Hot Items with Guest Leftovers- Paul Krassner, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Romney
  4. Neal Cassady A Biography Volume One 1926 - 1940 by Neal (Tom Christopher) Cassady, 1995
  5. The visions of the Great Rememberer: with letters by Neal Cassady and drawings by Basil King. by Allen, Beal Cassady and Basil King (illustrator) Ginsberg, 1974
  6. Neal Cassady: Beat Generation, Dean Moriarty, Jack Kerouac, On the Road, Salt Lake City, Utah, Denver, Colorado, San Miguel de Allende
  7. As Ever: The Collected Correspondence of Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady by Allen Ginsberg, 1977-06
  8. Ken Kesey's Garage Sale Featuring 5 Hot Items with Guest Leftovers- Paul Krassner, Neal Cassady, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Romney by Ken Kesey, 1973
  9. The Missouri Review. by Jack and Cassady, Neal]. [KEROUAC, 1999
  10. Neal Cassady: Birth of A Beat by Trent & Ken Sanders Call, 2010-01-01
  11. Van Gogh's Ear: World Poetry for the New Millenium by Maya Angelou, Margaret Eleanor Atwood, et all 2005-02-28
  12. Off The Road: Mina Ar Med Cassady, Kerouac Och Ginsberg by Carolyn, Kerouac, Jack, Ginsberg, Allen, Cassady, Neal Cassady, 2008
  13. The First Third and Other Writings. Revised and expanded ed. together with a new Prologue. Afterword by Carolyn Cassady. by Neal Cassady, 1981
  14. THE FIRST THIRD - A Partial Autobiography & Other Writings by Neal Cassady, 1971

21. Neal Cassady, Books By And About Neal Cassady....Key-Z Productions!
neal cassady books the First Third, Grace Beats Karma, Holy Goof, Off the Road,
Item #A12
By Neal Cassady 1965. These soundtracks are from a series of tapes Cassady made in the fall of '65. Mountain Girl and Kesey ran the recording equipment. Backed by Robin and the Hoods, Neal Cassady, the famous come-on artist, takes a verbal joyride through his life, his cars, his women, and the lessons he learns along the wayspontaneously. 60 min.. $17.00. Each. NEAL CASSADY: DRIVE #2 CD
Item #A25
By Neal Cassady 1965. These soundtracks are from a series of tapes Cassady made in the fall of '65. Mountain Girl and Kesey ran the recording equipment. Backed by Robin and the Hoods, Neal Cassady, the famous come-on artist, takes a verbal joyride through his life, his cars, his women, and the lessons he learns along the wayspontaneously. 60 min.. $17.00. Each.

Item # A26
Neal Cassady driving Further into NY on the NJ Turnpike June 25, 1964. Here it is! Never before released Neal Cassady rapping and driving Ken Kesey’s bus Further into New York in the summer of 1964. Kesey and the Merry Band of Pranksters were making a movie of the trip and were filming and recording everything. Cassady is at his best in this recording that starts out at about 100 miles from New York and ends up 50 miles closer. The film that goes with this recording is in the process of being edited together. This CD mastered from the original tape includes everything from the first part of Cassady’s famous NJ Turnpike rap. Part 2 will be coming soon to complete the Turnpike recordings from the vault of Ken Kesey. $17.00

22. Neal Cassady
Father neal Marshall Casady (alcoholic) Wife LuAnne Henderson (m. 1945, div. 1948) Wife Carolyn cassady (m. 1948, div., three children)
This is a beta version of NNDB Search: All Names Living people Dead people Band Names Book Titles Movie Titles Full Text for Neal Cassady AKA Neal Leon Cassady Born: 8-Feb
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, UT
Died: 4-Feb
Location of death: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Cause of death: unspecified
Remains: Cremated
Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Occupation: Author Nationality: United States
Executive summary: The Holy Goof Key Beat Generation and Merry Pranksters figure. Father: Neal Marshall Casady (alcoholic) Wife: LuAnne Henderson (m. 1945, div. 1948) Wife: Carolyn Cassady (m. 1948, div., three children) Wife: Diane Hanson (m. 1950, one child) Boyfriend: Allen Ginsberg (poet) Son: John Allen Cassady Daughter: Cathy Cassady Daughter: Jamie Cassady Son: Curtis (b. Nov-1950) Mother: Maud Webb Schuer Girlfriend: Ann Murphy Girlfriend: Natalie Jackson Car Theft Robbery Receiving Stolen Goods Denver, CO (1944) Drug Possession: Marijuana Jun-1958 Risk Factors: Smoking Marijuana LSD Rotten Library Page: Neal Cassady Do you know something we don't?

23. Neal Cassady At The Blue Neon Alley
neal cassady at the Blue Neon Alley, a directory of the beat generation on the World Wide Web.
on the net!' -
Beat Generation
Jack kerouac Allen Ginsberg William Burroughs ... Lawrence Ferlinghetti Neon Alley Pages HOME Charles Bukowski Diane di Prima Anne Waldman ... Bob Kaufman, Jazz Poet of the Streets Search for poems: Poem Title Poem Text Poet Name by PoemHunter.Com Beat Era Jazz: Clifford Brown John Coltrane Miles Davis Dizzy Gillespie Dexter Gordon Coleman Hawkins Billie Holiday John Lewis Charles Mingus Thelonious Monk Charlie Parker Bud Powell Max Roach Art Tatum Ben Webster Lester Young Poems by Terry Young Animal Abuse San Francisco Blue Neon Alley Neal Cassady
"I became the unnatural son of a few score of beaten men." -Neal Cassady "I alone, as the sharer of their way of life, presented a replica of childhood." -Neal Cassady Neal Cassady Directory Neal Cassady : At the Cosmic Baseball Association Neal Cassady : An Annotated Rap An Outline of American Literature : Neal Cassady Cassady Quest : Neal Cassady Neal : At Heavenly Gate Neal Cassady : At S Press Beatland. The Greatful Dead : The Official Site Beatland Author : Cassady Biography Neal Cassady : At Literary Kicks Neal Cassady : At The Black Listed Journalist Neal Cassady : An Essay Metro Active Books : Neal Cassady Cold War Correspondents: Ginsberg, Kerouac, Cassady, and the Political Economy of Beat Letters

24. Denver Colorado
Denver Colorado was home not only to neal cassady, but to a whole group . and neal cassady was built after this point, and the area was fully
Tom Christopher's site has been updated and improved. For the most recent version, please visit: Denver Colorado Neal Cassady and the Beat Generation by tom christopher originally published in Beat Scene magazine Colorado men are we From the peaks gigantic, from the great sierras and the high plateaus, from the mine and from the gully, from the hunting trail we come, Pioneers! O Pioneers! (excerpt from Pioneers! O Pioneers! by Walt Whitman) W hen the origins and influence of the beat generation are considered, we see it as a post war movement associated with large American cities with an artistic tradition. New York, at first, where the original core of beat writers met around the Columbia University campus, and a decade later in San Francisco. But in between these two cities, there’s another place where Kerouac, Ginsberg and to an extent, Burroughs, fit in and made lifelong friends. Denver Colorado was home not only to Neal Cassady, but to a whole group of young people who remain largly unknown, but who’s lives reflect the working class aspect of beat culture, and also show us how close to the

25. Neal Cassady Life Stories, Books, & Links
Stories about neal cassady s life and Desolate Angel Beat Generation, My Years with Kerouac and Ginsberg, First Third, Holy Goof.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Neal Cassady - Life Stories, Books, and Links Biographical Information
Stories about Neal Cassady

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BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION Neal Cassady (1926 - 1968) Category: American Literature Born: February 8, 1926
Salt Lake City, Utah, United States Died: February 4, 1968
San Miguel de Allande, Mexico Related authors:
Allen Ginsberg
Bob Kaufman Jack Kerouac list all writers Neal Cassady - LIFE STORIES Cassady, Kerouac, Kesey
On this day in 1968 Neal Cassady died, at the age of forty-one. Cassady was not only Jack Kerouac's wheelman on the trips that inspired On the Road but a direct influence on Kerouac's style. Ken Kesey and others who were friendly with, or married to, or driven by, or audience for Cassady all say that "Fastestmanalive" talked and lived as he drove at overwhelming rates and to uncertain places. top of page SELECTED WORKS BY THIS AUTHOR
non-fiction FIND BOOKS BY NEAL CASSADY AT Powell's Books
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26. Neal Cassady: An Inventory Of His Collection At The Harry Ransom Humanities Rese
Correspondence makes up the bulk of the neal cassady Collection, 194765, supplemented by a few poems and an autobiographical work by cassady.

27. From Revolution To Reconstruction: Outlines: Outline Of American Literature: Ame
American Prose Since 1945 Realism and Experimentation neal cassady 19261968. *** Index***. The bus came by and I got on, that s when it all began
var level = 2; FRtR Outlines American Literature American Prose Since 1945: Realism and Experimentation ... Authors Neal Cassady 1926-1968
An Outline of American Literature
by Claire Michelle Smith
American Prose Since 1945: Realism and Experimentation: Neal Cassady 1926-1968
Index 'The bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began
There was Cowboy Neal at the wheel of the bus to Nevereverland'
-'The Other One' by The Grateful Dead Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, Cassady was at the center of the 'Beat' movement and without whom, the whole Beat Generation would never have happened.. Although he never published a book during his life, he appeared in many books from On The Road by Jack Kerouac to The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. In December 1946. he went to New York where he met Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg immediately fell in love with him and Cassady began a sexual relationship with him, punctuated by numerous heterosexual other relationships. Cassady and Kerouac began a series of adventures that would later become Kerouac's On The Road . They raced across the U.S.A. and Mexico, with Cassady at the wheel. Kerouac had the idea to write the book the way Cassady talked, in a rush of mad ecstasy, without self-consciousness or mental hesitation. It worked: 'On The Road' became a literary sensation.

28. Neal Cassady: Drinking In Denver
It was during this time that Denver was first visited by its most famous drunk, neal cassady Sr. Some people gain celebrity and are known to also have a Generation/Drinking in Denver with J

29. American Legends Interviews.....
In the late 1940s, a sometime Columbia College student named Allen Ginsberg traveled to Denver to visit an acquaintance, neal cassady, who had been knocking
Carolyn Cassady - On Allen and Neal
In the late 1940s, a sometime Columbia College student named Allen Ginsberg traveled to Denver to visit an acquaintance, Neal Cassady, who had been knocking around New York City. In Denver, Ginsberg and Cassady linked up with a mutual friend, Jack Kerouac, whose fictionalized account of that reunion was later recounted in On the Road . It was also in Denver that Cassady met Carolyn Robinson, whom he later married. From the beginning, Ginsberg was deeply infatuated with Neal, though their sexual involvement was not generally known until Ginsberg revealed it in a famous Paris Review interview in 1966. Until Allen's death in 1997, Carolyn Cassady managed to remain friends with him. Understandably, it was a friendship that had its complexities. Here, in an exclusive interview with American Legends, conducted via e-mail over the course of a year, Carolyn Robinson Cassady recalls Allen Ginsberg and the great Neal Cassady. AL: Back in Denver in the 1940s, did you sense that Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, and Neal would one day be legends?

30. The First Third
by neal cassady. One night in the summer of 1945 First Meeting with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg at Columbia University
The First Third (excerpt)
by Neal Cassady
One night in the summer of 1945... First Meeting with Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg at Columbia University
One night in the summer of 1945 I was with a fellow named Hal Chase. We had been drinking and since we were both young and full of the juice of life, we took to speaking of life. Hal, at that time was quite an influence on me, mainly because he had done things that I had not. It follows that what he said to me was more important than might otherwise be the case. "Another fellow I was most interested in was one Allen Ginsberg." "Yea? who's he?" "He's a terribly decadent intellectual whom I roomed with last year at school." "Tell me about him." "Well, I don't know of a proper beginning point. However, he's a poet, but, unlike many when he composes rhyme he calls it shit and the like. Also he takes great delight in proving one wrong and even though he knows little of what one is talking about he'll start contradicting, and through sheer perseverance wear one doubt and make one doubt oneself. In fact, he bothered me so much that near the end of the term I had to take defensive measures." "Oh yeah? in what way?"

31. - Cassady
Photo of neal cassady watching for cops while waiting for Ken Kesey, Oakland 1965 The only book neal cassady ever wrote, this volume was originally

32. Neal Cassady - Trailer - Showtimes - Cast - Movies - New York Times
An overview of neal cassady, including cast and credit details, a review summary, and more.
var vertical = 'movies'; //for google ads google_hints = "Neal Cassady"; //> @import url(; Movies All NYT Saturday, January 26, 2008
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Neal Cassady (2007)
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    Title: Neal Cassady
    Status: Production/Awaiting Release
    Genre: Drama, Biopic
  • 33. Neal Cassady At
    neal cassady, neal cassady review, neal cassady trailer, neal cassady pictures, neal cassady news.

    Trailers TV DVD ... Fan Sites
    Select a Movie or Search All Theaters 27 Dresses (PG-13) 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days (NR) 88 Minutes (R) Air I Breathe, The (R) Alice's House (NR) Assassination of a High School President (NR) Band's Visit, The (PG-13) Be Kind Rewind (PG-13) Beaufort (NR) Blonde and Blonder (PG-13) Bucket List, The (PG-13) Business of Being Born, The (NR) Cassandra's Dream (PG-13) Cloverfield (PG-13) Crossed Tracks (NR) Definitely, Maybe (PG-13) Dirty Laundry (PG-13) El Violin (NR) Enid Is Sleeping (PG-13) Eye, The (PG-13) First Sunday (PG-13) Fool's Gold (PG-13) Funny Games (R) George A. Romero's Diary of the Dead (R) Great Buck Howard, The (NR) Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert (G) Henry Poole Is Here (NR) Honeydripper (PG-13) How She Move (PG-13) In Bruges (R) In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (PG-13) Jumper (PG-13) Kite Runner, The (PG-13) Last Year at Marienbad (NR) Lost In Beijing (NR) Love Songs (NR) Mad Money (PG-13) Meet the Spartans (PG-13) One Missed Call (PG-13) Orphanage, The (R) Orthodox Stance (NR) Over Her Dead Body (PG-13) Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie, The (G)

    34. "Old Dean Moriarty" Found, Gravesite Photo Gallery By Paul Verizzo At
    In On The Road, Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty (neal cassady Jr.) at one point unsuccessfully go looking for Sal s father in Denver.
    profile all galleries >> "Old Dean Moriarty" Found, Gravesite tree view slideshow
    "Old Dean Moriarty" Found, Gravesite
    In On The Road, Sal Paradise (Jack Kerouac) and Dean Moriarty (Neal Cassady Jr.) at one point unsuccessfully go looking for Sal's father in Denver. Neal Sr. was an alcoholic that lived in Denver's flophouses until his death in 1963. Ironically, Neal Jr. had just set out from California to find his dad again and got the bad news when he arrived in Denver.
    For a good history of Neal Cassady Sr. and drinking in Denver, be sure to visit Tom Christopher's page:
    THE SEARCH FOR THE GRAVE: I was reading Dave Moore's excellent "Neal Cassady Collected Letters, 1944-1967" when I ran across the date of Neal Sr's death and the fact that Catholic Charities of Denver took care of his body. (Catholic Charities did many services for the family in the 30's.) Knowing that, I reasonably surmised that Neal was buried in the cemetary run by the archdiocese, Mt. Olivet. I called there, gave a clerk the stats, and in a minute she had the Section, Block, Lot, and Grave!
    On a sunny November day I headed to Mr. Olivet. The front desk gave me a map of the grave location and drove up the hill to it. After parking, I walked the entire block without seeing any marker for Cassady, which didn't surprise me knowing his indigent status. I phoned the office and they sent out Gustavo, who knew how to find the now-buried-under-grass marker for Lot 1, then worked his way back, sticking a screwdriver into the earth until he would hit the Lot marker. At last we were at Lot 6. He counted off the first six markers and then moved to the next row. Grave 7 had a marker. He took two strides from there and pronounced that the unmarked site was Grave 9, site of Neal Cassady Sr.! (Grave 8 also lacks a marker.)

    35. Cassady, Neal (Harper's Magazine)
    THINGS CONNECTED TO “cassady, neal”. HUMAN BEINGS. Bo Diddley Carroll, Lewis Conwell, Russell Herman Coué, Émile Gurdjieff, Georges Ivanovitch
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    Cassady, Neal
    SUBJECT OF 1 Article from 1975
    HUMAN BEINGS Bo Diddley Carroll, Lewis Conwell, Russell Herman Cou©, ‰mile ... Wittgenstein, Ludwig WARTIME PRESIDENTS Nixon, Richard M. (Richard Milhous) Harper's Magazine is an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published from 1850. Subscriptions start at $16.97 a year.
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    36. Kiko's House: Review: 'Neal Cassady: The Fast Life Of A Beat Hero' & The Dark Si
    There certainly was a dark side to cassady, which is on full display in neal cassady The Fast Life of a Beat Hero, a newish book by David Sandison and
    @import url(""); @import url(""); var BL_backlinkURL = "";var BL_blogId = "19217611";
    Kiko's House
    If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner." — H.L. MENCKEN
    Wednesday, December 19, 2007
    Like many a child of the Sixties, I exalted over the writings and the adventures of Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg and the other Beats, but it was a free spirit by the name of Neal Cassady who held a special attraction for me. For want of a better way of saying it, Cassady was the Beats' mascot. He was the catalyst for many of their writings and figured most prominently in the novels of Kerouac While an underachieving writer who had a tortured relationship with his own literary muse, Cassady is credited with weaning the author of On the Road and Dharma Bums , my favorite Kerouac book, from his realist moorings into his now legendary stream of consciousness approach.

    37. A Young Neal Cassady, On The Road And Off - New York Times
    That s the portrait of the 20year-old neal cassady (flashily played by the newcomer Thomas Jane) that emerges in Stephen Kay s snazzy-looking but slight

    38. Metroactive Features | Neal Cassady's House
    neal cassady s houseonce a pit stop for Kerouac and Ginsberg, bites the dust.
    Features Index Metro Metroactive Central Archives The Beat Goes Down
    Skye Dunlap The Road Ends Here: Current owner Hemmie Schechter watches as a bulldozer demolishes the former home of Beat Generation luminary Neal Cassady. Neal Cassady's houseonce a pit stop for Kerouac and Ginsberg, bites the dust By Clarence Cromwell D URING THE 1950s, Neal Cassady's house at 18231 Bancroft Ave. was a frequent stop for Beat writers Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg. In the '60s, the guest list included novelist Ken Kesey, author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest . Cassady once drove Kesey's psychedelic bus Furthur up Bancroft Avenue with the transmission stuck in reverse as wide-eyed neighbors watched the multicolored, wired-for-sound spectacle. On Aug. 22, it took less than five minutes for a bulldozer to destroy Cassady's former home, a small, olive-green ranch house. At about 8:25am a bulldozer nearly as high as the building roared to life in the driveway. The operator spun the monster 180 degrees to face the building and leveled the garage in two passes, then turned to the left and plowed into the main part of the house. Within five minutes, a pile of lumber and bricks remained to be loaded into a huge blue dumpster on the lawn. A group of 10 or so spectators grew to about 15 as nearby neighbors wandered outside to watch the demolition machine. John Cassady, son of Neal and Carolyn Cassady, taped the demolition on a video recorder and reminisced with his boyhood pal Bill Reimer.

    39. - Neal Cassady - 81 - Male - Los Gatos, CA/On The Road, California -
    MySpace profile for neal cassady with pictures, videos, personal blog, interests, information about me and more.

    40. Neal Cassady - Rotten Tomatoes Celebrity Profile
    Check out Rotten Tomatoes neal cassady celebrity profile, celebrity gossip, movies, photos, biography, pictures, news, blogs, forums and more! Rotten Tomatoes GameSpy ... GameStats document.write(""); document.write(""); HOME MOVIES DVD CELEBRITIES ... What is RT? document.write(""); document.write(""); CELEBS STAR NEAL CASSADY
    Neal Cassady
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